Not so secret domination on the beach

Awaken late, we most certainly did. I’ve had few experiences like this one. At least I had no regrets upon waking up. The room wasn’t trashed like a few college trips I barely remember. I’ve never woken up to a woman and not remembered her name. I certainly won’t forget Lize. If we somehow pull off what I suddenly realized must happen today, then she will remember me a long time.

The ring of the room phone stops my thoughts.

“Hello.” I answer. “Yes, we will be there all day. Sure, we’ll take the one next to it.

2pm? Sounds good.”

“Alright, guys. Next up is our day at the beach.” I tell my temporary roommates. “Our cabana will be ready in an hour. Breakfast is served.”

Nick rolls off his bed, and walks naked to the patio door. I only know this because the sunlight streams through the glass as he parts the curtains which have darkened our room. The outline of his cock is caught by the sun. Nick seamlessly opens the patio doors, letting even more light in, and walks smoothly into the daylight.

Amber, meanwhile, has also awakened, and quickly joins Nick by his side. They stand at the patio wall and look toward the sun rising over the Atlantic. It appears the weather is going to cooperate.

I grab my shorts and chanklas. “I’m headed downstairs. I’ll be right back.” I tell Nick and Amber. Lize is still out of it.

Downstairs in the lobby, I find the little boutique shop to claim our clothes.

“Hey, do you have any tiny bikinis here?” I ask.

“Sure, right over there. They are one size fits all, just pick a color.” The clerk tells me.

I pick a couple of suits. They are so small, it’s even hard to see them on the display. I also grab a couple of large beach towels. These should work well for our afternoon across the street on the beach. I head upstairs.

Opening the door, I am greeted by some very overly-dressed women.

“Uh-uh. I say, pulling the suits from the bag. I toss the tiny bottoms to them.

“Put these on. This is what you are wearing down to the beach.” I continue. “The rest of your outfit is this towel. How you wear it is up to you.”

Amber and Lize undress right there, tossing their clothes on the bed. The bikini bottoms are barely enough to cover their delicious pussies. Darn. Amber unrolls the towel and wraps it completely around her body, just under her arms. Lize simply rolls the towel up lengthwise, then wraps it around her neck, letting the ends fall over her tits. While Lize appears to be covered up in the front, seeing her naked back as she walks to the door is the dead giveaway. Well, that, and the dental floss up her ass complete the illusion of nudity.

“Well played.” I say. “Well played, indeed.”

At this point, the women are completely at ease walking thru the hotel no matter their state of dress, or undress. Our walk out the door, and across the street to the beach is as natural as walking through a store. This town is perfect; the people don’t even stare at us, allowing us to blend in with the crowd.

Arriving across the street, we find the set of hotel cabanas quite easily. Number 4 is our first cabana; we get number 5 in a few hours as well. I open the beachside curtains to the cabana. Our breakfast appetizers are already in place: fruit, coffee, and mimosas. The main courses should arrive shortly.

Lize approaches the cabana right behind me.

“Hand it over.” I say, reaching for her towel. She turns to face the beach, and I pull the towel off her neck, exposing her to the Atlantic Ocean, and any nearby people on the lookout for hot women.

“Same.” Nick tells Amber. She lifts her arms, just like last night. Nick takes out the tucked-in edge of the towel, and holds it while he spins Amber in place, and out of her towel. Thus, Amber and Lize enter the cabana, never to wear anymore than this amount of clothing the rest of the day.

Inside, the cabana is surprisingly fairly spacious. Just inside the entry is the table with our breakfast and 4 chairs. Immediately behind it are 2 massage tables. The walls are simply thick canvas curtains which can be opened for air circulation. The top half of the curtains are a see-thru mesh, also to allow air circulation and privacy for those on the tables. I am not worried about privacy at this point.

The girls sit down at the table to begin devouring some of the fresh fruits. I pour 4 mimosas, and then begin to take in the sights. The beach is a hive of activity, even now just before noon. Even from afar, I can see lots of bare skin. The water doesn’t seem too far away. Between us and the water’s edge, I think I spy a few totally naked sunbathers. Two more will be joining them shortly.

The rest of our breakfast order arrives quickly. The girls don’t even move. They just continue eating and talking while the server places our food in front of them. I wonder if they forgot they are topless. We all consume our fair share of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage. Everything is delicious.

“OK, so at 2pm, we are scheduled for couples massages. We actually have the cabana next to this one at that time so all four of us can relax together.” I inform everyone.

“For now, both of you girls should get onto these tables so we can service you.” I direct.

Amber and LIze smile, and get onto separate tables, facing down, heads toward the water. I stand next to Lize and run my hands from her feet up her legs, across her ass, and then up her spine to her head. Her ass responds by rising ever so slightly. I run my fingers back down to her ass and slip them in between her butt cheeks. I can feel the thin bikini fabric barely covering her asshole. I am able to finger Lize here with no resistance whatsoever.

I don’t stay there long. I move both hands to Lize’s back and begin to rub lightly, in circles, then reverse direction. I work my way up and down Lize, touching as many parts of her as possible.

Nick has followed suit, working his way around Amber’s body. Then, he stops, and walks to a canvas wall. He moves the curtain back. Amber doesn’t move. He also moves the back canvas over to our side so Amber is clearly visible to anyone on the street behind us. I pull open the curtain behind me, and the ocean breeze fills the cabana.

We go back to work on our women. I decide to up the ante. I roll Lize over onto her back. Again, I start at her feet and move my hands up her body. This time, I can part the bikini covering her cunt just enough to spy some pink skin. I continue upward, pausing to rub her tits, then finally grasping her neck to rub any and all tension out. I can feel Lize relax.

I spy Nick working on Amber. On his third or fourth pass up and down her body, Nick stops at her hips and grabs the strings wrapped there. He pull the strings up off her skin, then moves them down to legs. He begins pulling the suit off Amber, and she responds by lifting her body up to allow the suit under her to follow his hands.

Soon, Amber is completely naked on the table. Well, that didn’t take long. Not to worry, it’s about to get better.

“I need to cool off.” Amber says, raising her head.

“Well, go ahead. I’ll make some more mimosas.” Nick replies.

And then, much to my surprise, Amber simply gets up, and walks toward the water. Naked. Completely naked.

“Hey, I’m coming, too.” Lize says, getting up off the table to follow Amber. She keeps her bikini bottom on.

Nick and I just stare at each other, then follow the girls with our eyes as they amble through the sand to the water. Nick and make fresh mimosas, saying not a word. We really don’t need to. We are too curious to see how this plays out.

It’s about thirty to forty yards to the surf. The girls took about fifty of the most glorious steps I have ever witnessed in broad daylight in public. What a sight. I’m not sure the girls really stood out as they walked between the naked and semi-naked bodies lying on the sand. But, they sure did to me.

Anyway, Amber and Lize safely arrived at the water, and slowly walked and sank into it until completely covered up to their necks. Then, they returned to the edge and sat down to face the ocean.

“Let’s go.” I tell Nick.

Here is my new opportunity. We grab 2 drinks each and head to the women. It’s a fun walk highlighted by the views of so many naked breasts and lots of skin. Man, I love the beach. Anyway, we arrive and sit beside the girls.

“Here you go.” I say, handing a mimosa to Lize. She takes it and sips on the glass.

“I need to cool off.” I tell Lize as I hand her my glass. I get up and walk into the water and splash water on my shoulders.

I have walked out far enough so I can sit down in the water where it is up to my chin. The cool Atlantic waters feel fantastic. Lize follows me out, glasses in hand.

“Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?” Lize asks.

“Sure does.” I respond, taking my glass back from her.

Lize sits down next to me and we are looking directly at Nick and Amber. I reach my left hand around Lize and begin rubbing her ass. Then, I slide it under her ass, and let my fingers search for her pussy. I don’t like the angle, so I move my hand back around and directly in between her legs. Lize parts them for me, and I can easily rub her through the suit.

Fingering Lize is even easier than I expected. The suit offers no resistance, and neither does Lize. She calmly drinks her mimosa as I rub and finger her pussy.

“My goal for you today is to have you cum right here on the beach. A full squirt would be the icing on the cake.” I say to Lize, making her squirm around my fingers.

“First things first, though.” Lize replies. “Take my suit.”

I remove my hand from deep inside her, and take hold of a bikini strap. Lize rises slowly. My hand keeps it grip, and the suit remains in place and falls off Lize’s body into my hand. As a result, she is standing up next to me, completely naked. Then, she walks toward Nick and Amber who have just finished their mimosas. This is going really well for us.

Lize stops a few steps from me. “By the way, I won’t be needing that anymore.” She states, looking at the suit in my hand.

I drop it, as if by her command. Lize continues onward, and then past Nick and Amber. She walks alone, completely naked, with the three of us behind. Nowhere but South Beach, I think to myself.

At the cabana, we see the other one is now clean and ready for us.

“You guys take the other one.” I tell Nick.

“Okay.” He replies, and then swoops Amber up and into his arms to carry her to the new cabana.

Lize and I enter the original cabana, and she lays herself back down on the table, face up.

“Good God, that was hot.” She says to me.

“Yes, indeed. And, I see you are primed and ready.” I say to Lize as my fingers find her pussy completely wet.

Lize lifts her knees, spreading her legs for me.

“I want you so badly to fuck me right here.” She says to me.

“Well, that isn’t happening. Yet.” I say laughingly. “But, I am going to rub your body down right here until you gush all over my hand.”

“Don’t you stop until I do so.” Lize replied.

I resumed touching and rubbing her. Lize’s head rested gently on the table, and I watched her close her eyes. She relaxed even more as I put one finger in her pussy. The world seemed to melt away as I rubbed Lize’s shoulders with my left hand and began slowly entering and exiting her wet cunt with my right fingers. I know it won’t take long for her to cum, but the goal is to get her to squirt. I’m not sure how this will work out, but the challenge is before me.

I had thought about tying Lize to the table, but I’m not sure it will be necessary this time. I have some nipple clamps ready, but her body is already responding nicely. I can simply edge her along to her next orgasm. I need to be patient. Or, do I?

“Let your arms and legs fall off the side the table.” I instruct Lize.

She does, actually going limp so only her back and ass are on the table. I remove my fingers and walk around the cabana, slowly closing the curtains. This might get intense, and I’m not sure anyone needs to see my hard on when it arrives. I get back around Lize and begin running my right hand along her left knee and up to her waiting pussy.

The time is now. I slide a finger into her. Then another, and another, and another, finally I have all five fingers inserted halfway into her glistening, moist, deliciousness. Then, slowly, I open and close my fingers to rub any and all parts inside. I push my hand harder into Lize. She remains motionless.

Finally, I begin twisting my hand and her cunt allows my entire hand to enter. Soon, my arm is wrist-deep inside. I look around and see nobody nearby watching, so I resume twisting my arm.

I hope I didn’t rush this. I keep working on Lize’s pussy, pushing in and out, really exploring her physical limits. She really hasn’t moved much at all, her arms and legs still dangle freely off the table, and her eyes are closed. Time to see what more I can do.

I place my left hand on Lize’s neck, and squeeze. Her mouth opens slightly. I continue pushing down on her neck and into her pussy at the same time. Things are moving along quickly. Lize’s head remains in place, but I can see her stomach tense. Her back arches just a little when she flexes her ass. I have her now.

Bravado enters me. I really start moving my hand in and out of her cunt, pretty much fully removing it and quickly shoving it back in. She won’t last long with this pressure, and, sure enough, she doesn’t. The explosion of juices startles me once again. Well, that, and Nick.

“Holy shit!!!”I hear behind me.

Nick and Amber have been watching us. Lize continues to cum around my fist. I let go of her neck and twist a nipple. Her entire body reacts. Amber walks opposite me and begins rubbing Lize’s legs from the knee up. Lize continues with another orgasm. Her arms and legs have moved only a little. She is truly free in this moment, and under control just like she wanted.

I remove my fist slowly, keeping it clenched. Lize shudders with one more orgasm as I do so.

“Me next.” Amber tells Nick.

“Get your own cabana.” I laughingly reply.

With that, Amber and Nick leave us and enter the other cabana. I scoop Lize up, and carry her to the water. She awakens quickly, and holds onto my neck. I walk waist deep into the water, and lower our bodies together. We arrange ourselves, sitting next to each other, Lize on my left, and facing the distance.

Lize leans her head onto my shoulder, then lowers her hand down to my cock. I strain against my suit with my hardness.

“Thank you.” Lize says to my ear. “I like being your bitch with no control. That felt so good.”

With that, she begins stroking me through my suit, and then pulls the waist down so she can engulf my member with her fingers. I lean back just a little to let the suit relax at my thighs. Lize strokes ever faster with a deft touch. I like a light grip and she has me rolling pretty quickly.

And then….she stops. Lize gets up without saying a word and heads back to the sand. So here I am, raging hard on, in the Atlantic, and my woman just left me. I turn around on my butt to watch her. She is still stunningly naked, and walks out of the light surf without even looking at me.

I’m kinda stuck until this engorged member of mine dies down. I turn back around, pull my suit up, and get up. I walk a little deeper into the water and just stand, hoping for the blood flow to die down. It’s going to take a few long minutes so I keep focusing on the horizon.

Once things have died down, I head back to the cabana. There I find Lize lying on her side on the table. I close all of the curtains and walk around her. Her face is waist high.

“Fill my mouth.” She says, with a wink in her eye.

I oblige by pulling my suit down and placing my dick in front of her face. As I harden once again, I look around. I am comfortable here since no one can see in very clearly. I begin fucking Lize’s mouth. She also sucks me as I pound her face.

I look up to find Amber standing there, still naked. She walks in, followed by Nick. Amber stands behind Lize’s head, and takes hold of it in her hands. She begins moving Lize’s head for her. Nick stands just behind Lize’s ass, to Amber’s right.

Amber reaches over to Lize’s ass with her right hand. She puts her fingers into Lize’s crack. Nick pulls Lize’s body at her hips, and brings her body toward him. Soon, her ass is touching Nick. He quickly whips his cock out, and Amber spreads Lize’s ass so he can enter her pussy from behind.

As both Nick and myself cum into Lize at the same time, I wonder if Amber is needing the same treatment. Only one way to find out.