Miss Jackson and the interesting detention

Kylie was a girl that was kind off always into a fight or into some type of drama she got caught tagging the baseball dugouts and was givin detention miss Jackson was. 30 yr old women who had always been pretty down to earth she was asked to fo the detentions miss Jackson was sitting at the head of the class when Kylie arrived hi miss Jackson said Kylie hi Kylie responded miss Jackson Kylie was a brunette with nice breasts snd a nice ass she was very beautiful when she git all dolled up
Miss Jackson was the cheerleading coach so she said Kylie u ever thought about cheering Kylie secretly had but knew she didn’t fit ib with the other cheerleaders . No said Kylie why not asked miss Jackson I guess it’s just not my thing s a id kylie. Well I think you would make a good addition to to the team .I’ve seen you dance i know u can thst was no lie Kylie had been dancing since she was 3 . Miss Jackson why u being nice to me miss Jackson said well s ome times when a person has 2much time on their hands they tend to find trouble i think youre a great kid Kylie just tryin to think of ways to help is all .
Kylie opened up a little at that point miss Jackson I’m bi sexual i think that women can be hit abd are attracted to both men and women and miss Jackson uare the hottest female teacher in this school miss Jackson was shoked to here that but the same time intreaged that Kylie thought she was hot when detention was over kylie left miss Jackson went home and couldn’t stop thinking a bout Kylie and her hot body she grabved her vibrator and fucked herself till she came thinking about kyie the next day Kylie showed up wearing skimpy short skirt and tank top that traveled her tits realky nicely miss Jacksons cunt imeadiatly got wet Kylie could see thst miss Jackson had lust in her eyes and went up to miss Jackson and planted a kiss right on the lips they both went off like rockets kissing rubbing each other’s tits and pussy’s they were having sex and both loved every moment Kylie was liking miss Jackson’s clit and licking her pussy lips to her ass miss Jackson came like crazy Kylie licked all of miss Jackson’s girl cum um its tasted so good miss j they both knew their relationship was about to change drastically then miss j said with a sexy now its you’re turn