A guy’s first day at summer camp turns into accidental mishap with beautiful young college girl

When I turned eighteen my parents thought I was
spending too much time at home playing video games.
They wanted me to get out and socialize more with real
people. My parents thought if they volunteered me to
work the summer as a camp councilor for a local kid’s
camp it would help me get more involved with kids my

The first few weeks were orientation, the kids did not
show up until later in the summer. I had just turned
eighteen and was the youngest of the group. There were
several college age students. And one other group from
my own high school.

Unfortunately, it was the more popular crowd, the
group that had picked on me throughout high school.
Jim was one of jocks that always picked on kids like
me. His girlfriend Melissa was the hottest girl in
school; she was always the envy of the entire school.
Right from the beginning Jim started in on me.

We were standing around meeting each other when out of
nowhere a large football hit me in the side of the
head. When I looked around Jim and his crew were
laughing at me. When all the sudden this beautiful
young college girl started yelling at him and made him
come over and apologize to me. She was like an angel
her name was Jessica.

Needless to say my week did not get any better. Jim
continued to harass me and be mean to me the entire
week. It didn’t help either that I was not an outdoor
type. I was a very thin build and did not like the
outdoors. I especially did not bugs and insects. At
one point when we were walking down the trails to our
cabins a grasshopper jumped toward me and I screamed.
Everyone was laughing at me. Jessica came over and
scared it away from me. She was so nice.

Jessica was the probably twenty years old. She had the
perfect body. Blonde, tan, 5’7 with huge breast. She
wore her clothes very tight and her t-shirt was one of
those low cut. You could see half of her breast firmly
popping out.

Later in the week I had another grasshopper incident
that was at the hands of Jim.

Jim found a huge grasshopper and walked up to me. He
pulled my waist band of my shorts out and dropped the
grasshopper right in to my underwear. I was terrified
I just screamed like a little girl and started dancing
around. I was in a panic, I couldn’t get it out of my
pants but I was horrified of this insect being in my
pants. Everyone was laughing at me.

Jessica watching from the sidelines walked straight up
to me and said stand still, let me help you. She
leaned down and slid one of her small soft hands
inside my shorts. I felt a twitch in pants like I had
never felt before. Then another twitch, my penis
started getting hard instantly. Her gentle hand
continued to push down into my pants along my leg.

She leaned in closer to me, giving me a perfect view
down her shirt. Her breasts were so big the size of
cantaloupes, you could see right down into her
cleavage. Searching in my pants she moved her hand
across my leg to the other leg rubbing against my
semi-erect penis. I had never felt anyone touch me
there before. My penis went from semi erect to fully
erect. Then Jessica said I think I have it!

She quickly reached and grabbed a hold of both of my
balls. I let out a shriek of pleasure and horror. It
felt so good when she touched me but at the same time
I was still in shock over this insect jumping around
inside my pants. She said sorry! And continued
searching inside my pants. I then felt something jump
on my penis, and then next I felt Jessica grab firmly
a hold of my shaft. Now fully erect and hard, she
pulled on it once or twice then let go and said I
missed it. She continued to move her hand around my
pants trying to grab the grasshopper.

Then she dove in with both hands as her chest and
large breast leaned against my body. With both hands
inside my pants she cupped her small hands around my
balls and dick. It was throbbing in ecstasy. She said
I got it. Then I could fell the grasshopper jumping
inside her hands against my balls. I jumped and
screamed. The grasshopper was loose again in my pants.
She reached down grab a hold of my shaft and squeezed
hard and looked up at me and said “hold still”.

As she continued to rub her hands in my pants my fear
and excitement continued to build. My penis was rock
hard and my erection was pushing against my shorts.

I could tell Jessica was getting frustrated as the
crowd continued to laugh and yell jokes out. With one
last sigh of frustration. Jessica said, “Screw this!”

She squatted down on her knees and grabbed a hold of
the waistband of my short and underwear and yanked
them down to my ankles. In what seemed like the
longest moment of my life my penis shot straight out
of my shorts and hit Jessica in the face. About the
same time in a release of ecstasy and excitement I
exploded and came all over Jessica’s face.

A long stream shot out and splashed all over Jessica’s
face and lips. Then another long stream shot out all
over her chin and breast. She briefly sat kneeling on
the ground with sperm running down her cheek across
her beautiful lips halfway open in awe of what had
just happened.

Before I could say anything she pulled back and drove
her fist right into my balls. I fell over in pain,
crying as I laid there watching the grasshopper jump
away in the grass.