Gina pays for her accident

“LOOK OUT!” shouted a civilian, as he walked to the corner and two cars collided into each other.

Lucky for the people involved in the crash, it wasn’t a deadly crash and just a few dents in both cars.

A tall black male exited from his 2005 white BMW with his girlfriend. They approached 2003 Pontiac car, that actually collided into theirs.

“Are you ok lady?” the black man asked in a raspy voice, as he approached the driver’s window.

“Yeah? I think so. I’m really sorry about this,” the young Native American lady in the car apologized.

“What the hell were you thinking? Driving and talking on the cell phone at the same time? Didn’t you see the red light lady?” the man said, as his voice turned to anger.

“Look. I’m very sorry. It was an important phone call and I could have sworn the light was green,” the lady responded.

“What’s the number to your insurance agencies?” the man’s girlfriend asked.

“I don’t have insurance. In fact, this isn’t even my car. It’s my father’s car and he is going to kill me,” the Native American girl said in tears, as she stepped out from the car.

“You deserve it,” the black man said. “You’ve fucked up a brand new car. I just brought the motherfucker yesterday! My goddamn headlights need to be fixed and someone is going to pay for them. What’s your father’s number?”

“Please! Don’t tell my father. I’ll pay for the damages. I’ll save up enough money from work and take care of the damages. I don’t care how long it’ll take,” the Native American girl begged.

The black man slowly started to realize how attractive the Native American girl was. She stood about 5’7, couldn’t have weighted more then 116. Long dark hair, brown eyes, high cheekbones, slightly large nose, full dark lips and a very nice hourglass figure. What got his eyes most of all were her large breasts, clad inside a tight blue sweater.

“Find out how much the headlights are going to cost and I’ll pay for the damages as long as needed. Please don’t tell my father,” the Native American girl continued to negotiate.

“I think we can work something out,” the black man said, with a large smile across his face. “What’s your name?”

“Gina,” the Native American girl responded, as she dried up her tears.

“My name is Craig and this is my girlfriend Pam.”

“Thank you so much for wanting to negotiate something. I promise I’ll pay for all the damages including to my father’s car. I’m lucky he’s away on business right now,” Gina said, as she slowly took deep breaths to calm down.

“Where do you live Gina? I want to negotiate something as soon as possible,” Craig replied.

Gina told Craig and Pam where she was staying. They agreed to meet at her place around 7-‘O’ clock, to finally agree on something. But of course, Craig had other things on his mind and he had enlightened his girlfriend on his idea. She was quickly to go along with it.

7-‘O’ clock came around and Craig and Pam arrived at Gina’s apartment. They knocked on the door and Gina opened the door. She was wearing tight-fitting blue jean shorts, which showed off her thick dark brown thighs. A green top, which hung off her massive melons, showing off her smooth flat stomach and pierced bellybutton and a pair of green socks.

“Come in,” Gina invited Craig and Pam.

“Thank you,” the couple said, as the entered Gina’s home.

Gina sat down on the couch and the couple joined her.

“Gina? We have been thinking about a way you could repay us without even paying us money. I mean, a little accident like that doesn’t cost that much,” Craig said, as he moved closer to Gina and pushed her dark hair off her slender shoulders.

His eyes crawled down her neck and to her chest. Craig couldn’t believe the sheer size of Gina’s enormous slopes, as they ballooned out from her green top. Her nipples were hard inside her shirt. Gina felt Craig’s hot stinky breath traveling down her neck. Gina looked over to Craig’s girlfriend Pam and caught her eyeing her breasts.

“What do you guys want?” Gina asked in a fearful voice.

Craig’s large pink tongue began to slide up and down Gina’s neck slowly. Craig tasted Gina’s sweet fragrance and drips of sweat she started to produce.

“All I want… Is you,” Craig responded.

“And what If I don’t play by your rules?” Gina questioned.

“Then I guess Pam and I will have to tell your father about what happen. He might be heartbroken by his daughter’s actions,” Craig threatened Gina.

“Blackmail?” Gina responded in shock.

“You could say that,” Pam replied. “My boyfriend has a thing for hot Native American girls like yourself with your huge tits, just thrusting out from under your top.”

Pam reached over and fondled one of Gina’s braless melons. Pam pinpointed the nipple and squeezed it.

“They’re so big and soft Craig. You’ll go nuts feeling these,” Pam said, as she took her hand off Gina’s chest.

Gina was confused about her emotions. She was feeling angry, yet scared at what they might do to her if she didn’t give them what they wanted. Gina stood up and walked to the other side of her living room. She had her back facing them and thought about her options.

“Look at that tight little ass,” Craig mentioned to Pam.

After a few minutes, Gina finally made a decision.

“All right. I’ll give you what you want. Just as long as after this day. I’ll never see you fucks ever again and this will never be mentioned to anyone,” Gina said angrily.

“Agreed. And to make sure that no one and I mean absolutely no one finds out about this. Pam will videotape us. Just incase you decide to call the police on us. If that happens, our friends will hotwire the video all across the Internet and send your old man a copy. Got that!” Craig warned Gina. “Now get over here so we can begin.”

Pam pulled out a video camera from a gym bag. She turned it on as soon as Gina sat back down beside Craig.

“Fuck her good Craig with that massive cock of yours,” Pam urged.

“You have a huge dick?” Gina said worried.

“Yeah. But don’t worry. I will only hurt for a few minutes and then your pussy will become numb and used to it,” Craig teased. “Is that right Pam baby?”

“Oh yeah girl. The next day after we fucked, I couldn’t walk for an hour and my pussy continued to burn,” Pam said to Gina.

Craig grabbed the bottom of Gina’s shirt. He lifted the shirt up and Gina’s ample bare tits were revealed. They hung down her chest, toppled with 3 1/2-inch dark brown areolas and thumb-like dark brown nipples.

Craig bunched her shirt up to her neck and squeezed both of Gina’s big tits together. His large pink tongue licked away at her areolas. He traced circles around her nipples without touching them. Craig planted kisses on Gina’s chest, starting at the very tops of her slopes and kissing down to the breasts themselves. He squeezed and rubbed her large tits together while planting them with kisses. Craig captured both her nipples between his large lips and sucked like a vacuum cleaner.

Gina moaned and grunted at Craig’s tit sucking. Her pussy became instantly soaked. Craig sucked each huge tit for 5 minutes. His tongue licked the sides of her breasts and underneath them. He favored every inch of Gina’s flesh pillows with his tongue and mouth. Both her breasts were covered in saliva. Craig released her big wet tits from his hands and moved them down to her shorts. He pulled her shorts off her feet and spotted the huge wet spot in her white cotton panties.

“Ohhhh Gina! Those are some big tits my baby just got done feasting on. They must be at least Double D’s,” Pam questioned, as she zoomed in on Gina’s huge wet hanging tits.

“They’re 32DDD’s,” Gina moaned, as Craig licked her belly button and kissed her stomach.

“Craig? Why don’t you unleash that huge monster of yours before you continue pleasing her,” Pam suggested.

Craig stood up and removed his shirt. He kicked off his boots and stood in front of Gina.

“Why don’t you do the honors?” Craig asked Gina.

Gina hesitated but realized she had no choice but to do as she was asked to do. She unzipped Craig’s jeans and pulled them down to his feet. She couldn’t tell rather his dick was huge or not because there was no dent in his boxers. She grabbed the top of his boxers and pulled them down to his feet. She looked up and saw a massive black log, flopping between his thighs.

“Holy Shit!” Gina gasped, at seeing her first black cock.

Gina grabbed Craig’s massive tool and tried to stroke it. She could barely fit her fingers around the entire cock. Pam zoomed in with the camera as Gina licked Craig’s swollen cockhead. Her tongue traveled down his veiny shaft and back up. Gina then engulfed his cockhead between her small lips and suckled at it.

“Damn Craig. She looks so small next to that enormous dick of yours,” Pam teased, as she moved closer to Gina’s sucking lips.

Loud sucking and slurping noises filled the house.

“Don’t leave his balls out in the cold,” Pam teased.

Gina released Craig’s fat cockhead and swooped up his giant balls with her mouth. Her cheeks bulged out with a huge nut on each side of her mouth. She suckled and favored his sweaty balls in her mouth. His crotch started to give off a foul order and Craig pressed his huge dick against Gina’s face while she sucked his balls.

Gina released Craig’s saliva-covered balls and sucked on the sides of his massive meat.

Craig sat on Gina’s coffee table and relaxed. He moaned and groaned at every suckle Gina give his cock.

“Face fuck her Craig,” urged Pam.

Craig stood up once again and grabbed the sides of Gina’s head. He moved her head closer to his hairy smelly crotch, while her mouth was stuffed full of his dick. Craig thrusted his hips forwards and backwards, plunging his meaty dick in and out of Gina’s mouth in a fast pace. His huge black balls swayed back and forth and sometimes slammed against Gina’s chin.

Gina’s moans could barely be heard from the plowing sounds of Craig’s cock ramming down her throat. Craig managed to get Gina’s lips at the very base of his dick. He held Gina’s head smothered in his crotch for a few seconds. His massive balls pressed tightly against her chin. Gina gagged and choked on Craig’s huge cock.

“Don’t kill her Craig,” Pam joked.

Craig pulled Gina’s head back and she started breathing again. Craig’s dick was covered in saliva and dripped down his balls and thighs.

Gina sat up on the couch and pulled her panties down. Her pussy was bald and dripping wet. Craig buried his face in her cunt. He savagely ate and licked her pussy. Gina wrapped her legs around Craig’s head and rubbed her thighs against his cheeks. Craig’s large pink tongue plunged and plowed through Gina’s pussy hole. Gina arched her back, thrusting her mammoth tits outwards.

Pam zoomed in on Craig as he licked and sucked every pinkness in Gina’s pussy. Gina’s body started trembling and her pussy erupted. Her sweet cum blasted into Craig’s mouth and he swallowed every drip. Craig suckled and nibbled Gina’s clitoris and made her cum again.

After eating her pussy, Craig stood up between Gina’s legs and poked his massive member at her pussy.

“Time to get fucked,” Craig told Gina.

Craig slowly rubbed his cockhead up and down Gina’s pussy entrance before he rammed it hard up her cunt.

Gina’s facial expressions viewed pain as Craig thrusted his monster up her wet pussy. Only half of his dick could fit in her cunt.

“I’m going to get all the way up in you if it kills me,” Craig vowed, as he held Gina’s ankles and pounded her pussy into grounded meat.

Gina’s thighs shook and her huge breasts bounced on her chest. Her breathing was hard and heavy. Sweat poured down her body as he pussy was on fire.

Craig pounded Gina in that position for a few minutes. He climbed up on top of the couch and forced Gina’s legs to her chest. Craig hovered on Gina’s fragile body and her feet rested on his shoulders. Craig gripped the back of the couch and he resumed thrusting his huge cock in her small tight cunt.

Craig’s ass and balls bounced off Gina’s ass, as he stuffed her cunt with his dick. Sweaty poured off both of their hot bodies and their crotches slapping together make loud noises. Gina moaned and hollered in pain yet it felt good to her.

“OHHHH YEAH! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder!” moaned Gina.

Pam got a good view of Gina’s sweaty-glistening ass, jiggling and quivering from the pounding her cunt was receiving. Gina’s snatch had become a huge hole for Craig’s drilling beast.

Craig released Gina from that position and turned her around. Her face and chest was buried into the couch as Craig re-entered her cunt from behind. Craig rammed her cunt rapidly from behind. Her ass bounced off his crotch and he held onto Gina’s shoulders. Gina bit into the couch, fighting her screams of pain. She could feel her cunt being stretched and ripped apart by Craig.

Pam got behind the action and smacked Craig’s jiggling dark buttocks.

“Ride that slut Craig. Ride her hard!” urged Pam.

Craig gave Gina’s cunt some long and slow thrusts. He moved from behind her and lied on the floor, with his giant pussy-wet cock poking towards the ceiling.

“Come sit,” demanded Craig, as he stroked his enormous cock.

Gina hovered over Craig’s dick and slowly lowered her swollen cunt down on it. She planted her legs on each side of his and Craig lifted his ass up and started thrusting his cock between her fat pussy lips.

Gina cried in pain as Craig viciously thrusted his cock deep inside her snatch. Craig planted his hands firmly on Gina’s quivering ass cheeks and squeezed them. His massive balls bounced off her ass too. Gina pressed her hands on Craig’s large biceps and took every vicious thrust Craig gave her. Her big tits swayed back and forth in Craig’s face. Craig captured one between his lips and sucked on it hard. He then switched and sucked the other tit.

“I’m CUMMMING!! OHHH GOD!” howled Gina, as she sat up and arched her back. Her pussy trembled and clamped around Craig’s thrusting cock. Cum poured all over Craig’s dick and balls. His pubic hairs were soaked by the cum and his thighs got drenched as well.

Craig drilled Gina’s pussy as she came and felt his balls ready to explode.

Craig pushed Gina off his body and hovered over her. Gina opened her mouth wide and swallowed the first patch of Craig’s thick cum as it gushed out in massive loads. Craig sprayed Gina’s face with his cum. He got up close and rubbed his cockhead all over her cum-drenched face. He let his last drips of cum ooze out onto Gina’s lips and she licked it up.

Pam got up close to Gina’s cum-masked face with the camera.

“That was good Craig. Real good,” Pam complimented. “We must scam another poor sucker real soon Craig.”

Gina looked at Pam and Craig with no clue to what they were talking about. Gina was still naked and drenched in Craig’s cum as Pam and him left her apartment with another victim under their belt.