An African pimp puts his latest sweet white conquest to work

Vicky sprawled on the satin sheets as the waves of
pleasure from her orgasm receded. Her senses were
returning and the hot throb in her loins included an
aching rawness.

She had been fucked!

It had been far more exciting than her fevered teenage
imagination had led her to expect. The orgasm more
intense than any induced by her fingers.

She lay back enjoying the feel of satin sheets beneath
her. Joseph had risen from the bed and had gone through
a side door. From the sounds he was having a shower.

She stretched flexing her fingers and toes.

Her loins were wet, sticky, and hot.

The far door opened and Pieta came into the room. She
had forgotten him!

Her hands sought to cover herself from his gaze as his
eyes raked her naked body. She was not accustomed to
being naked in front of men. One arm sought to hide her
full breasts, and another her loins.

Pieta grinned.

These English girls were all the same were modesty was
concerned. He started stripping off his clothes. He
grinned as her eyes widened. He removed his shirt and
tossed it to one side. Her eyes he noticed were looking
at his exposed chest. Then he pulled off his belt,
slowly as her eyes seemed glued to his every action.

Reaching down he pulled off his police-issue boots, and
socks. Then he looked again at Vicky.

The girl’s eyes were a startling blue and her long
blonde hair framed her pretty face. God she was a
gorgeous honey! Her slim arm did little to hide the
burgeoning breasts beneath.

He waist was slim, and her lithe legs lightly tanned.

He pushed his trousers down watching for the reaction.

Oh God! I’m going to get fucked again!

Vicky stared at Pieta’s black cock.

It was not the same size and thickness as Joseph’s
cock, but it was hard and aroused.

She remembered the wonderful feeling of Joseph’s hot
thrusting cock, and now she was going to experience

She backed away slightly then stopped, embarrassed at
the stains on the bed sheet. Stains that served
testimony to her recent deflowering.

Besides she did not want to escape. Her hands stopped
protecting her body from Pieta’s lustful gaze. She
propped herself on her elbows to have a better look at
his cock. She was conscious of his gaze on her body and
lifted her breasts, inviting him to look at them. She
knew men liked to look at her breasts. Only three men
had seen her breasts naked. Her father, Joseph, and now

She liked the lustful way that Joseph and Pieta looked
at her breasts. She liked the fact that her breasts
aroused these men and made their cocks hard.

She squirmed as Pieta climbed onto the bed and advanced
towards her. His hands reached for her ankles and
pulled her shapely legs apart. She enjoyed the feel of
his strength as his black hand enclosed her slim white
ankles and pulled her legs apart. She fell backwards as
he manoeuvred his black body between her willing spread

Then his head lowered and his hot mouth enclosed a

“Ooooh, yes…I like that!”

Her hands came up and clasped Pieta’s dark head to her
white breast. She shivered in delight as his tongue as
twirled around her nipple. She thrust her breast
forward and groaned as she felt his teeth on her

When he used those teeth to nibble and tease her whole
body quivered. Then she felt his hard cock hot against
her thigh, she pushed and rubbed her thigh against his
cock. She was pleased to feel it throb and jerk in

When his mouth switched to her other breast, his hand
rose up and gripped the already over excited mound. He
gripped and squeezed that perfectly shaped full white
mound. Fingers tweaked her hard aroused nipples and
Vicky’s was getting very excited again.

Pieta rose from her breasts, and his head pushed
beneath her chin and sought out the soft sensitive skin
of her slender white neck. When she realised his intent
Vicky raised her head exposing her throat to his
licking tongue.

Her hands came up to clasp and stroke his arms. She
enjoyed the feel of strong muscles on his arms and
squeezed them as his soft, licking tongue worked on her
neck. She had never in her life experienced a hot eager
tongue licking her there.

Her head fell back on the bed, as his tongue and hands
explored. Her legs were spread wide now and she found
her hips involuntarily humping up in hot need.

Then she felt his cock nosing at the soft wet entrance
to her body, and surged upwards desperate to get it
inside her.

Pieta enjoyed the soft white squirming girl beneath
him. The 17 year old possessed a full woman’s body and
he was enjoying it to the full. Her breasts were not
over large, but they were firm, jutting with youthful
firmness. The pink nipples, he suspected, had not
previously received such sustained male attention and
he revelled in the feel of them below his lapping

He liked the way she squirmed and quivered in response
to his lustful attention. He switched his tongue to the
soft tender skin of her neck, and licked and lapped at
the sweet tasting fresh softness.

His cock collided with a warm shapely thigh and was
delighted to feel the girl instinctively rub her leg
against his hard straining cock. The feel of her soft
skin rubbing urgently against him excited him further.

He had long stopped being surprised at the way white
women responded to intense physical attention even when
they were unwilling participants. It was as though
something clicked when they felt hot male bodies close
up against them and could not restrain a sexual
response. Providing violence was not used they seemed
unable to prevent their own bodies reacting positively
to being touched and caressed.

He positioned himself between her spread legs. He put
his weight on his elbows, and looked down at the
panting excited girl. She seemed to glow like an angel.
Her eyes were wide and her pupils dilated. Her chest
was rising and falling and he loved the way her nipples
stood proud and erect from her heaving chest. Her face
was flushed pink.

He edged his cock closer and felt her wet entrance
brush his cock. She would be well lubricated from her
earlier fucking by Joseph. He was used to being second
after Joseph. That was a privileged position.

There had been times at the prison when a white woman
had been brought in when over 30 men had enjoyed her.
The guards would be first, before placing her in a
mixed cell knowing that the male prisoners would soon
obliterate any evidence of the guards’ activity.

When he had taken advantage of one of Joseph’s brothels
he had rarely found the whores within to be fresh.

He felt the girl beneath him push her hips forward and
he slid forward into her hot wet tightness. Her sheath
was still delightfully tight, but the slipperiness
within allowed him to thrust easily and deeply into

She seemed to go into a humping frenzy beneath him as
her inner muscles grabbed at his cock, greedily pulling
on it with her muscles. He lowered his hips and humped
forward. His hands grasped the slim shoulders of the
wriggling excited teenager trying to hold her bucking
body steady as he thrust deeper.

Vicky wailed as that hot black cock penetrated deeper
into her body. She had never dreamed sex would be like
this! The heavy male body moving above her and within
her was generating heat and friction. She loved the
masculine smell assaulting her nose. The warm feel of
one body on top of hers was comforting and thrilling at
the same time.

Pieta’s black body was hard and muscular, so different
to her own soft femininity. She grasped him tightly and
humped urgently up against him eager for his cock to be
deeper inside her.

“Ooooh yes, fuck me!”

The words tumbled out as Vicky was pounded by the male
above her.

“Hmmmm! God!”

She felt his balls slap against her loins and her
excitement rose as she realised he was all the way
inside her. She clasped at the pumping thrusting cock.
Her pussy seemed to know exactly what to do with the
cock inside as her muscles sucked at the cock wanting
to milk it of all within.

The bathroom door opened and Vicky looked with alarm as
Joseph came out naked rubbing himself with a towel.

Would he be upset or angry at finding Pieta fucking

She watched anxiously for his response. To her surprise
he seemed different watching the activity on the bed as
he dried himself. She looked down at his cock. The cock
that had taken her virginity!

It was lengthening and thickening as she watched. She
looked up at him and met his eyes. He grinned and she
grinned back as Pieta humped and thrust.

She laughed with joy as she realised he approved. Her
laughter ended as a surge of heat erupted inside her
body and she realised that Pieta’s cock had just
emptied itself inside her.

Her head fell back and her own body reacted with
paroxysm of pleasure at the intensity of the feeling.


Joseph went through to his study and picked up the
phone and called Ohuru, and took it through to his


The businesslike voice on the other end of the phone
was typical of the aggressive business techniques that
had propelled Ohuru to Chair of the Harare Chamber of

“I have something that will be of interest to you.”

“Oh, well I’m in a meeting at the moment.”

“Untouched… at the moment.”


“Well I can be there by 7pm!”

“I doubt if she will be untouched by 7pm.”

“Humph! Look Joseph you know I am good for it. Surely
you can keep her till then.”

“She will have to be back with her parents by then. You
know the demand out there. I will have no difficulty

Ohuru interrupted him. “Back with her parents, she’s
young then?”

“Young enough 17 years old, but looks younger, innocent
as well. At least she was a few hours ago!” Joseph
chuckled into the phone.

“You said she was untouched!”

“She is where you like to put it!”

“An innocent pink rose, all puckered and tight, just
for you Ohuru.”

“Ok, I’ll bring Z$10,000.” Joseph chucked again.

“Z$20,000 for this one Ohuru. Believe me she’s


“You can be her first customer. Long blond curls, and
wide innocent blue eyes…”

“Bastard, you’ve got me hard! I’m not paying Z$20,000
for a used hole!”

“Just imagine those sweet blue eyes popping wide as you
take it!”

“You really are a bastard Joseph. I’m on my way she
better be as good as you say she is!”


Joseph returned to the bedroom. The lovely blond
teenager was sprawled across the bed, a serene
satisfied look on her face. He grinned at her and she
grinned back.

“It would be a good idea to take a shower honey.”

Vicky stretched, not in a mood to stir from the scene
of her deflowering. She was a woman! She had finally
been fucked, and it was better than she had dreamed!

Joseph brought the palm of his hand sharply down on the
bed, and the whole bed wobbled. Vicky grinned.

“Ok…Ok!” Vicky rolled off the bed, suddenly conscious
of the wet mess between her legs. Her feet felt rubbery
as she stood. She hadn’t realised how much the fucking
had taken her strength.

She headed for the shower.


“Ohuru is coming,” Joseph told Pieta as soon as he
could hear the shower running. Pieta looked up
surprised then grinned knowingly.

“I had better make the sure there is enough space on
the tape!” He left the room heading back to check on
his cameras.

“Pauline!” He yelled calling for his white maid. The
pretty girl had been listening to the action in the
bedroom. She was not exactly happy not to have been
included, but she knew that a lashing would have been
Joseph’s response to any complaint.

“Change the sheets,” Joseph ordered. The girl looked at
the white satin sheets stained with sweat, sperm, and
fresh blood. She grimaced as she gathered up the
evidence from the bed she had lost her own virginity on
six months earlier.

“When Ohuru arrives show him the sheets, before
bringing him through.” Pauline nodded obediently.
Ohuru, she thought of that perverted African who craved
anal sex with teenage white girls, her own bottom
tightened at the memory. She felt a moment of sympathy
for the unknown girl taking the shower.

Then a crueller smile crossed her face. Ohuru would
teach her a good lesson for her temerity in taking
Joseph’s attention away from her!


When Vicky returned from the bathroom she found Joseph
squatting on his heels with clean sheets on the bed. He
grinned at her and she grinned back. He motioned to the
side of the bed.

“Come Vicky, I want to teach you something else. Come
over here and kneel by the side of the bed.” His
gesture indicated the position he wanted and Vicky
scampered over and knelt by the bed.

She looked up at him expectantly, but could not
suppress a glance at his cock! It was hard are erect
again! She looked back up into his face, and flushed
pink at the knowing look in his eyes.

“Further forward, rest your hips on the bed and show
off that magnificent round derriere of yours!”

Vicky giggled and moved forward.

She rested herself on her elbows and pushed her full,
breasts forward. They had grown early and she knew men
liked them. A smile of satisfaction crossed her face as
Joseph’s eyes followed the movement. Then he reached
forward and a black hand cupped that firm, jutting
mound and caressed it. If Vicky were a cat she would
have purred.

She loved the feel of that warm male hand stroking, and
fondling her breast. She pushed the already hard nipple
into his palm.

Joseph reached for those blond wavy curls and ran his
hand through them, marvelling in the golden colour. He
had experienced many blond women and girls. Vicky’s
shock of yellow curls was special, full and wavy. He
enjoyed running his dark hands through her blond

Vicky was too busy enjoying the feelings his exploring
hand on her breast was creating and hardly noticed as
his other hand curled around her head.

Her alarmed squawk was quickly muffled when he pulled
her head down quickly as her innocent mouth was
suddenly filled with cock! She pulled back in surprise,
but Joseph held her head firmly in place and his
fingers closed tightly on her nipple and squeezed.

Vicky’s muffled yelp at the sudden hot pain in her
breast amused him.

“Suck girl! Suck my cock and don’t forget to use your


Ohuru’s arrival was heralded be a horn blast at the
gates. Security and house staff checked the security
camera’s before opening the gates. Pieta was confident
that the cameras were set up right. There had been
nothing amateurish in the focus as Vicky’s tongue had
lapped up and down the underside of Joseph’s cock!

Joseph rose from the bed and his cock popped out of
Vicky’s sucking mouth. The teenager had taken to cock
sucking like a duck to water! She was going to earn him
a fortune! Though that innocence was going to be tested
severely in the weeks ahead!

He looked down at the confused girl and she looked
hungrily at his wet dark length. Her lips were open,
and glistened wetly. Her eyes shone brightly.

“I want…” She panted.

“You can have as much cock to suck as you like, but now
we have an important visitor.”

Vicky’s eyes widened and she made to rise from the bed.
Joseph leaned forward and pushed her back down on to
the bed.

“This visitor will prefer you just as you are!”

Her eyes widened further, and he grinned at her,
offering no further explanation.

“Just lie there kneeling over the edge of the bed. You
are freshly showered and clean.”

As he stepped off the bed, he patted the soft round
curves of her nicely rounded bottom.

“This is what Ohuru has come to see, show the
perfection of these round curves and he will be
delighted, and so will I.”

Vicky looked back at him wondering what was going on.
Nevertheless, she repositioned herself. Pushed her
bottom out slightly, tucked her arms in, and looked
over her shoulder as Joseph dressed quickly. She
watched that still hard cock get tucked back in his
trousers with a sense of regret. Then she shivered as
she realised she was kneeling here naked waiting for
the arrival of a strange man.

Yesterday she would never have dreamed herself in such
a position.

Yesterday she had been a virgin!

She swallowed nervously.

The door opened and a hearty voice boomed out a
greeting to Joseph.

Ohuru’s eyes scanned the room and quickly found the
kneeling white girl. He took in her slim waist, and the
full curving bottom, and the sexual hunger started.
Mary had shown him the bloodstained sheets. The stains
were fresh, not yet dried! As he looked as the kneeling
girl he could see the nervous shyness in her eyes.

Nevertheless she knelt there obediently and naked. He
envied Joseph his ability to identify suitable white
women. Though personally it give him a thrill when
white women had to be tied down first!

Primed beforehand he spoke in Shona, the dialect of the
northern and eastern tribes that dominated Zanu-PF.

“She still untouched?”

Joseph grinned back at him.

“She lost her virginity an hour ago, and I have been
teaching her how to suck since then. Her back passage
is still virgin.” Ohuru grunted and looked over at the
kneeling girl, who clearly had not followed the

Ohuru relaxed. He knew Joseph well enough to know he
would not lie about something important like this.

He walked over to the lovely girl. Her blond curls
rolled across her slender shoulders as she followed his
advance across the room. His eyes greedily drank in the
fresh looking white skin, slender shoulders, slim waist
and flaring hips. His heart pounded and his cock
stiffened in anticipation as he drank in the full
rounded white cheeks that sheltered the hottest
tightest hole a woman possessed.

Joseph reached down and gripped those cheeks, before
pulling them apart. The girl seemed startled, and
looked behind and wriggled her hips in Joseph’s strong

Ohuru looked at the exposed wrinkled pink opening.
There was certainly no indication of recent use, or
indeed of any use at all! He looked at the girl’s
shapely full thighs and how she held them apart rather
than pulled in close.

She certainly had a superbly filled out derriere. He
looked across at the mirror. He would be able to watch
her face in that mirror as he tore through that
opening. He grinned and looked up at Joseph.

“Z$15,000.” He offered.

Joseph shook his head.

“Z$20,000 or I pick up that phone and another will take
it first.”

Ohuru shook his head.

“You can always wait a few days, and it will only cost
Z$10,000.” Joseph left the words hanging in the air.

“Then of course you will have to listen to someone else
boast how he was first…”

“Bastard!” There was no ill feeling in Ohuru’s
exclamation, even though Joseph’s words were a low
blow. It would indeed be grating to hear someone from
the club making such a boast!

It had been nine month’s since he had gotten his hands
on a white girl with any innocence remaining. Even then
the house domestic her parents had employed had shoved
his cock up all her openings before offering her to

He nodded to Joseph, then nodded to his chauffeur who
brought over his brief case. He took it from him and
clicked the locks and they sprung open. The money
inside was precisely Z$20,000. He tossed it on the bed
by the girl’s head.

Vicky had not followed the conversation. The African
words were strange and indecipherable. She looked
between the two men. The new man impressed her. He was
much older than Joseph and Pieta, and very smartly
dressed. He could have been one of her parent’s friends
except of course he was black.

She had seen the sexual hunger in his eyes, but was
used to seeing that in the eyes of African men. Now she
was no longer a virgin she knew how pleasurable it
could be to let such men satisfy that hunger.

A little thrill ran through at the thought of how much
older men found her desirable and exciting. This was
much more fun than boys!

She had not therefore budged as the conversation
continued around her.

When Joseph had reached down and grasped the cheeks of
her bottom and pulled them apart she had flushed with
embarrassment. While at the same time enjoying the feel
of his strong hard hands on her soft curves.

She had looked between them as the conversation
continued. It almost seemed, as though they were
bargaining, acting like peddlers in a bazaar.

When Ohuru flicked open his case and started throwing
money on the bed she was shocked.

She looked up at Joseph.

“What’s going on? What’s happening.”

Joseph was ignoring her. His eyes were on the money.
Vicky could see the glint in his eye as he looked at
the wads piling up on the bed.


He reached down and picked up the money and started
counting it. Vicky watched him flick through the notes.
He tossed some across to Pieta, then tossed a few
bundles back on the bed.

“For you…”

“But… what for… what’s happening?”

Her heart was in her mouth. She was not a fool. Joseph
was taking money from this man in return for offering
her to him. What did it mean? She was not a whore…
she was not… what was Joseph doing!

“Ohuru here is a friend of mine and he wants to fuck
you.” The casual way in which he said those words
worried Vicky.

“But the money…”

“Do you want to be fucked again, or not?”

Vicky looked behind her and saw that Ohuru was now
naked. Her eyes fell to his loins and the hard jutting
black cock. She swallowed.

She turned back to Joseph but he was leaving the room.
He was shepherding out Pieta, and Ohuru’s chauffeur.

She started turning to Ohuru, but then she felt warm
strong hands grasp her hips. His heavy male presence
behind her became evident and her hands grasped the
sheets in anticipation.

Ohuru grasped those rounded warm white hips. He paused
to drink in the sight of her soft curving loveliness.
Those blond curls seemed to roll in waves across
slender white shoulders. He reached down and with one
black hand pressed down, pinning the white teenager to
the bed.

With his other he grasped his cock and lined it up.

The pain seemed came from nowhere!

Overwhelming, white hot pain!

Vicky screeched!

Her head shot up.

Pieta grinned behind the camera. The shot had been
perfect. That moment when her innocence disappeared
forever as a black cock thrust through her sphincter.

Those sparkling blue eyes were wide with shock and
pain. Her perfect blond head shaking from side to side
as her arms waved behind her. Ohuru was grinning,
holding her in position while he thrust through her
tight entrance.

He had not given the girl time to understand what was
intended and had pushed his partly lubricated cock
firmly through her anal ring.

Now she wriggled and bucked delightfully, and every
galvanised wriggle helped his cock slide deeper. Her
back passage was delightfully tight and so hot!

He could feel her inner ring clamping down on his cock
as if to protest or prevent entry! He used his heavy
bulk and superior weight to push forward, relishing the
hot tight sheath that had never before experienced

He made quite soothing noises and stroked her with one
hand while holding her pinned in the centre of her back
with his other.

He paused for a moment confident that his cock was
firmly inside the wriggling white teenager, and gave
her time to get used to it. He flexed his cock, letting
it jerk and throb clutched by her protesting rectal

After a moment she ceased her struggles and lay there
panting like a trapped, frightened animal. He eased the
firm hold on her back, while running his hand over the
firm fresh white skin, relishing its softness and

“Easy girl, easy, it’s in now.”

“Take it out, please take it out.” Her voice was weak,
trembling and pleading.

Behind her he grinned, and looked down at her slim
waist, and rounded hips. The white cheeks split by the
thick black log of his cock piercing her pink,
previously unused anal rose.

He pushed, and her protests increased.

“Please, no more! Take it out!” She begged.

“Hush sweet one, you will get used to this!”

“Never! Never! I’ll never get used to this! It hurts!”

“Easy, just relax, loosen your muscles, and the pain
will ebb away.”

Vicky didn’t believe him, she clamped on the hot
throbbing cock in her bottom. It felt so different in
her bottom! The throbbing veins that lined the
intruding cock were pulsing and throbbing and the cock
was hot! It all seemed so much more intense than in her

“Lovely, just lovely, you really are all Joseph said
you would be.”

Vicky’s eyes widened as she wondered what Joseph had
said to him. She turned her head and looked at the
bundle of money on the bed. This man had paid to do
this to her! Joseph had sold her body for sex to a
complete stranger! He was a pimp! She shivered at the
realisation. No amount of money was worth this pain!

“Hmmm, so hot and tight you are, such a hot glove of
muscle for my cock!”

The words passed Vicky by as the thought that she had
been sold for sex to a black man sank in, and by a man
she had not known before this afternoon! She had
wondered what it would be like to be a whore, to let
lots of men fuck her!

The throbbing pain in her backside was testament to the
foolishness of her fantasies. How on earth could men be
homosexual if they went through this every time!

She sighed with relief as the pressure eased when
unexpectedly the cock in her bottom started sliding
out. There was a strange sensation in her bottom as the
cock withdrew. That sensation evaporated as suddenly,
as forcefully the cock pushed back in even deeper than

“Yowww! Stop!” Vicky panicked as pressure in her bowels
seemed to expand and threaten to burst her open!

Ohuru savoured the exquisite hot tightness sheathing
his cock as he pushed deeper inside the girl who had
braced herself against the bed to avoid the wriggling
that she now knew would only make it worse.

He watched her slim shoulder quiver and shake, and ran
both his hands in caressing strokes down her back.

“Relax honey, you know its not feeling so bad now!”

“I’m going to burst! Your cock is pushing my insides up
inside me!”

Ohuru grinned at the girl’s panic. He was used to this,
and loved it. By the time he was finished this young
girl would be like all the others. Hot, excited and
pushing back! He was sure of it. He loved the
transformation from panic and fear to excitement and
desire that you only experienced from a woman losing
her anal virginity.

He paused flexing and stretching his cock inside her
hot bottom. His hands continued to stroke and caress.

“Lovely you are little honey, just gorgeous. So young
and pretty, and your skin is soft and wonderful to

He let the teenage girl get used to the feel of his
cock inside her. He knew the pain would be receding.
Her inner muscles would be relaxing, despite her worry
and fear.

Then he shifted his cock backwards, noting how her she
was no longer holding herself tense as he withdrew. He
savoured the hot muscle sliding tightly over his cock.
He did not give her time to think when he changed from
an outward thrust, to a slow steadier deeper inner

“Nooo, please,” there was less panic in her voice now,
though she tightened up as he pushed deeper than
before. Then he began to withdraw again. As his cock
slid out he felt her muscles tighten as she sought to
prevent him pushing it back in. He bunched the muscles
of his ass, took a firm hold and pushed through the
delightfully tight resisting interior.

“OH GOD! Oooh!” Vicky protested as the overwhelming
male strength pushed through her efforts at resistance.
The pain was back, and she was making it worse by
trying to squeeze his cock out! She stopped resisting
his forward push and the pain immediately receded.

She felt the heavy warm male presence behind her as he
leaned forward, and she held her breath in anticipation
and fear as his cock surged into her even deeper.

Her bowels seemed to shift internally and she could
feel that cock, hot throbbing and jerking inside her.
Then he pulled back again and the outward movement
crystallised into a strange weird pleasure.

The subsequent forward thrust returned her fear, and
the pain was there but not so intense, then again the
outward movement give her some pleasure. She squeezed
the cock in her bottom, then as he thrust forward and
the pain started she relaxed letting it slide in

She moaned as it passed deeper into her body, and then
to her shock she felt the slap of warm flesh on her
pussy, and realised that it his hanging balls that had
given her pussy a light slap.

Then she felt his hips crush against the soft curves of
her bottom. She realised with relief that it would not
be going any deeper!

Ohuru paused again and pushed his loins against the
warm soft, white curves. He enjoyed the soft resistance
and ground his loins against her. His cock pulsed and

“Oooooh, please…” Vicky struggled to master the
feelings inside her bottom. The heat and hardness was
overwhelming. The pain was still there but more
bruising than acute. As Ohuru pulled back she felt his
cock sliding out and instinctively she squeezed it. The
rush of pleasure shocked and surprised her and she
stopped squeezing it, and the pleasure receded.

She made no effort to resist the thrusting African as
he pushed back inside. It felt strange to feel his
loins slap up against her bottom. This time as his cock
withdrew she grabbed it quickly squeezed on it as it

The shock of pleasure that flowed through her loins was
quite intense and she struggled to maintain the clamp
of her muscles on his receding cock before quickly
relaxing her muscles as he thrust forward.

“Good, girl, that’s that way, you’re getting the hang
of it.” Vicky could feel the hot breath of the African
in her ear as his words soothed and relaxed her.

This time the forward thrust was more vigorous, and the
slap of his loins against her bottom more pronounced.
Vicky used her knees to brace herself against the bed.
Her hands grasped the sheets urgently, as the big
African man behind her began a steady rhythmic fucking
of her bottom, and Vicky began a steady rhythmic
squeezing and relaxing of her muscled in
synchronisation with his movements.

“Good, so good, that’s it girl. You like it now, don’t

Vicky ignored him. Not wanting to admit that she was
starting to like it. The pain had receded and the
sensation at times in her bottom was exquisite and
sensational. This mix of pain and pleasure was a
strange but getting more pleasurable with every moment!

She was being sodomised!

Sodomised by a middle aged black African older than her

It was wicked, and thrilling, and she began to
understand why people enjoyed doing this. Enjoyed
submitting to this deeply perverted form of sex.

She glanced across the bed, and saw again the rolls of
money. This man was paying to do this to her! Paying
for the pleasure of doing this to her. She wriggled her
hips, and new exciting sensations enveloped her.

She didn’t give a damn that she was being whored. She
wriggled her hips and bit more then as he withdrew she
pushed back onto his cock.

Ohuru chortled in her ear.

“Go on honey, tell me you like it.”

Vicky bit her lip. The heavy male body behind her
pressing her slim white body down to the bed, while his
hips were vigorously and energetically humping against
her curvy bottom.

She gripped the satin sheets hard, buried her face in
the silkiness, then wriggled her hips in urgent lustful
circles as the cock thrust and slid in her fundament.

She wailed at the sensations that radiated out from the
sensitive bruised nerve ending in her sphincter

“I like it! Oh God I like it…OooooH! Fuck my ass!”
She wailed as the middle aged African gripped her waist
tightly as he increased his pace.


Two weeks later Vicky struggled to hold back the
lunging surging dog as she strolled down the leafy
avenue. The impatient animal seemed to want to want to
pounce on every new smell. Barked at everything that
moved and was so filled with enthusiasm to be out of
the villa that her slim arms struggled to keep it under

She saw a group of Africans sitting smoking something
pungent, openly smirking as they watched her struggle
with the powerful animal. She glared at them and they
looked away.

She was a lot more confident around men now. She
strolled past the Africans, who were undoubtedly a
bunch of gardeners or domestics from the neighbouring
villas, with her head held high.

The sun was high and hot. The blossom on the trees had
in the last week shifted from a deep orange, to a fresh
purple. It was October and the bougainvillea trees were
flowering. The blossom had been a bright yellow when
Vicky had arrived with her parents two months ago.

The world had shifted in those two months.

She had discovered sex.

She had discovered what men wanted to do to her, and
she liked it!

Now when she walked down the street and she saw African
faces express their lust and desire for her, she
invariably shivered and wet her knickers.

She loved cock!

She worshipped cock.

Her lips, tongue and her grasping cuntal sheath craved

She had only ever known black cock, but could not
imagine wanting any other kind.

She even liked it up her bum!

During the last two weeks Vicky had been fucked by 12
African men, and most had wanted to fuck her more than
once. Vicky had been happy to let them do what they

She had learned how to make a tired worn out exhausted
cock hard again! Had loved watching exhaustion
evaporate, and lust return as her soft tongue lapped
black flesh.

The men had all been older men, wealthy black
businessmen that Joseph had taken her to meet. She had
been nervous at first. That nervousness had evaporated
as she had seen the bland stern faces look her over and
their expressions changed to lust, uncomplicated faces
that did not hide their delight and surprise as they
took in her youthful blond beauty.

They had been happy, even eager to pay Joseph for the
use of her body. Pay to hold her and caress her, taste
her flesh, enjoy the tightness of her openings, and
above all to make her do dirty, kinky perverted things.

Joseph had opened a bank account for her, and it now
held Z$20,000. She was richer than she had ever dreamed
she would be a few short weeks ago. To her surprise she
had even started watching the currency market. In just
two weeks the Zimbabwe dollar had gone from Z$10 to the
pound to Z$10.5 to the pound. A 5% drop in two weeks!

That Joseph had made Z$80,000 during those two weeks
had not concerned her. She would willingly fuck for
free if he required it of her.

As long as she got fucked…

The first time she had been told to stick her nimble
tongue up a black ass, she had been shocked. But she
had done it, and surprised herself at how easy and
enjoyable it had been.

To lightly stroke and fondle a black cock, as her
tongue licked around the edges of a puckered anal ring
had been extraordinary effective at exciting African
men. She loved feeling a soft black cock thicken and
lengthen in her soft white hand as she licked ass and
squeezed its length.

It always worked, and the eager re-ignited African
cocks would then pound and thrust into the receptive
anxious eager openings of her body.

That the men were paying for this pleasure was wicked
and Vicky had found it thrilling to realise just how
much these rich African men would pay to enjoy her
body. To take her in their hands and do as they wished
with her. Her body had not cared that she had been
bought and paid for.

Her body had reacted to exploring black hands with
unparalleled excitement. She loved the way these men
smelled. Had enjoyed the licking salty sweat from damp
armpits. All her senses seemed at their peak when
African men stripped the clothes from her curvy teenage
white body.

Their hard cocks standing to attention in lustful
testimony to the effect she had on men.

Two weeks ago her pussy had never known a cock. Today
she could not bear to spend the day without one!

It was Saturday.

Her parents were at home.

Joseph would not visit today. He would not come for her
and take her to a man who wanted to fuck her. He had
only ever picked her up and taken her to waiting men
during the week, in the afternoons when her father was
at work, and when her mother taking a siesta or
visiting new friends.

The first weekend she had spent without cock had seemed
a relief, a rest from the physically demanding lust of
African men. A time to take stock, to understand her
new circumstances, to try and understand the raging
desires that flared up inside her at unpredictable

Now the thought of spending two days without cock
seemed inconceivable.

She was young!

She was beautiful and her long golden tresses blew in
the warm wind exciting the interest of men and the envy
of women.

Her breasts were full and firm, with all the jutting
pride that only a 17 year old could display.

Her waist was slim and perfectly set off by the pink
lightweight top that hugged her waist and seemed
sprayed on to those jutting youthful breasts.

Her legs were encased in her favourite jeans. She had
soaked in the bath wearing those jeans until they had
clung to her shapely thighs, and pert rounded bottom.

Her father would have flinched and raved at her if he
had ever seen her in jeans that were so tight they
split her vulva apart, and the curves of her bottom
were so tightly encased that the delights of peach
shaped cheeks sent lust and desire through every man
who saw her in them.

Vicky had liked the effect they had on men when she was
a virgin.

Now that she had experienced the joy of cock she found
herself getting wet when she put on these jeans.
Knowing they would make men hard and lustful.

She liked men hard and lustful…

A series of wolf whistles broke through her reverie as
a group of Africans stared at her tightly clad curves.

Vicky grinned and tossed her head.

She passed them by.

She may be horny, but she was not stupid.

She was not going to be hauled against the wall of a
neighbour, and fucked for all to see as they passed by.

She had an idea.

She was heading for a shop.

A particular shop.

She glanced around. There was no sign of Joseph and
Pieta lurking in a car.

Today she would not be rescued.

A grin crossed her face, quickly suppressed.

Her pussy throbbed and the feeling in her loins was

She swung her hips to ease the pressure.

She hauled back on the darting dog, shortening its

She stopped at the traffic lights, till the green man
came on. Then she strolled across conscious of the gaze
of the waiting drivers and swayed her hips. She had
only recently learned how to make her walk a rolling
swaying eye popping swing from side to side.

She tried not to grin, as she noticed the ogling

Across the lights she passed a few parked cars and then
she was entering the pedestrian area. It was 2pm and
the mall was crowded. Even so she noticed the stir, the
swirl of movement as men turned and looked. Others
looked to see what had caused the stir. It was like a
rolling black tide as men turned to look at her.

Black men who saw her and instantly wanted her.

Wanted to hold her down and fuck her.

A rising pink flush rose and flowered on her suddenly
hot cheeks.

She felt the sensitivity in her nipples as the aureoles
thickened and expanded.

She clamped her loins as she felt a gush of heat
enthuse them. Her breath caught in her throat for a
moment as she realised that her arousal was there for
all to see as youthful, eager nipples strained the
material of her top.

There was another stir among the watching men. Men were
watching her from hundreds of yards away she noticed!
Surely they could not tell.

She tossed her blond tresses aside and looked for the

It was not far. Her knees felt weak as she sensed the
rising lust in the crowd. A number of white women were
glaring at her, even as their husbands joined the
ogling African men in giving her a once over, than soon
became a twice over.

She laughed. It just burst out of her, sheer youthful
exuberance at her impact on men.

She came to the door to the shop selling ornate wooden
carvings. With a toss of her hair she passed inside.
The shopkeeper looked up and his jaw dropped. She
ignored him as she passed into his shop, as though she
was a customer.

Her heart was racing as she remembered the last time
she was in this shop. The crowd of men who had
gathered, they had caressed and touched a virgin then.

Her pussy leaked juice at the memory. She was not a
virgin now. Not in any sense of the word. She heard the
bell jingle as the door opened and closed. Her heart
pounded a moment later when the jingling bell indicated
a second arrival. She glanced at the ornate carvings,
but her mind was on sex and her senses seemed acutely
alert as the door opened and closed twice more.

Would they touch her again?

Then her eyes fell on a curved ivory phallus tucked
away behind some carvings and her heart skipped a beat.
She had never seen anything like it and leaned closer,
the carved mushroom head was so lifelike.

The bell jingled and Vicky sensed several more men had

Nanni, the shopkeeper, had looked up as Vicky entered
his shop. He recognised her immediately and when he
recovered from his surprise looked outside. He did not
want another raid from CIO officers. Were they waiting
and watching? He could see no sign of them.

He noticed her reflection in the window, and turned to
look at her again. She was a vision of blond
loveliness. Very similar to the centrefold in the 10
year old copy of Playboy he kept under the counter.

He drank in sight of the soft youthful skin on her
slender neck and imagined what the rest of her body
would be like. He checked himself when he saw the
protuberances straining the front of her pink top!
Surely she was not aroused?

It seemed like years since he had seen young full
breasts with hard nipples, and never on a white woman!

The door opened and he turned to his new customer, a
customer who was not looking at his stores but at the
white teenage girl. He sighed at the lost business and
turned to look again at the girl himself.

Her blond wavy curls cascaded down across her
shoulders. Visions of heaven like this were not for
him, but he could always dream. Behind the counter he
surreptitiously rubbed his cock.

The door opened again and another African entered the
store. This one made a preliminary glance at the
shelves before turning to look at the teenager. Nanni
sighed again. Africans rarely bought good from his
store. He wondered if the young girl would buy, or just
browse. She was younger than his usual white customers.

Young, very pretty, and so soft, his gaze returned to
her pretty features. She leaned forward to examine
something and the material of her jeans tightened
across her curvy derriere, reminding him of the last
time he had fucked a boy. The girl’s bottom had fuller

The door jingled again, and he looked up with little
expectation. Segundus entered the store and Nanni
flinched. The man was a bully, and controlled much that
went on in the small mall on the edge of Greendale.
Accompanying Segundus was Aliyu, his pet stooge. Aliyu
was shorter than Segundus, but what he had lost in
height he had gained in girth, a rolling tub of lard
who was startling quick on his feet.

Nanni did not like Segundus but tried to keep from
showing it, not very successfully. Segundus had no
concern for Nanni. His eyes sought out the owner of the
flock of blond hair he had seen enter the shop from
across the mall. His hungry eyes watched as she leaned
over to examine some carvings. The taut stretch of
material over her derriere did little to hide the soft
round curves.

He grinned.

This was the same girl he had fondled two weeks ago. He
was sure of it. She had come back! His cock thickened
and lengthened in appreciation of the pleasure to come.
He had paused before entering the shop to ensure Joseph
and his lickspittle Pieta had not been lurking outside.

He looked across at a worried looking Nanni, and
casually and openly rubbed his cock, adjusting its
position so it could stand erect. Aliyu’s features had
descended to raw lust as he gazed at the young white

He also knew the girl was not about to be rescued; he
swallowed to avoid the risk of drooling on his shirt.

He followed eagerly as Segundus advanced on the girl.

Behind them the door opened and a crowd of Africans
pushed into the shop. Nanni wrung his hands. His shop
would be wrecked. All these lusting Africans cared
nothing for his stock!

He cursed the girl for the trouble she was causing.
Then gathering his wits he moved to the door and
switched the sign to closed. Then he flicked closed the
lock, before the shop got overcrowded.


The hand that caressed Vicky’s bottom was warm, soft,
and gentle. She stood up straight, but stopped herself
from turning. Two weeks ago she would have wriggled
free and maybe slapped his face.

Instead she froze as that warm hand slid slowly and
softly caressing the curves of her bottom. There was a
pulse in her loins, and her knickers already wet with
her arousal, received another dose of moisture from her
leaking pussy.

She could feel the male presence behind her and
breathed in his masculine African scent. It was strong
even though she was facing away from him.

The exploring hand seemed to sense her lack of
resistance, and slipped between her legs, casually

Vicky stepped to one side. She was not used to being so
brazenly fondled, at least not in a public place. She
looked around and saw a short, fat African to her
right. The African made no effort to hide his ogling of
her jutting breasts. She wondered what it would have
been like to wear a low cut top?

His size, lust and arrogant veneer startled her and she
moved to the left deeper into the store. She looked
around and saw the store had filled with Africans and
her heart raced away. Her breath caught. The tall
African, who must have been the one to fondle her,
moved to follow. She recognised him! It was the same
African who had pushed his cock against her bottom last

She paused then moved away from him. She did not want
to seem easy. It was fun to tease. She lowered her eyes
and shyly stepped away. But other Africans had worked
deeper into the store now, and another warm black hand
casually rested on her waist, and gently squeezed.

Her heart was pounding. In the background she saw the
shopkeeper move to the shop door and flick the sign to

When she heard the key turn in the lock her knees went

There was a chuckle from one of the African men between
her and the door.

“Don’t break anything, be careful,” the shopkeeper was
alarmed at the pending disturbance.

The Africans surged closer and the large one pushed
back to the fore. The hand at her waist rose higher,
slipped forward and cupped her full breast. It was not
a tight grasping hold, but a light caressing fondle
that fired up heat in her nipple.

The Africans in the shop stared at that black hand
fondling that magnificent, lightly clad, pert breast.
They took in her wavering eyes, and her pink tongue
peaking through her lips, seemed caught by her own
nervous teeth.

Segundus leaned forward and slipped his hand between
her legs! Vicky clamped her thighs together but the
hand was already between them. The fingers were light
as they caressed her vulva through wet, already
staining jeans.

The Africans in the room surged forward, pushing around
Segundus, Aliyu in the lead. All wanted a piece of the
luscious, curvy white teenager. Hands reached out, some
grasped, some stroked. Black hands ran through her
blonde tresses in wonder. Others sought the warm body
and soft curves.

Nanni the shopkeeper pushed through them all. He pulled
open the door to his storeroom.

“In here! Get her out of sight, before the others smash
the windows to get in!”

Inside the store room he turned to the mattress he had
tucked against the wall and hauled into the middle of
the room.

Vicky noticed nothing. Segundus had reached around her,
grasped her bottom and lifted her into the air, without
thought her shapely things clamped tightly around him.
When his hand in her hair pulled her head back she
closed her eyes and opened her mouth gasping.

Segundus dropped his head and kissed the parted lips.
Vicky’s tongue shot into his surprised mouth and she
eagerly, lustfully kissed him back. All restraint now

Segundus pushed through the press of lusting Africans
as he headed for the shop’s storeroom. Anything less
would probably result in a riot in the mall as others
realised what was happening.

Nanni slammed the door shut as the crowd passed within
and cast his eyes over the other Africans. Thankfully
their attention was on the white girl, rather than his

Standing at the foot of the mattress, Segundus dropped
the teenage girl to her feet. She looked up at him,
then felt his hand working loose the belt to her jeans.
She stood there and waited, as the belt came loose. The
zip of her jeans was pushed down and Segundus pushed
his hand inside seeking out and finding soft warm wet

The collective gasp of the watching Africans brought
Vicky’s attention back to the other African men. She
looked around them, even as she squirmed in response to
exploring fingers between her legs.

Expressions of lust and desire on their faces increased
her own excitement. There seemed to be nine men in the
room, nine black men with, she had no doubt, nine hard
black cocks. Men who would want to achieve their own
sexual release by burying their cocks deep inside.

Her own excitement flooded the exploring fingers
between her legs.

Her hands went to her waist and she pushed her jeans
down, struggling to get them past the hugging curves of
her hips and bottom.

She wanted those cocks. Wanted to be taken, roughly and
repeatedly by these men. The businessmen she had been
given to had been hard-bitten powerful men, but even so
those men had been almost reverent and considerate.

She suspected that the men in this room were too
excited and crude to show much reverence. They were
anxious and eager to have her, nine hard cocks wanting
to get inside her!

She pushed her jeans down her, taking her soaked
panties with them. Segundus in front of her had taken
her top in his hands and hauled it up and off. Her
hands raised allowing the top to be drawn off.

There were gasps from the watching Africans as her
breasts were bared. Full, firm white orbs with hardened
pink tips were open to the gaze of men who had never
before seen a naked white woman before, never mind the
fresh, soft beauty of nubile white teenager.

As one, nine African men started stripping their
clothes off.

It was Segundus who pushed Vicky onto her back on the
mattress as his hard body descended and his lusting
cock sought entry. Her lithe, shapely thighs flew apart
in welcome, her hand seeking out his cock and guiding
it in.

She gasped as it entered the entrance to her vulva, its
bulbous head threading through her flowering womanhood.
She felt the African bunching above her. Felt his body
tense, and his legs gather between the thighs. When the
thrust came she wailed her delight at the deep
thrusting push of the cock up inside her.

There was a roar of approval from the watching
impatient Africans that thrilled Vicky to the bone.
Normally she wanted the lovemaking she had experienced
to be prolonged and thorough. Under the bucking
thrusting big African she looked over his shoulder at
the naked Africans waiting with their hard cocks to
take their turn and her excitement reached a peak and
she shook with an orgasm.

Segundus below struggled to contain his own excitement
as the soft, nubile white body below him spasmed and
thrashed. Her inner tightness clasping and squeezing
his cock! He maintained his thrusting and pounding
delighting in the feeling of firm breasts being crushed
beneath him.

Then he felt a soft tongue licking and lapping at his
neck. The unexpected pleasure surprised him and he
jerked uncontrollably as he came shooting his hot sperm
deep into the receptive grasping tightness.

The Africans around him howled when he sought to repeat
the experience and with reluctance he pulled free of
the eager hands of the white girl.

There was a brief pause and then Aliyu stepped forward.
Reluctantly no others sought to challenge him. His bulk
and status as an ally of Segundus held back the others
despite their urgent need. They all looked down at the
white girl to see how she would react.

Vicky stared up, any sense of dread, was overwhelmed by
the situation. The overweight African hulk was staring
at her with lust and desire. He gaze dropped to his
loins where his cock stood erect. A sigh seemed to
escape the waiting Africans as she slipped her thighs
apart in open invitation.

Aliyu seemed to drop on top of her. If his hands had
not taken his weight on either side of her slim
shoulders she would have been crushed. Nevertheless the
heaviness of his body on her slim frame was different.
She had to spread her legs wide to accept his bulk.

His cock needed no assistance finding the now slick and
slippery entrance, and Vicky’s toes curled as he thrust
into her. Her hands came to rest on his arms. The size
of his arms she realised had hidden the muscles therein
and she was surprised to realise his strength. Thoughts
of his arms evaporated as his thick cock thrust deeper.
His bulk hid her from the watching waiting Africans,
and she looked up into his concentrating sweating face
as he thrust and humped.

She clamped her muscles on his cock and saw the
concentration on his face waiver and wondered at the
effect she could have even on this brute. She squeezed
and caressed his surging cock with her inner muscles
and watched sweat break out on his brow. She tried to
hump back but his weight and size had her pinned to the

His heavy body moved heavily over hers and she pressed
against him passionately. She could see the look of
wonder in his eyes as he realised she really did want
him. Was wanting this? He had heard white women and
girls were all like this once a black cock was up them
but had never really believed it.

Now this gloriously pretty blond seventeen year old was
squirming beneath him, pushing her body against his and
clasping his cock eagerly with her womanhood. He
marvelled and contained his excitement. He would show
his friends that he, if not Segundus, was master of his

Then small teeth seemed to clamp on his nipple and a
nimble tongue lapped at his nipple. An experience he
had never before experienced. He jerked and just
managed to prevent his orgasm. He looked down at the
white girl below him and grinned. She grinned back. He
could feel her trying to push back and meet his

He wondered that such a perfect beauty should be
excited and turned on by such as him, then gave up as
his seed spurted.

Vicky jerked as a hot geyser erupted shooting high
inside her. Her head rolled back as she enjoyed a
second orgasm at the wonderful feeling of a man’s hot
seed pumping and pulsing up into her.

Nanni stepped forward as soon as he was Aliyu jerk and
spasm, but the other Africans shouldered him aside and
there was every sign of a ruckus building over who
would be next.

“No, No let Nanni be next. It is his shop after all.
He is our host. It is only right and proper!” There
were grumblings of discontent, and Nanni nervously
pushed himself through.

Then his gaze dropped to the naked blond honey lying
there on his mattress and worry about the others
evaporated as his lust and need rose. He had never in
his life believed he would ever get the chance at any
of the lovely white women and girls who graced his
shop, and now he was going to have the loveliest of
them all!

He determined to make the most of it. He dropped to his
knees but instead of dropping atop the shapely white
teenager, he grabbed her legs and flipped her over.
Vicky shrieked in surprise. She had become languorous
after two orgasms and had been caught off guard.

When Nanni reached for her upper thighs and pulled her
to her knees in front of his, she offered no
resistance. She liked it this way. Liked the way cocks
seemed to bury even deeper into her pussy this way. So
she splayed her thighs and braced her hands.

The watching Africans grinned and laughed as Nanni
shuffled up behind her waiting kneeling form.

Her blond tresses hung low over her head, her breasts
however, were firm and jutting and did not hang loose.
Her kneeling posture emphasised the slim waist and
flaring hips as Nanni lined up his cock and slid the
bulbous tip through the slick wet folds of her vulva.

With the head of his cock thoroughly lubricated by the
juices pouring from her he aimed his cock slightly
higher at the puckered so far unused entrance.

Vicky’s eyes widened as she realised his intention,
then she smiled, braced her arms and sought to relax
her back entrance before he thrust.

His black hands rose from her hips and clasped the
curves of her waist. He marvelled at the lack of
resistance, as the kneeling girl surely understood his
intention. Then he pulled and thrust. The gasp of the
girl was drowned in the excited gasps of the watching
Africans as they realised what Nanni had just done, and
the submissive kneeling girl had accepted.

A noisy murmur filled the room as Africans commented
and their excitement rose at the prospects to come.

Vicky struggled to relax her muscles as the black cock
thrust into her fundament. She pushed back knowing that
the sooner it was deep inside her the sooner the
pleasure would overwhelm the pain. Nanni grasped her
hips and thrust before reaching below and her and
grasping those firm breasts and squeezing them. He
delighted in the hot tightness of her back passage and
the feel of full firm white breasts in his hands.

The watching Africans were getting over excited and
Segundus became concerned that the choice of who was
next was going to result in a fist fight.

“Kenyatta,” he called to Kenyatta Kruma, many Africans
were named after the famous and admired Kenyan
President. Kenyatta stopped the pushing match he was
engaging in with Karan Mtumbo to try and get in
position and looked over at Segundus sullenly.

Segundus pointed to the top end of the mattress then
reached down and grasped the Vicky’s hanging blond
curls. He pulled her head and the Africans watched her
beautiful flushed face come into view.

Her blue eyes were wide, and her peach like lips were
parted. Her small nose sat perfectly between those
startling eyes, then Segundus was pointing unmistakably
to her mouth.

Kenyatta suddenly realised what he was being offered
and ceased his pushing match with Karan and rushed to
the other end of the mattress. He had to push aside
others who had also realised the opportunity.

“Hold! We will do this an on orderly fashion and
everyone can do whatever they like as often as they
like, just don’t start fighting with each other.”

If Vicky had understood Segundus’ words spoken in
Shona, it would only have excited her further. As it
was the appearance of a hard black cock bobbing in
front of her face set her to swallowing and licking her
lips. A sight that only excited the Africans more, when
Kenyatta leaned forward and thrust his cock towards her
mouth the Africans watched in fascinated wonder as the
young white beauty opened her sweet mouth and eagerly
accepted its hot black length into her mouth.

Segundus gave her a moment, during which the watching
Africans stared in surprise at the hungry way this
young girl was feasting on Kenyatta’s cock, even as
Nanni was eagerly thrusting into her back passage.

Then he pulled her mouth off Kenyatta’s cock. Kenyatta
grunted his disappointment. His cock if anything stood
even higher and prouder. Segundus twisted his grip in
the blond curls turning the girl’s face to one side
before pulling her closer to Kenyatta’s cock but not
letting it close to the end of his cock.

Vicky wailed and moaned her protest at being denied the
cock, then its black length was before her face again,
and she stuck her tongue out to lick at it and enjoy
its taste.

Her lips nibbled its thickness, and her tongue lashed
at the hard, gnarled, veined length. Segundus pushed
her head lower, and after a short pause her tongue
licked and lapped at the pungent black balls in front
of her face.

A collective moan escaped the Africans as they watched
the white beauty eagerly lapping and licking at a black
man’s balls.


Three hours later, Vicky was back on her knees as
Kishombasa Wasaka’s spent cock slid out of her. The
nine men had taken her repeatedly over the last three
hours. Sometimes crudely and brutally, sometimes
gently, every man had done everything they wished, and
some in ways they had not thought of before.

She was sated now, excited and pleased that she had
dared to do this. Making love regularly with the men
Joseph had chosen for her, men who had paid for the
pleasure, had been quite different from the urgent
lusting coupling that had just taken place. These men
had been impatient, demanding, and lust crazed, and she
had been delighted to be the cause and the recipient of
their lust!

She barely noticed when Segundus stood up. She wondered
idly who would be next, and waited patiently on her
hands and knees.

Segundus looked around. For the first time in three
hours there was not an African in the room with a hard
cock! As he looked from man to man he saw sated
grinning men, and soft cocks.

Except for one.

Sitting in the corner was Vicky’s dog.

It sat patiently keeping out the way of the excited
men. Its nostrils quivered at the smells in the room.
Its own arousal was unmistakable. It had recognised and
understood what had been going on but had quietly kept
out of the way.

As Segundus stood the big dog looked at the dominant
male that it recognised ruled this group of men.
Segundus was looking at the dog with a thoughtful
expression on his face. The dog watched as the big man
moved closer to his kneeling mistress. It watched as
Segundus lightly caressed and tapped his mistress’
curvy derriere from which all the enticing and arousing
smells were coming from.

Segundus grinned as he looked at the hard pink cock
that had slid from its furry sheath. It was
surprisingly long and thick.

The dog’s ears perked up in sudden interest. What was
the man suggesting? He watched as the man looked at
him, grinning and tapping his mistresses kneeling form.

The dog’s long pink tongue hung from its mouth as
panting it rose to its feet and padded forward.

Vicky was taken by surprise when the warm furry body
surged up over her hips. Something wet and hard jabbed
at the soft inner skin of her thighs. The third jab
went deep and she gasped.

Around her nine African cocks started to harden again.