Let’s Get Down to Business

She knew what he had in mind as they sat across from each other in the meeting that afternoon. The room was filled with a dozen or so colleagues, most of them talking over one another about an upcoming project. It didn’t matter. He glanced at her then looked back at his notepad, catching her gaze at the last moment. Tonight would be the night, finally, after months of waiting, skirting around the topic, innocent chats where she would come over to his desk and lean in a bit too close, exposing her large breasts fighting to get out of that damn blue top.

She knew what to do, as discussed earlier that morning.

At 4pm she left work early and walked several blocks North to the hotel. She handed her credit card to the receptionist nervously. He had told her to do so, but that he would settle the bill in cash upon checkout. No trace, her card would not be charged, just held for incidentals. She took one key and smiled, leaving the other with the desk clerk – in an envelope with his name on it. She walked into the hotel bar carrying a small duffle bag as per his instructions. She walked up to the bar, placed the bag and the floor and took a seat on the stool. She ordered a glass of wine and drank it a little too quickly due to nerves. His instructions said two glasses, then up to the room. The quicker she drank the sooner she could get up there. After the second glass she stepped down from the stool and felt the warmth in her core. Blinking from a slight imbalance, she grabbed her bag and headed up to the room.

It was a spacious suite, large king size bed, separate bathroom and living room. Entering, she remembered what he had instructed her to do. She went into the bathroom and opened the bag, taking out a bottle of red wine, makeup, white cotton panties and a clean blue summer dress. She undressed and placed her clothes from work in the bag, then stepped into the shower. After a thorough wash, she drippingly stepped out and sat in front of the mirror. She poured herself a glass of red wine, and spent the next 20 minutes applying makeup and doing her hair. Thick black eyeliner, red lipstick, making herself up as if she was going out on the town. She stepped into the dress and tied the back with its bow, the knee length cotton dress falling pristinely over her figure. She finished the glass at this point and was feeling pretty calm now. The alcohol had eliminated all but the slightest amount of anxiety, and she turned off the bathroom light as she stepped out into the suite. She placed the empty glass on the counter top and laid down on the bed on her stomach, legs facing towards the television. About a minute passed, and she heard the lock of the door being manipulated. With a resounding click it opened and she looked over at him as he entered, wearing a pair of slacks and a clean white buttoned shirt. He slipped off his shoes and walked over to her immediately. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted this?” he asked. “Actually, I probably have you beat there”, she responded.

He stood at the foot of the bed and touched her feet, running his finger up her ankle. Very soft skin on her… he started to kiss the back of her leg. She closed her eyes and smiled as his lips moved up to her thigh. Instinctively, she parted her legs, and he noticed that she was dripping wet. She had felt wet for some time now, starting at about 10 minutes after her shower as the anticipation built. She tried to look back at what he was doing, or contemplating doing, but he just hovered there for a moment, taking it all in. He knew what he wanted. He walked around to the head of the bed and grabbed a thick pillow from the pile, then returned to where he started. In one motion, he lifted her midsection and slid the pillow underneath it, arching her ass into the air, the light fitting dress still barely covering it. She gasped at what he might do next, and much to her surprise a few moments later she could feel his hot breath on her wet panties, right above her pussy. She shivered a little as his tongue lapped out at her clit, through the fabric of her panties. He grabbed the underwear and slowly removed them, toss them to the floor, then got back into position. He then skillfully separated her folds in 2 quick motions. She tasted sweet, her thick nectar coating his tongue, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. He moved in and took her in his mouth, tonguing down the middle as he swallowed as much as he could take in, moving his mouth up and down her pussy. She started to moan loudly now as he licked her clit, alternating between focusing his attention on it and stroking his mouth all the way down to that soft spot just before her ass. He was too good at this she thought, she had never been close to coming so quickly. Perhaps it was the buildup, or the fact that he wanted him so badly, but she was close to the edge after only about 5 minutes of this. She wanted to stop him, it was too overwhelming, she didn’t want to get off yet. But it was too late, she clenched her lower body as a wave of pleasure swept over her body, her torso bucking against his face as she reached in vain for something hold on to. The sheets were the first thing she could grab as she came on his mouth, as he grabbed her ass to steady her onto him, licking up everything he could before she finally stopped and started to pull away slowly. He stood up now, in front of the bed, and she quickly turned around and tossed the pillow to the floor. She was on her knees now, on the bed facing him and her first motion towards him was a little wobbly. She recovered and walked up to him, and for the first time since he arrived their eyes locked. She looked at his mouth, it was still wet. She kissed him slowly, eyes closed and without stopping reached down to his pants. She unbuckled it and it slid to the floor, he wasn’t wearing any boxers underneath. Without looking, she reached down and grabbed his now hard cock. Her eyes widened mid-kiss at how shockingly hard it was. She stopped kissing him and looked down then back up at him. “Holy shit” she said, it was like a rock, pointing upwards at her. She wanted it in her mouth, so she bent over and in one motion put it in her mouth, sucking it slowly and purposefully. He moaned now as she tried to get it all in. It wasn’t larger than most, just average sized, but it was so hard she just couldn’t fit it into her mouth. It was OK though, he didn’t seem to mind as she worked it with her mouth and one of her hands. She took her other hand and started working his balls, much to his enjoyment. After a few moments of this, he grabbed her arms and pulled her up again, her still on her knees. He then reached behind her and undid the ribbon holding her dress tightly against her incredible body. He moved the straps off of her shoulders and her dress fell to the bed. He perfect natural DD breasts bounced out at him, he was pleasantly surprised. He knew she was endowed but had no idea how skillfully her bra hid them at work. He took one in his mouth and used his tongue on the nipple, flicking at she gasped. She laid back onto the bed on her back and he followed, hovering above her. She couldn’t take all of him in her mouth, but she knew where she could. He didn’t put it in immediately though. They kissed again on the bed as she lifted her legs up, knees pointing to the ceiling. He kissed her cheek, then moved to her ear. “grab it” he said, and she smiled and quickly complied. “now use it”. An even wider smile came across her face as she used is very hard and hot cock as her toy. She took at and played with the head, slapping it against her still wet pussy. She used the bulbous head against her clit, rubbing it as they kissed. She badly wanted it inside of her now, but he wasn’t in the position to let her do so. Such a fucking tease he was being, just like she was every single day. A bit of revenge. Every day filled with longing and short skirts and that damn blue top. She tried bucking herself up towards it but he held her down. She stopped moving and looked up at him pleadingly. “Plea..” and before she could finish the word ‘please’ he pushed deep inside of her. She screamed louder than even she expected, a surprised look on her face quickly replaced by that of deep pleasure. He pulled out again and pushed back in, fucking her slowly now. “God you have no idea how long I’ve wanted this” she gasped, stumbling over her words as she concentrated on forming a cohesive statement. He started building up speed now, they kissed as he plunged deeper into her pussy. This continued for some time until she got tired of being underneath him, she had long fantasized about riding him, so she moved him off of her, and without him disconnecting straddled him and continued to ride his cock. He looked up at her – he gorgeous breasts bouncing as she bucked wildly on top of him. She leaned in and he cupped at and sucked her tits. She could feel the pleasure welling up inside of her once more, more powerful than earlier. Her orgasm came on deeper and stronger this time, the walls of her pussy clenching his powerful cock as she squirted over his legs and down to the sheets below. He took over duties and continued to pound at her as she slumped in absolute pleasure on top of him. He grabbed her ass and whispered in her ear – “where would you like get off?”. She smiled and pretended to think for a moment. The truth was though that she didn’t need to think, she already knew. “I want to taste it”. He sat up and they faced each other now, still fucking. He could feel it building inside of him, he was ready to explode. He lifted her off of him and placed her on the bed, down on her back, getting on his knees next to her. Her mouth instantly went to his balls, tonguing them as he stroked his hard shaft. With a powerful groan he started to cum and she moved her face up to his opening. First one then two then three spurts of cum shot out of his cock, landing first in her mouth, then on her cheek, then missing entirely and landing on the pillow behind her, the stream of it landing across her chin and forehead. She smiled and moved her mouth up to the head of his cock, sucking down the reminder until he was drawn clean. He collapsed slightly on the bed next to her as she used a finger to clean up, swallowing as much as she could gather off of her face. She smiled and looked at him as she half-laid on top of him on the bed. After a few minutes she looked down, he was starting to get hard again. This was going to be great night, she thought, as she went into a 69 position to kick off round 2.