Watching my wife fucked by Darius

When these eventful few days occurred Sue and I had been together for 9 years, not married but we are now. I have always been very jealous especially of Sue, as she is what I describe as all woman, 5′ tall, long dark brown slightly curly hair, deep brown eyes, with the body of an angel, full of life and loved it, whenever she walked into a bar etc it wasn’t long before she was noticed by most males. She has this air about her and is so confident in any surroundings.
Now the story, we were on holiday in a hotel in Spain it was June, so it was hot in the day and very warm in the evenings. It was mid afternoon we were lazing around beside the pool Sue was wearing a very skimpy Bikini, I had just returned from the bar with our first drinks of the day and there in the sun lounger next to Susan ( it was empty when I left ) was Darius, very good looking, golden brown tan with the body of an athlete, 26 years old, 6′ 2″ , he came from Latvia but spoke very good English. How or who started the conversations I do not know, but we were soon chatting away and the booze was flowing, I have to say I liked him from the very start, I remember this strange feeling of liking he and Sue laughing and joking, perhaps it was the booze who knows, even when Sue got up to go to the ladies and we both watched her walk away I did not feel jealous in fact I quite liked him staring at her, I

remember saying ” isn’t she gorgeous” and him replying ” she certainly is ” then and there the tingles in my groin began.
That night our sex was amazing, Sue’s fanny from the first touch was streaming, her love juices were gushing we could not get enough of each other, it was strong and very intense. Whilst deep inside her I said ” Darius has made you horny, he wants to get into this cunt of mine and you seem to like the idea,” she lifted her arse to get more cock looked into my eyes and smiled. As we later drifted off to sleep
I said ” tomorrow if he joins us at the pool you have got to go topless, but not until after he arrives and you must be wearing a Tee shirt to take off not a bra top ”
she simply replied “OK.”
I or should I say we both without mentioning it knew that Darius was going to experience Sue’s feminism, the thing was how much, how far would either or both of us want to let this go.
It was a very bright sunny morning, we had a quick fuck just to refill Sue’s cunt, breakfast, short walk then back to the room to get ready for the pool. Sue came out of the bathroom completely starker’s, the nipples of her firm 36 DD tits were like organ stops, her shaved fanny was glistening. She slipped into a very skimpy bikini bottom and a tee shirt, her nipples were clearly visible forcing their way out of the material, there was an air of excitement about us or I could have imagined it. As we approached the pool I could see Darius spread out on a sun bed I said to Sue
” your mates over there”,
she replied “our mate” and laughed,

Sue laid on the sun bed next to him I could see her nipples were still very visible, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her , she almost immediately leaned up and took off her tee shirt, her firm tits with nipples like steel were there for all to see, more importantly for Darius to stare at, I could see he was getting a hard on, it was obvious he had a large cock ( possibly as big as the monstrous 10″ cock Sue had told me that she previously had before we become an item, but that’s another story ) I had no jealously except possibly the size of his cock, in fact I loved the situation I was so proud of Susan. We spent the afternoon drinking eating and flirting. As the sun started to go down Sue said she wanted to go for a walk along the beach, Darius went for a pee,
I said to Sue ” well ”
“well what” she replied, ”
Do you want to fuck him”
She replied ” If I wasn’t with you I most certainly would have by now ”
I said “take him for a walk on the beach, then if you want him bring him to our room, no sex whilst you are out”
she said “don’t leave this up to me” as she said this he came back ”
I said I have got to get some more booze for the room, so take Sue for a walk then come and have a drink on our balcony”
I had taken the bull by the horns now we all knew what to expect, Sue was going to get well and truly fucked by the pair of us, the sensation in my cock was awesome. Sue looked at me smiled and whispered “you sure”
I replied ” go for a walk”
They strolled off towards the exit, I rushed up to our room as I knew I could see them from there as they walked along the beach, at first they were just chatting then he put his arm around her, after a few minutes Sue stopped pulled his face down to hers and they kissed passionately for several minutes, my cock grew to an enormous size, I poured a drink and waited.

About 15 minutes later I could see them walking arm in arm slowly back towards the hotel, whilst I waited I poured them both a drink, a short time later Sue came into the room on her own, she looked at me and said she had ‘ I have asked Darius to go to his room, and that you may ring him, I wanted to speak to you first, I have kissed him a couple of times, it felt like his tongue was right down my throat as far as my clit, he has an enormous cock and before you ask, no I have not seen it just felt it during a kiss, my cunt is streaming, I warn you if he comes here I will fuck him senseless and really enjoy it and he will fuck me all ways till this time next year, if you think we will be ok afterwards then you make the decision and ring him, room 220″
I walked to the phone called him and told him I had poured him a drink.

Sue swallowed her drink asked for another and said she was going for a shower, she took 2 steps towards it turned walked back to me kissed me very passionately as she did she rubbed my cock and sighed, she said
” I love you” and went into the bathroom.

Darius arrived some minutes later, he had obviously showered and changed he was wearing very smart casual clothes, he smelt very nice I knew Susan would love the way he looked and smelt. We sat on the balcony talking, after a few minutes she joined us, she looked radiantly stunning wearing a very short skirt, blouse with buttons up the front several of which were undone revealing her cleavage and tantalising flashes of her tits, no bra, possibly no knickers and high heel shoes. She sat on my lap kissed me, then gave me her glass for a refill, she moved to let me up and then sat on his lap, as I walked to get the drinks I glanced back they were kissing very passionately, they were still at it when I returned. He was rubbing his hands on her blouse over her tits, she stopped kissing him took her glass got up kissed me then took him by the hand and said to me
” I warned you I am going to fuck him he is going to have every inch of me including your cunt”
She lead him into the bedroom which was off the balcony, I turned a chair so I could see into the room, Darius threw her onto the bed pulled her blouse off and started sucking her tits, Sue was pulling at his trousers they were off in seconds along with his pants, boy did he have a big cock, she looked at me smiled then took his massive cock in her mouth, he pulled at her skirt she lifted her arse to aid its removal, she wasn’t wearing any knickers, he looked at her bald cunt, what a sight, I thought I was going to come there and then, what a strange sensation to watch another bloke starring at your girl’s bald cunt.
He lent down and liked and kissed her stomach then moved down to her soaking cunt then he place each of his thumbs on her cunt lips and eased them apart the juices were plainly visible he lent down again and started licking all round her lips then slipped his tongue inside her, Sue had pulled his dick out of her mouth and was lifting her arse up trying to get more tongue I could tell she was about to come, then it happened she was virtually screaming, he started sort of sucking on her cunt trying to suck the juices out, she started shouting fuck me fuck me, he stood up turned her over pulled her up on her knees, he then guided his enormous cock inside her as it entered Sue winced then shoved her arse back hard to get more of his cock, she was muttering Darius shag me over and over again, seeing his cock pushing and pulling in her cunt was amazing, I could even hear her soaking cunt squelching, at the same time he was rubbing and tweeting her tits, he fucked her for ages.
Then I saw it again Sue was coming she was obviously having a very strong orgasm, she was moaning her body was twitching but Darius was still fucking her, she pulled forward then turned over pulled him down towards her took hold of his huge cock and steered back into her again she lifted her arse for more, her head fell back on the bed turned towards me she stared straight at me and smiled I could see the pleasure in her eyes, I unzipped my jeans and pulled my hard cock out so she could see it she smiled again, the expression on her face changed slightly she knew he was about to come, she pulled his mouth to hers her arse went up even higher, she took the full force of his steaming spunk, writhing about on the bed, she always loved hot spunk pumping into her, I could see deep scratch marks on his back, boy he had given her a good hard fuck, he then rolled off her, lying next to her his hand moved down to her cunt which was streaming spunk, with his index finger he began to tease her clit. Her eyes were closed, she took hold of the hand that was fingering her and pushed it harder towards her soaking streaming cunt all the time lifting her arse to take every little bit of his fingers, he brought her off again, more of her spunk mixing with his. He took hold of her face pulled it towards his and locked onto her lips the embrace went on for ages, during this kiss he was rubbing her nipples and fingering her, what a huge turn on watching my girl being fucked, fingered and having her face sucked off.

Later that evening and over the following few days, we had the most erotic sensational time, Sue was fucked by us both several times in several different places but that’s another story