Face to my Dream

I opened my eyes, it was dark, too early to be awake but the dream had been so real I damn near came all over the bed. I turned my head to look at my wife but she was soundly out, it wasn’t her that caused the hot dream. The woman in my early morning dream didn’t have a face but her body was familiar. We were on a blanket at a park, a picnic lunch spread out when I propositioned her. My dream skipped from asking to doing and just before I came in her, he called; her husband. That’s when I woke up, my erection in the grip of my right hand, the end of it clenched off to keep me from cuming all over my wife’s back. I looked up to the ceiling and as my cock began to droop, I wondered who in hell the woman was. I hadn’t had a hot fucking dream like that in years and I was kind of irritated I didn’t see her face. I didn’t know who she was but I had the impression she was someone I knew, someone I was familiar with, it was her body that I remembered.

I was feeling lustful so I rolled to my side, spooned against my wife and slipped a hand into her panties under her night gown. I pushed my long finger down the contour of her sex, she grunted then pulled away from me. No play time. Well shit, my hard-on would have to starve to death again. Anita’s sleepy refusal to let me screw her at 5:30 in the morning set my mind back to my dream, who had fired me up during the night?

The dream faded to another moment of frustration as I readied for work. During the day I thought briefly about it, but unable to put a face to the body, I gradually lost the images altogether. Just after lunch we had a manager’s meeting, the heads of the five departments were comparing notes on company goals and issues. At the end of the meeting one of the two women in the group caught up with me on my way back to the office, “Hey Roger, remember we telling you we wanted to buy a new car?”

I stopped and looked at Yvette, “Yeah, you couldn’t decide on a BMW or a Lexus. Did you make up your mind yet?”

“Not yet, Lane wants the Beemer, I’m still leaning toward the Jap car.”

Yvette and Anita had known each other since grade school, she and her husband Lane lived close to us and over the years we all became best friends. Our daughters were fourteen and almost inseparable. About two years earlier Yvette interviewed with, and got hired by our firm so she and I started working together. As time passed our jobs melded into a yin – yang situation, the two of us made a dynamic team that produced some of the best results for the company. In that time Yvette and I grew closer as friends than she and Anita were. “So, you are at an impasse, what are you going to do?”

Yvette smiled wickedly, “Lane is going to Boston for three days, when he comes back, we’ll have a new car. I’m going to buy one before he gets back.”

“That means you get what you want, he’ll be stuck with your choice.”

She put her hand on my arm, smiled broadly, “Yup.”

About twenty minutes before quitting time Yvette came to my office, “Can you get home late today?”

Thinking she had a work issue she needed to smooth out I replied “Don’t know, what’s up?”

“I made an appointment to test drive a car; I was kind of hoping you could go with for a second opinion.”

“Yeah, I can do that, let me call Anita.”

I rode with Yvette to the Lexus dealer where she was greeted warmly by the agent. She introduced me to him, “This is Roger.”

As he shook my hand he offered, “Your wife is looking at an excellent model but she told me you might not agree.”

I thought it humorous that he assumed I was Yvette’s husband but let it pass uncorrected, “I prefer the European side of the world. I think a BMW would look very nice parked next to my truck.”

He responded, “It probably would, but Yvette will be driving it right? No pressure here, but if you want to keep marital bliss blissful, the Lexus is the way to go.”

I stepped over to one of the cars on the display floor to look it over while Yvette and the salesman went to his cubby to retrieve keys and dealer plates. She was gone maybe five minutes then I glanced up and looked across the top of a car when they came back into the showroom. The sun was low behind them so what I saw was their silhouettes as they came toward me. With a shock of recognition, the dream from the night before slammed back into my head. The outline of Yvette’s body with the sun behind her was the same as the one in my dream. In that instant my dream woman had a face. My wife’s best friend and neighbor, my co-worker. My heart slammed against my rib cage as I reacted to the revelation. What the hell was my mind doing to me!

I physically shivered when she came close. “Let’s go, he picked a black one, he knows I like black.” My mind was not on a black car or a test drive just then, my mind had refreshed the images from my dream; Holy Fuck, my dream girl had a face and her face was just inches from mine, looking at me! “Roger?”

I snapped back to reality and looked at Yvette, her eyes a question, “Uh, yeah, let’s go.” I took the front passenger seat while she sat and listened to the sales pitch and got familiar with all the knobs and buttons. She was concentrating on the controls; I was concentrating on her. As I watched her profile, her breasts, her legs my body began to form a strong carnal interest in her, I was getting turned on from her nearness. As I watched her, I wondered why now? Why after all these years of closeness to her was I reacting like this? I’d never seen her as anything but a friend but what was running through my head was a lot more than just friendship should allow. How would those full, glossed lips feel in a kiss? Are her fingers as delicate as they appear? Does she need a bra to keep her breasts in that shape and position? And her legs, how smooth are her thighs, how would they feel under my hand? My cock was half full with curiosity, my pulse a little faster as I watched Yvette.

Forty minutes later we were headed back to pick up my car, Yvette was talking incessantly about the Lexus but admitted, “I have to try the BMW tomorrow, I have to be fair to Lane, I should drive one, if for no other reason to say I gave the Germans a try before buying a Lexus. The appointment is earlier, we’ll have to leave work two hours early, you game?”

Oh hell yeah, I was game, but not to try out a new car, “Okay, pick me up at work” I joked.

Yvette threw out an offhand jest of her own, “I only pick guys up in bars.”

“So, you want me to go to a bar so you can ‘pick me up’?”

As she pulled up next to my car she turned and studied me briefly, then with a fleeting hesitation and without humor, she said, “No, but we can go to Bonkers after the test drive, we can get a quick cocktail before going home.”

“Yeah, okay, it’s a date.”

And to me it was a date. I thought about the next afternoon alone with Yvette that night and most of the next day. My worked suffered spates of idleness while I waited impatiently for 2:30, the time she and I would leave for the test drive. Anita knew what I was doing with her best friend and cautioned me that morning, “Lane won’t say anything overt but he would be disappointed with the Lexus.”

“Hey, it’s going to be Yvette’s car, he will drive it on occasion but he has the truck. I’m not going to get between them on this, I’m just along for the ride right now. I’m not advising her one way or the other.”

Anita kissed me goodbye with the words, “Don’t forget Becky’s school science fair tonight, be home by seven.” Becky is our daughter and my wife was completely unconcerned that her best friend and I would be alone together for over four hours, only that I not be late for the school projects. For the first time since we got married, I wondered briefly if Anita should be concerned that I am alone with her Bridesmaid.

After the test ride I took Yvette to Bonkers for a drink and to discuss the two cars. “I was surprised, the BMW is really nice, I like some of the features more than the Lexus and that model is pretty.” Another woman who likes ‘pretty’ cars better than the function of cars. “Now I really have a tough choice, what do you think?” she asked my opinion. As she lifted her head to look at me the bartender turned on a row of lights above his station. Yvette was highlighted from the back, her face was shadowed but her silhouette again shook me up, the hot dream surged to mind and my prick shivered. Damn, what the hell was I thinking? I was stuck for an answer about the cars but tried to relate my own car buying experience.

“The last time I shared my opinion on cars with a girl we did it from the back seat. We tried three back seats before I bought a car that didn’t kink her neck.”

Yvette’s eyes grew large with humor, “Are you saying you want to get me to the back seat of a car? Need I remind you Roger, we may not be that agile anymore.”

“Get a bigger car” I quipped. She smiled prettily and her eyes sparked over the rim of her glass. My cock flexed.

On the way home from the science fair Anita asked me about Yvette’s car search. “She’s still undecided, you should go with her, she is looking for a pretty car, I don’t think I qualify to make that call. Both look nice to me.”

“Yeah, I know. Yvette sent me a text, says your input is too masculine, she wants me to go with her but I can’t, I have to be in the convention center tomorrow until after nine. You have to go with her again but think like a woman, not like her husband.”

“Tomorrow is Saturday, you’ll be gone all day?”

“Pretty much, and Becky is going to Playland with her friends then spending the night with Sabina so you have all day to play.”

“Looking at cars is hardly play, not new cars. It would be more fun if she were looking to buy a car at a Classic Car show.”

“Lane will be home Sunday. He told Yvette if she doesn’t have the car she wants by then, he’ll buy what he wants. Go with her tomorrow, help her get it right, look at colors and style, not just how big the engine is.” My wife just told me to spend the day with the woman of my dreams.

“Can we take your car today? I want to look at more models and will have my hands full of pamphlets to look at while we drive around.”

“How much driving do you plan doing? I thought this was a two-car race.”

Yvette stepped out of her house ahead of me, I was watching her butt rock as she stepped away in a mid-thigh skirt and high heels “I took a couple of hours last night to do some more research and car reviews on the internet, I have a list of three more SUVs I want to look at today.” Damn she has nice legs.

“Anita said you have to have a car before tomorrow, how are you going to make up your mind by tonight if you broaden the search?”

My wife’s best friend turned to face me, I stopped just inches from her. She put a hand on my chest, her eyes smiled into mine, “I have a plan.” She waited for me to open the door so she could get in my car.

We went back to the Lexus dealer to take the car out again, that time Yvette insisted we go without the salesman so we could discuss the car in private. Once out of sight of the dealer she turned up Caspar road and drove about two miles to a turnout next to Swift River. “Get out, I want to try something” she told me. When I got out of the car, she opened the rear door then slid onto the back seat. She looked up at me, “Come here.” I sat next to her then she ordered “Close the door.” When I did Yvette started twisting and turning, moving around on her side of the seat. She started with her feet on the floor then lifted them until she was sitting on them, facing me then relaxed back on her door. “Mmm, not a whole lot of wiggle room” she murmured then reached across and put her hand on my shoulder. “You seem to have more experience in back seats than I, could Lane and I get it on back here in comfort?”

I wasn’t sure how to answered her, I was too focused on her legs which didn’t have much skirt over them. “Huh, when me and a girl were in the back of a car, there wasn’t this much space between us.”

Yvette smiled then her fingers gripped my shoulder then she pulled me close enough to hug. With her arms wrapped around my back and her mouth next to my ear she asked “Now?”

“If you don’t mind your head banging against the armrest, there should be enough room to get it on.”

I was just seconds away from making a pass at her when she moved back, “Okay, let’s try another car.” We moved back to the front; she drove back to the dealer then she asked me to take her to the BMW store.

She drove the X5 to the same secluded spot on Caspar Road then we again went to the rear seat. Yvette stretched across the seat while I balanced my butt on the edge at one end. She was lying in front of me, her skirt hiked almost to her crotch. “This one is a little wider, what do you think, could you screw a woman back here and be comfortable?”

I felt my face flush hot; my cock began to fill with heated lust, “Comfort was never on my mind when I was dating in high school.”

The woman of my dreams looked up at me from the seat, “No, I guess it wouldn’t be my biggest concern either.” She locked eyes with me and I thought she was going to proposition me but murmured instead, “We’d better go, I have two more cars to look at.”

The third SUV Yvette took us for a ride in was a huge Tahoe. Bigger by far than the Lexus or BMW. I asked her why she wanted to even try out the monster car and she replied that she had to be fair to Lane. It was his first suggestion, he preferred Chevrolet. As with the first two test drives that day, she managed to get away from the salesman for the drive. She drove straight out to her favorite spot on Caspar Road, the secluded grove next to Swift River. Yvette didn’t hesitate, she jerked her head toward the back then she and I once again faced each other on the wide expanse of the rear seat. I quipped “We keep meeting like this and I might have to make a pass at you.”

She smiled slightly, her eyes teased mine, “Might?”

I put a hand on her cheek, evaluated the come on in her eyes, then pulled her close to kiss her. Yvette did not resist; she did not reject me. Our lips met in an open mouth, tender caress that conveyed what we were thinking about each other. My prick swelled with lust and anticipation; her breasts swelled with a deep breath. As our mouths slid against the other’s I put a hand on her leg then slid it up, under her skirt to her ass. She shifted around slightly, put her arms around my neck then laid back, pulling me with her. I broke the kiss, she loosened her grip on my neck and we pulled back enough to look at each other, “I’ve dreamed of you” she whispered.

My mind reeled with giddiness as her words registered, she had dreamed of me? I had dreamed of her, did that mean we had some sort of psychic connection, I asked “Do you want to make your dreams come true?”

Without hesitation she assented with a whispered “Yes.”

That one word was the trigger that set loose the passion that she and I had been covertly harboring for each other. In an instant we were lip locked to each other, tongues dancing together, hands roaming and feeling. Her temperature rose to boiling as I moved my hand from her ass to between her legs, she arched her back then crushed her hip against my erection. We didn’t need a long session of foreplay or seduction; her hands went to open my pants while I pulled her panties from under her skirt. When I pressed the palm of my hand over the contour of her pussy she gasped, moaned, then tugged on my hard-on to get me between her legs. I stroked her sex with two fingers until she was seeping fluids then put the head of my cock on her. She spread her legs as far as she could on the seat then gripped my ass and pulled me in. As my cock slid deep into Yvette, she shivered with a contraction then began to roll her back. My wife’s best friend and I were fucking like high school sweethearts in the back of the big car.

Her passion climbed, grew greater as I screwed her. Yvette was calling out her rapture, clinging to my body as we mated. What we were doing was new, exciting, and erotic as hell so my stamina was critically short. I breathed a warning to her, she pushed me up, looked me in the eyes and offered herself completely, “Cum. Cum in me, I want it.” I arched my back which forced my erection as deep into her as it would go then stopped holding back. I flooded her with my discharge while she smiled up at me.

Wordlessly we separated then pulled our clothes back to more modest conditions. When we were dressed properly Yvette leaned to me and kissed me with ardor then said “We have to take the car back.” She got out of the back, to the driver’s seat then started the return trip to the dealer.

I was curious, “Why this? Why now?”

She put a hand on my leg, glanced at me briefly then back to where she was driving, “I’ve been thinking about you for a long time. Being together with you alone for the last couple of days has been a turn on.” She looked at me again, “And you? You didn’t shy away, why not?” For the rest of the drive to the dealer Yvette and I talked about hidden feelings, suppressed urges. When I dropped her off at the house later, I kissed her goodbye and promised to see her at work.

The next day when Lane came home, he found a shiny new BMW X5 parked next to his truck. When he asked his wife why she bought the car he wanted she replied, “I felt guilty, like I was cheating on you. If I bought the Lexus it would always be on my mind that you would not approve of what I did.”

The following Monday I went to Yvette’s office, “Hey, you bought the Beemer anyway.”

“Yeah, and I need your help.”

“Doing what?”

“I need to find out just how comfortable the back seat is, what are you doing for lunch?”