Anal rappers

My two brothers and I formed a hip hop pop rap group when I was in my mid-teens. We started with a karaoke machine in the living room and learned how to play guitars and the drums. I had rhythm, Aaron was bass and Les, the youngest of the three, was the drummer. We wrote a few songs we thought were fantastic and dreamed of albums, money and fame. We managed to play a few places but since two of us were under 18 we couldn’t even play a pizza parlor if they served beer. Many of the places we played have only one room to change into our stage clothes in so I got used to seeing them stripped down and it didn’t bother me to let them see me in the buff.

As we grew older our songs grew grungier. By the time Les was old enough to go to places with alcohol, our songs had taken on a raunchy punk, sexual style. As front girl I was telling the crowds how it felt to get fucked any way I could while my brothers banged out orgasmic rhythms on their instruments. We were playing to some pretty wild young punks and could see the effect of our brand of fuck songs. Hell, I even saw cum swapping in the corners of some of the places we worked.

We were invited to play a gig at Spring Break in Daytona. 5 nights of wild, uninhibited college students. To say I was excited would be an understatement. Not because I was going to spring break, but because this was a big show for us, it could be the start of something bigger. The three of us knew that talent scouts roamed the gigs, looking for fresh sounds.

Even though I was 20 and had been singing sex themed songs for four years I was sexually inexperienced. I gave my virginity up when I was 17 but it wasn’t a big turn on for me. Since then I’ve screwed a few guys but more out of curiosity than lust or need. I can go months without a cock. My brothers however get laid after almost every session. I’ve found them backstage many times with girls from the audience, their dicks rammed up some orange spiked haired, pierced groupie cunt. Aaron likes his up a willing ass while my brother Les gets his cock sucked a lot.

Our first night in Daytona was a hit, at least I thought so. We had the crowd hopping and gyrating in a massive crush. The mosh pit was alive with waving arms and undulating bodies. By the time we were done with our second set there was some serious groping and grasping going on, there would be a lot of sperm spilled later. The entire time I watched one dude standing to the side watching us, then the crowd.

The second night was as raucous as the first. Different crowd but the same reaction. Our songs had a strong sexual message and that message was getting relayed by touch and whispers on the floor. Again I saw the man from the night before, still observing the show on and off stage. I mentioned him to my brothers between sets and all three of us decided he was a scout. For the rest of the night I played to him.

After the show we were behind the stage getting ready to go back to the hotel. Aaron and Les already had a couple of hot, tattooed and pierced bitches pumped up to go with them, I was just glad to sit down. There was a quiet knock on the dressing room door. Les opened it to find the dude who had been watching us. Even though I was in scant bra and panties, he stepped into the room and introduced himself.

“My name is Winston Thion,” he stuck out his hand which held three business cards, “I’d like to talk to you about your music.”

I was right! He was a talent agent and he was interested in our message. I was thrilled for two reasons, one, I had been right about him, and two, he was talking to us.

Winston became our agent that night and started setting us up with more and better play dates. The houses were bigger, wilder and kept us on the road constantly. We were playing some good venues but couldn’t seem to get a studio interested in recording us. Our message was clear; we were raunchy, wild and uninhibited on stage. We sang about sex and sexual freedom, fucking, sucking and everything else sensual or depraved. Even our choreography was sexually loaded with my brothers rubbing their bodies on me or making strong suggestive movements with me. We knew our songs wouldn’t get national air time but there are plenty of underground stations that would play us, why weren’t they?

The four of us were sitting at home one night trying to find the key that would unlock the doors to radio. As we watched a video of our act all of a sudden Winston sat up straight, snapped his fingers and declared “That’s it! I know what’s missing!”
“What’s it?” asked Aaron.

Winston swiveled on the sofa and faced me. “You don’t sing from experience. You have a strong message, the sounds are strong but you don’t deliver with belief. You don’t feel the words; you don’t relate what you are saying to experience. If you want to be successful you have to live the life you sing about. Feel the sex, experience the sex, live the sex. The words are hot, but you aren’t.”

I was taken aback by his attack on me “What do you mean?”

“It’s simple, some of the greatest singers in music were great not because of the words in the song but how those words were delivered. Listen to Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, or Janis Joplin. Their songs were not just words and music, they lived those songs, we feel the pain, anguish or love that they felt because the songs were real life translated through them.”

I shot back “Those three are dead; you mean I gotta die before I’m a hit?”

“No, you have to be able to convey your true feelings to the crowd, not just mouth the words.”

Les spoke up “I don’t get you, what are you saying?”

Winston turned to him, “Your sister needs to get laid.”

He faced me again, “You sing about anal sex but have you ever taken one in the ass? You gurgle and choke the words when you tell the audience about how to suck cock but have you ever swallowed? My guess is no because your message isn’t getting through, you don’t have the actual experience, you aren’t singing about life. You need to get as wild and debauched as your songs otherwise this group will never take off.”

I was burning red, angry; I could feel the heat in my face. “What the fuck do you know about my private life? I’m sure as hell not a virgin!”

“Maybe not, but I do know a lot about your private life, you are too repressed to sing these types of songs with conviction. You might as well be Ann Murray on that stage.”

After he left Aaron, Les and I kept the conversation going. I couldn’t believe our agent went after me like that, blaming me for holding back the band because I haven‘ t sucked a cock dry. Maybe I hadn’t but how in hell could he know that?

Aaron was talking to me “He may be right. Our songs are about all kinds of sex, normal sex, group sex, bi sex, and all the sex acts we can think of. Les and I have done everything except gay, that’s too much, even for us but you hardly even date. Maybe you need to loosen up.”

“What am I supposed to do? Sell my ass on the street?” I was still bitter.

“That isn’t too far off, especially if we write a song about hooking. No, I‘m thinking that after our show this week maybe you should take some guy from the audience back to the hotel. Hell, maybe more than one. Les and I get laid almost every night, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have a little fun too.”

“I can’t do that. Cold instant sex with somebody I don’t know just isn’t my style. It’s works for you but I would at least like to know the name of whoever is sticking me.”

He ended the conversation with “Whatever. I’m going to bed.”

For three days I fussed and fumed. I was pissed at my brothers and agent. They had decided I need more sex experience to be able to make my songs believable, but no matter what words I sang, I just couldn’t imagine doing some of those things. And I finally realized that was the problem; I only imagined doing some of those things. Winston was right, I hated to admit it, but I couldn’t relate.

I barely made it through the next show. I kept looking past the stage lights at the audience wondering if I could take one of those guys to my room and fuck him. I had no doubt there would be plenty of volunteers, I am pretty hot, especially in my short, short skirt, and halter top that barley covers my braless tits. My midriff is bare from bellybutton to my pelvis. I wear black stockings and a bright red thong that I flash often as I sing and dance and sway, keeping my hips and tits bouncing in time with the drum beat. We had to identify with the punk crowds we played to so I spiked my natural black hair with white and green tinges, my eyeshadow and lip gloss were Goth. My brothers were costumed just as radically. Between the three of us we had eleven tattoos and fourteen piercings.

Getting laid wouldn’t be a challenge, finding someone I wanted to fuck me was the issue, I really didn’t want to do a stranger.

But I had to try. I saw a good looking stud standing near the front of the room and started to play to him. I sang to him, I flirted with him, I gave him a nice showing of my legs and ass and he reacted to me. During our last song I caught his eye and nodded slightly to the side of the stage. He nodded in return and moved away, toward the side of the room. After taking our applause and leaving the stage I saw him standing near one of our big speakers. My heart was hammering when I walked up to him; I had no fucking idea what to say so I just blurted out the obvious “You want to spend a couple of hours in my room with me?”

My brothers had three girls and I had my choice in tow when we left for the hotel. The other girls were already getting wild with Aaron and Les, teasing and groping them in the back of the shuttle van we were riding in. My guy watched the action for a minute then put a hand on my thigh and asked “Is this going to be a big party?”

“They have their own plans,” I answered, “we will be partying alone.”

He looked back at the girls “Too bad, this looks like it could be a great orgy.”

Les heard the comment and tapped me on the knee, “He’s right, why don’t you come with us. We can all have some serious fun. This is what Winston was talking about. Live it girl.”

“I don’t know if I can do that.” I was whispering but everybody was listening to me.

Aaron turned to a pretty little blond with a large tat on her neck, “Am I going to get to fuck you?”

She smiled at him, put her hand over his dick and said huskily “Right now if you want.”

My brother said to me, “See Sis, it’s as easy as that. It won’t be the first time we’ve seen you naked, and it won’t be the first time you get poked. Just close your eyes and ignore us, concentrate on his cock slamming your cunt.” He reached under the blonde’s skirt slipped two fingers between her legs. She lay back, put her head in the lap of the girl next to her then pulled her panties to the side to reveal a clean shaven slit. Aaron unleashed his cock, bent over her and gave it to her for the rest of the ride to the hotel. We’d been playing an adult bar so she had to be of age but she didn’t look much older than 16 or 17 and she was obviously fucking him with zeal. I felt a hand exploring between my thighs so I spread my legs and let him feel my pussy while the rest of watched the sex show on the middle seat of the van.

There were two king sized beds in the room. I took one look at them but wasn’t convinced I could fuck with witnesses so said to my date for the night, “Let’s go to my room, it won’t be so crowded.”

The blond whose hair was died pink on the right side understood that this night was new and different for me. She took my hands in hers, looked me in the eyes and said “Once you get on that bed with us you’ll enjoy the crowd. Tonight you get to be free; tonight we get to be free with you.” Then she kissed me quickly, softly.

One of my brothers opened a bottle of Captain Morgan and passed it around. I took a big hit from the bottle and let the burning fluid flow freely down my throat. If I was going to get screwed in front of my brothers and their bitches, I wanted to be blitzed enough to fog them out.

It didn’t take long before some serious sex games were under way. In less than a half hour two of the girls were naked and putting on a show that Les had asked them for. The pink tinted blonde, her name was Nattie, was on her back getting licked and fingered her pussy by a slender black girl. The three men were all in their boxers sitting around the two girls cheering them on. Me and the third bitch were sitting in the middle of the second bed nipping on the bottle and talking about fucking guys.

I was studying a tattoo on her tit when she asked “You mean you never got screwed with someone else watching?”

I looked at the two rings in her bellybutton “No, it’s always been me and him alone. Sex is a private thing.”

“What will you let a guy do to you? Have you done more than one at the same time? Tit fucking? Ass fucking? Do they eat you? Ever done an ice cream blow job?”

“What’s that?”

“When he’s shooting all over the place and you’re trying to lick it all up before it runs all over your hand; like licking up melting ice cream from a cone.”

“You like that?” I asked as I envisioned a cock spraying into the air.

“Yeah, as long as I can get fucked after I do it, it’s no fun if he fades on me.” She got off the bed and climbed onto the other and stuck her hand into Les’ shorts. Within seconds my younger brother was getting blown while he stretched out on his back next to Nattie.

The guy I picked up changed beds to be with me. “What’s your name?” I asked finally.

“Does it matter?”

“Yeah, right now it does. Maybe tomorrow I won’t give a rotten damn but I want to know it.”

“Just call me Jet, that’s not what my mother calls me but it works.”

Jet pushed me back to the bed and pulled my thong off. I lifted my ass to let him then reached into the piss hole of his shorts and pulled out his erection. He got over me and let me guide him to my sweet spot. I was well on the way to being drunk and was only dimly aware that Aaron and Nattie were watching as Jet began to suck on my nipples while he fucked me.

I got lost in the feeling of the cock slamming my cunt. The longer he worked on me, the less it mattered that there were five other people in the room. Fuck them, I was enjoying myself, my body was hot and hungry and Jet was feeding me a fine sex dinner. He pulled out of me, rolled me to my stomach, shoved back in and held on while I thrashed under him. While he was humping me from behind, the girl who had been down on Nattie crawled up beside me and began to lick my ear and neck. In moments she had her hand on my ass and was probing my butt hole with a finger while he kept up his pounding rhythm.

My ass tingled then I felt my cheeks clench around her finger. I turned my head to her, looking for a kiss. She put her lips on mine; I could taste Nattie’s cunt juices on her mouth. I began to lick the flavor off her face while I got rammed in my butt and cunt at the same time. I was vaguely aware that I was more turned on than I ever had been before.

Jet pulled out of me then rested beside me. My new girlfriend relaxed to her back on the other side. Jet hadn’t cum and I wasn’t even close to a climax but I was enjoying myself all the same. Les got away from his cock sucking girl long enough to open another bottle of something and passed it around.

Nattie got off the second bed and crawled up next to me. “Everybody get naked and come over here.” We all followed her instructions and soon all seven of us were sitting on one bed, a circle of naked bodies passing around the bottle of booze. The three guys were erect and I took my time to inspect them all, even my brothers. I’d seen them screwing groupies before but I’d never really paid attention to what they had to offer. All three hard-ons looked like pussy pleasers.

‘Pussy Pleaser’: that could be the title of a new song.

Nattie and her two friends moved to Jet and my brothers and in unison went down on them. The girls sucked cock for a minute or two then on some unspoken command, they moved to the next rigid dick. I tapped the girl with Jet’s prick in her mouth and took it over, giving my first public blow job. I pulled him as deep into my mouth as I could and fucked him with my throat. As I pumped the shaft with my hand I heard Aaron groan as Nattie bobbed on him. She pulled up, lifted her mouth and I saw that he was squirting fountains of jizz. She pursed her lips over the head of his dick and sucked down cum as fast as he shot off.

Les was the second to get his. Seconds after our big brother came, my little brother unloaded into the black girl’s mouth. All of a sudden I didn’t want to be left out. I ran my acrylic nails down the cock sliding on my tongue and fondled the high thigh balls rubbing my chin. Jet grabbed my hair and pushed me down farther, his cock banged against my tonsils. I felt the convulsion then the rush of cum. I pulled up and began to lick the flowing juices as if it was melting ice cream.

I fell back and gasped for air. Nattie leaned over me and licked a few drops of cum off my chin then asked “Was that your first swallow?” I looked at her and nodded. All of a sudden the six of them began to applaud me, cheering as I blushed.

The first round of sex was done, the men needed to recover so the three girls turned to me for a little play. I had six hands, three mouths and bodies all over me. Two of them were licking my tits while they fingered me. Nattie was using her lips and tongue to good effect on my neck and mouth. I’d never done girl on girl before but I was reveling in the attention of those three. I tried to grab a tit or an ass but none of them let me. “Just lay there and take it like a woman” was the advice Les gave me.

And I did. I drifted away from the reality of what was happening to me and began to focus only on the rush of new sensations running riot through me. The stimulation from my new bi-sexual friends raised me to levels of passion I’d never experience before. It was all new and exciting and overwhelming. My orgasm began where someone’s tongue was stroking my clit and burst through me like the sun through a hole on a cloudy day. Blinding brilliance flashed behind my closed eyes as my muscles cramped and spasmed. My mind floated off the bed, away from the sweet torture from the girls. My body crashed and flailed in the middle of the circle of naked bodies surrounding me.

While the tattooed groupies were seducing me the three cocks rose again to hardened muscles. Aaron took one girl, dragged her to the other bed and split her thighs. Les jumped Nattie and started screwing her next to me on the bed. The chunky little redhead wrapped herself around Jet and lowered her body onto his cock. I just laid there and watch the triple act sex show, slowly recovering from my own orgasmic explosion.

I got off the bed to give Nattie and Les more room to fuck. Just about then Jet’s fuck partner started wailing and banging hard on his dick, she had reached her peak and blew apart. Jet hammered her until she relaxed and fell off him to the bed next to Aaron. Jet turned to me, took my hand and pulled me to the floor. In seconds I was getting laid in the middle of the room.

I was beyond hot. I needed to fuck; it was the only thing driving me just then. In the dim haze of my consciousness I knew I never wanted to stop what I was doing. The feeling of him thrusting in and out of me was the only feeling in the world that mattered. My second orgasm hit like a sudden summer storm. Bolts of lightning were cramping my muscles, his hot, labored breath thundered in my ears. Jet jammed hard into me and I could feel him pulsing, pouring a load of cum and lust up my cunt.

I felt hands on my body, urging me to stand. I got off the floor but my knees wouldn’t lock, my leg muscles were quivering, too weak hold me up so I collapsed face down on a bed, my knees still on the rug. I was overheated and panting for cool air when I felt Jet probing my ass with the head of his dick. He had just cum a ton in my pussy but he was still hard enough to try knocking at my back door. I’d never had a guy fuck my butt before but this was night of many firsts for me and I was enjoying every one of them. I reached behind and grabbed the swollen head of the cock and helped him ease into my butt hole.

I was covered with ball juice so my hole was slick but he went slow anyway, letting my anus relax as it took a stiff for the first time. I kept my eyes closed and concentrated on the feeling of getting anal. Slowly he began to fuck me with more energy, I could feel his nuts rubbing my cunt lips as he stroked between my legs. The feel of his thighs on the inside of mine was even more of a turn on.

Les got onto the bed and began to caress my back. It startled me to have my brother touching me but he wasn’t touching any sexy parts so I didn’t protest. I had to admit though, in a minute I was enjoying his touch as much as I was enjoying the ass fucking.

The fire in my gut was getting hotter as the prick in my nether hole pummeled me. I could feel a third orgasm gaining strength. I twisted my head and opened my eyes to see everybody watching me. Les’s cock was standing tall right next to my head; the three girls were all lying on their stomachs on the second bed. Jet was laying over the black girl, his cock deep between her legs.

Jet!? If he was fucking her, who was fucking me? In a rush of awareness I knew that it had to be my older brother rammed up my butt. He was the only one I couldn’t see. I struggled to turn over, to look at him but he put his hand on my head and held it down. “It’s okay Sis, we have to try everything and tonight is the perfect time for this.” I tried to fight him, I tried to fight the sensation in my belly but after a moment of conflict I fell back to the bed and allowed him to stay where he was.

I looked up at my younger brother who was watching Aaron intently, his eyes glowing with lust. As my eyes took him in I did something I never in my life thought I would ever do. I put my fingers around his swollen cock and bent it down then licked the end of it. Les jumped, his prick twitched and pulsed. I pulled it toward my mouth; he twisted around and offered it to me. I started sucking his cock while my older brother fucked my ass. It didn’t take long for the burning inside me to flare into a full blown conflagration. Nothing I had ever done before had prepared me for the strength of that third orgasm. I heard myself crying in ecstasy around the cock in my mouth, I felt my arms and legs flapping loosely on the bed. Aaron flooded my ass with the burden of his balls at the same time Les started to shake and shoot ropes of cum over my tongue.

That was the night that I learned to sing the songs with feeling. Even I heard the difference when we listened to playbacks. Winston got us bigger and better play dates and we eventually got a recording contract. We’ll never get played on family radio or will be invited to MTV but we are happy with our level of fame. We write songs and I sing them as if I live them. And I do. When we are on the road we choose partners from the audience and have some pretty exciting parties.

Whenever we need new material for our songs we work it out after our shows. I remembered what Les had said before this all started and decided to write a song about whoring. I hooked after a few shows and not only did I get good song material, I earned a little extra money while having fun. Even Aaron and Les got into it one night when some rich bored businessman paid us a grand to have an orgy with his smoking hot twin daughters while he watched.

But the best times I have is gang banging my brothers backstage before the show; we developed a routine before each show, Les, Aaron and I would fuck around, get ourselves all hot and horny before going on stage. We’ll suck and fuck until we are wound up tight but not get off, we play to the audience better when we are on the edge like that.