Sex with old Classmate

Rashmi and her Husband were happily married, She had a one year old son. Her Husband recently moved to Dubai and she was staying with her parents. She was supposed to join him in a month..
Rashmi’ had a school friend named Sunil and they used to chat regularly on Facebook, Sunil used always compliment about her Profile Pics . Sunil recently came back to India , he was engaged and getting ready for his marriage. Sunil had discussed with Rashmi about his marriage plans and wanted to meet her over that.
Sunil called her up and asked her if she could meet him, since Rashmi was alone in India she decided to meet him. They were supposed to me at a restaurant. Rashmi was staying at her parents’ house so she left her son and told her parents that she would not be coming for lunch…
Rashmi dressed casually she wore Jeans and a White Shirt, Sunil said he would pick her from her house, But for some reason she said she would come to the bust stop instead and asked him to pick her up from there.
When she reached the bus stop , Sunil was waiting for her, He got into his car they shared some pleasantries.. Sunil complimented her that she still looked like a colleague student.. She just smiled at the compliment…Rashmi asked which restaurant where they going ,
Sunil hesitated and asked would she first come to his house he wanted to share something with her . Rashmi agreed and he took her to his house..
Sunil had a pretty big house which he had recently built , The House was locked, Rashmi was surprised he enquired about his parents, Sunil said they went to a temple and would be back soon.
Sunil showed her the house and then took her to his bedroom, here he showed her his fiancé Arpita’s photo, She looked similar built and complexion as Rashmi.. Rashmi congratulated him that he was lucky to have such a beautiful wife …
After some time Sunil showed him some of the dress he had brought for Arpita and asked if she would wear those for him , He was unsure how would see look in those. Rashmi hesitated first but later said ok, He first asked her to wear a skirt and top, she agreed.
He left the room , Rashmi started to change she removed her jeans and wore the skirt and changed, The Top was very deep and it showed a good part of her Cleavage , she took a shawl and draped it over her chest. Then she opened the door, Sunil came in and again complimented her,.
Rashmi mentioned that the top was very deep, But he said it was ok he took out his mobile and clicked a couple of Photo , He asked Rashmi if she could remove her shawl, She hesitated and he slowly removed it and took a couple more Photos. Rashmi mentioned not to share those Photos with anyone, which he readily agreed. He showed the Photo to Rashmi , She was looking hot and she liked herself, she also complained that her Hubby hated taking Photos. He then gave her a couple more tops to wear which she did and again he took some Photos, He made her bend for one of the pose and he could a good part of her breast..
At this point he asked her if she was still breast feeding her son, She said Yes, Then he asked do you feed your husband also…Rashmi was shocked to hear this, She said shut up, but he persisted with that question.. Hesitatingly she replied No he does not like the taste of it…
Then he asked her if she could wear a grown, she hesitated initially but later agreed.. She had to remove her skirt and top and then wear it, But it was tricky he was not able to zip it from behind. She tried a couple of times and hesitatingly asked Sunil for help, Rashmi’s back was now exposed and some part of her panties also, He looked at her and came close to her , she asked him to zip it and he did that.. He was looking hot in that.. He again took a couple of Photo, But her bra strap was visible , He asked her if she could remove that for a couple of pics, she initially said no but again he persuaded her… She was looking very hot in that dress.
He then asked should he help her unzip the dress, Before she could reply and came close to her and pulled the Zip, and pulled the dress down …she was now topless just in front of mirror and Sunil was behind her, He grabbed her breast tightly, Rashmi wanted to scream, But it was all that quick that he could not respond he then pulled her grown completely and she was just in her panties….She pleaded with him to stop but he ignored her, He turned her around and started licking her breast, He was now tasking her milk.. Rashmi started saying it’s not correct, don’t do this .. He continued eating her nipples and sucked them making her tits most sensitive
She also started liking it now, Her then lifter her and dropped her on the bed.. He jumped upon her and started kissing her, He kissed her everywhere from head to Toe..
He undressed himself and took his Cock out, He asked her to lick it she said no, He then removed her panties and put his my tongue over her vagina and also fingered her a bit, He drove my tongue a bit deep, this went on for a long time. This was the first time anyone had licked it and she was really enjoying it after some time he stopped and asked her again to lick his cock, She could not say no now. Her tongue started going over His dick and within no time his dick was in her mouth. It was her first blowjob and she was doing it very gently,
After some time he pushed her to the bed and again started kissing her naval area and slowly started going down and then entered he and fucked her really hard to and fro. She was in pain moaning loudly.It was the best sex Rashmi ever had..
Rashmi said she wanted to go home now, Sunil asked her to dress up and said we will have lunch and then he would drop her home. Sunil took Rashmi to the restaurant they had lunch, But no one spoke once they hand the Lunch Sunil took her back to her home, Before she could get out of the car he again pulled her, squeezed her boobs and smooched her, She responded well. H passed his tongue into her mouth. She replied passionately and passed her lips into my mouth. We kissed slowly but passionately. Luckily one noticed them. He came to her house and invited her parents to the wedding , He even played with her son and then left.