A Strangers Touch

It was a typical night in my house. After the kids went to bed, I tried to start some foreplay with my wife of 15 years. But once for the 1162nd day in a row, she said she had a headache and went to bed without so much as kissing me goodnight.

I stayed up finishing my nightly ritual. Watch some war movies, surf some porn sites and spend some quality time with Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters. The only difference tonight was that the house was 92° and about 4,000% humidity. Welcome to Florida in August.

It was so hot in my house because the AC crapped out early in the day. I called the AC guy I knew from the VFW Post I belonged too. He promised someone would be at my house first thing the next day. That didn’t help me tonight, so I had the front door open, and several fans trying to move air so thick you could sell it by the slice.

My front door faced to the West and our street ran East to West, so the door didn’t face the street making it unlikely anyone could see into the house. I found a video I hadn’t seen before, that was particularly arousing, so I slide down my shorts and started to massage my balls as the hot young starlet with the perky breasts began to deep throat what appeared to be a 7 inches long and about the size of my forearm.

As the starlet who was identified as Dolly Little bent over and began to get fucked in a standing doggy style I began to stroke my hard cock imagining I was fucking this hot petite redhead. All too soon the male talent was coating her freckled face with his cum. I soon followed suit choosing ropes of white cream on my tee-shirt. Feeling pretty good, I bookmarked the video, tossed my shirt into the laundry and went to bed.

Well the AC guy came and told me the air handler was kohuept and needed to be replaced. When I asked him what that would cost, he told me that the unit was original to the house, and the electrical was too. So I would need to rewire the entire house before he could connect the new unit.

I called the electrician from my post and was told it would be three days before he could start the project, and it would take two or three days he told me it would cost about $7,000 for my house, and another $1,500 for the AC. After looking over my finances, I figured I could afford it, barely, if I didn’t eat for the next three months.

I went online to my credit unions website and applied for a loan to cover the costs so I wouldn’t stave to death at a reasonable temperature. Once the Credit union approved the Home Equity Line of Credit, I signed both contracts to get the work started. Now that I wasn’t going to be fighting church mouse for crumbs, I went out and bought a few fans to keep air moving so my family wouldn’t die of heat exhaustion. This is where my story begins.

8========D< It was the 4th night without air conditioning. I was sitting in my La-Z-Boy right next to the front door. The door was open and a small industrial fan was blowing in the cool night air. I was fully reclined and fully naked, stroking myself watching Brandi Love and Kiara Cole with some guy. It was pretty hot, and I was getting close, too close. I closed my eyes to stop some of the stimulation so I could cum as Brandi and Dakota got their standard porn facial. As I slowed my stroking and took some deep breaths to control my impending orgasm, I felt a soft hand grasp my cock. I smiled thinking my wife had come out of our bedroom, and saw me and took pity on me. I let go of my erection and let the female hand start to stroke me. I felt some hair brush against my thigh, which startled me because my wife has extremely short hair, Think Meg Ryan short. No way it could brush my leg unless her head was touching it. My eyes shot open and there was a female, (thank god), I had never seen before, kneeling next to me, her hand wrapped around my shaft. She was slowly stroking it, her eyes watching it pulsate as her hand glided up and down. Her sparkling green eyes were focused on the glistening precum her ministrations were drawing out of me. The video ended, but I didn't move, not sure what to do. She had to be about my age, maybe a few years younger. She was a MILF, with real curves like a 1950's movie star. I groaned and she looked up. She saw my eyes were open, and she looked scared, but never stopped her exquisite handjob. She used the precum to lubricate my dick and kept stroking focusing on the nerves just under the head for a bit then long slow strokes on the erect shaft. I sat there and watched this fully dressed woman stroke my hard dick until I was about to cum. I tried to pull away, not wanting to speak and break the silence of the moment. She smiled and stroked faster and faster pointing my cock at my belly until I couldn't hold back anymore and I erupted all over my self. White-hot cum spurted out of me landing on my shoulders and nipples. It was the best orgasm I'd experienced since I lost my cherry. When I finished cumming, she stood up and left without speaking a word. I sat there covered in my cum wondering if I had been dreaming or not. Standing up I locked the door, took a quick shower and went to bed. The next night I was watching a different video, with the door open and began to play with myself. Once I was erect and stroking myself the stranger lady walked into my house again and dropped to her knees beside my chair and took my shaft in her hand. I sat there in stunned silence watching this attractive late 30ish green-eyed Rubenesque female stroke my cock like it was normal. I just sat there and let her take care of me as I watched a male stripper fuck some office worker while her friends cheered her on. This time, I shared my computer screen onto the TV so she could watch the staged hen party movie. She started to glance at the 55” LED TV hanging over my fireplace. She timed her strokes to match the stripper's thrusts. As his cum coated the secretaries face, mine once again coated my chest. Then as my orgasm dies out, she stood up calmly and left. I shook my head wondering if this was real or if my imagination was playing tricks on me. 8========D< The next day the electricians finished up, thank God. I took my dog for a walk around the neighborhood when they left. As I walked down the street, a neighbor called me over. I crossed the street, and said, "Hey Sarge, what's goin on?" "Not much brother, but I wanted to let you know a new person is living in the house on the curve. She moved in while you were out of town. She seems nice, but I thought you might want to ask her to join the neighborhood watch." said my long-time neighbor Mike who was a Sargent in our local PD, and helped us get a good neighborhood watch going after a bunch of cars were vandalized. I thanked him and let my dog into the house. I then walked over to the house in question and knocked on the door. I should have realized, I didn't think about it, but I should have realized... She opened the door and we came face to face. Neither of us could speak, and I don't know who's face was redder. She looked at me like a rabbit who was cornered by a snake. Words failed me and I turned to walk away. Her whisper stopped me in my tracks "Don't...don't go...let...let me...explain...please.” Slowly I turned, step by step, inch by inch, I walked through her front door which she closed behind me. I sat down in a recliner. She entered the room and froze looking at where I choose to sit, "It's weird to see you sitting in a recliner fully dressed." "It's weird to have a stranger walk into your house and give you a handjob without speaking to you," I replied winking at her so she would know I wasn't upset. She took a deep breath and sat down across from me. I looked her over. She was dressed in a light blue skirt that stopped just short of her knees. She was wearing stockings and 3-inch heels. Her blouse was, well it was sexy ('cmon I'm a straight guy I can't describe woman's clothes), revealing just enough decolletage to be acceptable at work or on a first date. She sat demurely, her feet flat on the floor, her knees together, and her legs crossed at the ankles. "I just moved into this house a little over a week ago, after selling the house my husband and I bought as a wedding present to each other. We lived there together until the fucker ran off with all our money and his Golf buddy. Shithead was gay. He only married me to get an inheritance from some old homophobic relative. Once he got the money he was off to San Francisco with his lover." A single tear rolled down her cheek which she ignored. She visibly steeled herself and went on, "I sold the house and all the marital assets and am trying to start my life over. Several nights ago, I was too horny to sleep. I got out of bed to get...something, and I saw...the way the street curves...I could see...I watched you... until I just had to do something." Her face turned even brighter red. "You can see into my house from here", I asked puzzled. She stood up and beckoned me to follow her into her bedroom. She gestured to her bedroom window and I could see my front door. I realized what had happened. She had watched me for several nights getting more and more desperate for human sexual contact instead of the latex toys I had seen on her nightstand. So one night she took matters into her hand...so to speak. I turned to look at her and asked "You do know I'm married." at my words she sat on her bed and began to cry. Sighing deeply, I sat next to her and put my hand on her back. "I'm not mad, I enjoyed what you did, but I want to make sure you know all the facts." We sat on her bed for a while in silence, and when she got control of her emotions, she said, "I'm sorry. I did know but..." her voice trailed off. "What you don't know is that my wife and I haven't been intimate in over three years. My only sexual release has been my right hand. You did something for me, something I didn't realize I needed. I'm extremely grateful." "So your not mad?" She asked smiling at me. "Not only not mad, but willing to continue, more discreetly of course, and to reciprocate as well," I told her taking her hand in mine and gently kissing it. Suddenly the air in the room got heavy as we both realized we had agreed to have an affair while sitting on a bed. "Of course, nothing has to happen now,” I told her standing up quickly, “but my AC won't be fixed until tomorrow," I said winking at her. She winked back and salaciously licked her lips as I left her home chuckling. Once my family was in bed thas night, I stripped naked and started a CFNM video about some female art students drawing a nude male figure. As the girls began to fondle the model, I started to stroke myself and waited to see if my handjob fairy would call on me again.