Rugby guys with a fetish

I started a temporary Christmas job at a shirt makers in Manchester, I had finished university (after a couple of gap years) at the age of 24 and the last thing I wanted to do was move home. I saw an advert for a job in a shirt shop from November until the end of the January sales and luckily I managed to get the job.

The shirt shops target market was successful ladies and businessmen, tailored luxury clothing which wasn’t really my thing. On the first day I was told I had to wear the shirts made by the shop. I didn’t think anything of it and got to the shop on my first day and was handed a bag of clothes.

I don’t really follow fashion but I tend to try and stay a little on trend and these clothes were definitely not me. It was a bag of long sleeve collared satin blouses, pencil skirts and leather skirts. But it was just a work uniform, I’d worked in McDonald’s when I was younger so this was a step up!

I got changed in the changing room and put on a blue satin blouse. I tend to avoid button up shirts as my breasts are larger than average but luckily this shirt fell well. The buttons seemed to be positioned perfectly for my cleavage and the material against my skin felt amazing. I dug out a black leather pencil skirt and pulled it on, threw on some heels and headed out to the shop floor. My manager spotted me and walked straight over, she inspected me like a head teacher and said she approved. She brushed my blouse to get all the fluff off and told me to tie my hair up. As I did I caught the collar and it stood stiff on its end. ‘Great’ she said and told me to wear my uniform as this throughout my contract.

I’d not been on the shop floor long and a guy came in looking for a shirt for his Christmas party. I helped him and found something he wanted. Just after he paid, he walked away but the paused, turned around and said he thought I looked amazing. ‘Satin suits you’.

He walked out and I was left feeling a little weird. I walked to the mirror and almost didn’t recognise myself. This was so not me looking like this.

Another guy came in, and another and then a couple and a group of ladies. Every single one of them commented on my outfit. ‘Maybe I should wear this more often!’.

The first week passed and I felt more and more sexy working in those clothes. At the end of the second week, one of the girls asked if I wanted to go for a drink after work. I didn’t have a change of clothes but she said none of them did and they were just ‘going for one drink’.

We headed out and grabbed a bottle of wine and found a nice quiet seat in a bar. The night went on and the one drink turned into many! It was my turn to buy the wine and I headed to the bar. I felt two guys watch me all the way up and before I had chance to speak to the barman they were stood either side of me. They were huge. One maybe 6’9, black guy and the other even taller with a Polish or Russian acsent. They offered to get me the wine but I refused. But they insisted and again. We got talking and of course, they mentioned my blouse. This time a purple satin blouse with white collar and cuffs. They said it looked like a shiny sexy rugby shirt.

As soon as they said that I stopped dead. I love rugby guys, an old style rugby kit on a big muscley guy covered in mud is my ultimate fantasy. ‘You guys don’t play rugby do you?’.

They nodded.

They said they’d seen me in the shop and they needed some shirts for a formal rugby dinner. In my drunken state I told them if they wear their rugby kits to the shop they can have the shirts for a 50% discount.

They laughed and we said our goodbyes.

I woke up hungover and didn’t really remember the conversation. I got ready for work and wore a white shirt and grey trousers, not my ‘now’ usual sexy attire! It got to almost the end of the day and it was pouring down with rain. My boss had left me in charge to close the shop while she deposited the days takings. She didn’t plan to come back. It got to 5 mins to closing time and all of a sudden two huge guys turned up, covered in mud wearing rugby kits.

I didn’t know what to do, they couldn’t come in through the shop or they’d cover everything in mud. I told them to go around the back and I’d bring some shirts to show them in the loading bay.

I locked the shop and ran to the back. They were hot; so fucking hot. Their shirt collars were pulled wide open and their tiny shorts showed their packages off very well. I went through the shirts and they chose what they wanted.

One guy turned to me and said ‘where’s the satin blouse and leather skirt?’. He went on to say they both have a fetish for satin blouses and walk passed every day to take a look at me.

‘Oh my god!’. I didn’t know what to say. ‘Well if you give me a good Christmas tip I can go and get changed?’.

They smiled and I ran into the shop and picked up my trusty blue blouse and black leather skirt. I tore off my clothes, even my underwear and put them on. My nipples were hard with excitement and my legs starting to quiver.

I walked back into the loading bay and the two guys stood opposite me.

‘Take your cocks out lads’.

They looked at each other and pulled their dicks over their shorts. They weren’t big, they were huge. I didn’t know who I was going to suck first but I didn’t have a choice. They stormed over to me and pinned me against the wall, grabbing at my tits through my blouse. They started spitting on it, licking it and then spitting on my face, in my hair. They were wild. They stood me between them and pulled my collar, my hair, pushed my skirt up, grabbed me lightly by the throat, and thrust their cocks against me.

I was pushed to my knees and a huge dick slapped my face. More spit landed on my face. I opened up my mouth and his whole length slid down my throat. There wasn’t going to a slow blowjob her. He fucked my throat hard, I slurped and drool and stared him in the eye until he released his cock and the slammed his balls on my face, covering it even more in spit and drool.

I switched to the other guy, again, hard,
Deep, rough and sloppy. The whole time they wet touching my satin blouse and getting harder each time. One guy groaned every time he grabbed my collar and I was sure he was going to cum. In between my mouth being drilled I shouted to them ‘come on grab my satin blouse’. They went harder and rougher every time I said those words.

I knew we had to be quick so I jumped up and bent my arse over in front of them. They had other ideas. One guy jumped to the floor and pulled me on top of his cock. My pussy was dripping and although he was massive he slipped right in. He started to fuck me. Then all of a sudden I felt the other guy licking my arse, pushing his tongue deeper and deeper inside.

‘Fuck my arse big boy’. I shouted to him. His cock thrust deep into me and I screamed louder than I ever have before. ‘Fuck your satin slut!’ I shouted, ‘come on you dirty rugby boys!’.

They went wild, we all screamed so loud I was surprised nobody called the police! ‘Two cocks! Two rugby cocks!’ I shouted over and over. They were getting close to cumming so I jumped down to my knees, ‘cum on my satin blouse!’ I shouted. They both wanked themselves hard and eruptions of hot cum exploded all over my blouse, face and hair. I rubbed it in and licked their cocks to get every drop.

They then pulled their shorts up and left.
Nothing else said.

I was left fucked senseless, messed up and covered in cum.

There wasn’t a shower in work so I cleaned my face and hair with wipes and put on my big overcoat. I walked back to my flat in those cum stained clothes, feeling a mixture of disgusting and amazing.

Although I was suppose to leave they place in January I am still there. Apparently I’m popular with the customers. And there have been many more fun times for me. It turns out, a satin blouse fetish is very popular!

Ladies, if you want to find those Mr Grey type guys, see what happens when you go for a drink in a satin blouse and leather skirt!