My first big dick

He came around in front of me and knelt down, that monster dick was ozzing come out of it and rock hard, I licked the precome off it, Jimmy grab my head and forces it into my mouth, God it was big, it filled my mouth and was only the head, I tried to suck on it, but only managed to move my jaw around, he pushed harder and hint the back of my throat, I started gagging and only allowed him to go deeper into my throat, he stoked a few times, it started pulsing inside my throat and warm gushes of come came out and shot to my belly as he pulled out he shot one more load in my mouth, it tasted sweet salty earthy, I swallowed all of it and licked my lips clean, it was still hard, ( we measured it at a later time, it’s 13’x5′, God it’s big ), at this point blue started pulling on my manpussy and he come out with a slurping sound, I was full of come from both ends.
We decided to get into the water and swim, I could see in Jimmy’s eyes what he wanted to do, I got out and knelt down on all fours and spread my legs wide teasingly shaking my ass at him, he got out of the water and came up behind me and I squirted some dog come out of my ass and lubed my ass cheeks and his big dick, he eased up to my pussy and forces the head in, God it’s so big, I made him stop to get used to it’s size,I started pushing against him and each stroke went deeper into me, finally he was all the way in me, I told him to fuck me hard, he didn’t disappoint, he started deep stroking hard into me, each time it sent a shock wave of pleasure through me, my pussy lubed with dog come slides over his big dick to it base, he grabs my ass cheeks and spreads them apart and rams in as deep as possible, I feel it getting big and harder, it started pulsing inside me and squirting come into my biles, it did this a lot, I lost count after 5 pulses, He starts pulling out and I stop him, I make him lay down with him deep inside me, we layed there spent, when we recover, I start stroking my dick and rubbing my ass against him, he starts getting hard again inside me, this time he fucks me more deliberate, forcefully, and harder, God I’ve never felt so stretch open and full, I feel getting ready to come again, he stiffens up, his come is warm, filling me again, I feel a sensation below my belly button, it start making my inside cotract, God I’m having my fisrt climax, my body shutters uncontrollable, I feel I’m going to pass out, he slumps over my back and forces me to the ground, we layed there spent,
This story is true as well as blue raped me
Jimmy was drafted into the army and I went into the Navy.
Jimmy was killed in Vietnam
I miss him very much.