I shared my wife – John bangs Monica into oblivion

After watching John giving Monica such an intense fucking and getting into the heat of the moment by encouraging John to give it to my wife, which he certainly did, I was witnessing more action for the night. John was licking out my wife, tasting his and my cream pie from Monica’s well fucked cunt, she was in a state of stupor as he played havoc on her vagina. He then as he done earlier, put himself between her legs and went in balls deep again, stating another royal fucking, he fucked away for some time again in various positions as he liked. Monica’s eyes were shut, her face showed no emotions, I can only describe it as if she was in a state of senselessness. I have heard the phrase fucked senseless and never really thought much it but, I was seeing the love of my life being, if anything, fucked senseless, there was no movement from her except the rag doll bouncing of her body as she was being fucked. John again put her into a doggy position, her face in the bed sheets and arms splayed out, holding her by her hips John continue going to town on my wife, lifting her face up and as if again in silent scream another orgasm taking hold of her. I was just loving this, wanking off as I wondered just how much cock can my darling wife can take, John was certainly giving Monica a dam good serving.

John rolled onto his back pulling Monica on top of him into a cowgirl position, his cock buried into Monica’s vagina up to his balls. He wanting a break asked Monica to do the movements, but poor Monica was well and truly beyond it, she moved ever so slowly up and down his cock, her hands on his chest supporting herself, her head hanging down, ‘ COME ON BABY, RIDE THAT COCK’, as i was trying to urge her on, she was in a state of oblivion by the looks of things. John once again put Monica on her back and finished him self off for the night, pumped more spunk into my wife, Monica laid there, legs spread, pussy puffed up and open, she laid motionless, ‘ BABY YOU ALL RIGHT?’ , I asked, she looked at me and smiled then closed her eyes. John showered, shook my hand and went to Monica to give her a good bye kiss, she was monetarily startled as she actually fell asleep, ‘OH GOOD BYE’. and fell asleep again, John smiled and said he would dearly love to get together again with us, give him a call anytime and then left.

We stayed in the motel until morning, we got up, not too much said except Monica complained that she was quite sore, we showered but not until I noticed Monica had dried spunk down her thighs and around her bum cheeks, we then left for home as we needed to pick up our kids. Went home first to change then Monica went to pick up the kids. She said she was very sore from the fucking she received, her pussy was very tender for a few days after. She had 4 orgasms and in all we had a fantastic night.