Barbie will smoke

I felt Rob’s legs stiffen and relax as he pumped hot
thick cock cream into my ass, I was no longer an anal
virgin I thought as a silly smile came on to my face.
Rob pulled out of my ass and rammed his sticky shit
colored cock into my clean pink cunt. I knew he was
using my pussy to clean off his shitty dick, he was
also christening my cunt by soiling it filling it with
his cum and my shit, taking it as his own to use. I
reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart to let him
see my wide-open ass and fucked back to get more of his
cock in my cunt.

After Rob had finished with my pussy he had me give a
final polish with my tongue, the taste of his cock made
me gag and choke, but he held my head and forced his
dick into my mouth, forced it down my neck into my
throat, again fucking my face hard.

‘Hey cunt get me something to drink’ he hissed at me as
he pushed me away from his dick, I leaned forward to
get one last suck and then stood and on wobbly legs
headed for the kitchen. Up till this point Rob had not
seen the Tattoo’s that I had done so while I was away
making coffee I ducking into my room and changed into a
very tight black Lycra-micro dress that I had got on
the way home that night. The back of the dress was open
right down below the top of my ass and allowed the
bottom of my ass cheeks to be seen. At the front it had
a low cut boob tube and was open across my stomach till
just above the top of my mons allowing the top of my
bleached pussy hair to be clearly seen. I loved the
dress as it showed off my new marking beautifully.

The man at the parlor had shown me through books of
ideas, I hadn’t seen anything I liked so I started to
look round his office/shop to see what other people had
had done. That when I spotted a picture in a hardcore
sex magazine he was obviously reading when I had

The girl on the front cover looked like a brunette
version of myself but had massive rings piercing her
outer cunt lips and nipples, she also had lots of
tattoos, roses, a girl fisting herself, a man pissing
on a girl, and lots of words with flowers round them. I
had the words ‘I’M A CUNT’ in inch tall black letters
and surrounded by red and black roses around my right
ankle and a girl being ass fucked with the words ‘COCK
SLUT’ under it on my left shoulder blade.

The ankle marking was finished, but the shoulder tat
would need some more work to add detail as time had run
out so I was going back on the next Tuesday. Before
going back into Rob I peeled off the gauze from over
the new markings and even though they were both a
little puffy looked fucking hot.

I turned to see my ankle in the mirror and almost
orgasmed as I saw the tattoo shouting the truth from my
leg. God it looked so fucking slutty with my ankle
bracelet and my spikes. As I walked over to Rob I felt
the coolness of the cum dripping down my legs out of my
ass, he looked up as I turned to show him my ankle, he
reached for his cock I then let him see my shoulder.

He smiled and pulled on his cock, and started wanking
for me. I bent over and put the coffee down and swung
round till my now exposed ass was facing him bent over
as far as I could, then reached back with one hand to
pull my cheeks apart and with the other hand rammed 3
fingers up my open slippery cum filled asshole, then 4
fingers, then the tip of my thumb then the fucking lot,
I kept pushing, I relaxed my ass and then pushed down
like when Rob’s cock took my ass for the first time.

My knuckles slipped past my stretched ring, I couldn’t
reach any further so I pulled my hand back, then pushed
it hard back up my hole. I was fisting myself, fucking
fisting myself, I didn’t believe I could do this stuff
and love doing it, love the feeling of being used and
degraded by Rob, love turning myself into a hard faced
foul mouthed slut, love taking my natural beauty and
corrupt and destroy it and then replace it with the
look of a whore, hard, cheap, artificial, beautiful!

Sunday was spent practicing putting my makeup on
getting my hair big and bad like the saloon had done
and then when I was made-up to my satisfaction trying
on dress and outfits to see what would be good for my
last day at the bank. And most importantly being fucked
and used as Rob’s personal whore ending in the grand
finale of my first golden shower. Rob asked if I would
like to wash before bed, as I had cum leaking from
every hole and my face had 2 day old dry sperm under my
makeup I said, “Yeah why not.”

I was led to the bathroom and told to lye down in the
tub. Before I knew what was happening Rob pulled out
his cock and let rip, I squealed with surprise and then
started to finger myself as Rob covered me from head to
toe. I had never tasted piss before but this was the
real surprise because when drops did reach my mouth
tasted very salty but not to bad, I stuck out my tongue
and Rob pissed right on it. He then moved the stream up
towards my mouth and then right into my mouth, I opened
up feeling the hot liquid flooding into my mouth and
then away down my chin over my tits and pussy.

Rob’s flow stopped and I held the last bit in my mouth.
I looked deep into his eyes, he nodded and I swallowed,
the mouth full of piss flowed down my throat washing
away my innocence, if I had had any doubts about what I
had done and what I would become over the next years
they were washed away as Rob’s hot salty piss flowed
down my throat.

I woke at 7am the next day, Monday. I couldn’t wait to
get to the bank and tell them to stick their fucking
job, I also couldn’t wait for them to see how I now
looked and acted, if they thought I was a cheap tart
before, they’d love now!

I arrived by taxi at 9:30, half an hour after everyone
else; I wanted everyone to be there to see my entrance.
I choose a black rubber version of the micro dress I
had worn to show off my tattoos to Rob, because it was
rubber it was much tighter than the Lycra dress and was
more extreme in its shortness and left a lot of ass and
tit showing, to go with it I had black spikes with my
now normal shiny metal heels these were 6.5″ high to
add to the extreme look I wanted and had thin chain
ankle straps. I also wore a whore chain round my
stomach, which looked gorgeous with the black rubber.
With the heels I had gone for black seemed fishnet
stockings to give that real hardcore slut look. I wore
all my most tasteless, gaudy new jewelry including on
my little fingers nail rings.

My face was at its most artificial I had painted on
layer after layer of foundation and on top had used
only my most bright and whorish colors. My hair was
wonderful, platinum white blonde and backcombed and
wild, I had used a whole tin of spray on it to hold it
out and up. My favorite touch however was the drying
cum around my mouth and over the tops of my tits; I had
got Rob to blow over my face just before the taxi
arrived to pick me up.

Rob had also used my mouth for his morning piss, very
salty and metallic but still ok, so I knew my breath
was smelling strongly of piss, cum and cigarettes. Much
to Rob’s delight I had continued to smoke during the
weekend and as soon as I was happy with my look I lit
up my second of the day put on my new red see through
mid thigh plastic jacket and sashayed out to the taxi.
The driver nearly had a heart attack as this trashy
looking cunt got into his car with still wet cum over
her slutty face.

I took a long deep drag and asked him to take to me the
bank. I saw him staring at me in his mirror, I smiled
back undid the front of my jacket, showing him my tits
and asked him if he liked what he saw, he nodded and

I swallowed the last of his cum as the taxi drove away,
a blowjob for a ride seemed fair to me. I let some of
the taxi man’s cum dribble out of my mouth and down my
chin ready to go in now.