The secret but good

So there I am, stoned and drunk. In the wrong place at the wrong fucking time. I’m sitting on a couch between my current girlfriend and her sister which I live with both of them. My gf is the love of my life and I can’t imagine a life without her. And as for her sister, I’ve never been attracted to her, and I’m still not. But in that moment of overly–fucked–up–ness. Things were different. I was drunk, i was high, and my love was unconscious, however, her sister wasn’t, and neither was my solid erection and it was showing. Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue. But in this one moment, this one and only moment, something else happened. She noticed and instead of ignoring it she reached over and grabbed it. I immediately tried to withdraw, attempting to jump away, but she had a firm grip on it and it felt good no need to lie.
I attempted to reason, trying to speak and remind how bad of an idea this was but before words left my mouth my zipper was down, my underwear invaded, and my throbbing, veiny, seven inch cock had been absorbed almost to its base by the throat of the one I love. And suddenly, I wasn’t so vocal or objective.
She slathered up and down on me like it was her job, all the while my gf was sleeping soundly and unconscious somehow while this all went down.
As good as this felt and as hard as this was—literally—to detach, I tried. I grabbed her face and shoved her off. Her mouth and her full pouty lips popped off my purple swollen cock crown. As I went to vocally object her actions, she rammed her moist mouth on my head again but this time swallowing the entirety of my dick. I froze, in pleasure and then fear.
She started to vacuum suck my shaft devouring it entirely before freeing it and again consuming it and this is when I just went with it. I have never been sucked off like this and I don’t think anyone has or will ever be again.
So as she did everything that felt amazing like i’ve never ever felt, but did over and over again. I forgot who she was and who was doing this. And just as I exploded like a volcano filled with salty white clumps of jizz, she forced my cock in her unconscious sisters mouth while never breaking eye contact, and I exploded like pompeii in her mouth and she never woke up but lapped it all down. And when everything was said and done, the sister licked my unloaded dick and then kissed me, and said:’can’t wait till next time.’