Wife Fuck

Paul was a single friend of mine that I’d known since
we were freshmen in high school. Sitting across from
me, Paul commented about his willingness to pay one of
the cheerleaders we’d seen interviewed on ESPN, if
she’d show him her pussy.

“I’d just like to see it-you know?”

He said they were all cute and looked sexy and all, but
he always wondered what their pussies looked like! He
then went on to explain the differences in the
appearance and functionality of women’s pussies before
Kim, my wife, interrupted by asking him how much he’d
pay this girl to expose her herself. He was going to
say $20, but then said $50, eying my wife

“You can get laid for $50 most places,” Kim suggested,
but Paul defended his statement by reminding her that
the cheerleaders weren’t whores, and $50 was pretty
good cash just to flash their pussy.

“So how much would you pay to see mine?” My wife asked
in a sweet, innocent voice.

I didn’t say anything, I just sat back, stunned and
amused by the course the talk had taken. I like to tell
Kim how pretty she is because I really do think she
looks fantastic. She has a gorgeous hard body and I
knew that her pussy is a wonderful thing to behold.
It’s rather petite, and her outer lips are chubby and
kept smooth-shaven, and I keep the dark blond triangle
of curls that frame it trimmed short for her.

Everything was sort of time delayed for me. Everything
I heard took quite a few seconds to actually achieve
meaning for me, so by the time my brain truly under-
stood she was talking about showing him her pussy, my
buddy was telling my wife she was hot but not a
cheerleader, so he wasn’t sure he’d pay $50 to see her

“I can’t exactly brag about having seen your pussy down
at the bar to a bunch of guys who don’t know who you
are,” He said, looking at me. I just looked back at
him. I remember feeling like I wasn’t really there,
like I was watching a movie. Suddenly, Kim stood up,
unbuttoned her jeans, and slid them down her legs. She
kicked them off, sending them flying over to the couch
where Paul sat, and stood there in her sweater and
panties with her legs spread a comfortable distance
apart. The panties were small and all white and fit her
very snugly. Stray curls of blonde pussy hair peeked
out through on leg hole, and the thin fabric revealed
not only the rise of her mound, but also hinted at the
pursed lips of her chubby pussy! Kim hooked her fingers
in the elastic of her panties and pulled them up even
tighter against her inviting slit, teasing him.

“You sure you wouldn’t give me $50 to take these off?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Paul asked, again looking at
me, but I didn’t even look at him. I was staring at my
wife’s crotch, trying to figure out why she was
standing there, in front of my friend in her panties,
and why I wasn’t saying anything.

“There’s only one way to find out,” Kim said.

Paul and I had been sitting around, watching basketball
and drinking too much beer. My wife Kim occasionally
wandered in and stayed for a while. Not so much to
watch the game, but to see how drunk I was getting.
She’d been getting on me about my drinking and warned
me not to get trashed, but I was pretty gone. I don’t
even remember who was playing, or which of the two
teams I was cheering-I just remember taking chug-a-lugs
every time they fouled, every time they missed a shot,
and two for missing a three-pointer.

Paul wasn’t half as blown as I was.

Paul pulled out his wallet and laid two twenties and
two fives on the coffee table, while smirking at Kim. I
tell Kim all the time what a sexy pussy she has. Paul’s
right — not all pussies are cute. Kim and I had gone
so far as to show off her pussy at the mall doing the
cliche ‘wear no panties at the shoe store’ thing. We
always had great sex for days after letting some other
guy get a peek at her preened pussy.

“Well,” Kim said to me, “let’s see if Paul thinks my
pussy is as nice as you do.”

Kim walked up to Paul and stood right in front of him.
He sat up straight, which brought him face to crotch
with my wife.

“Go ahead, take them off… you paid for it,” Kim said
in a husky voice. Stunned, I watched Paul hook his
fingers in the sides of my wife’s panties and slowly
slide them down her bare thighs until they fell to her
feet and her blonde framed pussy was naked and “in” his

“You have two minutes, Paul, do you want me to pose for

Paul just nodded without indicating what he wanted her
to do, so my wife posed herself for him like a
stripper. She sat down in front of him and spreads her
legs as far apart as she could. Then she closed them
and brought her knees up to her chest. Finally, for his
last thirty seconds or so, she turned around and got on
her hands and knees and waved her naked pussy at him
like she wanted a doggy-fuck.

When the time was up, Kim simply faced him again and
sat on her butt with her legs still open so Paul could
still see her pussy. She then said something that was
enough to tear through even my alcohol-induced fog.

“So, ” Kim asked him, while she ran one of her fingers
over the sensitive divide between her chubby cunt lips
that had started to become a little swollen, “…are
you sure all you want to do is look?”

“Add another fifty and I’ll let you fuck me right here
on the floor.”

Paul looked at me with his mouth hanging open.

“Don’t worry about him,” Kim told him, “…he’s been
dying to have someone else fuck me, he wants to watch

“Add another twenty and you can take me to our bedroom
and fuck me in private,” Kim then added as she slipped
one of her own fingers inside herself right in front of

While Paul wrote out a check, my wife pulled off her
sweater and dropped her bra, exposing her breasts for
him. Giggling and waving good-bye to me, my wife led
Paul back to our bedroom and closed the door behind

The blood in my veins started to boil, but it wasn’t
jealousy. Kim was right-I’d been fantasizing about her
fucking other men for ages I just didn’t know she knew
how much.

Even as I thought about that, I thought about her
taking off Paul’s clothes. I saw her in my mind,
freeing his erection and cooing over it as she lay back
on our bed, spreading her legs to expose her cunt for
another man to mount.

By the time I made it to the bedroom door, my wife’s
giggles had become sighs — the sounds she makes when
her pussy is first entered. When her vocalizations
changed to grunts, I knew he was thrusting harder into
her. Then came the keening cry from her that told me
she’d orgasmed on his cock. Making her cum excited Paul
more and I could hear him start to fuck her harder,
grunting and moaning. I could clearly hear him telling
her how good her pussy felt and how long he’d wanted to
fuck her.

When he came, I had no idea whether he’d cum inside her
or pulled out and shot his load on her smooth tanned
body, but I knew they’d be coming out soon, so I made
my way back to the couch. For some reason, I wanted to
act like it hadn’t affected me, like I wasn’t even
concerned that my wife had just sold her pussy for $70.

Paul came out fully dressed, except for his socks and
shoes, but my wife came out still naked and stayed that
way. I had gotten quite hard, and Kim noted it with
satisfaction, enjoying my shocked stare at her open,
swollen pussy. I later found out she decided to remain
nude because she wanted me to see the traces of my
friend’s come leaking out of her pussy.

I asked her why she charged him money to fuck her and
she said she might as well get paid for it. I asked her
if it didn’t make her feel like a whore and she asked
me when the last time a player in the NFL or NBA played
for free. Enjoying what you do doesn’t mean you have to
do it for free she reminded me.

After that, Paul would come over at least once a month
to fuck my wife. The four other guys Paul has
introduced to Kim have to have to wear a condom when
they fuck her, but she still loves it.