I love my History Teacher

I had a History teacher
She was ‘Mrs. Mickie Siek’, my last year of middle school as an 8th Grader …  I had just heard about her from some friends of my that she was totally hot and a milf.
However I’ve heard that before and wasn’t too impressed because of previous exaggerated teacher stories. As I walked in the first day I immediately noticed the cute, blonde woman with a youthful smile, big breasts, and tight round ass squeezed into a very short mini skirt….
Fuck…. I had an immediate boner…. I think I was even crushing…. Mrs. Siek noticed my cheesy smile and said hello to me, asking my name and telling me I have a cute smile . I tell her, and laugh unable to control my smile while I gaze at her thick thighs yet petite figure… The curves of a woman… But such a beautiful smooth body I craved to bite and suck until she simply can’t take it anymore… Throughout the year we had noticed each other and always been closer than other students and she even invited me to stay over during the summer if ever need be. I didn’t need to .. But the opportunity presented itself… Her husband out of town and she stayed home because of a petty argument . I knew she wouldn’t be going but I pretended I didn’t know she’d be coming back when she left for groceries since this would be the 1st time I’m really staying over night in the guest room. I’m fresh out of the shower, and am watching porn with full volume and stroking my long, veiny, throbbing cock as she walks in the door she hears me and quietly goes towards my room to look and she catches me with my cock in my hand and her panties in the other….. I had no explanation and nothing but lust radiating from my body as I panted and moaned realizing she was looking right at me I was shocked and immediately stopped pretending not to want her to see…. She smiled and said ‘keep going.. Jeff isn’t going to be home for a week… ‘
Finally… After all that tension…. All I could do was smile…. I let the urges consume my body and I pushed her up against the wall pushing my cock up against her leggings she can feel every inch of my bulging cock between her ass cheeks and thong… So much sexual tension as I finally grip her throat , RIP her leggings off and beging RELENTLESSLY slamming every inch of my cock inside of her ass while she MOANS and gasps I can feel her tight pussy soak with every thrust … Her tight wet pussy grabs and gropes my cock with every thrust it tries hopelessly to keep me inside , and with every failure it squirts more cum until it’s dripping from her ass cheeks and onto my cock…. I continue to slam my dick into her tight pussy she moans ‘you’ve been a naughty student!!! GIVE ME MORE !’ As she begs for me to continue slamming my cock in her and now I’m feeling the cum between us slap against my pelvis because it’s all over her ass cheeks … Oh god such sloppy wet Pussy… I’m finally on the verge of cumming as she’s orgasming with every last thrust I make I finally cum deep inside of her pussy, filling her up until she’s breathlessly begging for air….. And she finally whispers… ‘Every day after school … If you want that A’… I nod yes… And slowly suck her pussy lips as she shoots more cum out… And tells me ‘tomorrow … Tomorrow’…