Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It was Miranda! Of course it was Miranda. It all started to make sense, although it was still a bizarre situation. I was tied down spread eagle on a king sized bed. The room around me was so preppy and pink it seemed to belong to a teenager.

I woke up about ten minutes ago and I still didn’t feel fully awake yet. My head was throbbing, I had a nasty headache and grogginess still lingered. Yet seeing Miranda’s picture hanging on the wall sobered me up. I had been dating Nick for barely four months and so far his ex-girlfriend Miranda had showed up at my work crying to my co-workers about how I was a home-wrecker. She had followed me home and threatened to hurt my cat if I didn’t back off. She’d send me leaflets about abortion with a post-it note on at that said I should pass this information on to my mother so she wouldn’t make the same mistakes twice. She’d put on social media that I had a STI, and last week she bought a wedding dress and told everyone she and Nick had eloped.

I’d talked to Nick about it and we even went to the police, but they couldn’t do anything until she actually did something criminal, buying a wedding dress wasn’t a crime they said.

Now it was too late, she’d drugged and kidnapped me and tied me down in what looked like her childhood bedroom. I couldn’t imagine any woman of 34 years old would actually decorate her room like this, then again this Miranda wasn’t just any woman, she was one of a kind.

My headache started to get worse and I closed my eyes. It must have happened yesterday when I was out drinking with my co-workers. Maybe she slipped something in my wine? I didn’t remember seeing her in that pub. I pulled on my bounds and tried to get away. The rope was wrapped tightly around my wrist. Maybe if I fidgeted and wriggled for a while the knots would loosen up enough for my hand to slip out.

All my struggling seemed to be to no avail, if anything the knots seemed to be even tighter now.

‘How’s my sweet baby girl.’ Miranda’s voice said high-pitched and shrill. She wouldn’t kill me, right? She wouldn’t. She may be crazy but she wasn’t that crazy, was she?

Miranda was dressed in a fifties polka-dot dress with a white peter pan collar, her hair in a tight bun and she wore glasses. I’d never seen her wear glasses before. She sat down on the bed next to me and looked down on me with an enamored smile.

‘Hi there, dear June, how are you feeling.’ Her fingertip softly ran over my cheek. I moved away from her.

‘Don’t touch me.’ I said.

‘Don’t be scared, sweet baby girl of mine.’

‘I’m not your baby girl.’

‘Oh, but you’re wrong sweetheart. You are our baby girl and mommy and daddy love you very much, you have to know that. I know it’s been hard on you these last few months, but things are getting better, mommy and daddy have almost resolved their issues and then we’re getting married in Hawaï. You can swim with sea turtles in Hawaï did you know that?’

‘Do you mean Nick?’ I asked.

She slapped me across my face and stinging pain traveled through my cheek.

‘Fuck you.’ I yelled at her and she slapped me again.

‘Please be a lady.’ She said. ‘That’s not how I raised you.’

The slaps in my face made my headache even worse. I sighed and stared upwards. Glow in the dark stars were attached to the ceiling, I’m sure it would be pretty at night, but by daylight they were just some beige gross looking plastic stars stuck onto the ceiling.

‘What time is it?’ I asked.

‘It’s about lunch time, you slept for quite some time, sweetheart.’ Miranda caressed my cheek again, tenderly she rubbed her thumb over my still somewhat sore skin.

Lunchtime. Good. I thought to myself. That meant I didn’t show up for work this morning, that meant they’d already called my phone, hopefully they’d called Nick too and let him know I was missing. He would know it was Miranda right? He would tell the police and they’d be knocking on the door any minute now. Unless they thought I was just skipping work because of a hangover.

‘Where are we anyway?’ I asked.

Miranda smiled. ‘Don’t worry about it. Nobody will come looking for you. You gave me the passwords to your phone and your social media, remember? I told everybody you were going on a spiritual retreat for a few days, they were angry with you, but anger is better than worried, isn’t it?’

‘You’re lying,’ I said. ‘I would never give you my passwords.’

‘I know sweety,’ Miranda said. ‘As I explained yesterday I’ve got some drugs that’ll make you very compliant, but I guess they have a side effect of amnesia.’ She shrugged. ‘To be fair they do mention it in the informational leaflets, but then again those old people are senile and forget everything anyway.’

‘Wait. What?’ I said, frowning. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Nothing. My sweety.’ Miranda bent over me and tickled me under my chin. ‘It doesn’t matter that mommy had to steal your med-meds from the people she works with. No, that doesn’t matter at all. You don’t have to worry about that. All you have to worry about is being mommies sweet little baby girl.’

‘I… I…’ I stuttered. ‘Miranda… you…’

She slapped me across my face again. ‘Don’t be rude to mommy.’

‘Rude?’ I asked trying to rub my sore cheek against the pillow. ‘Because I called you Miranda?’


‘Stop that!’ I said. ‘You have to let me go. You understand that right?’

‘Oh, honey.’ Miranda said with a fake compassion. ‘You’re getting all riled up and upset and confused. I think it’s time mommy gave you your med-meds, right?’

‘No.’ I said, a panic bubbled-up in my chest. ‘No, don’t you dare. Isn’t that like medical endangerment or something? Just let me go instead.’ I pulled on my bounds, hoping something would snap or break.

Miranda got a plastic syringe and a brown flask from the bedside table. She unscrewed the lid and put the tip of the syringe inside to suck the drug into the plastic.

‘Why?’ I asked. ‘Why are your doing this? How is this going to help you get back together with Nick? Like…I… Is that what you want? Let me go and I’ll promise to break-up with Nick, I mean he’s a nice guy and all but he’s not worth being kidnapped for.’

‘Ssh.’ Miranda patted me on the head. ‘I already broke up with Nick for you, you gave me your phone remember?’

‘Then why?’ I asked.

‘Don’t be scared.’ Miranda said. ‘Here, this is going to make you feel better.’ She put a thumb on my chin and opened my mouth. I tried to turn my face away from her, to close my mouth, I screamed and struggled, but Miranda seemed to be quite skilled in forcing medication down peoples throats. She managed to get the syringe in my mouth and she ejected the drug in the back of my throat. It tasted bitter and gross and I shivered. I tried to spit it out.

‘It’s okay, Sweetheart.’ Miranda said. She put a hand on my tummy and rubbed back and forth. ‘It’ll kick in soon. We made a great start yesterday, I’m curious to see how much of that will come back when you’re under influence again.’

‘What?’ I said. ‘What are you talking about. Why are you doing this? Why? I don’t get it.’

Miranda laughed. ‘You don’t have to get it, sweetheart.’ She said. ‘You just have to let the drugs wash over your little brain, and listen to your mommy’s voice, obey mommy’s voice. That way mommy can turn you into a sweet little girl and then mommy can figure out why daddy liked you so much, and then mommy and daddy can get back together.’

‘That’s… that’s crazy?’ I stuttered. ‘Why do you think that’ll work? Who hurt you so badly you turned out like this? It’s never… never… it’s… wow.’ All of a sudden it was hard to keep talking, I’d lost my train of thoughts and new words just weren’t forming, there was an overwhelming tingle in my brain that just soaked up all of my attention. It was a nice tingle, an addictive tingle, it felt really good. I didn’t want to think about anything else but that mysterious tingle. I was lightheaded and slightly dizzy too. It was like being drunk, but different.

‘Wu…wu…wu.’ I wanted to ask what was happening to me, but no words came from my mouth, just random moaning and muttering. My tongue felt weird, I opened and closed my mouth a few times my tongue in between my lips as if I was chewing on my own tongue. A rush of drowsiness, a rush of indolence. The world was changing quickly. I felt warm and happy and simple, way more simple, almost as if the adult part of my brain was completely sedated and turned off and all that was left was this helpless little dependent baby girl.

‘Ssh.’ A womans voice said. Just hearing her voice made me already feel safe and calm. ‘It’s okay. I know you want to suckle on something.’ She put her finger in my mouth and intuitively I started to suck on her finger. It just made sense. It felt like the right thing the do. It felt so good feeling that woman close by, my mommy close by.

She wasn’t my mommy. I shook my head, trying to wrap my mind around the situation I was in. She wasn’t, but she certainly felt like my mommy. My brain was fizzing out, regressing further and further back and I was softly moaning.

‘There, there.’ The lady said. ‘Almost there. That’s great, looks like most of the things we worked on yesterday are still there. So let’s just reinforce and strengthen them and ingrain me even deeper within your brain, before we start having fun. Just take a deep calming breath and listen to mommy, obey your mommy. It’s so easy to listen and obey, because your love your mommy so much, you trust your mommy implicitly and unconditionally because you need mommy so badly, without your mommy you’re completely lost.’

I barely understood the words she was saying, sounds swirling around me, entering my ears. They seemed to reprogram my brain. That woman felt less and less like a stranger and more and more like my mommy. It wasn’t even a conscious shift, it was as if a very primal feeling was awakened, a very primal need that made me dependent on my mommy.

It was confusing and scary. But mommy was there. My mommy was there to guide me and to tell me what to do. I don’t know for how long she kept talking, it could’ve been hours or it could’ve been minutes, I just knew that I was under her spell, that she’d bewitched me and I needed her.

‘Who’s my sweet little baby girl?’ Who’s mommy’s sweet little baby girl.’ She tickled me in my stomach and I started giggling, yet there was something numbing the joy, something that made me tired and drowsy.

‘You are!’ Mommy said. ‘Yes, you are!’

She bent over and gave me a kiss on the mouth. ‘You’re my helplessly sedated overly compliant brainwashed baby girl aren’t you?’

Again I giggled.

‘Yeah.’ She said. ‘That’s what I thought. Now let’s get you out of these ridiculous clothes, we didn’t get around to it yesterday but it’s about time we put you in a diaper and a onesie, isn’t it?’

She started to fidget on my wrist and a moment later my arm was released from it’s bondage. A moment of unease. I had to do something, but I couldn’t remember what it was. Mommy helped me to sit up, she pulled my shirt over my head, she undid my bra and then she tenderly put me down on the bed again. She unbuckled my pants too and in one motion she slid them of my hips, leaving me completely nude.

‘What a pretty baby.’ She said musing. Her one hand cupping my boob and squeezing my nipple, her other hand sliding in between my legs toying with my pussy lips. It was a nice feeling, her fingers were warm and soft and tender, and it made me feel good and happy when she touched me in between my legs.

‘O boy, little baby girls can’t have pubes can they? I guess mommy will have to help you shave now.’ A moment later she plugged a lady shave into the outlet, a soft humming sounded as she moved it over my pussy lips, removing all of my pubes.

It was such a nice feeling, a happy glow spread all through my pussy and into my stomach. My breathing became more and more superficial and involuntarily my body started to twitch.

‘Do you like that sweetheart?’ Mommy said. She pushed my leg to the side so she could even better reach the hairs in my groin. The vibrations made me horny and I moaned.

‘It’s okay, sweety. We’re almost done. There.’ Mommy turned of the lady shave and rubbed her hand over my pussy. ‘Feel how smooth.’ She said her fingers pressing into my pussy, caressing my vulnerable skin.

‘Such a sweet pink pussy you have.’ Mommy kept on stroking me, up and down. She slipped her finger inside and quickly moved it back and forth a few times. A whole new wave of pleasure was released into my body.

‘You like that, don’t you sweetheart? You like it when mommy touches you like this, don’t you?’

I couldn’t answer I was just marveling in the happy feelings of her finger that was still moving in and out of me, with my eyes closed I seemed to enter different worlds. I was floating and her finger was like a fountain that spread all those pleasures through my body.

I was in love with her finger. I needed her finger. I had no clue what was happening to me, but I did know I needed her finger badly. When she removed her finger I trusted my hips into the air and let out a begging moan.

‘I know. I know.’ She said ‘I’m just getting a bit of lube. See.’ Now she brought two fingers up into my pussy, they felt way more slippery, but she kept on finger fucking me, so I didn’t much care. There were a lot of things I didn’t understand, but they were infinitely unimportant, the only thing important right now was to just enjoy those sensations, enjoy her fingers.

The pleasures seemed to be building up. The longer she was working on my pussy, the better it started to feel. It was more arousal than I’d knew what to do with, it completely filled my body. I was just a vessel, a vessel for mommy’s fingers and the pleasures she brought me. I squirmed and moaned.

‘It’s okay.’ Mommy said. ‘Just enjoy it. Just feel. Just orgasm for mommy now.’

It all exploded, almost as if I’d been waiting for her cue, as if my body had been waiting for permission to orgasm. It spread through my body, the warm tingles made me moan and convulse and arousal encompassed my mind, ejecting me from my own body into outer space, stars and sparkles and just this overwhelming arousal.

Then suddenly I was back in the room with mommy again. She was smiling down on me and telling me I was a good girl. She was giving me a million kisses on my face.

‘Wait here.’ She told me. ‘I’m gonna get your onesie now.’ She got up from the bed and walked over to a dresser, she was rumbling through one of the drawers, and although she never even left a room I still felt sad and abandoned. It wasn’t a conscious thought, more an overwhelming feeling, an almost primal feeling and I started sobbing and wailing.

‘It’s okay, Mommy’s going to be right there.’ She said.

A moment later she was back with a diaper and a pastel colored velvety onesie. ‘Here I am, don’t be sad, mommy is never going to leave you.’ Quite skillfully she wrapped a diaper around my hips as if she’d swaddled adult women before, perhaps in the old peoples home where she apparently worked. She closed the tapes and then patted me on the bulk off the diaper.

‘There.’ She said. ‘That feels better now, doesn’t it. Now you’re truly mommy’s baby. You’re never going to leave mommy, right? You love mommy unconditionally cause that’s what baby’s do, you’ll need mommy and being away from mommy makes you so sad that you’ll stay with mommy. Unlike that stupid daddy of yours, but don’t worry, we’ll get daddy to come back again.’

She lifted me up and hoisted me into a onesie, the fabric was soft and fuzzy against my skin, and tenderly she closed the snaps over my diaper. ‘There.’ She said. ‘You and I sweetheart, you and I belong together. You’re adorabe, I can understand why Nick likes you. With both of us working together Nick will be helpless. He’ll have to fall back in love with me. Give mommy a little kiss.’

She spread her arms and I gave her a big hug.

‘Good girl.’ Mommy said. ‘Well done little June.’