Stripping is better when it’s slow

There were two of them, as plain looking as you could ever hope to avoid picking up on a dark night. One of them was a real dogface. The other had protruding teeth and bifocals. They were Linda’s cousins, and they’d stopped off on a cross country Greyhound trip to call on Linda. But Linda was away that week, and I was stuck with them. Just my luck, I thought. Two bimbos staying the night and they’re so ugly I’m happy enough to put them in the guest room.

Fortunately their homeliness extended to cooking and washing the dishes, so I got a good meal out of it. And to give them their due they were lively enough—one of them was a real comedian, in fact.

After supper was all cleared away, the girls went upstairs. To freshen up, they said. It was still early, so I switched on the box. I’d run out of conversation already. When they came down they’d changed out of their day clothes into long skirts and blouses, and they didn’t look quite so homely.

“Let’s play Heads Or Tails,” Moira said. “Do you know how to play?”

“You mean tossing a coin?” I couldn’t see it taking us long to get bored with that.

“Sort of,” Sue said. “Except we don’t get anything for heads and we lose for tails. We take it in turns.”

I couldn’t see it. “What stakes are we playing for? Money? Poker chips?”

“Clothes,” Moira said. “You lose one item every time you throw tails.”

“Sounds like strip poker,” I said.

Sue giggled. “But more fun. It’s quicker. You toss first, Moira, then Jamie, then me.”

How far are these chicks prepared to go, I wondered. If it’s that quick I shan’t be wondering for long. Moira tossed. Tails. “Seems to me you’re getting the best of this,” she said, and sat down to take off one shoe.

“Jamie next,” Sue said. “You don’t have to start with your shoe. You can take off your pants first if you like.”

I didn’t like. I tossed, and it came down tails. So I sat down beside Moira and removed one of my shoes. Sue was next. Heads. I began to wonder whether this was a con job , whether the girls had a loaded quarter and I was going to be the only one stripping. But Moira came tails again, and the other shoe came off. I took a break, and Sue’s came tails.

“You’re a chicken hearted couple,” Sue declared. “I’m going to jump in the deep end. Undo these buttons for me, Jamie.”

They were the buttons down the back of her blouse. I fumbled with them, so close to her that her perfume hit me in a wave. I didn’t know whether it was the perfume, or the fact that I couldn’t see that dog face. Or maybe just the idea of taking off a girl’s blouse. But I felt the beginning of an erection stirring in my pants. Sue turned to face me “You may as well finish the job,” she said. “Pull it off my shoulders.”

I pulled the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms, and my cock hardened some more. But when her blouse came right off I was due for a shock. She was wearing a slip under it. Attractive enough, lace trimmed across the cleavage, but not what I’d expected. On closer examination it was a sexy slip, close fitting around her tits and giving promise of a whole lot of tit underneath. Not such a boring game as I’d expected. Quite considerable promise, in fact. I began to wonder how far it would go, and what happened at the end.

Moira made me take off her other shoe. I decided to play it cool and removed my second shoe. Sue tossed tails, and I hoped she’d jump in the deep end again and give me a glimpse of those boobs, but she took off a shoe instead. I lost a couple of socks in quick time, and then Moira came to the stage where something critical had to come off. “I’m not such a show off as Sue,” she said. “My blouse stays on. It’ll have to be one of my stockings. Get on your knees, Jamie, and do it for me.”

Stockings? A bit old fashioned, I thought. I’d never come across stockings before. But I was all for cumming across these. I got to my knees, and Moira thrust one leg forward and pulled her skirt up to her knees. It was a full skirt, and for a moment I had a vision in my mind of a Can-Can girl and garters and wide open thighs.

“Im not lifting it any higher,” she said. “You’ll have to do it blind.”

I put my hands under the hem of her skirt and moved them up her leg. As they went higher I had to move closer, and suddenly the skirt was over my head and shoulders and I was flying blind. Perfume again, a different one this time, and once again my cock was hard against my Y-fronts. As I came to the top of Moira’s stocking, her thighs parted. Was this an invitation, I wondered. While one of my hands fumbled with a frilly garter, the other caressed higher up her thigh till it came to a stop against her crotch, her panties hot and moist.

“That’s not part of the game,” Moira snapped, clamping a hand over mine and preventing any further exploration. But my hand was already there, and as it was held tightly against her crotch I could feel the throbbing of a cunt that was definitely ready for party games. With my other hand I undid Moira’s garter, and slid her stocking down. My hand was released, and I seized the opportunity to feel the warm smoothness of her thighs as I pulled her stocking down.

When both my shoes and socks had gone, I began to unbutton my shirt. “That’s my job,” Sue said, and unbuttoned me down to my belt and hauled my shirt out of my pants. As she pushed it over my shoulders, her arms tightened round me, and her face was so close to mine that it was no longer a dog-face but a pair of perfumed lips that brushed mine and moved quickly away. By now my mutton was a swollen lump of meat, and I was almost looking forward to when it was my turn to peel completely.

I was wondering whether I was going to be exploring up Sue’s skirt, but she elected to take it off “Undo me,” she commanded, and I had to explore her waistline to find the fastening. When I had her skirt zipped down as far as it would go, I put my hands inside the waistband and eased it down over her hips. And eased my hands down over the cheeks of her ass, hoping her panties were the briefest and I could feel the naked flesh where they stopped. But I’d forgotten the slip. When her skirt was a pool at her feet, she was still well covered.

On my next tails, I still wasn’t quite ready to peel off my pants, so I told Moira she could take off my undervest. I began to be aware I hadn’t much left. No wonder the girls had gone upstairs! They’d probably loaded up with all sorts of undergarments, and I was going to be the sacrificial lamb. But my prick was telling me the sacrifice would have to come soon, or I was in trouble.

Moira’s blouse unbuttoned down the front. It was so loose fitting that I wasn’t aware of how much boobery she packed underneath. As I pulled the two sides of her blouse apart I gasped. She was wearing a slip—cheating, I considered it—but like Sue’s it fitted closely round a pair of tits that she thrust forward at me till my nose was almost into her cleavage. To hell with the protruding teeth, I thought. These protruding tits make up for everything.

When Sue’s turn came, I expected her to take off one stocking at the time, but once again she jumped right in. “The slip comes off over my head,” she said. “You’ll have to start with the bottom hem, and peel it all the way up to the top.” I bent over to take hold of the hem, and it was like peeling a fruit. As it came up, her knees and then her thighs came into view, sexy looking thighs enhanced by nylon stockings. Then there was naked flesh above her stocking tops, and at last the bulge of her twat stretching her panties tight and smooth, the briefest of panties hiding hardly anything more than the mound below her naked belly, then a frilled garter belt , and at last a disappointment.

Still I wasn’t going to get to see those tits. They were hidden—nearly—in the tiniest brassiere. They weren’t very large, so they didn’t need a large brassiere, but they filled it to bursting. And then I had the slip right over her head, and I could stand back and take in the vision in its entirety.

She stood up straight, with her arms above her head, and posed like a stripper. With those brief panties she was almost naked, her pubic mound hardly covered and the red jungle of her bush flowing out above. She turned slowly in front of me, obviously to let me see the naked globes of her ass cheeks with the string of her panties cutting deep into the crack between. And when she was facing me once more my eyes lifted hungrily to her tits. They weren’t particularly full, but they stood out firm and pointed as if there was reinforcing inside her brassiere, the nylon stretched so tightly that the nipples poked the thin material out like large buttons.

I was lucky. I got three heads in a row and I managed to keep my pants. So I got Moira’s skirt and slip off her while she complained I must have been cheating. With only one stocking, and her garter belt pulled down on one side she looked even more like a stripper than Sue did. Instead of panties she wore a G-string that was designed to cover her twat and little more. She must have shaved all the pubic hair from her mound and every other place between her legs, because her whole crotch was naked. Two thongs ran from her groin to her hips and round to the back. I wanted to see how that single thong separated the cheeks of her ass and ran under her crotch, but two other globes were claiming my attention. They were full and round, practically bursting over the top of a brassiere that was cut so low that the tops of her aureola showed over the lace edge. I wanted to get that brassiere off her to see whether those tits would droop or whether they would stand up firmly to attention.

Of course, my coin came down tails at last, and there was no avoiding removing my pants. “My turn,” Sue shouted, and grabbed my zipper. “No way,” Moira shouted back, “we’ll both get this one.” This was a new experience, having two pairs of hands fumbling with my zipper. Two hands undid my belt, and then four hands eagerly hauled my pants down to my ankles. In spite of it being obvious the girls had intended to get me stripped first, I was embarrassed at the great bulge in my Y-fronts. I need not have been. “One more throw and we’ve got him!” Sue shouted. “Who’s go is it?”

It was Sue’s. Tails. Her brassiere fastened at the back, so she turned her back to me and I had to work on the fastening with nothing but her bare back to look at. When it was undone, I pushed the shoulder straps off her shoulders, and she shrugged them down till the thing fell to the floor. When she turned to me she had her arms folded in front of her. “There’s nothing in the rules says I can’t do this,” she challenged.

“They’re too small to worry about,” I said. “It’s Moira’s toss.”

“You’re a beast!” Sue said. “They’re not small.” She spread her arms wide, and displayed two rounded cones , the aureola swollen into pyramids at their tips and the nipples thrusting upward from their centers.

I was feeling as if my cock would burst if I didn’t get it out from the confinement of my briefs. I needed to hold it, to stroke it, to masterbate it, dammit. But Moira was tossing. Tails. I was in luck again.

“This one undoes at the front,” Moira said. “Be ready to jump out of the way when they break out.” As I felt for the fastening between her tits, I wanted desperately to grab a handfull and squeeze it. Or better still, two handfulls. Moira was breathing hard. Her tits were swelling with every breath till they threatened to burst her brassiere. I could feel the heat radiating from her, and she must have put perfume in her cleavage I worked out how to separate the two triangles holding her tits in check, and released them. But I forgot to jump back. The two globes flung back their restraints and surged out toward me at the same time as Moira thrust herself toward me. One firm hemisphere of flesh was thrust into my face, and I gasped with delight as my face slipped into the hollow between and was enveloped in hot perfumed nakedness.

“He’s cheating again!” Sue said. “He’s not supposed to touch. Make him toss, it’s his go.”

Reluctantly I pulled away from the most delicious boobs I’d ever kissed, and tossed the coin. My luck was out. “You’ll have to decide who’s going to deliver the coup de grace,” Moira said. “You can’t take them down yourself, it’s against the rules.” I wondered what other rules I was about to learn.

“I guess you’d better get one each side, and both do it,” I said. Was I really inviting two broads to strip me bollocks naked? I was. And they did. One each side of me, on their knees, they slowly slipped their hands inside the waistband of my y-fronts and eased them down. Two hands slid over my naked cheeks, fingers probing in the crack between. And then my tumescent prick was surging out to freedom, standing up swollen and red between two pairs of delighted eyes. One hand grabbed it and enclosed it, squeezing it and gently masturbating. And one hand enclosed my ball sack and explored between my thighs.

“That’s against the rules,” I complained, but not meaning it because masturbation was what I wanted and needed most at that moment. The girls stood up, and I wished I hadn’t spoken. “At this stage of the game there’s not much point in tossing,” I said. I was beginning to make up my own rules. “Both of those little items covering your pussies are going to have to come off, so who’s first?’

“It was my toss,” Sue said. I got the impression she wanted to go first. I fell to my knees in front of her, and Moira complained loudly. “Now we can’t see that lovely cockstand. Can’t you stand up and undress her?” I could have, but I wanted to be close to that cunt when I finally unwrapped it. I put my hands behind Sue, and explored her cheeks, caressing them, squeezing them, pulling them apart to slip my fingers deep into the crack. Then I took hold of the waistband and eased it down over her ass and over the round of her belly, peeling the covering off her pubic mound with its curly hair, laying bare the slit where two wet cunt lips protruded, and hauled it down to her feet.

Kneeling in front of Sue, my eyes had been only a few inches from every detail of her naked genitalia. Quickly, before she had a chance to invoke the rules, I pressed my mouth to the two engorged labia that showed her cunt must have been as aroused as my prick. Drawing them into my mouth, I sucked hard and rubbed them with my tongue until she gave a cry and put her hands behind my head to force my face harder against her cunt.

It was Moira who called foul. “Take mine off from behind,” she said. “I’m shy.” and she giggled. She was as shy as a whore in a harem! But I knelt behind her, and played for a while with the globes of her buttocks, and traced the thong of her G-string where it cut deep into the crack and then disappeared between her thighs. But I still couldn’t see whether it was forcing her cunt open. I reached in front of her and pressed a finger against it, pulling it aside to expose her salivating lips. And she spread her thighs so that I could probe with my fingers into the entrance of her cunt hole. Then I took the two thongs and pulled them down over her pelvis, over her thighs, and down to her feet. I turned Moira to face me. She stood in front of me with her feet well apart, and I remembered her saying, “I’m shy.” Every part of her naked body was displayed for me, her tits above me with their nipples swollen into miniature tumescent penises, her belly made more naked by the incredibly sexy garter belt, her thighs enhanced by the garter attached to the one remaining stocking, every detail of her genitalia unhidden by pubic hair and swollen by the intensity of her excitement.

I looked up between her jutting boobs and said, “What do the rules say now?” Sue answered me. I looked round, and she was sitting on the couch with one hand between her legs, gently masturbating herself. “Fucking,” she said. “Lots of fucking and other things. Let’s go to your bedroom.”

“I’ve never fucked two girls at once,” I said. “How do we do it, and who gets it first?”

Up in my bedroom, Moira lay down on her back with her ass on the edge of the bed, heels drawn up to her ass and her thighs wide open. Sue lay on top of her, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, and spread her legs as wide as Moira’s. There they were, two delicious cunts, both drooling and craving a hot meat injection, both within inches of each other. I stood between their legs and wondered how the great pole rising from my groin had been able to hold out this long.

From that moment I forgot whose cunt was which. Placing my cock-head between one pair of drooling lips I slid it easily into the hot wet tunnel. Two steady thrusts, withdraw, and penetrate the other. Slow and deep, first one then the other, determined to hold out without cumming till both cunts are satisfied. Two cunts to fuck, two girls to make cum. In and out of one, then in and out of the other. Do they feel different? Perhaps one is tighter than the other? Or is one looser than the other? Two sets of cunt muscles trying to hold my prick deep inside themselves, two pelvises beginning to heave, two voices moaning in ecstacy.

What a sense of power! Not brutal power, but the knowledge that this cock of mine can give the ultimate pleasure to two girls at the same time, make two cunts cum together. Sense when one is about to cum, withdraw and pleasure the other. Bring one to the brink, then the other. The ultimate in fucking. Two cunts together, two cunts heaving and throbbing and clutching and pouring out their cunt juice just for me.

Two voices moaning, wailing, crying, begging. “Don’t take it out! Keep on fucking me! Harder, harder, oh god I can’t stand it when you take it out! Put it in again, please! Fuck me! Fuck my brains out! Keep it in! Don’t take it out! Keep fucking me! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! I love it, I love it! I love your beautiful cock inside me! I want it there for ever! Fuck me! I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Oh god don’t stop.” And then, whether they were there or not, the urgency of my own orgasm took over and I was ejaculating deep inside whichever of the two cunts I happened to be in, thrusting, cumming, ejaculating a whole evening of jism into the belly of one or other of the two wailing, panting girls.