Balled in the Rain

I was waxing my Spider, my pride and joy, when it
started to rain. I quickly drove the Alfa into the
garage and the skies let loose, a deluge, a real
cloudburst along with a rumble of thunder.

From out of the pouring rain came the girl from next
door, the soaked top of her bikini in her hand and
barefoot, her blonde hair wet and stringy, the bottom
of her tiny suit barely visible between her long legs.
She bumped into me, looked up and then slumped against
the deck lid of my Viper and smiled, breathing hard,
breasts bobbling. She was very young and very long-
legged and very pretty, but she was small as girls go
these days and her head barely came up to my shoulder.

“Locked myself out,” she said, gasping, trying to
figure how to don her tiny bra and then giving up and
tossing it aside and taking a deep breath which
aroused my cock as she stood and rubbed against me.
Her lovely breasts were conical and high, barely
handfuls, obviously made for sucking and her nipples
were small and pink, jutting out like little
fingertips. She moved them across my chest, arching
her back, rubbing her belly into mine, moaning. I
kneaded her butt with one hand and stoked her back
with the other, arching her to me and wondering what
she had been doing.

She was a lovely youngster, a high school junior, and
my neighbors’ only child. Lightening flashed and she
was suddenly in my arms, shivering and clinging to me,
and I was fully aroused very quickly. Since I was bare
from the waist up and wearing only my old swimsuit, it
was very pleasant to hold a naked and nubile
youngster. I patted her firm butt. She stood back and
then was quickly hugging me again as the lightening
got closer, the flash and bang almost simultaneous.

She gasped and ground us together. I looked down at
her frightened face and kissed her deeply, grasping
her hard ass with one hand and pressing in the small
of her back with the other. We kissed for a while and
our tongues got acquainted as we ground our muscles
together, and I explored her ass crack and tight sex

“It always scares me,” she whispered, looking up at me
as I untied the bows at her hips and then stepped back
and peeled down my suit and let my aching cock jump up
as her bikini bottom slid to the floor. She looked
down and squealed, trembling in my arms. My cock head
was bumping her ribs just below her lovely breasts.
She was cleanly shaven my exploring fingers told me,
and she was also pretty warm and wet.

I slipped my middle fingers into her and kissed her
mouth firmly as my thumb sought her little button and
I pushed her back against the car. Her tongue flicked
out and met mine. Her pussy clamped on my fingers when
the thunder roared nearby. She wanted it, needed it as
much as I did. She shivered and sobbed.

“Relax; you’re safe here. I’ll protect you.” My
upright cock was now trapped between us and was
rubbing against her soft belly, probing and seeping,
seeking a home, needing friction, eight inches or so
of thick gristle with a helmet-shaped head oozing pre-
ejaculate. She leaned back and it stroked her slot and
rubbed her clit. She gasped and clawed at my back,
moving her pudenda to and fro. Eyes locked on mine as
she undulated.

She looked up at me wide-eyed. “Is that your, your
penis?” she asked quietly as the rain poured down.
Another nearby flash made her jump, and I turned her
about, put her hands on the sloping back of the Spider
and then eased my rigid root into her quivering slit.
“It’s so big,” she sighed. It really wasn’t, but it
was pretty thick. She was tight, very tight and very
hot. I was in at once, barely in but well lodged.

“I won’t hurt you.” I held her slim hips and admired
her rounded buttocks as I pressed it inward, tearing
her open, feeling her flesh part before my blunt-
headed ram. It was big enough to fill my hand, about
seven or eight inches around and I’m not sure how
long, plenty long enough. And hard as a steel bar.

�No, don’t, please,” she gasped as my glans parted her
lips and penetrated her pink portal, overcoming some
very tight muscles in the process and lifting her off
her feet. “I’ve never done it,” she sobbed as I
retreated, popped it in again, backed off a bit and
then let her have all of it, right to the balls. I
think I groaned. She screeched and beat on the decklid
with her fists. My hands slid up to cup her sharp-
pointed young breasts as I recoiled a few pleasant
inches, dragging her flesh back with my hard-ridged
glans and then hammered it up and in again and again.

“No, no,” she cried. “It’s too big!”

I really had her leaping and bouncing. But she took
it, every hard and rigid inch of it. Her insides
rippled on my long rod, and she writhed and kicked,
gasping out a series of ahs, ohs and yeahs. We began
the oldest dance, me leading.

“You’re safe, honey,” I whispered into her ear, and I
crushed her breasts and gave her a hundred or so
short, sharp thrusts, banging our flesh together as
the storm roared and slashed, spraying our legs with
rain. I couldn’t remember her name but tantric I
remembered, and I slowed down and concentrated on
varying our positions and my depth and speed. Damn it
was good, and I wanted to make it last. I tried
counting and multiplying but gave it up.

“I can’t, I can’t…” she sobbed, lifting her head and
shaking from side to side, covering her face with her
long wet hair, as I enjoyed her fresh, tight body,
getting into a good rhythm, grunting and ramming as
she gasped and moaned, actually lifting her off the
car on my shaft and then splatting her down to lift
her again. Her vagina spasmed repeatedly trying to
expel the invader and then trying to crush it.

“I’ll protect you,” I told her as I eased my massive
root out of her tight and slippery vagina, turned her
about and drove it back up into her, looking into her
lovely face as her mouth opened and her eyes
fluttered. She squealed as it hit her cervix and
flexed in her. Then she lay back, eyes closed and her
legs came up to encircle me as I gave her six-inch
thrusts, holding each one deeply until it jumped or
shuddered, and she arched and whimpered.

Pacing myself, moving up on her writhing body, making
sure I covered her little clit, pleasure filled,
resisting the impulse to ravage her, hoping to feel
her climax, dragging it out slowly and then driving it
in firmly, making it last, gritting my teeth. I could
hear myself grunting and gasping, trying to stay in
control when I felt her climax for the second time,
mewling like a small animal, eyes closed, drooling,
and her juices pouring down over my balls.

“I can’t, really I can’t,” she cried as her hips moved
in concert with my pelvic thrusts and our bodies
became a single-minded machine, both of us seeking
pleasure and release, moving together easily, my
piston in her trembling cylinder. Up and in… Up and
in… Up and in… In… in… Even our gasping now
matched, both of us grunting with effort. Slap, slap,
slap was the sound in the garage as our wet bodies
joined and rejoined.

I leaned down and sucked her tits, licking and
nibbling as I fucked her remorselessly, feeling my
balls tense and my semen start to flow. “You on the
pill?” I asked her. She shook her head. I regretfully
eased out of her rippling pussy and it smacked up
against my belly. I pushed her down to her knees and
barely got it into her mouth before I came.

She looked up at me in astonishment as I filled her
mouth, ejaculating three or four times in rapid
succession. It ran from the corners of her lips and
dripped down her chin.

I pulled her to her feet, kissed her and tasted my own
cum. “Enough?” I asked as she trembled, tears on her

She shook her head and reached down to grasp my slimy
cock with both hands as she spread her legs and pushed
out her pudenda, smiling. “Take me,” she sobbed.

I picked her up and ran through the rain to the back