Me and Eric Finish the Job, and fucked my wife

Well what could I say or think, I have just witnessed more than my fantasy come true, I watched and urged on to an extent, another man using my wife solely for his pleasure (read chapter 3 if not already) and my wife liked it by the looks of things but perhaps I enjoyed the first round more than my wife did. It was so hot and arousing to watch this hung guy put the love of my life through her oral paces, watching his contorted face of lust as my Monica sucked his cock and him grabbing fist full or her hair while mouth fucking her. To watch another man stand over my wife in a rage of lust face fucking her as his orgasm approached and to watch as he blasted spunk in her face then shoving back into her mouth to finish off his ejaculation in a head jolting face fuck was awesome indeed.

As Monica asked for a towel to wipe herself off, I inspected the aftermath and mess Eric left Monica in, I wanted her to stay that way such the sight of her was so arousing and erotic, to my eyes at least. Only God knows what Eric was thinking of us or especially me, what sort of husband would stand back and let another man do what he had just done to is wife. Eric’s advert was to seek another woman for sex on the side to his marriage and ended up with a horny married couple where the husband got a kick out of sharing and watching his wife with others.

I eventually got Monica her towel and the 3 of us chatted for a bit, was a little awkward as was obvious Eric couldn’t get his head around wife sharing until Monica broke the ice and lent down and placed her mouth back over Eric’s flaccid cock, ‘SHE LIKES DOING THAT DOESN’T SHE’, said Eric. Monica obviously still horny she began to suck his cock once more. in no time he was hard again, not wasting the offer, knelt up and placed his hands on Monica’s head and enjoyed another head job from my hot wife, rubbing his balls with one hand and wanking his cock with the other while bobbing her head and gliding her mouth over the huge mushroom head of Eric’s big cock. He positioned her on her back, straddled her chest, placed his cock between her breasts and guided her hands to crush his cock with her tits, put both hands behind her head cocked her head up and started to tit and mouth fuck her at the same time. So hot to watch but the way this was going it was looking like I have to join in to give Monica any chance of her own orgasm, I was quite happy to just keep watching. I suggested that Monica sit on my face while she sucked Eric’s cock at the same time. Eric was all for this but insisted that Monica keep her panties on, anything to keep Eric interested, I thought and well, she did look like a million dollar hot wife dressed in suspenders, stockings and matching g-string panties. She sat on my face and I peeled the elastic of her panties to the side and proceeded to lick and tongue her oh so wet cunt. Looking up I saw that again Eric wasted no time and had his cock back in Monica’s mouth. Now Monica has confessed that she likes sucking cock almost as much as being fucked, loves doggy style as she says she can really feel a cock in that position and she simply loves being licked out so, she was getting what she likes. ‘ARE YOU ENJOYING THAT LEE?’ asked Eric, was I what, licking out my lovely wife’s wet cunt while looking up and watching Monica suck a huge cock, balls hanging down, so fucking hot is an under statement.

I wanted to watch Monica getting penetrated as much as i enjoyed watching her giving head, I suggest to Eric, ‘WHY DON’T YOU FUCK HER NOW’, God just the talk was hot, asking another man to fuck my wife. I moved off the bed and left Eric with Monica, he positioned her on all fours and got behind her, put a thumb under the elastic of her panties and pulled them way over her left bum cheek exposing her asshole and pussy to his gaze. He positioned the fat mushroom head at her cunt, then entered,’OOOOOO’ escaped from Monica as he held her hips and started a steady fucking. I watched as Eric was fucking Monica, Monica was loving it with ‘ OO, UR, OH, MMM, UR’, the love of my life was being fucked by another man with a huge cock and was obviously enjoying it. After watching for a while, I came around to Monica’s face and fed her my cock, ‘MONICA, YOU’RE GETTING IT AT BOTH ENDS NOW’, was Eric’s comment. We fucked Monica at both ends for a while until I stopped wanting to saver the sight of Eric giving it to my wife, got off out of the way and let Eric have Monica on his own. Eric’s face again contorted with lust. he fucked that way for a while, then got Monica to cow girl ride him. Monica had her hands on his chest and bouncing up and down the massive pole, I thought, where is she putting that as she took him balls deep, his balls crushed up against and between her bum cheeks with every downward stroke. The thought of Eric being right at her cervix and perhaps touching it with his fat mushroom cock head was hot indeed, his cock penetrating deeper than I can with my 6 inches. They fucked that way for a while until Eric whispered something to Monica, she didn’t quite hear him asking ‘WHAT’, he told her he was on the verge of cumming, she quickly raised high to dislodge his eight inch length just as he shoot another thick string of spunk half way up her back. They rolled off and again sat beside each other.

Eric went to shower as both Monica and I were giggling like kids and I told Monica to really let go and have some fun but, after showering Eric announced that he had to leave very much to my disappointment. He dressed and thanked Monica and left. ‘WE WON’T BE HEARING FROM HIM AGAIN’, Monica said, I wasn’t so sure and thought we will and we did or at least Monica did as he later phoned her a few times for phone sex, jacking off to her voice and cumming over the phone.

We spent the night at the motel and next morning getting home we discussed the night we had just experienced. Monica was feeling guilty as she thought he used her as a slut with little respect and started to cry, I comforted her and told her that we also used him, we all had fun, nobody is going to find out what she had done and what I let her do, we were in it together. She started feeling better then asking if I was jealous watching her with another man, no at all, it was the best sex we had up until then and we fucked like rabbits on the thoughts for weeks until Monica got pregnant and we started a family. As mentioned, Eric wanted more of Monica but had to settle for phone sex.