Frank Daly’s sex story: A woman walks into the forest

I walked down the path lit only by the full moonlight on a very clear night. I could see billions of stars in the night sky maybe even trillions. They filled up the sky and filled me with comfort in a way that could only be described as secure and accompanied. The wind was subtle and gentle as if swayed the trees and brushed through my long black hair. In some way I felt alive during the night, perhaps bit horny too. Not the kind of horny that made you want to fuck the shit out of the next good looking guy you pass by but the kind that makes you tingle. I loved this time of night; the witching hour is what the legends call it. When all the creatures of the night come out of hiding and the demons come out to play. I find this time exhilarating and fun. I stay clear of the city since that is where the local drunks and rapists are. I stopped to sit on a bench that looked out across a small pond. A few hundred feet away was a small look out on a cliff. The moon looked like it was sitting on the edge of that cliff, a picturesque moment for sure. I leaned back and let the mind brush over my face and tickle my open cleavage. I couldn’t help it when it came. It was just a rush of adrenaline and a thirst for a tingle. My hand trailed down over my jeans and onto my crotch. I felt myself tingle and with a little more pressure it got moist. I moved a finger around and I leaned back into it. That was when something caught my eyes. I leaned forward at looked to the cliffs overlooking the pond. A person was walking towards the edge of the cliff, the drop was only about twenty feet and it went straight into water. The fall would not be able to do any damage. I jumped up from the bench and walked through the trees a way to the edge of the pond and looked up at the person. It was a man. I could not make out his exact features but he was tall and skinny and naked. He fell to his knees and arched his back and rolled around a bit before coming back up to his knees. He yelled in agony. He writhed in pain and I could only watch as he grew. His skin tore apart like an old sweater, within the torn skin was black fur. Fur as black as pitch grew from within his skin which was tearing away like bits of dried skin. The man’s yells turned to growls and groans. His face elongated into a snout with long fangs and long ears. The man had become wolf in under a minute flat. He stood up on two legs and howled for all it was worth at the moon. My mind drew a blank. I was frozen in place and my mind told me to run, to hide, to do anything but my body would not move. He fell to all fours and sniffed the air. Slowly his head turned towards me; bright orange eyes gleamed at me. He leapt off the cliff and landed gracefully twenty feet down and took off running towards me. I turned and ran but ran smack into a wall of white fur. The wall of white fur grabbed me and sprinted with me down the edge of the pond and back onto the trail where it ran with me for a few minutes before setting me down. I looked up at it. It stood three feet above me with a long snout and white fangs. Its body was massive with fur but beneath that was muscle. With every breath muscles rippled and flexed. It looked down at me with bright blue eyes that shimmered in the darkness of the shadow’s tree. I couldn’t help but wonder how big his dick was. “You should not be out here.” The white werewolf said. Its voice was deep and throaty. “It is not safe tonight. I will protect you from him but stay hidden in the trees.” He said just as the black wolf jumped high over the tops of the trees and landed hard on the cement. It snapped its jaws at the white wolf who snapped back. They circled around each other twice before lashing out with jaws. The black wolf was smaller but a little quicker than the white one; it dashed away from the fangs and came forward with claws that hit the white wolf on the leg. The fur was too thick to penetrate but his leg still buckled. The black wolf jumped on top of the other and raked across his back. His white fur turned a slight red as blood leaked out. One large muscular arm reached around and took hold of the black wolf but the front of his snout. He bit down on the hand but still was thrown into a tree. I watched with amazement and curiosity and I had not even noticed all the while that my hand had fished its way into my pants and beneath my blue and purple underwear and wat stroking my clit. I was turned on by this? Most people would have been running or at least scared unconscious by this but oh no not me. I was climbing into an orgasm by the sight of two mythological creatures I didn’t even think existed until five minutes ago. The black wolf stood up on both legs and lashed another claw out but missed and bounded upwards to avoid a claw to the face. My fingers slipped into the opening of my moist lips and my breathing grew harder and more intense with each passing moment. The white wolf launched itself up and took hold of the other’s leg and threw him to the ground. He was quick to adjust in mid-air and land on all fours. He took a solid bite on the white wolf’s ankle and pulled for all it was worth taking him to the ground. The white wolf howled in pain but struck out with a claw catching the black wolf in the eye socket. His jaw released his ankle and he staggered to recover the blow to his eye. The open eye cavity pulsed with red blood that drizzled down his snout and dripped from his fangs. My fingers were working vigorously as they rubbed my clit bringing forth the warmth and wetness. The black wolf backed up slightly as the white wolf stalked forward on his hind legs. He towered over the other; a great white wall of fur and muscle. The black wolf turned on a dime to sprint the other way but it was no use. The white wolf gripped his leg and lifted him off the ground, over his head and smashed him into the cement which spider webbed around him. With bones broken and shattered the black wolf stumbled to rise back up. With every move his bones grinded against one another, some stuck out from his black fur leaking blood out in small trickles. The white wolf crouched over him and his giant jaws clamped down on his neck. White fangs broke through the black fur like a knife through bread. I felt my hips move and my fingers stroke and then it happened; a blast of warm fluids dripped down my fingers and splash onto the ground. I inhaled and leaned onto a tree. The fight was over and the black wolf was dead. I looked over at the white wolf, he was standing still but his nostril flared as he sniffed the air. He turned to look at me; his blue eyes pierced my very soul. Something was different a little; he seemed a little more animal than before if that could actually be. “You should not have done that.” He said in a growl. “I can’t…I can’t hold it back.” His words drained away into a low growl and in a single bound he closed the distance and had me pinned to the ground. One sharp claw slit open my pants and ripped them away from my body leaving me exposed butt ass nude. A large tongue licked between my legs to taste the cum that had leaked out after the orgasm. “Wait!” I screamed as I looked behind me trying to push up from the ground. It was long and huge and pink. The head was as big as my forearm and the length was equal to my forearm alone. He pressed into me with a force that I could not begin to explain. No amount of closed legs or squirming would save me from him. He entered my and pushed straight on through. I could only scream with both pain and enjoyment. He pushed hard and fast. My canal was torn open to a whole new size. Blood and other juices leaked from the bottom of his balls which were tight as a basketball. It was amazing as it was painful and it was all I could do to not pass out. He convulsed once and exploded inside of me, my womb and canal were completely filled within seconds and he pushed forward even harder trying to shove all fourteen inches into me. I felt a sharp pain on my right shoulder and as I swiveled around I saw his snout and a few long fangs had bit into my shoulder. My blood seeped into my clothes and I passed out after. Black darkness rushed over my consciousness. No amount of birth control or vaccinations would stop the infection of his bite or the impregnation from his sperm.