Cocksucker Neighbor

It was a sunny, warm saturday and I was out washing
the car. Brenda came out the front door, waved to me
and said “Hi”, got in her Corvette and drove off.
Brenda is one of my wife’s friends–like my wife and
I, she is in her late thirties. She’s about five foot
two, with long, wavy blonde hair, slender, and
absolutely gorgeous. She waited a long time to get
married and finally married a doctor–no poor husband
for her. I stared down the street after her.

“I bet you’d like to plow her furrow. “I slowly turned
around towards the voice behind me. It was such an
outrageous thing to say that my mind didn’t even
register it enough to react in shock. In fact, I hadn’t
been thinking of such a thing at the time…my mind had
been a curious blank, but certainly that sort of idea
had crossed my mind before.

Behind me, kneeling next to the garden next door was
Lauren, our next door neighbors’ daughter. She was back
for the summer after her freshman year in college. “I
bet you’d like to stuff your cock right up her ass.
“Believe me, Lauren had never said anything like this
in my presence before. “Wouldn’t you?”

“Such thoughts have crossed my mind on occasion.” I
said trying to shock the little twit back.

“I’m sure they have. I could get her for you.”

I looked at Lauren. She had a strange little smile on
her face, but seemed serious. I never suspected this
side of her though I knew she and her parents didn’t
always see eye to eye about things like dating. She’s
quite a bit taller than Brenda, about 5’8″ I would
judge, and she had grown from being a skinny teenager
to being quite rounded–a more mature-seeming body
than Brenda’s in many ways. Her hair’s straight black
cut to shoulder length, and she still has a bit of a
baby face.

“I know her type…I know what makes her tick. I just
need to know when and where I can innocently bump into
her. What spa does she go to?”

This was insane. “I don’t know but Sheila probably
does.” Sheila is my wife.

“I can get her to spill it.” And she got up and went
into our house. I just stared, then went back to
washing the car. I shook my head. This had to be a
hallucination. I finished the car and went inside.
Sheila was telling Lauren about the advantages and
disadvantages of different spas around town, about
which ones people liked and when they were crowded.
I didn’t stick around, but walked on through.

And then nothing more about it. I didn’t talk to Lauren
after that for weeks, and forgot about our weird con-
versation except when I saw Brenda. Seeing Brenda and
remembering that conversation… I can tell you it had
me thinking impure thoughts all right!

Then, out of the blue, I got a telephone call at work
from Lauren. She told me she had set everything up! She
gave me directions to a motel and told me to come that
afternoon at 2PM. It was during work, but I could get
some time off. Lauren couldn’t have known that.

It was all so crazy. But I was hooked…I had to see
what Lauren was up to. I got off, found the motel and
the room, and there was Lauren, sitting on a bench
outside the room’s front door. She was dressed in a
sun-dress, wearing sunglasses and reading a novel.

When I walked up, she patted the place next to her.
Then she told me she had told Brenda about a lawyer
who owned two local businesses who was attracted to
her. She told me that Brenda had agreed to have sex
with the man while handcuffed and blindfolded. She
told me not to say a word, then she took my hand, and
unlocked the door.

There was Brenda, nude, kneeling next to the bed,
blindfolded, with her hands fastened behind her. The
front curtains were open and I immediately wondered
about people looking in. But it was so bright outside
that I hadn’t even thought about the possibility of
looking in when I was talking to Lauren.

Lauren motioned me to walk up in front of Brenda and
unzip my pants. She had a camcorder. I stood looking
down at Brenda. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

When I think back on it now, I realize that it wasn’t
too smart to stick around, but at the time I wasn’t
thinking too clearly. I unzipped, pulled out my cock,
and put it against Brenda’s lips. Lauren was shooting
us. Brenda opened her lips. I was pretty hard already
and Brenda closed her lips around my cock and started
bobbing her head back and forth.

“Grab her head.” It was Lauren giving directions! I
pressed my hands on the side of her head and started
fucking her mouth. She made some “mmm” sounds. She
kept her lips tight around my cock. I continued, slowly
at first, but gradually picking up speed. Lauren kept
shooting away, moving around to get different angles.
Brenda was vocalizing louder. I was losing control,
and was soon coming… and I don’t remember ever
coming so hard in my life before. Brenda stopped her
moaning, but didn’t stop sucking and swallowed several
more times before she was done with me.

I pulled away and sat on the bed, afraid I might keel
over. Lauren zoomed in to Brenda’s face, then shut off
the camcorder. Then she was pulling her up. She pushed
her over onto the bed, laying on her stomach with her
ass just hanging off the edge and her knees on the
floor. Then she was putting K.Y. Jelly in the crack of
Brenda’s ass and motioning me to come over. I did and
could see that Lauren was poking her finger right into
Brenda’s asshole. She told me to lube up my cock.

I never would have believed I could be ready again so
soon, but I was growing hard again even though it had
been less than a minute.

Lauren backed off, grabbed the camcorder again, and
told me to go to it. I looked down at Brenda’s back-
side, with her hands cuffed behind her and her head
turned sideways on the bed. She was breathing hard.

I was plenty hard, so I grabbed her cheeks and pulled
her crack open, and guided my cock to it. I put the
head right up to her rear hole and started to press.
I’d never done this with anyone before.

“Grab her hips and push!” It was Lauren, giving direc-
tions again. I started to apply pressure. “Harder!” My
cock was stiff as a steel rod again. I pushed harder.
Brenda moaned again. Finally, the head of my cock pop-
ped in. Brenda let out a loud moan. Lauren zoomed in,
then backed off again.

“Fuck her!” Still the stage directions. I pushed.
Brenda moaned again as my cock went in, right to the
hilt. I just knelt there with my pelvis pushed against
Brenda’s cheeks and contemplated the feeling of it.

“OK, fuck her now.” I started to draw my cock out,
stopping before the head was out. Then I slowly pushed
back in.

“Fuck her fast!” Later I wondered about Lauren. I
started going back and forth, picking up speed. Brenda
was moaning sometimes, and making a hissing sound some-
times. I could feel that I was going to come again
soon. Lauren came up and put her hand between Brenda’s
leg under my cock. I glanced over at the camcorder–it
was still facing us and I assumed it was running.
Brenda immediately started moaning much louder.

“Faster! Can’t you see she wants it?” Brenda was
practically going crazy, moaning. I could feel Lauren’s
hand moving. Still holding Brenda’s hips, I went
faster. I couldn’t believe the feeling. Soon I was
coming, and so was Brenda! My come was gushing out
around my thrusting cock as I filled her with my
enthusiastic load.

Once again, I pulled out and sat on the bed. Brenda
just lay there. Lauren directed me into the bathroom
to clean up. I hurriedly did what I could, then came
out. Brenda was still laying the same way. Lauren
escorted me to the door, and as I went out she gave me
a quick kiss on the cheek. I looked back as I walked
to my car, and she was in the doorway, waving.

I got back to work, but I must admit I was distracted
the rest of the day at work. What if Sheila found out.
What was I going to do? It had been something of a
dream-come-true, but why was Lauren doing this?

A week later, I got another call at work from Lauren.
She gave me an address and told me to show up at 2 p.m.
again. Well I knew I was committed so I might as well
enjoy it. The address turned out to be out in the
suburbs. Some of the houses were extremely fancy. The
address turned out to be a contemporary set back about
300 feet from the road. I knew it must be a million-
dollar house. I drove up and Lauren was waiting for me
outside the front door. This time she wasn’t reading
anything–she seemed to be just standing around, look-
ing for me to arrive.

She told me a friend of hers lent her the use of the
house and that Brenda was inside, handcuffed and blind-
folded like before, thinking she was “meeting” the
house’s owner and his girlfriend.

Lauren was definitely full of surprises.

We walked in, and there in the living room was Sheila!
She was standing, with her eyes closed, and Brenda was
kneeling in front of her, nude! Then I realized that
Sheila was nude from the waste down and that Brenda was
licking her cunt! Sheila was wearing a long-sleeve
sweater, and Brenda had the handcuffs and blindfold on,
just like before. Sheila was breathing hard and obvi-
ously ready to come.

Lauren didn’t let her. She pulled Brenda away. Sheila
opened her eyes and saw me. She didn’t show any sur-
prise, though she was still breathing very hard. Lauren
had Brenda laying face down over some large throw
pillows and she positioned Sheila with her cunt under-
neath Brenda’s face. Soon Brenda was licking again, and
Sheila was breathing harder again. She held Brenda’s
head with her hands and wrapped her legs around
Brenda’s head too.

Lauren pulled me to Brenda’s ass and gave me some K.Y.
Jelly. I knew what I was supposed to do. Soon I had my
cock pushed to the hilt in Brenda’s ass again, and
Lauren had a camcorder, catching the three of us.
Sheila never stopped crying out and moaning as she was
bucked up and down. Over and over I pushed my cock to
the hilt in that cute little ass. Lauren didn’t give
any directions this time, but just sat back and shot

Soon I knew Sheila was coming and I let myself go. We
both came together, with Brenda’s help. It was incre-
dible, Sheila and I were looking into each others eyes
as we let Brenda’s thrashing body bring us off. I was
just too perverted. And to have this young woman
watching and filming our depravity just made it that
much better.

I pulled out and sat on the floor resting. Sheila
rested too, but she kept Brenda’s face between her

We sat like that for a few seconds, then I heard
Sheila’s breathing pick up again and I could see that
Brenda was doing what she could to get Sheila excited
again. Lauren handed me a ping pong paddle. She nodded
her head towards Brenda’s rear. This was getting too
weird. Sheila kept breathing and moaning, louder and

Lauren kept signaling me to smack Brenda’s rear. I gave
her a little smack. She jerked, but kept licking away.
Lauren motioned me to do it some more, harder. I
started in, smacking her over and over. Lauren had the
camcorder again and was shooting us again. I stopped a
couple of times, but Lauren quickly motioned me to
continue. It was hard to tell if Brenda minded, but she
didn’t stop licking Sheila. Soon Sheila was coming
again. I think Brenda liked it when I smacked her
friend like that.

After that, Lauren whispered to me to get dressed and
get ready to leave. Sheila drew away from Brenda and
just lay flat on the floor with her eyes closed. Brenda
stayed in the same position except that Lauren pushed
her legs together and put a pair of handcuffs around
her ankles. Then she took me to the front door. She
whispered “Nice job!” in my ear. Sheila still hadn’t

I went back to work. I didn’t know what to expect when
I got home. When I did get home, Sheila was all smiles
though she didn’t say much. She immediately showed me
a videocassette and pulled me over to the TV so she
could play it for me. It was my earlier tryst with
Brenda! Sheila was excited and wanted me to fuck her
right there on the spot while we watched. I can truly
say that my wife has sides to her personality which I
never dreamed of.

The tape also had that second tryst, and Sheila never
got tired of watching it and always wanted to make love
while she watched. She wanted me to eat her, and she
ate me sometimes. In the past we had tried such things,
but she had always preferred vanilla intercourse. I
still never had anal intercourse with her, but I wasn’t