Monica meets Neville

John was a very horny guy and needing pussy on a regular bases, our 1 to 3 monthly meetings were obviously not enough to feed his appetite. He was frequently visiting swing clubs and meeting others through swinger magazines and then, web sites. I, as always, wanted a discrete safe married guy knowing we can have our fun with little to no chance of after problems with STD or any other possible unwanted repercussions. I was very strict on these rules, enter Neville whom I’ll call Nev.

Was quite a few months since our last wife sharing threesome fun and I was on the lookout for a suitable candidate to quench my perverted wife watching thirst and of course, to give Monica an extra thrill outside her normal wife and being a mother duties of life. I came across a story in a swinger mag of a guy who along with his buddy were fucking a married woman in front of her husband. The story contained some pics and a contact code so, I sent them a reply.

‘We are a happily married couple seeking a guy / guys to help satisfy very attractive hot wife. She is 44 years old but looks much younger, slim size 10 – 12, we have been into the hot wife sharing scene for sometime and are seeking regular get together’s with discrete understanding gents’. Please send photo with your reply to PO box…’

Well, 1 week later we got a reply with a couple of photos of a guys slim mid section with an erect cock estimated at 7 inches, quite thick, vieny and slightly bent like a banana, very impressive to say the least. Also a close up shot of the cock clearly showing the big slit of an eye and the thickly mushroomed head. Well who ever he is, he certainly has the equipment for the job. I was starting to think is 6 inches really the norm, as I believed, as everybody apart from Glen all have or had cocks bigger than mine. His reply ‘Hi married couple, am 48 years old, professional who likes to keep fit, discrete married guy who can get away, experienced with married couples and their needs. Enclosed are pics for the wife’s enjoyment and what she will expect. Call me on ……… during 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Fridays only due to discretion, look forward to your call’.

Couldn’t show Monica the reply quick enough, with the kids out of the way I gave Monica the reply to read and the photos to drool over. ‘YEAH SO, HIS GOT A BIG DICK’, was Monica’s first comment. ‘HAS HE WHAT, THINK YOU CAN TAKE IT’, I teased to which she replied, ‘COURSE I CAN BUT, I’M NOT SURE I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN, WE DON’T KNOW THIS GUY AND WE COULD BE PLAYING WITH FIRE’. I assured Monica, ‘LOOK, I’LL MEET HIM FIRST AND SCREEN HIM, IF I THINK THERE COULD BE A PROBLEM WE WON’T GO AHEAD’. Monica replied, ‘GOD, HOW DID YOU EVER GET THIS THING IN YOUR HEAD ABOUT ME BEING WITH OTHER GUYS’. My answer, ‘YEAH BUT ONCE WE GET GOING YOU LOVE IT’.

I rang Nev and we meet at a bar, he was bald except for hair around the sides and back of his head, wasn’t sure if Monica would find him sexually attractive but all other qualities were perfect. Married high standard business owner, discrete, wasn’t getting the sexual excitement at home so looking for no strings attached couples knowing the wive’s of such couples were normally hot and he liked the scenario of a woman taking on multiple partners. I showed him photos of Monica and assured him she still looks the same as the photos were getting a little old. Straight to the point so should we take it further, he could get right into Monica rather than feel his way through her limits, ‘SHE LIKES AND WILL DO MOST THINGS, LIKES SUCKING COCKS ALMOST AS MUCH AS BEING FUCKED, LOVES TO BE LICKED OUT, TAKING 2 GUYS AT ONCE, NOT AFRAID OF SPUNK, YOU CAN BLOW IN HER FACE AND IF SHE IS REALLY HORNY SHE’LL EVEN SWALLOW, LIKES TO LET HER HAIR DOWN AND PLAY THE PART OF A SLUT, ONLY THING IS SHE WON’T DO ANAL’. My heart was pounding speaking in such an explicit way about the woman I loved, Nev’s answer ‘MY TYPE OF GIRL, I’LL BRING A FRIEND ALONG WHO’S GOT A BIG FAT COCK AND WE CAN SPOIL HER. WILL BRING MY COMPANY DIGITAL CAMERA SO YOU CAN TAKE PHOTOS FOR THE FAMILY ALBUM’, as he put it.

After getting back home, Monica couldn’t ask quick enough, ‘WELL, WHAT’S HE LIKE’? ‘NOT SURE IF YOU WILL GO FOR HIM, HE’S BALD, I replied. ‘SO HE’S UGLY’, she asked. ‘NO, I WOULDN’T SAY THAT, YOU’LL BE THE BEST JUDGE OF THAT, HE IS PERFECT IN EVERY OTHER WAY AND HE HAS A FRIEND WHO WILL BE INTERESTED’. ‘ to Monica’s amazement,’ WHAT, 2 OF THEM’, but Nev;s friend didn’t eventuate as he settled down with a steady girlfriend and declined the offer, much to my disappointment.

Following Saturday night was chosen, I tried to calm Monica’s nerves during bedtime chats leading to the appointment, told her he more or less wanted a hot lady who was into almost everything as by the sounds of it, his wife was probably too conservative and didn’t offer him enough sexual excitement. I told her he was into married couples as the wive’s are normally quite slutty and loads of fun compared to what was on offer at home. I was going to take photos and she could comfortably let her hair down and be the perfect slut as she wouldn’t be the first wife he has fucked.

Monica included a sexy white lace corset to her wardrobe of lingerie which I insisted she ware for the occasion, with her white stockings and matching bikini g-strings over the thin straps holding up her stockings. as usual, she was to put these on at the motel. Monica was so nervous of the prospect of the blind fuck date I was afraid I may have to call it off but she agreed to go to the motel to at least meet Nev. Now Monica has readily dropped her panties and opened her legs in the past but this time she was very anxious perhaps from my description of Nev. As usual we got there earlier to calm ourselves with a couple of drinks, Knock – knock i let Nev in. ‘WHY HI HOW ARE YOU’?, Monica asked, she was clearly and immediately surprised with Nev. He was well dressed in a suit and had a bunch of flowers for Monica along with a bottle of wine. ‘ HELLO MONICA, I’M VERY WELL AND YOU’? shaking my hand as he went past and going to my wife, giving her the flowers and kissing her on the cheek as she sat on the bed against the headboard. ‘OH I’M GOOD AND THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FLOWERS, I WISH MY HUSBAND WOULD GIVE ME FLOWERS’, which both Nev and I laughed at her comment. Monica was happy with my choice for her as her nervous state changed to one of excitement, also amazing what a bunch of flowers can do to a lady.

Nev pored himself and Monica a drink and sat next to her offering her the drink. Monica looked lovely as she always does, this time dressed in a black tight fitting dress showing some legs as it was a couple of inches above the knees. We chatted for a while until Monica gathered the bag with her lingerie in it and headed to the ensiute closing the door behind her. ‘YOUR IN NEV, SHE’S GONE TO GET CHANGED INTO HER SEXY GEAR’, I advised him . ‘SHE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE, AM GOING TO ENJOY THIS AND SHE’LL ALSO LOVE IT’, commented Nev. He showed me the camera he brought along and a run through on how best to use it, we needed to leave the lights on for the best shots, he didn’t want any of his face shots. Monica appeared, so fucking hot was the sight of her dressed in her underwear ready for sex. ‘ STAY THERE MONICA, LEE TAKE A PHOTO HER LIKE THAT’, said Nev, CLICK, as I saw the still image appear on the monitor before it refocused. Nev took off his jacket as Monica climbed on the bed and sit at the headboard, Nev sat beside her right side, my heart missing beats as I am about to see my darling wife with yet another man and this time photograph some of the action.

Nev didn’t waste too much time, he put his left arm around Monica and with his right hand, he started to caress and rub her inner thighs, Monica as usual, started to rub his cock through his trousers, CLICK, shot of hand caressing her thighs so close to her cunt. They started to passionately kiss, tongues touching and going into each others mouths, hot wet kissing, Monica was getting hot, I was getting a hard on and Nev put his hand inside Monica’s panties. He was now feeling her bush and I could clearly see through the outline of Monica’s nylon panties he was finger fucking her cunt. CLICK, another shot for the family album, Monica trying to free Nev’s cock as she was in a passionate kiss and being fingered. Nev broke the steamy sex to strip off, I did as well, he then returned to my wife with a huge, hard and curved cock pointing to the ceiling and resumed where he left off. Hand back inside Monica’s panties re-finger fucking her, her hand around his thick shaft ever so gently wanking him as they again passionately tongue kissed. So hot was the show, I was so enjoying the sight, Nev very different to John’s style, lots of wet kissing happening, finger fucking, her panties bulging with Nev’s in and out hand movement, clearly finger fucking my wife, her legs spread giving him easier access to her cunt.

Nev broke the hot embrace, he removed Monica’s panties, CLICK, as he slid them off her but leaving them around her left leg. He then put his head between her thighs and started to lick her out. Monica told me later that John was more skillful at oral but overall she much preferred sex with Nev. After a few minutes of licking her cunt, Nev knelt by her head, hand behind her head, he pushed his cock into Monica’s mouth. CLICK, what a shot, thick erect cock gently fucking my wife’s mouth. Nev had Monica suck his cock for quite a while, I took a few pics of the oh so hot sex show. Monica eyes closed with another mans hot cock in her mouth.

He then pulled Monica down the bed, spread her legs and entered her, her snatch forming a big O around the thick and veiny cock shaft that was now fucking her. There was the love of my life, mother of our children, such a prim and proper woman in public, getting fucked in front of her husband by another man and obviously enjoying it. CLICK, CLICK, various shots of fat cock at various stages of penetration into Monica;s cunt, just the head, half way in, to the hilt balls against her bum, shots that showed just her bottom and her cunt gaping around Nev’s cock. They were in a passionate embrace, kissing as Nev slowly and sensuously was fucking my wife. Monica let it be known as she came with ‘AAARRRRR CUMING’. Nev pumped into her as she was cuming trying to ensure she had a good orgasm.

Nev fucked her for a while until he so nastily pulled out and rushed to Monica’s face a shot his spunk over her mouth, chin and cheeks, he didn’t jack-off he just let the spunk ooze out of his cock and falling onto my wife’s face. CLICK, CLICK, his cock stayed hard and with a thick droplet of spunk on the end of his cock and wet with Monica’s juices , he fed it into her mouth and had her give him head. The spunk on her face didn’t move except globing from the law of gravity as she sucked his cock, what a sight, CLICK, CLICK. To later use Monica’s words, ‘IT WAS STUCK ON’. Although a little humiliating for Monica and not to mention her husband, it’s these memories that really got us off when we were on our own. After Nev was satisfied from the cock sucking Monica gave him did he allow her to wash off the spunk, he obviously enjoyed being sucked off by a pretty woman while wearing his cum on her face and also getting to taste it.

As Monica was cleaning up Nev looked at the pics I had taken so far, I was to keep the camera and go to his office in the morning where he was to down load them onto a floppy disc and delete the pics off the camera, he was to keep none of the photos showing her face.

Monica returned and took position on the bed at the headboard, her makeup also washed off but Monica didn’t need makeup to look lovely but I remember her looking like well, Iv’e just been fucked look. Nev sat next to her. and in no time it was on again. Nev again knelt on his knees offering his hardening cock for Monica to once again suck on, and she did, without hesitation, she again sucked on his cock. CLICK, as the love of my life was again sucking another mans cock, god she looked gorgeous doing that while at the same time looking like a slut. she was sucking the cock which earlier had blown over her face, was Nev going to repeat that, give my wife another facial spunk shot, he didn’t but did fuck her again and again and pumped a couple of loads into her pussy in the process. Put her into a doggy position, asked for the camera and took a few shots of him penetrating her. He fucked Monica in a number of positions, Monica enjoyed a few good orgasms, he fucked her a number of times until midnight and he showered, kiss Monica goodbye, shook my hand and left.

We had to return home to relieve the baby sitter even though our kids were 12 and 11 then, in the morning feeling a little worst for ware after little sleep and perhaps a bit too much alcohol, how could I sleep after witnessing such a hot show of my wife getting so well used by cock number 4, up until then, I saw my wife with 4 different guys.

I drove to Nev’s office with the camera, we both looked at the photos as Nev downloaded them onto the floppy, Nev commenting on my good camera skills. Everything about sharing my wife was erotic and horny and now her lover of just a few hours back was looking and the pornographic material staring my hot wife, and his cock and body of course. Nev said it was certainly a fun night and next time I should join in so we could really give Monica a good time.

Returning home, kids were out playing around, I call Monica to come and look at the photos, into my office and loaded the floppy into my computer, wow weren’t they hot. Monica had a slight smiling on her face at the same time being turned on by the very pornographic nature of the photos, were some 40 pics in all.

Some of our comments as I remembered;
Her at the cum shots and clearly embarrassed ‘OH GOD LOOK AT ALL THAT SHIT IN MY FACE’.

I would print a few pics at a time when in the mood and have Monica look at them and me commenting during our bedtime, really worKed well and certainly enhanced our love making. Monica’s bedroom nick name became plain and simple, SLUT, to which she couldn’t dispute it as I had the evidence to prove it. So long it was in lust there was no problem on her behalf, she was quite turned on by it all and once again, had another stud bull lover for her discrete pleasure.