Swing Story

My wife, Sue, and I had been very busy with work
and some of the many other, non-sex related, activ-
ities going on in our lives. It had been almost two
weeks since Sue’s birthday and our evening with the
guy from the Country-&-Western bar. Sue was STILL
thanking me for that night; she had really enjoyed

I had been spending much of my time at home doing
work on the computer, catching up on what I couldn’t
get done at the office. Sue had been catching up on
many little home projects that she had been trying to
complete. She was painting two of the bedrooms and
the upstairs hallway and also doing a complete
window washing throughout the house. Our friend,
Alexia, had been over quite a bit lately, keeping Sue
company and helping her with the painting project.

Sue and Alex were becoming great friends, spending
a lot of time talking about each other’s lives and
experiences. Alex had been keeping Sue up on her
sexual antics with the boys in her school. Sue told
me that Alex really enjoyed her newfound hobby. She
was having sex with three special guys on a pretty
regular basis. She seemed insatiable; maybe she was
catching up on lost time without sex.

Last Wednesday night, Sue invited Alex over for
dinner with us. We had some very interesting
conversations, enjoying the company of this 18-year-
old girl. Alex told us that she and her mother had
been enjoying themselves together about twice a week
since we all had been together. She told us that she
and her mother were even closer than they were before
having sex together. Alex said her brother was visit-
ing for a couple of weeks and that Moni, her mother,
and she had had to be very careful not to get found
out by him. Alex didn’t think he would understand
their relationship.

After dinner, I retired to my home-office, wanting to
finish up my latest project. Alex helped Sue clean up
the table and kitchen, continuing their conversation.
Sue told Alex how hard I had been working on this
project, not taking breaks and not getting much sleep.
Alex asked Sue if she would mind if she went into the
office to give me a little release of tension. Sue knew
what she had in mind and told Alex to help herself.

Alex knocked on the door to my office and entered.
She sat on the edge of my desk, watching me work on
the computer. She told me not to let her distract me;
she just wanted to see what I was up to. Sue, she said,
was busy in the kitchen and asked Alex to check on
her husband to see if he needed anything. I watched as
she scooted herself further up on the desk top. As I
continued working, Alex began talking about many
different subjects, jabbering non-stop like 18-year-old
girls do. I listened, sort of, as I tried to concen-
trate on my work.

Then I heard the subject change, My concentration
was fading. Alex began talking about how hot she
was, saying, “John, do you ever get horny thinking
about fucking my hot young pussy? I remember how
good your big cock felt inside of me. I’d love to feel
your hard cock in my mouth. I really would like to
suck the cum from your balls. Would you like me to
suck your cock right now while you work?”

All of a sudden, the “jabbering” had stopped. I knew
she was waiting for an answer to a question she must
have asked. I hadn’t heard all of what she’d been
saying, but the way she was sitting there on the desk,
her legs spread apart slightly, and rubbing her thigh,
I figured that whatever the question was, a “YES” was
probably safe.

Alex responded to my answer, “John, look at my hot
pussy. Here, let me spread my legs a little further
for you. I’m not wearing any panties under this skirt.
Look at how hot and wet I am just thinking about
sucking your hard cock.”

I watched her spread her legs, raise her skirt and use
her right hand to spread her pussy lips to give me a
great view of her hot little cunt. Moisture had formed
on her swollen labia and her clit was sticking out hard
as a little cock. She watched my eyes as she teased me
by fingering her pussy and shoving her middle finger
deep into her own cunt. She was telling me how she
was going to suck me off and swallow my juice. I had
a RAGING hard on!

Alex got off of the desk, turning my chair until she
could take a position on the floor beneath my desk
and between my legs. Alex turned my chair back and
told me to go ahead and work if I wanted to, she
wouldn’t “bother” me anymore. She started to rub my
cock through my jogging pants. It was EASY to
find-my pants had a TENT formed in the front. As I
started to type, Alex reached into the waistband of
my pants and removed my hard throbbing cock. Did she
think I was going to be able to do ANY work while
she played with my crotch? I was going to try and
tease her back by trying to ignore her actions and
continue my work.

As I attempted to work, Alex took my cock into her
mouth without warning. I felt my cock hit the back of
her throat and felt her lips on the base of my staff.
She must have been practicing a lot on some lucky high
school boy, she swallowed cock like a pro! I gave up
the idea of working and grabbed her head in my
hands. I held her face while I began to fuck into her
throat like I was fucking her cunt. She was moaning,
slobbering all over my cock and trying to breath as I
fucked her face.

It was going to take a lot of work to get my load into
her stomach. I wanted her to work hard to get the
thrill she got from cum entering her mouth and throat.
Alex sucked and licked my cock and balls, telling me
how much she was enjoying herself.

I had been so engrossed in this blow job I was getting,
I didn’t notice Sue standing in the doorway watching
me hump into my desk. Sue had a sly smile on her
face and “innocently” asked what I was up to.

I thought I’d play along and told her that I was
working hard and was almost “done.” From where
Sue stood, she couldn’t see Alex on the floor under
my desk, I knew she knew where Alex was, though.
As Alex busily worked my cock in her hand and mouth,
Sue started talking about her painting projects, and
other work that she was involved in. She was getting
into her little fantasy of catching her husband in a
“compromising” situation.

I carried on the conversation, in sometimes broken
speech, with my wife as this young little nymph
slobbered over my cock. Sue stood up straight and
opened her mouth in feigned surprise as I lost control
and blasted my load deep into Alex’s throat. She came
around the desk and wanted to know immediately
who was under the desk sucking me off. Alex rolled
my chair back and popped her head out. She said, “Hi,
Sue, it’s me! Would you like some of your husband’s
hot cum? I have some left for you.” I watched as Alex
opened her mouth to show Sue and I that she had a
large glob of my cum on her tongue. Sue knelt and,
taking Alex into her arms, kissed her on the mouth,
sucking my jism from her mouth. Then both of them
took turns sucking the head of my cock, drawing out
the remaining drops of hot, white cum.

Alex said that she had to get going home, she had
homework to do. Sue and I escorted her to the door
and said goodnight, I thanked her for the “break and
conversation.” As Alex went down the walk, she
turned and said, “see ya Saturday night.”

I closed the door and asked Sue what Alex had meant
about Saturday night. Sue told me she’d asked Alex
over for dinner. Sue said Alex was going to bring her
Mother and brother over as, they wanted to have sort
of a going-away dinner for her brother before he left
again. Sue told me we would ALL have to behave,
since Alex’s brother would be there. I told Sue I
thought I could probably go through the night without
getting naughty, but that my imagination would be

I was sitting on the back deck having a beer around
5:00 p.m. on Saturday, enjoying the cool evening
breeze, when Sue came out and told me to go inside,
shower and get changed before our guests arrived for
dinner. I had forgotten completely about the plans Sue
had made. I really didn’t feel up to an evening of
sitting around talking to a bunch of people, but the
plans were made. From the smells emanating from the
kitchen, I could tell Sue was putting a feast together
for our guests.

While I was getting dressed, the doorbell rang and I
heard Sue greeting Alex, her brother and her mother.
Sue escorted our guests into the living room and took
drink orders. I came downstairs, using the back stairs
that led into the kitchen. Sue was getting ice. She
turned and with a nervous look on her face told me
that I was not going to believe it when I met Alex’s
brother-CORY! At first I wondered why. I
remembered vaguely that Alex had mentioned his
name once before.

All of a sudden a thought ran through my head and I
said, “NO, it isn’t THE Cory? You’re pulling my
leg!” Sue smiled. Giggling, she told me Alex’s
brother was the same Cory that had fucked her several
times just a couple of weeks earlier.

I asked Sue what he said when he saw her standing
there, with him still thinking her name was MANDY!
Sue said that at first, both of them had seemed to go
into shock. Then both seemed to silently agree to act
like they were meeting for the first time.

Neither of us knew what to do. We were caught! We
never would have expected to see Cory again after
that night. The connection between this Cory and
Alex’s brother Cory had never crossed either of our
minds. Sue said maybe she had an idea that might
work. She told me to go back upstairs and when I
heard Cory go to the kitchen, I was to go down the
front steps and greet Moni and Alex. I was to just go
along with anything that might happen. Not knowing
what my wife was planning, I was a bit nervous. I
didn’t have any idea what to do with the situation so
I thought I might as well go along for the ride.

After I was upstairs, I heard Sue return to our guests
and serve them drinks. She asked Cory to help her in
the kitchen for a minute. The beef roast in the oven
was large and heavy, she said, and she needed help
taking it out of the oven. I heard Sue and Cory talking
in the kitchen and I went down to greet Cory’s mom
and sister.

Moni said she wished we could get together again
REAL soon, adding that if Cory wasn’t there she’d be
sucking me off right now. I told her thanks, that is
all I needed-a hard on-when I met her son!

Sue and Cory had been alone in the kitchen for about
15 minutes when Alex joked that Sue and Cory must
be doing “more than just getting the dinner out of the
oven.” I was beginning to wonder about what Sue was
up to myself and was going to go in and check on
things when Alex rose and took off in the direction of
the kitchen. Before I could stop her, Alex had entered
the kitchen and Moni and I heard a little scream from

Moni and I ran to the kitchen doorway, opened the
swinging door, and stood there staring in shock at
the scene before us. Alex was standing frozen also,
watching my wife on her knees sucking her brother’s
thick, rock-hard cock. Cory had a big smile on his
face as he watched Sue slavering over his swollen
prick. As the three of us watched, it became evident
that Sue had been sucking him for a while. He was
very close to cumming.

As I watched my wife sucking this man, trying to draw
his cum into her throat, I watched the expressions on
Alex and Moni’s faces. They were staring in disbelief
at the sight they were being treated to. As if on
cue, I saw each of their tongues come out and wet
their own lips. They were getting turned on!

About 30 seconds after the three of us entered the
kitchen, Cory let out a big groan and slammed his
thick cock deep into Sue’s bloating mouth. As the
husband of the woman sucking him, his mother and
his sister watched, he unloaded his scalding cum into
Sue’s mouth. He grabbed her head to hold her steady
as he fucked into her mouth like a hot cunt. Sue’s
cheeks were bellowing as she tried to get all of his
spunk. Her eyes were now open and she was looking
me directly in the eyes. Her pupils rolled back as he
continued to spray her mouth and throat with the
copious amounts of male jism.

Sue rose up, straightened her hair, wiped the drooling
cum from her chin with her fingers and sucked her
fingers clean. Cory pulled his pants up from around
his knees. We all stood there, no one knowing what
exactly to say.

Sue was first. She explained how we had met Cory
already before tonight. As Moni and Alex listened
intently, and Sue began fussing with the dinner again,
Sue told the whole story in detail of her birthday
present from me.

Sue told us that when Cory had come into the kitchen,
he immediately had lots of questions. She had
explained about our “fantasy night,” begging him not
to be offended or feel deceived. He was, although
very shocked at first, quite understanding and said
that he hoped that they could “get together” again
before he left for New York.

Sue said that’s when she had hit him with the rest!
She had told Cory about how we had been carrying on
a “relationship” with his sister, which he had trouble
believing. When Sue told him about his own mother
joining us once also, he was speechless. He didn’t
believe Sue about his mother until Sue told him about
what a horny lady she was. He remembered many a
night hearing his dad fucking his mother, sometimes a
couple of times a night. Sue had asked him what made
him think that she didn’t NEED sex since the death of
his father.

Sue had seduced Cory with talk of how sexy his
mother and sister were. He had gotten a raging hard
on listening to Sue tell of the wild sex that his mother,
sister, Sue and I had been having. Sue had dropped to
her knees, lowered his pants and licked his balls and
cock while telling him of our exploits. Sue told him
how his mother and sister would probably LOVE to
be sucking his fat cock as she was doing. His cock
jerked up and down several times at the thought. Sue
knew the idea of sex with his own mother and sister
was exciting Cory but could tell he was confused,
probably as to the morality of it.

Sue had been counting on us to “surprise” them in the
kitchen. For a while, she said, she was wondering if
Cory was going to blast his cum into her mouth before
any of us “caught” them.

The five of us talked about our thoughts on the
aspects of incestual sex while eating dinner. This was
a first for all of us, as far as dinner conversation.
It was generally decided that we were all consenting
adults and could see no fault in our wonderful

Alex told all of us that she had been having fantasies
for years about her brother. She told Cory that she
saw him masturbating in his room once when he thought
he was home alone. She said she had gotten very excited
seeing how big his cock was and when she saw him
cumming, squirting gobs of male cum onto his stomach,
she had ran to her room and fingered her own pussy to
a great orgasm. She looked Cory in the eyes and told
him she would have loved to lick his cum from his
hairy stomach. She asked Cory if he thought his baby
sister was a pervert.

Before he could answer Alex’s question, Moni said
that she, too, had wondered about sex with her son on
occasion. She said that many times, she could tell that
her son was jacking off into his underwear. She said
she could smell his cum on his shorts when she did
the laundry. Moni said she had often wondered what
his cock looked like-she hadn’t seen it for many
years. She knew it had to have been growing with the
rest of him. He was about the same size as his father,
so she figured his cock was probably about the same
size, also. She said Cory’s father had had a large, fat
cock and lots of hair on his body. Moni admitted she
was very aroused ever since she had seen her son’s
cock fucking into my wife’s mouth. She said Cory
resembled his father so much that it was eerie. Moni
thought that maybe Cory’s cock was even fatter than
his dad’s, though-if that was possible.

Cory’s head seemed to be spinning with everything
taking place. I asked Cory if he would like to fuck
his sister and his mother. He stammered as he nodded,
looking Alex and Moni over in a different way than
he had openly done before. Cory said he’d known
Alex was watching him beat off that time. He said he
had really enjoyed putting on a show for his little
sister. At the time, he’d sort of wished his sister
would let him watch her masturbate some time also, but
didn’t have the guts to ask. He added that he had
“forgetfully” left the door ajar several other times
in hopes of getting caught again by Alex, or maybe even
by his mother. He said he’d always felt guilty about
his thoughts of being watched by his mother and sister
while he jacked off. He said he’d masturbate thinking
about having sex with either one of them, adding that
although these thoughts gave him the most intense
orgasms when jacking off, he always felt guilty about
it after. Though amazed at where this night seemed to
be heading, he said he was getting pretty horny

Alex leaned over and whispered something into her
mother’s ear. They smiled and nodded at each other.
Alex boldly asked Cory if he would still like to see
her make herself cum. If so, she said, she would love
to give him a show like he had done for her years ago.
She said her pussy was very wet right now and she
NEEDED release soon. Alex added that if he wanted
to see it, “Mom” would like to masturbate in front of
her son also! Cory’s mom said that the ONLY
stipulation was that Cory would masturbate his cock
in front of them at the same time.

Sue jumped in and asked if she and I were going to be
included in this. She said she thought Cory would
love to see her and his sister or mother eating each
other’s pussies and watch me fucking both of them,
also. Sue was really getting excited thinking about
seeing this “boy” fucking his own mother and sister.
I knew she was REAL ANXIOUS to get her pussy lips
wrapped around his cock, too. She was remembering
how stuffed she was on her birthday night. Her pussy
was aching already in anticipation of being stretched
open with his big staff.

I asked if everyone would like to go upstairs to the
bedroom and get more comfortable. Everyone got up
at once, leaving the table with the dishes and food for
later. No-one was in the mood to do dishes at the time.

We all went upstairs and as Cory and I went into the
master bedroom, the girls disappeared into the guest
room together and closed the door. Sue told us to get
comfortable and that they would be right in.

I started stripping, Cory felt a little apprehensive at
first, but followed my lead soon after. Soon, there we
were in the bedroom, two naked men standing there
with rock-hard cocks pointed at each other. We both
started to laugh-the situation was just too much. We
got into bed next to each other and anxiously awaited
the women. When the door opened we were laying on
the bed, our cocks waving back and forth in the
breeze. I had turned the lights down lower than
normal with the dimmer switch.

Seconds later, Cory and I were joined by the three
lovely ladies. They had taken off all of their clothes
in the other room. Moni ran her hand over her son’s
hairy chest and stomach and rest it on his engorged
cock. She gave it a little squeeze and then told Cory
and I to get ready for a good show.

Cory and I fluffed up pillows behind our backs and sat
up against the headboard. The three girls flipped
around until their feet and legs were laying over ours.
Each spread her legs, giving both of us guys a
fantastic view into three gorgeous cunts. Each put a
pillow under her head so she could look at us. In
unison, each woman ran her hands down to her pussy.
Each inserted a middle finger into herself and then, as
if on cue, licked her own juices from her fingers.

Moni used one hand to spread her pussy lips apart,
showing her son and me her engorged clit sticking out
from her hairy muff. She used her other hand to rub
her hard clit, saying, “My pussy is SOOOO HOT!
Look at Mommy’s cunt! My pussy is just dripping
with juices.” Cory and I watched as Moni inserted her
whole right hand inside of her pussy. She fucked her
hand into her cunt until almost all of it had
disappeared. We watched in total amazement as
Cory’s mother hand-fucked herself, her thick pussy
lips wrapping around her small hand. Every time she
pulled her hand almost all the way out we could see
her juices coating her fingers and palm. Moni was
moaning and jerking her hips as she fucked herself to
the delight of her son and me.

Alex was finger-fucking herself with rapid strokes.
She rolled her own clit in her fingers, causing it to
swell and twitch. She was staring at her brother’s
massive weapon sticking straight up to the ceiling.
She was really getting excited putting on a show for
Cory and me. She watched in awe as her mother hand-
fucked herself. Alex attempted to copy her mother,
but her pussy was MUCH tighter and would not take
her small hand.

My wife was playing with her pussy with one hand
and using the other to hold one of her big tits to her
own mouth. She said she loved to suck on her own tits
as she masturbated.

Moni looked at Cory and me, as we both sat there
watching the show, and said, “The deal was that you
guys were going to let us watch you masturbate, too!
Come on, honey-Mommy wants to see her beautiful
son pumping on his cock. If you do real good,
Mommy will let you cum in her mouth. Would you
like to spray your mother’s face with your hot white

That was enough for either of us! We each grabbed
our own cocks and started a steady pumping. The
women’s eyes were going from Cory to me.
Obviously they really enjoyed watching a man please

Alex yelled out, “I have dibs on John’s cum!!” Sue
told her she could suck it from her husband’s cock,
but she had to share it with her. Moni said that she
was going to suck her son’s hard cock, swallowing
ALL of his sperm as he came. She impressed upon
everyone how much she was looking forward to this
TABU act of love with her son.

I was enjoying watching the girls play with their own
pussies, but really wanted to feel those teenage lips
wrapped around my cock again. I told Alex that I was
going to cum soon, knowing that I would if I got her
sucking my joint for a bit. Sue winked at me, knowing
what I was doing, and told Alex that she had better
get that cock in her mouth before she missed my cum.
Alex turned over, crawled between my legs, and sank
my hard cock into her mouth. As Cory looked on, his
sister swallowed more of my cock, making loud
sucking noises. He watched her reach up and cup my
balls in her left hand, causing me to groan aloud.
Cory jumped when he felt Alex reach over and caress
his balls with her free hand. As she rolled her
brother’s balls in her hand she moaned and came off
of my cock. She told Cory that he had the biggest
balls she had ever felt or seen. I grabbed Alex’s head
and returned her to my cock, her lips and tongue felt
like velvet as she engulfed my cock in her mouth

Cory turned to Moni and said, “Mom, would you like
to suck on my cock like sis is doing to John? I can’t
believe that I am asking my own mother to suck me off,
but I want to feel my cock in your mouth real bad!
I’m going to cum very soon.” His hand had increased
the speed of his hand fucking. He was getting close.

Moni pulled her cunt-soaked hand from her pussy and
flipped around between her son’s legs. Cory reached
out and took her hand, moving it to his lips so that
he could lick his mother’s juices from it. When he
told Moni how great she tasted, she grabbed his cock
and stuffed it deep into her mouth.

Cory slammed his hips forward to jam all of his fat
cock into his mother’s face. He shouted, “Oh Mom,
suck me! Your mouth feels so good on my hard cock!
Before tonight, I never would”ve thought I’d be
herelike this, watching Alex suck a man off as my
own mother sucks me off! Get readt Mom, I’m going
to shoot real soon! I want to see you suck my cum
from me! Swallow it, Mom!”

The whole scene had me going! I slammed into
Alex’s mouth, my balls slapping loudly against her
chin. Sue was still playing with her pussy with one
hand as she finger-fucked Alex with the other. I
blasted my load deep into this kid’s throat, watching
her cheeks bellow in and out as she tried to swallow
all of my thick spunk. Sue told her to save some for
her. Alex stopped swallowing and took my last spurt
into her mouth, holding it there as my cock finished
draining into her. Sue crawled over and Alex turned to
kiss my wife. I saw, as Alex tongue fucked Sue’s
mouth, my cum dripping and running into Sue’s open

I saw Cory reach out and grab his mother by the ears,
holding her head steady as he face-fucked her. She let
him brutally fuck her mouth, enjoying the feel of her
son’s cock in her mouth. Cory yelped and I watched
spurt after spurt of his hot cum flying into his
mother’s mouth. Moni was swallowing as fast as she
could, trying to keep ALL of his cum inside of her.
Seeing that huge, fat cock buried in Moni’s mouth
was a real turn on. Her mouth could take a fat cock
just like her pussy could.

Cory’s cock didn’t soften after cumming in his
mother’s mouth. He told Moni he wanted to fuck her,
telling her he thought she was beautiful. His hands
were squeezing her large, floppy tits. He looked like
a kid with a new toy.

Moni turned onto her back and pulled her legs back,
opening her thighs wide. Cory was gazing into his
mother’s dripping pussy and bent forward to run his
tongue through the thick bush and over her extended
clit. Moni humped and bucked into his face and told
him that she really enjoyed having him lick her, but
she just had to fuck him RIGHT NOW!

Cory crawled between his mother’s legs, his cock
poised at the entrance of her open cunt. Moni reached
down and inserted her son’s cock into her pussy. As
big as her cunt was, Cory’s cock was stretching it
wider. Moni screamed out, “Now my darling son, ram
Mommy with your hard cock! Bury yourself in Mommy’s
pussy! Your cock is SO BIG, just like your Daddy’s
was! Daddy’s was fat, too, but not as fat as yours!

Sue squatted over my cock, which had sprung to life
again watching Cory and his mother fuck. She
lowered herself onto my hard-on, sinking down until
her pussy lips rubbed my balls. Alex was running her
hands over everyone, feeling every private part she
could reach. She enjoyed running her hand through
her brother’s thick mass of chest and stomach hair as
she watched his cock saw in and out of their mother.

Sue screamed the arrival of her orgasm. Alex was
rubbing Sue’s clit for her as she pounded up and down
on my cock. I felt her cunt lips squeeze me like a vise
as she rode into her orgasm.

Cory was next and loudly let it be known that he was
filling his mother’s cunt with his white, hot, slimy
cum. He fucked into her like a rabbit. His ass
pumping was a blur. Moni told him she could feel his
cum slamming into her pussy walls. She kept yelling
for him to fuck her harder and faster. I didn’t see
how he could go ANY harder OR faster!

Moni bellowed out that she was cumming. She bucked
into her son as he fucked deep into her soaked
and dripping pussy. Her heels on Cory’s ass spurred
him on.

Sue got off me, rolling onto her back to rest. Cory had
pulled out of his mother’s pussy and done the same
thing. As the three of them lay there, I looked at Alex,
who was staring at my still-hard cock.

Alex looked into Cory’s eyes and said, “Cory, I want
you to watch me fuck John. Watch as his hard cock
slides into my tight little pussy. I want you to think
how good it is going to feel when I let you fuck me.
My pussy is HOT, WET, TIGHT and starved for
sank onto my hard cock, burying it into her young

Cory, Moni and Sue watched little Alex bounce up
and down on my cock. Her hard tits were bouncing
around, slapping into each other as Alex moved in a
circular motion at the same time as up and down. I
reached up and played with her teenage tits, feeling
her taut, smooth, flawless skin. I rolled her rock-hard
nipples in my fingers, squeezing them until she
moaned in pain/pleasure. It only took me about 15
minutes to fill this little woman with my hot cum. Her
cunt squeezed every drop from my cock. I was totally
fucked out!

Alex rolled off me and Sue fell between her legs to
clean my cum from her young cunt. When she had
finished, Cory climbed between his sister’s
widespread legs and in one quick stab, entered her
tight pussy. She had to spread her legs wider than
ever before. She had never had such a wide cock
filling her. She told her brother how good he felt
inside of her. She told him he could fuck her any time
he wanted, day or night. Moni told Alex that fucking
Cory was much like fucking their dad. Cory was built
much the same, but his cock was wider.

Cory was really enjoying fucking his sister. He had
thought many times in the past of doing just this. He
hoped this was not just one of the GREAT dreams he
used to have. Cory pummeled his sister’s cunt for
more than 40 minutes. She didn’t mind at all; her
pussy was still juicing around his cock. She had three
orgasms by the time Cory shot his load into her
squeezing pussy. Moni and Sue had been running
their hands all over Cory’s body as he fucked Alex.

About two hours later we all got up and began getting
dressed. Cory said he wished that he didn’t have to
leave in two days for his new job. Moni told him she
and Alex had plenty for him to do between now and
then. Moni said they needed to enjoy their time
together now, as they wouldn’t see him again for a
while. I knew Cory had a lot of work cut out for him
trying to keep these two insatiable women satisfied
for two more days. I envied him and pitied him,
knowing there was no way I could continue for
another two days straight!