The Training of Al Smythe

My name is Alfonse Smythe, Al for short. I am a PHD
candidate in American Literature and a TA (teacher’s
assistant) to help pay some of my costs. Linda was one
of my pupils in her senior year and was graduating at
the end of this term. Linda is pretty, self-assured,
tall and slender with a commanding presence. With her
good health and commanding personality, clearly an
outdoor girl, she was extremely popular, with the guys.
I fell madly in love with her.

Being shy, I did not force myself on Linda and she took
no interest in me. You might say I am delicate and am a
little effeminate, but I am not a fagot or a pervert. I
like girls, and definitely I liked Linda who I noticed
from the first day she came to my class. I could not
keep my eyes off her; taking great care she did not
catch me doing it. When alone in my office or at home,
I would think about her and with her in mind fantasize
and masturbate.

I am not a stalker but felt a need after class to follow
her at a prudent distance, watch over her and see that
no harm would come to her. She seemed to prefer the big
guys. I noticed her from time to time with a different
one, some would stay the night in her room but I’m sure,
she did not take any too seriously since she did not go
steady with any particular one.

About, one month into the term, she knocked on my door
at work, a small cubical assigned to me at the end of a
corridor, (laughingly called an office). She stuck her
head in and asked to see me. I welcomed her in and hoped
my love for her was not too apparent. She asked for a
favor. She was having difficulties doing her term
papers both for her psychology course and my course.
Writing, she explained was not her thing. She let these
assignments for class slide, being busy with other
things on campus. She was desperate. Would I Help? Of
course I would help. Being careful not to give away my
feelings for her we went to work to get the papers
written. I helped her make an outline of what to say,
put things in a logical order and made suggestions. I
have to admit, I did much of the work but she did some
and she got A’s on both papers. I loved being with her.

Even after the completion of her term papers, she
continued to use my assistance for some of her other
school assignments as she was extremely busy with her
other activities. I was more then willing to help. I
loved her and I would masturbate by just thinking about

One day I goofed, I should have locked my door, but I
was negligent and she walked in while I was yanking off.
How could this happen to me? Just as I was shooting my
load she appeared at my door, smiling, giggling and
watched me cum off. Hell could be no worse then to have
her see me like this.

She said, “Sorry, I caught you at a bad time, see ya
later” and left. What could I say to her? I was
mortified and embarrassed. I was deathly afraid that I
would lose her. What to do?

I slept little that night trying to figure out how I
could face Linda.

The next day in class she made a hi-sign to me as if
nothing happened. I was nonetheless flustered. I don’t
know how I got through the class with her sitting there,
but I did. It was at 4 that afternoon, there was a
knock on my door. Could it be Linda? She always just
walks in. I yelled, “Who’s there?”

“It’s me Linda, are you” giggle “preoccupied? Can I
come in?”

“Sure, come in, I’m not doing anything,” and then
realized how she would misinterpret the double meaning
in my response. If I was flustered in class, I was
really flustered now.

I stuttered, “Linda please let me explain..”

She interrupted, “it’s not necessary, I understand,
you’re no different then other guys I know. You can’t
control your urges. It’s OK. You can’t help it. I
won’t hold it against you.” Thank God, I felt, she

She turned to leave then turned back, and as an after
thought said, “but you were a naughty boy. You must be
punished.” “Of course” she continued, “If you feel, I
shouldn’t, that’s OK, I won’t and I’ll have to find
someone else to help me with my homework. Then I won’t
be able to see you except in class.”

In panic I said, “No, no, no, you are right, I should be
punished. I was at fault. Please do it.”

“Well, if you insist, maybe after classes tomorrow.”
with this, smiling, she left my office.

“Are you decent?” she said with amusement, as she popped
her head in my office the next day, and marched into my
office before I had time even to give an answer.

“Linda, please, I’ve been thinking all day about all
this and let’s talk .”

Before I could continue, she interrupted by dropping a
nylon rope about five foot long on my desk and she said,
“sure, we can discuss this but what is there to say, you
did what you did, you are not innocent are you?” and did
not give me an opportunity to say anything further.

She proceeded in making two small loops in the rope two
feet apart in the center of the rope. I was mesmerized
by what she was doing. She said, “Stand up.” I stood
before her she nudged off my jacket.

“Hold on, let me explain.” Not waiting, she proceeded
to put each of my wrists in a separate loop, tighten the
loops by pulling the ends of the rope, turning me around
pulling each ends of the rope around me tight and tying
them together in the back. She effectively pulled my
hands to my sides so that my hands were bound and

“Linda, wait, I don’t know whether . ” but before I
finished she proceeded to bunch up my shirt and
undershirt above my bound hands.

“That’s not too tight, is it?” she said, and not waiting
for an answer she pulled my belt out from the loops in
my trousers. She unbuttoned the top buttons of my pants
and pulled the zipper down and hooked her thumbs in the
sides of my trousers and shorts; yanked them down to my
thighs exposing my penis and ass.

“Oh look” she said as she lifted up my penis, “it’s
getting hard. You really can’t control yourself, can
you?” she laughed. She pulled me over to the end of my
desk, loosen my tie and with it pulled me down so that
my chest and head rested at the end of my desk. I was
bent over so that my bear ass hung out leaving me
totally exposed.

“There, are you comfy?” she said but again not waiting
for an answer I heard the swish and my belt lashed
across my ass.

“Yeow” I screamed “that hurts.” That was an
understatement, it was excruciatingly painful.

“Hurts” she said. “Of course it hurts, if it didn’t it
wouldn’t be any good” and swish came the next lash
across my ass.

“Yeow, Please Linda, enough, I’m sorry.” I pleaded.
She showed no mercy and the third one landed across my
ass even harder. “Yeow” I screamed again. Into my
office came Mrs. Hudson.

Mrs. Edith Hudson is the secretary of the professor
under whom I and two other TAs teach and also she does
secretarial work for them and me. She’s in her early
40s, short and plump, and teaches Sunday school at her

“What’s all the noise? What’s going on?” she said on
coming through the door. “Oh my” she said on seeing me
bent over with my exposed bare ass. I was mortified.
What could she think of me being disciplined like a
small child.

“He’s being punished. I caught him masturbating” Linda
explained. I didn’t know what was worse, Mrs. Hudson
finding me like this or the whipping I was getting from
Linda, but surely she would come to my aid and stop it.
After some thought she said, “Can I watch?”

“Sure” said Linda. “He is making a lot of noise,” said
Mrs. Hudson. “I can fix that,” said Linda.

Linda came around to the other side of my desk, lifted
up my head with one hand and with the other stuffed a
handkerchief that she took from her pocket into my
mouth. She proceeded to take my loosen tie from under
my collar and wrapped it around my mouth and tied the
ends at the back of my head, effectively prevented me
from spitting out her gag. “There,” she said “that will
keep him quiet.” She then gave another lash, hard
across my ass. “Umpf ” was my muffled response to the
pain inflicted on me.

Mrs. Hudson then asked Linda, “can I get you something,
coffee, a coke?” “That would be nice. A coke would be
fine. I can drink it straight from the bottle” was
Linda’s’ response and she gave me another lash. “Umpf”
it hurt. Mrs. Hudson gave Linda the cold coke she took
from the small cooler in my office. “Thank you” she said
and took a drink, “That hits the spot.” She continued
by pulling my trousers all the way down to my ankles, no
doubt to get a better target.

“Look” said Mrs. Hudson, “he definitely has an erection.
Do you think he will have a premature ejaculation?”

“He better not or I double his punishment, ” said Linda
and she gave me three more in rapid succession. Oh my
God, it hurt. “Just two more and we will be through,”
said Linda. She gave them to me and said to me “very
good” and she gave me hug and a kiss. Down deep I felt
she loves me, maybe not as much as I loved her but now
there was a bond between us. The whipping showed she
cared for me.

“Down on your knees. ” she said, ” I am proud of you I
am going to give you a treat.” Obviously, now she
remembered that Mrs. Hudson was watching us, and she
said to her “that is if you don’t mind?”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” Replied Mrs. Hudson, “In fact, I
find this very stimulating. This is very edifying as I
can use this on the deacon at church who is making
advances on me on Sunday after church services.”

Linda sat down in my chair at my desk and rolled it
before me as I kneeled down in front of her as she
pulled down her jeans and panties and kicked them aside
to bear her hairy cunt before me and said “lick me, you
made me horny.” After she removed my gag and tie to give
me access, I hungrily dug in her juicy slit with my
tongue and proceeded to get her juices over my nose,
face and chin and her cunt odors wafted in my nostrils.
I was in my glory as she accepted my ministrations with
grunts, groans and finally with an organism.

“Not bad, ” she said, “and now it’s your turn. Stand
up.” I stood up before her with my hands still bound
and immobilized, naked from the waist down except for my
trousers on my shoes and socks at my ankles. Linda,
always prepared, dug in her purse that she had placed on
my desk when she first came in and pulled out a
throwaway latex glove similar to the ones doctors use on
giving a rectal examination. She put it on her left
hand and put two fingers in a jar containing a greasy
substance and proceeded to insert those two fingers in
my ass hole. I had an intense hard on and she firmly
grabbed my cock with her right hand. She wiggled her
fingers in my ass hole and I couldn’t hold back and
pumped away with grunts of pleasure. In short order I
shot my load on my desk. “Yuck” she said, “you
certainly made a mess.”

Linda then removed the glove from her left hand threw it
into the waist basket and wiped her hands on the tail of
my shirt. She then turned to Mrs. Hudson, who I forgot
was there. I was embarrassed and humiliated knowing
that Mrs. Hudson had watched the goings on and said to
her, “Would you mind doing me a favor?”

“What’s that?” she answered. “I have a date with my
boyfriend, we will be getting a bite to eat and plan to
go to that new disco that just opened up off campus. Do
you mind that I leave now and will you clean him up for

“Sure go ahead. I will take care of him. It will be my
pleasure,” Mrs. Hudson said.

“Thanks, and by the way, leave the rope in his desk
drawer since I will probably use it again later on,”
said Linda as she straightened herself up and left.

“You’re not going to tell anybody about what happened
here?” I asked Mrs. Hudson as she proceeded in untying
me and helping me get my composure back.

“Certainly not,” she said to my relief “No one would
understand,” she continued, as she led me into the
adjoining little bathroom that I shared with the TA on
the other side of it. She used a wash cloth on my face,
found some salve in the medicine cabinet above the sink,
took a dab of it and gently spread it on my ass
relieving some of the sting and residual heat I suffered
from the whipping. She helped me pull up my shorts and
pants. “There,” she said, “I hope, you’re OK now.
Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.” She repeated
obviously to give me reassurance. Gave me a little pat
on my ass and said as she left, “have a nice day.”

Over the weekend, reliving the events I enjoyed with
Linda, I masturbated. She continued to use me for her
homework, since she was very busy with her other
activities and I was filled with joy whenever she would
give me some of her busy time. Whenever she felt it
necessary to punish me for my evil thoughts she would
whip me, sometimes Mrs. Hudson would watch and
sometimes not, and she frequently let me lick her and
then yank me off.

She would not let me penetrate her with my hands and
definitely not my penis since, as she explained to me,
she had too high a regard for me. She acknowledged that
she let some of the boys go to bed with her, but they
didn’t count since they were mere students whom she
didn’t take seriously. However, I was different, I was
someone she had respect for, someone with a brain, not
just a penis and she was very fond of me. I could
understand, but hoped eventually, we could become real
lovers and maybe even marry.

She told me that she knew from the beginning that I
followed her, and that she didn’t mind if it pleased me.
On occasion she told me she had to restrain some of the
guys who wanted to beat me up for following them, and
told them to mind their own business. I thought I was
so careful not to be observed, and was consternated on
finding out that she knew what I was doing, but I was
relieved in that she would not hold this against me.

The term was getting close to the end, I realized that I
would soon lose Linda so I got up the nerve and asked
her to marry me. I told her how much I loved her; I
would not expect her to give up her active social life
with other guys as long as she would not leave me; I
would get a better job to support her; furnish her with
her needs, and she would have control of all my
earnings. ” Just don’t leave me,” I begged her. She
told me she would think about my proposal.

A couple days later, she told me that she was going home
after graduation, but had not made up her mind about me.
She had contacted her parents and they had suggested
that I spend the summer with them and her at their ranch
in Kentucky and she would let me know later what she
decided about marriage.

I discovered that her parents were quite wealthy; her
father had made a great deal from investing and
continued to invest successfully and her mother bred and
trained show horses. Their principal residence was a
horse ranch in Kentucky where we were going to spend the
summer. Her father supplied the air fair since I could
not afford first class and he insisted that this was the
way we were to come. I was to travel light and put my
other belongings in storage since as his guest it would
be his pleasure to supply all my clothing and other
needs for he knew what they would be for informal living
on a ranch.

I was pleasantly surprised at my warm welcome I received
from both her father and mother. Her father’s name was
David. He was a well-built man, in his mid 40s, stocky
but not fat, and graying at the temples. Her mother,
Sarah, in her early 40s, was tall and slender somewhat
like Linda, and I could see how Linda got her good
looks. Both were obviously outdoor people in the pink
of health. They were very gracious to me and seemed to
be genuinely glad to have me as a guest for the summer.

Linda’s father, obviously proud of the ranch, gave me a
quick tour of it on our arrival. It was a busy place, a
few horses in the pasture lazily munching on grass,
others going through their paces with a trainer in a
fenced in yard not far from the barn containing their
stalls and the carriage house with stable equipment,
fittings, saddles, harnesses, bridles, bits and reins.
Everything was clean and neat in its place.

Linda and her mother, while her father was showing me
around, saddled up and mounted some fine looking Studs
and while riding them at a slow trot, Linda was
obviously telling her mother how things went at school.

Her father after our quick tour of the ranch took me to
the large ranch house. It was impressive. He showed me
to my room. It was quite something; a good size room
with a fine heavy wood bed, a TV in the room and a
computer. The closet contained clothing, flannel
shirts, slacks and jeans all my size. There was
underwear, and other necessities neatly put away in the
large dresser, and toilet ware in the attached bathroom.
They certainly went to a lot of trouble for me. Linda
must have supplied them with the information they would
have needed to have the specifications for the clothes
to fit. Her parents were so friendly, and understanding
I felt certainly they would be on my side in convincing
Linda to marry me.

Dave suggested I wash up, catch a nap, and he will see
me at supper at 6.30. I welcomed his suggestion, and
did just that. After my rest, I selected a checkered
red flannel shirt and slacks, since I sensed the
informality of this place. At about 6.15 I heard the
guests who had begun to arrive and went to join them.
Dave suggested a drink before supper. I gladly accepted
a martini, and was introduced to the others there, the
trainer, two couples who were neighbors, another man who
was in charge of running the ranch and a girl friend of
Linda’s. We all went in for supper that was sumptuous.

Sarah sat next to me and through supper and told me
about the great kick she had from breeding, training and
selling show horses at horse shows and by advertising.
From a couple of her award-winning stallions she
collected semen that she sold to inseminate mares, since
there was a good market for it. I listened politely,
although I wasn’t really interested. However, my ears
perked up, when she proceeded in telling me that there
were some men, maybe not many, but some men who were
meant to serve others and they should, in her view be
trained like her show horses.

I would not buy that, and told her I could not believe
it. She insisted it was true; I politely decided I
would not argue the point and leave her to her

After supper we all went to the game room to have a
brandy or if we prefer a glass of sweet port to
socialize, relax and enjoy each other’s company. It was
a large room, with large, heavy, comfortable furniture
and a billiard table. Dave took me around the room to
show me his display of rifles and guns on show on the
wall. He also proudly showed me the many whips and
paddles hung up, a bullwhip, a cat with nine tails,
custom crafted floggers, quirts and crops so necessary
for the horseman, and Sarah’s favorite, a leather strap,
3 inch wide by 22 inch long with multibraided leather
handle that she used for training, presumably horses.
She called it Ole Faithful, I was told.

Sarah said, “Let’s begin,” and whispered instructions to
her housekeeper, a heavy set Mexican women whom together
with her good looking 17 year old daughter, also on
staff, wheeled into the center of the room a heavy stand
with a saddle on it waist high, the wheels being locked
in place. Sarah motioned me to come over, which I did
to find out what she wanted. Sarah gave her housekeeper
a signal and the housekeeper took hold of both my hands
and before I had a chance to object; her daughter being
behind me, inserted a ball gag in my mouth and firmly
tied the two straps attached to it at the back of my
head so that I could neither protest or spit the gag out
of my mouth. The two of them pulled me over the saddle
so that I was bent over it with my rear end up and the
rest of me folded over. They attached each hand by
cuffs to rings at each end in the front of the stand and
at the bottom of it.

I was the center of attention, and I could hear the
amused comments about me in this uncompromising
position. I was shocked and embarrassed but also
excited in knowing that everyone there was watching with
anticipation what was to happening to me. Sarah
instructed her helpers, “Strip him completely and get me
Ole Faithful.”

As the housekeeper and her daughter pulled my shirt and
under shirt over my head and down my arms; pulled my
pants and shorts down my legs. Sarah whispered in my
ear “relax, this is going to hurt a little but it is
necessary if you are to accomplish your raison d’etre
and you must learn to give pleasure to others before
your own.” With this comment not long off her lips Ole
faithful landed across my ass. It definitely hurt.
Then came another, and another, and another. It was
unbearable and I had no way to avoid the punishment. My
penis, not knowing any better, was erect and was in full
view of those in the room, each watching, whispering
approval, and enjoying the spectacle.

After about ten strokes with Ole Faithful, Sarah turned
to her assistants and said, “I want him clean, both
inside and out.” They knew what to do, left and came
back with a full enema bag. They emptied the contents
in my ass, released the cuffs from the rings at the
bottom of the stand and attached the cuffs to leather
strips, front and back binding my hands to my sides.
Kicking my clothes aside, still gagged, they forced me
to accompany them naked with my penis throbbing with a
hard on.

I was taken to a large bathroom where I relieve myself,
given a second enema and then a third so that I would
be perfectly clean inside. The housekeeper gave me two
sharp strokes across my ass with a crop that she carried
hooked to her belt to persuade me that obedience was
better then valor. They shaved my entire body from the
shoulders down except the hair around my penis, which
was trimmed, thank you, to leave some evidence of my
manhood. They well greased my ass hole, dusted me with
baby talcum powder, put a bow ribbon on my penis and led
me back to the play room.

I was taken directly to Sarah, and the whole room fell
into hushed silence as all attention was drawn to me.
Sarah brought me over to her husband and said to him,
“Enjoy darling.”

She then said to me, “on your knees,” and gently ran Ole
faithful along my back so that I would understand she
meant business. Releasing my gag with her other hand
she said “open your mouth.”

I, being prudent, complied, as Dave unzipped his fly and
he pulled out his long thick cock, inserted it into my
mouth where it made itself at home. He said, “suck.”
Half way in becoming enlarged, it filled my mouth. He
said, “If you want to become a good cocksucker, you have
to learn to take it all the way. It ain’t that hard.
Just concentrate and enjoy it.” Holding my head by my
ears for leverage, he pushed it further down my throat
where I managed to swallow his large appendage without

As he withdrew it slowly I took a breath and sucked it
and before it came out of my mouth he reversed direction
and shoved it back down my throat. Again he withdrew it
partly, I breathed and sucked, and back down it went.
His rhythm became faster and I accommodated him for
which he showed his appreciation, by grunts, groans and
words of encouragement.

He said, “I’m cuming. Now swallow it immediately, so
that it doesn’t go into your windpipe, bon appetite, ”
and his weapon discharged; in fact it discharged three
times before his gun was empty. As he withdrew it he
squeezed it so that I would get the last drop. In
truth, it didn’t taste bad at all, like raw oysters or
caviar, very tasty.

There was applause and clapping by the onlookers, and I
heard, “good show,” by someone in the audience. I also
heard Linda telling her mother, “Didn’t I tell you, he’s
a natural. He will be great to train.”

Sarah came over to me and from my chin gathered some
drops of semen with her finger and placed the drippings
in my mouth where it belonged. She turned to the others
in the room and asked, “Who’s next?”

I was passed from one to another. The men either
sodomized me up my ass or gave me more lessons in the
techniques of fellatio. The women either had me perform
cunnilingus or analingus or both on them. They worked
me to complete exhaustion to satisfy their carnal
pleasures but did not allow my organ the same privilege
even though it stood ready, willing and able to

After everyone seemed to have had there fill, Sarah gave
instructions to her hired help to prepare me for next
day by relieving me of my heighten need to satisfy the
demands of my engorged prick, wash me up and make
certain that I get enough rest to start my exercising
schedule. The cute daughter of the housekeeper led me
to the center of the room and with her latex gloved left
hand pressed two fingers up my ass, giggling grabbed
peter with her right hand and I did the rest. I pumped
away and with groans of pleasure shot my load into a
waist basket that she with foresight placed in front of
me. With loud approval of the company and with their
well wishes, I was led away for her to complete her

After my shower, and after I put on the silk pajamas
that was laid out for me, the young mistress told me to
go to sleep since I will be required to get up early for
breakfast. She gave me a kiss and assured me we would
get together alone later. With a knowing smile, she
left and locked my door on the outside. I checked the
window for the other way out if I had the courage and
energy to escape. It could not be opened and instead of
glass, installed was one inch thick plastic. No one
could break out through the window. Resigned, to the
fact that I was not going anywhere, I went to sleep, and
being exhausted, slept like a log.

“Get up, faggot,” shouted the housekeeper, as she rudely
shook me out of my deep sleep “and don’t you dare jack
off.” I could not help the hard on I had. She
virtually threw me out of bed. She sat down on the edge
of the bed and pulled me over her lap and pulled down my
pajama bottom. She shoved in my ass a greasy nozzle
from the enema hose, the enema having been previously
hung on the bedpost. With obvious contempt, she made
her demands on me to shit and shave and wear the clothes
she laid out for me. Again, she warned me not to jack
off but to get my ass over for breakfast. Fortunately,
my erection subsided after I pissed.

“Come and join us for breakfast,” I Heard David call out
to me as I left my room. The family were in the dinning
room eating, and on the a sideboard sat a steaming bowl
of scrambled eggs, a plate with sausages, bacon and
slices of ham, a bowl of hash brown potatoes, a cloth
napkin with rolls and bagels, butter, jam and creamed

“Yes, have some breakfast,” said Sarah, “join us, you
must be hungry.” I was and I did. They were most
friendly to me and acted as if what happened the
previous day never occurred. When I sat down with a
full plate, Dave passed the coffee pot, cream and sugar
and gave me a big smile. They made me feel at home and
chatted with me as if I was one of their family.

After I finished Sarah got down to business. “You know
we are going to start you off on an exercise program.
But take it easy and read the newspaper for the next
half hour or so, and come and join Linda and I, we will
be horse back riding.” I anticipated riding one of
their show horses and joining them for a ride.

After I finished breakfast, read the paper for a few
minutes, I was anxious to join Linda and her mother
horse back riding so I left to mount up. Walking to the
stable, about halfway there Linda and her mother rode up
to me; Linda dismounted and told me hold still. She
placed a leather collar around my neck, attached a long
leash to it, remounted her horse, and said, “we are
going to get you in shape so keep up as I run you around
the track.”

Holding on to the leash, she led me first at a slow gait
for about a quarter of a mile, then picked up the pace
for another quarter of a mile, then slowed down again
for me to get my wind. I was getting pooped and Linda
was getting bored, so she turned me over to her mother
and Linda rode off. Sarah continued my exercise regime
but also told me that they were going to go easy on me
until I acquire more stamina. She informed me that that
she is going to require me to run around the track
hereafter while either she or the trainer watched
increasing daily the exercise. But since I was exhausted
and wet with sweat she called it quits today and led me
back to the Stable at a slow walk.

In the stable Sarah handed over the leash to two Mexican
stable boys and told them, “Clean him up and send him
back to the ranch so he can rest before lunch.”

After Sarah rode off, they released the leash from the
collar, but immediately tied my hands together and I
protested and told them they had no right to do this.
They laughed. They attached my bound hands to a rope,
threw the end around a beam and pulled my hands up taut
and tied the loose end to a rail. I was stretched and
at their mercy. My sweaty shirt was pulled up my arms
and my pants and shorts were pulled down to my ankles.

One of them took a crop hanging near by, and with scorn
said, “Lets see the Gringo dance.” Across my ass came
the crop. I screamed, “Yeoh, stop.” But it came again,
and again and again. I pleaded with them and told them
they weren’t going to get away with this mistreatment to
me. They laughed and continued whipping my ass.

“Lets fuck the Americano. He’ll love my dick,” said the
other. He proceeded to let me down, but tied my hands
behind my back. He pulled me down to my knees and
extracted from his pants his male organ that he took out
and proudly pushed to my lips, “Open your fucking mouth
and you can swallow your new lover.” I had no recourse
but to accept it. It hardened as he pushed it down my
throat and I received more lessons in the art of
cocksucking. When he came it didn’t taste as good as
Dave’s but you can’t have everything.

With this rude behavior I no longer had the will to
resist their pleasures. The other had me bend over and
after putting a rubber on his member and after having it
well greased, fucked me in the ass. When it first
entered in it hurt but when it reached my prostate my
cock responded. He came in me with a loud cry, “Vivala
Zapatta,” and I came and shot my load into the ground.
They congratulated me and said, “Bravo.”

They released me from my bonds, they washed me, they
cleaned me up, they got me dressed and they sent me back
to the ranch house. Before I reached the ranch house
Sarah met me. She told me she saw what the stable hands
had done to me and apologized for their misconduct to
me. “They are animals,” she said, “but I can’t fire
them. Good help is hard to find.” I told her I

We went back to the ranch house for lunch and was told
to relax with a short nap but then I would have certain
chores to do to help, and after that I could rest again
before supper. Today they had me wax some of the
floors; the Mexican housekeeper was difficult to
satisfy, she made liberal use of her crop to make a
point. I finished and had a little time to catch up on
my reading, mostly the newspapers, before supper was

At supper both ranch manager and the horse trainer were
invited since they had ranch business to discuss with
Dave. The supper was very good, there was plenty of
great tasting food, the company was friendly and
charming and they asked me many questions as to what I
did and how I felt about things. They were interested in
me and I enjoyed their attention.

After supper in the playroom, Sarah convinced me with
Ole Faithful that my chores were not over. I was to
satisfy the family and hired help by gratifying their
perverted wants. Dave decided to do my ass, he liked a
variety. Sarah and Linda in turn had me lick their ass
and then their cunt with yelps of pleasure. The horse
trainer and manager joined forces; one gave it to me in
the mouth and the other in my ass, and in unison
unloaded their cargo in me.

Sarah obviously felt that I executed my duties to her
satisfaction, so she had the 17-year-old Mexican beauty
play me as she had performed the previous night, and my
instrument came to a crescendo to the loud applause of
the audience. When I finished my young mistress took me
back to my room, washed me up, had me put on my pajamas
and kissed me goodnight.

The next day and the day after went basically the same.
I have to admit the exercise was giving me more stamina
but I could not make up my mind how I was adjusting to
the demands on me. Did I resent the abuse inflicted on
me or did I enjoy the sex and attention that I was
getting? My hosts, however, were enjoying themselves

Wednesday was a break in the routine. I was informed
that after lunch I was not to be permitted to ejaculate
either by another having use of me or by masturbating.
Thursday was the day set aside for collection of semen
for sale and it was important that I maintain my
virility and potency.

About an hour after breakfast I was asked to go to the
barn. The stable hands immediately removed all my
clothes and placed me naked in a stable with my body in
a leather harness but no saddle; leather straps
strategically placed so that I was effectively prevented
from moving about or resisting. On the two stalls to my
left were the two prized winning stallions similarly
restrained. They started with the horse two stalls
down, Sarah would keep him calm by rubbing his nose and
whispering soothing sounds while the handler stimulated
his penis and the manager would have ready the vials to
collect his valuable semen. When he came they would
fill a number of properly labeled vials and place them
in a storage container packed with dry ice. When they
were finished with that horse, he was released by the
stable hands to graze in the pasture. They did the same
to the horse next to me.

It now was my turn, Sarah stood in front of me rubbed my
cheek and whispered encouragements for me to keep calm;
the handler inserted his sheathed penis up my ass until
it reached my prostate; the manager held my penis to the
mouth of a vial while the handler rhythmically move in
and out. I came. As each vial was filled, the manager
had quickly replaced it with an empty vial without
spilling any of the valuable contents. They extracted
four vials from me, which was immediately placed in a
different storage container with dry ice, to be sent by
next day delivery by American Express.

Sarah was so happy with my production, she let me have
the rest of the day off. On our walk back to the range
house she explained to me that in view of my resume, she
expected to get a good return for my manhood. She
further explained they would not know how much they
would get as it was sent on consignment to be paid only
if the donees get pregnant. If we get good results I
would get a gratuity, she of course keeps the much
larger portion for after all she did all the work and
took the risks while I was a passive partner. I agreed.

The weeks flew by. I was getting adjusted to my
treatment and was beginning to enjoy my stay. I noticed
that Linda was disappearing in the afternoon. When I
asked about her, Dave informed me she became aware that
a young assistant professor from our university, an
archeologist, had taken his sabbatical by wandering the
hills near the ranch in search of Indian artifacts.
Linda, always loyal to her alma mater had gone up with
sandwiches to find him and give him some assistance.

Sarah took me aside after I had been here about a month
and informed me that since I was now properly
indoctrinated any further training on her part would be
redundant and therefore she was going to let me go home
earlier then originally planned. This did not upset me
as I now came to the conclusion that Linda was going to
reject my proposal of marriage. Sarah, being
considerate of me, told me she had a friend, Mrs.
Henderson, who maintained a boarding house in
millionaires row (large formerly occupied homes by
millionaires before they moved to the suburbs, just off
campus and now occupied by fraternities, sororities and
boarding houses), which Mrs. Henderson maintained to
help students in need of room and board. Sarah realized
that I would need this type of accommodation, as she
knew I had given up my former lodging and I was now
short of cash. She informed me she had worked out
arrangements with Mrs. Henderson to give me credit until
I could repay the rent.

Mrs. Henderson was expected presently and she suggested
that I go back to my room and pack the duffle bag that I
would find in my room. She generously gave me all the
clothes there and I was welcome to them. She did say
that she needed the space for the new guest who was
moving in. When I went back to my room, I noticed from
my window Dave showing a tall, young man the ranch,
which I later learned was the archeologist that Linda
had been assisting in finding Indian artifacts.

Sarah and a heavyset woman were arguing over some terms.
Sarah wanted 25 and the woman insisted 20 was the
highest she would go. When I came in, Sarah saw me and
said, “OK 20.” Sarah then introduced me to Emma
Henderson and informed me that we must leave within the
hour if we were to catch our flight. Mrs. Henderson
indicated that it was necessary for me to sign a one-
year lease for my accommodations. We didn’t have time
for me to read it and she inadvertently only had one
copy with her. After she assured me that when we got
back home she would make a copy for me, I signed.

On the flight back home, Mrs. Henderson, became very
friendly and talkative. She explained that I was not to
be concerned about the rent since it would come out of
my share. She told me that she ran an escort service in
addition to her boarding house and she was confident
that I could easily earn enough to pay my expenses. I
was advised that from my services as an escort, I would
get 40 percent out of which she would deduct my rent and
other expenses, she would get 40 percent for running the
business and supplying the clients, and Sarah would only
get 20 percent to defray her costs in having me at the
ranch and a reasonable profit.

Mrs. Henderson boarding house was a three-story mansion
of the old style that had seen its day, with ample
parking in the back for a number of cars, which could
not be seen or identified from the front. The third
floor, formerly a ballroom, was partioned into bedrooms,
one of which I received. Although not as big as the one
I had at the ranch, it was satisfactory. While I was
getting settled and putting my clothes away, I heard
load screams from the first floor and went down to
investigate. The screams were coming from a room off
the living room, which I later learned was Mrs.
Henderson’s office. In the living room were two
students playing chess at a small table and another in
an easy chair studying from a book. The noise from the
other room was the unmistaken swish of a strap hitting
flesh and the screams that followed. The students
seemed to be unconcerned.

I turned to the student who was studying and said,
“what’s going on?”

“Oh that just Fred, he is being punished for being late
to an appointment,” was his response.

“You mean, Mrs. Henderson punishes you like that when
you are late on an escort job?” I asked him.

He laughed, “Is that what she calls it. Don’t you know
that this is a male whore house and Emma don’t take
kindly to you being late to an appointment to service a

I was in shock; he knew what I really wanted to know
without me asking. He continued, “You want to know why
we do this and why we put up with this. Why not? It’s
good work, how else could I afford to go to college and
have time to attend classes and do homework? And
besides Emma ain’t such a bad egg. She gets for us good
clientele who pay good, she gives us a fair split and
doesn’t cheat us, gives us time off when sick or taking
finals and knows who to grease to protect us. I know
she is strict and gives us a whipping even when we don’t
deserve it, but you can’t have everything, and I guess
she has to keep us in line.”

The whipping in the other room stopped, and out the door
came a young girl, obviously one of Mrs. Henderson’s
hired help, leading a sniveling young man, whose pants
were down on his hips, sporting a large hard-on, to a
corner of the living room. His ass was stripped with
lash marks and tears in his eyes. Mrs. Henderson
hollered from her office, “Take care of him, clean him
up and get him ready for lunch.”

The young girl led him into a corner of the room, with
her latex gloved left hand, shoved two fingers well
greased into his asshole, grabbed his cock with her
right hand and he pumped away until he squirted. He
said “Thank you Mary. I owe you one.” She threw away
the glove and goop
which landed conveniently on a paper napkin well placed
to catch his discharge, into a wastebasket. She helped
him pull up his pants, gave him a handkerchief to blow
his nose and led him away to get him ready for lunch. I
returned in deep thought to my room to continue

It didn’t take long for Mrs. Henderson to get me
adjusted to my new quarters. One good whipping and I
knew what I had to do to pay the rent. Of course
Sarah’s training made her job a lot easier. I adapted
to my new environment quite well and even enjoyed the
challenge. Because I knew that my prime function was to
satisfy the client before myself I was successful in
getting large tips and repeat business, which made Mrs.
Henderson less likely to beat me then the others. But I
had no problem making friends with the other tenants
since I was older then them and they looked up to me as
a father figure. That is until about two months after
my arrival the archeologist joined us as a tenant.

Since the archeologist and I shared a common experience
at Sarah’s ranch we became fast friends. He was a
little angry with Sarah for when he inquired as to the
gratuities he had coming she responded with Ole
Faithful. Although he wasn’t satisfied with her
explanation he decided not to press the point. Of
course I never got any of the gratuities promised to me,
so I just wrote it off as a bad debt. We spent many long
hours over a drink reminiscing are experiences there.

Notwithstanding my obligation to my clients, I had
plenty of time to complete my PHD requirements. I took
my orals and passed with flying colors. I spent much
time on my thesis, and wrote a long, well researched
study on William Faulkner, and how he influence American
writers that came after him. It so impressed my mentors
that they suggest I have it published. Even though they
thought it worthy of publishing, the University did not
have the funds to finance it. I went to Mrs. Henderson
for a loan since I did not have enough of my earnings to
cover all the costs. She generously advanced the
additional amount at a usurious rate of interest, which
resulted in my having to stay here a bit longer.

After the publishing of my thesis, I was offered a
teaching post at the University as an assistant
professor, and fortuitously my lease was running out. I
decided not to renew it. Bidding Mrs. Henderson and the
many friends I made here good-bye, I secured new lodging
with an elderly couple, with a room to let. They did
not want a student since being good Christians; they did
not want to deal with hanky panky on their property.

It was at a staff meeting of the faculty that I first
saw her. She was a petite woman, in her early 30s,
everything in its proper place, a French assistant
professor. Besides teaching beginning French she taught
in the woman’s department; she was a feminist. Her name
was Lili deGrasse. She was pretty and I was enchanted
with her.

This time I wasn’t going to get caught, I was very
careful not to be observed as I followed her around.
“Pervert,” she said that eventful night after she had
eaten her supper and was walking home. “I’m going to
turn you in and they are going to throw you out from
your teaching job,” she warned me.

I pleaded with her, told her I meant no harm; it was
only my innocent admiration of her and promised not to
follow her any more if it displeases her. She looked at
me with contempt.

“OK, I’ll think about it,” she said and started to walk
away. She then turn around and said, “be at my office
at 5 o’clock after classes tomorrow for a good spanking,
male shithead.”

When I came in she was waiting for me. “Drop your
pants, I want to see your bare ass as you’re lying
across my lap, asshole.” I complied not want to make
her angrier with me then was necessary. As I lay there
my prick fell between her legs of her open skirt. She
proceeded to let me have it with a slipper that she
conveniently produced for this occasion. It hurt, I
screamed in pain, she would not let up. With the
friction of her legs that held my prick captured, I
could not hold back no matter how hard I tried. I came
and my emission trickled down her legs.

“Pig,” she screamed. I dropped to my knees and
proceeded to lick it up, starting at her ankles and
worked my way up. By the time I was getting to her
hole, she was in heat. I dug in her slit with my tongue
and in short order she screeched with her organism.

“Not bad,” she said, “you’re almost as good as some of
my female students. I’m not through with you. I will
let you know when you get your next spanking.” With that
she dismissed me and pushed me out the door so that she
could prepare for her next day’s work.

I left and wondered whether when she gets to know me
better she would consider marriage.