Dabbing with Red

I remember walking into the room, seeing her for the first time in person. We had only chatted online and on the phone, but had yet too meet face to face. Now there she was, so beautiful, her long red hair flowing down her shoulders, her creamy white skin against her black shit. Her curves so perfect and delicious. Krisitine leaned in, kissing me and pulling me to her. She was just amazing and so sexy.

Once inside, we sat and smoked a dab of some killer wax. Very few words were spoken, we just kissed, held hands, touched and held each other close. Her back to me at one point, with my kisses on her neck and shoulders, Kristine melted into me, wanting more and more. Her comments, telling me the one thing I definitely was good at was seduction.

My kisses down her neck and shoulders, her breathing quickening, my hands caressing her sides, feeling her firm breasts covered in the sheer black material. I couldn’t hold back, I pulled her into me, my hands taking over her and freeing her beautiful breasts, feeling and pinching her hard nipples as she leaned back into me, begging for more.

I moved down her body, undressing her as I went. Kristine Pushed back to my kisses with her body. My kisses on her back, ass and legs, then bringing her back to me as she pushed her perfectly smooth and very wet pussy to my mouth. My tongue lapping at her clit for the first time, tasting her juices and seeing how pink and delicious her pussy and ass was. Fucking intense.

Krisitine reached back, pulling my head into her as I ate her pussy and ass, licking, then fingering, giving her pussy two fingers and my thumb in her asshole. Krisitine shook as I sucked her clit, quickly flicking my tongue over it, feeling it swell against my tongue. Her body only took minutes to react and she said please sir, cumming all over my fingers and tongue.

Kristines pussy was delicious and so wet. When she had her orgasm, she produced a silky white creamy cum. So sexy to see from a woman. It tasted so fucking good too, I licked it all up. But I wanted more, so I took her to the bed, pushed her down in front of me, but this time so she was facing me. I got down in front of her and spread her legs. Her pussy looked so fucking hot, all wet and creamy, so so pink and completely shaved.

I kissed her legs, down to her pussy and sucked it into my mouth, licking and nibbling. Kristine loved it, she started to orgasm again as my fingers pushed into her. One, then two, then one more of my big fingers fucking her tight pussy had her squirting every time I pulled on the outstroke. So delicious she was, cumming so fucking hard as I finger fucked her and sucked her clit hard.

When I moved up to kiss her, she giggled, kissing me and said I looked like a freshly glazed doughnut. I was completely drenched from her squirting orgasm and I fucking loved it. Kristine apparently liked it too, she wouldn’t stop kissing me and looking at the mess she had just finished making on my face. Hell, even my shirt was drenched.

Kristine removed my shirt, then kissed down my chest. she bit my nipples hard and kissed, nibbled her way down my stomach. Felt so good feeling her kisses and nibbles. Her finger nails digging into me as she went, scratching and pinching. Pain with pleasure.

Kristine removed my pants and loved the size of my cock. Her eyes looked the length over and her mouth measured the girth as she sucked me deep and hard. Her throat opening as she gagged me down. I could feel her throat open for the head of my cock, pushing it deep into her throat. I fucked her pretty mouth like it was a wet pussy. I held her fucking nose so she couldn’t breath as I throat fucked her.

Kristine gave up no resistance and had become my slut. She wanted too do anything she could for the big fat cock she was now sucking and being throat fucked by. I told her I was going too fuck her holes so good, all night. Her moans on my cock getting louder with the excitement of what was to come.

I pulled Kristine from my cock and brought her up for a kiss. Her hands quickly finding my cock as she stroked it. Kristines kisses were wet, sloppy with spit still on her chin and her eyes still running with her make up all fucked up. Her tongue pushed deep into my mouth, sucking my tongue into her mouth as she kissed me with more passion than any kiss I have ever known. She was just so fucking horny.

I felt her wrap her legs around me as I positioned my cock at her pussy. Slipping the head into slowly, feeling how tight she was as she took me inch by inch, deeper and deeper. Kristine kissed me, then moaned, gasping as I filled and stretched her pussy with hard cock. Kristine shook, saying thankyou sir as her orgasm hit her. I could feel her already tight pussy, squeezing, convulsing around my shaft. It was incredible.

I picked up my pace, fucking her deeper, harder, longer, listening to her wet pussy splash as I fucked her hard and deep. Kristine said thank you sir, cumming, again and again. She was squirting so much that the bed was now showing a giant wet spot. But the warmth of her orgasm squirting all over me was so fucking intense. I pounded her fucking pussy so hard that at one point, she went limp, like she had passed out.

I kissed Kristine, looking her in her eyes as I slowed my pace, feeling her wet and tight pussy around me. Her kisses were so passionate, her eyes full of lust. She told me how good it felt having me inside of her and she had never squirted, holy fuck she said, that is fucking incredible. Please sir, more, please sir she begged as I pounded her again.

I gave it to her hard this time, drilling with all I had, getting my cock in that tight pussy as deep as it would go, until the splashing of her juices were heard throught the room from my balls slapping against her ass. Dirty fucking girl I told her, telling her how it felt feeling her squirt on me. I explained how the warmth of the juices felt, how her pussy felt squeezing my cock and within minutes, she was saying thank you sir yet again, cumming incredibly hard on me. Kristine’s eyes rolled back, her moans turned to gasps as her body shook.

I told her I was going too cum as well and she pulled me close, wanting it deep inside of her pussy. My cum pumping from my cock, load after hot load giving her beautiful pink pussy a wet cream pie. Her kisses were long and deep as I came inside of her. Her eye contact just intense, and her words, telling me she could feel my cum filling her up. Kissing me softly, then thanking me, thank you sir she said.

I held her close for a few minutes, kissing and enjoying being close to each other. We did this for about twenty minutes, then decided on another dab hit, then head out for food. Kristine said she was starving and needed energy for the night ahead.