Birthday sex chronicles

The day I got the pleasure of pleasing two women

It’s my birthday , and shouldn’t I get what I want . I have always enjoyed having two women , Ive enjoyed that lot in my last relationship. But I’ve been working so hard and long . But I have managed to still see two beautiful chocolate women , both complete opposites.

One I have giving the nickname ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ we’ll call her YNTUA, we cant use names. She was the girl I meet when my life was set to failure and depression, having her around gave me the escape from reality I needed . I knew from the start that there was no taming her spirt or, beginning a relationship with her . I would just love her for the moment. When we made love, it was never when I asked, it always happen spontaneously. She was so wild and excited with passion . Her pussy would always pull the life out of me , O my god! and her chocolate smooth skin, and curves that deserve to be gripped. I could always tell she was fucking for herself , she always would cum many times compared to my one.

Then there’s the one I call 2sweet , she is probably one of the most sweetest people I know at least she is to me. She rarely ever talks just listens to me vent , she is so sweet to me . But I have managed to pull out here sexual side just a lil bit . She loves for me to take control, she loves to hear me say the nasty things she’s thinking .
She loves when I lick her pussy with long strokes and then place my tongue directly on her clit like a finger to the button , and do my magic that she can’t explain in words, only in moans . She rarely ever screams, but she pulls me close and whispers fuck me after I work my tongue. And I do. she loves to fuck slowly and tell me exactly what she feels as her body shakes uncontrollably but softly. She is so sweet and Her body soft to touch and breast firm and big with just the right size nipples , I always have to kiss her all over before we have sex .

But thats enough about them let’s get to my birthday when I picked them both up and took them both home , so they could help me clean up my house before my party later that night but let’s just say we did a lot more than cleaning up ‘lol’

‘Birthday sex’ P2

I woke up that friday morning smiling like everybody knew it was my birthday nigga!! Turn up ! , I hit the music jamming my the 90s station. Then I hopped in the shower , step out fresh . Brushed my teeth , washed my face, looked in the mirror at arms and shoulders, and you know I’m conceited right . Then I throw on my outfit , I’m talking polo downed to my feet . I was fresh and my hair cut was on point , I mean i was feeling my self. I was looking in the mirror like I know I’m the shit . It didn’t take me long to start plotting in my head , running through different scenarios trying to figure out how can I get these two completely different woman , to get comfortable enough to come to together to please me on this glorious day.
Because , we all know this shit can turn horrible wrong in a second but it’s worth the risk, I hope .
So I grabbed the keys, by this time it’s 10 am , I called the ‘young nomadic turn up addict’ aka ‘YNTUA’ to see if she was up and ready. I know I had to get her first because she’s liable to end up leaving as soon as she gets bored. Then her damn phone went straight to voice mail. I wish y’all could have seen my face lol. Soon as I lost all hope . She calls back talking about she went downtown on the bus can I come pick up. I said ‘yea send me you location’ . Again , I wish you could have saw my face ,wtf! But no problem my plan still in play .
So I pull up on her and she’s wearing these shorts that perfectly cuffs that booty. With a sleeveless top with no bra , showing enough side boob that you can’t stop looking and hoping that a nipple will slip out . Damn! I’m a perv o well .
Now it just wouldn’t be YNTUA if she didn’t get in my car and pull out bottle of Sky vodka and take it to the head. Then look at me like you want some? Now let me remind you it’s 10:30 in the morning, she gives no fucks lol .
So while we are still parked , I called 2sweet , she answers the phone almost instantly, i can tell she still in the bed . She says to me ‘good morning love happy birthday ‘
I said thank you 2sweet can you be ready in a hour so me , you and YNTUA can go clean up my apt before the party tonight. She said ‘yea’ so that meant we had time to go pick up some green and more liquor . My boy heavy third was already up early getting that paper , an’t nothing like a good weed man.
So we slide pass there picked up a couple grams , then hit liquor store . After that i was on the way to pick up 2sweet with YNTUA next to me jamming Outkast like it’s gospel on sunday. Finally we pull up at 2sweet’s house , I texted her to let her know we’re outside . Few mins later she walks out wearing all black with a short top that expose her stomach with this perfect lotus tattoo and baggy but tight enough pants to see that booty move when she walks . She was looking so good . Funny part is the both have dreads . So they instantly hit it off talking about different hair treatment ,
Now let’s fast forward to after we get down clean up the house at this point it’s 4:30 and people are going to start showing up around 8:00 so my time was shrinking away. So we all set the table and I started rolling up and YNTUA started pouring shots . 3 shots in and 2 blunts later 2sweet says she needs a nap and YNTUA agrees, and says she needs one two . By this time it’s 5:30 and I’m like fuck it’s not happening. Then I realized my opportunity and offered my bed to them to sleep in . Then YNTUA says no im good, I’ll take the coach. So at this point I’m willing to settle for just one of them. So 2sweet goes to the bedroom leaving me and YNTUA in the living room alone . Not even five minutes pass , and she looks a me says you should have brought me home first , you know I missed you . I haven’t had that dick in like 5 days .
I look at her for second , she’s licking her lips , her thighs are beginning rub together. I grab her by her hand pulling her close to me , simultaneously switching my hands to her ass squeeze it hard as kiss from her neck to her lips . We kiss passionately low key forgetting that 2sweet is in the other room . I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me as carried her to the coach . I sit down and pulled out my erection gripping it in my hands , instantly she stood up in front of me and unbutton her shorts and straddled me Gripping my dick and sliding it all way in. she moved her hips slowly while thrusting her hips deeper and faster. At this point we both forgot about 2sweet . I could feel myself getting even harder the wetter she got , she was so wild and loud as she bounced on my dick trying desperately to cum over and over and over. When I felt her pussy clinch , I gripped her ass and repeatedly pulled her back fourth on my dick , then we heard the sound of 2sweet getting up , then she jump off like we weren’t seconds away from coming together . She pulled her pants up and went sat at the table . Fuck!!
So I look at YNTUA after I heard 2sweet get back in the bed . Shes says , no im good go check on your girl and she said it with the most devilish smile . I smirked and walked towards the bed room. I get to the room and it’s completely dark except for the bathroom light she left on thats exposing her bare back and ass as she lays on her stomach . I see the dimples in her lower back right above her red thong , I thinking to myself how good it would feel to turn her over spread her legs run my tongue from her pussy to her clit . I get in feeling in my stomach I guess I was still turned on from YNTUA leaving me hanging.
So I slowly got in the bed and started kissing her down the middle of her back she wakes up slightly moaning. I grip her pants and start to pull them down and she doesn’t stop me. I expose her juicy ass kissing til I make way to her already wet pussy. I took her pants off completely. I wanted to fully enjoy it . I turned her over and her eyes were still closed but her body fully awake , as my tongue lost control randomly moving like it was possessed , I knew that YNTUA could her moaning at this point. I didn’t know what to expect but i wasn’t going to stop this time . Somebody was getting fucked!
I wasn’t getting left hanging again .
Then as 2sweet began to cum and her back began to arch . I felt eyes to my right and I could see YNTUA and the door playing with her pussy watching me make 2sweet cum over and over again . My eyes stayed locked on her like I was trying to get her to come closer . Finally 2 sweet pushed my head away as she came uncontrollably. I wanted fuck and I wanted too fuck bad. I picked up 2sweet and wrapped her legs around me and sat on the edge of the bed rocking her back for on my dick as she bit down on my neck unable to stop cumming. Then I looked up at YNTUA to see if she was still there to my surprise she was standing right behind 2sweet holding her hips as she continued rock back forth. I laid back on the bed looking over 2sweet’s shoulder at YNTUA kissing her neck . 2sweet seemed to be engulfed in pleasure. She was morning louder the normal it’s was like she didn’t know or didn’t care she was being touched kissed and undressed by YNTUA . I just laid back soaking in the view . YNTUA gripping her 2sweet’s titties from the back and 2sweet with hands on her head gripping her hair. Then I lost all sight as YNTUA mounted my face grinding her clit against tongue. I could feel both of there pussies throbbing getting ready cum , which made me cum even harder . We all moaned loudly together as 2sweet held on too YNTUA from behind. YNTUA leaned her head back kissing 2sweet as she sat on my dick still grinding slowly .
The phone rings and it’s like a wake up call to what just happened . they both get up. And I rolled over to answer the phone it’s my homeboy Sleepy saying ‘I’m outside’.

Now that was one hell of a birthday
And I got to experience two Totally different females at the same damn time. Then I got FUCKED UP