Camping with the In-laws

I’ve never been much of an outdoorsman. In fact, my
idea of “roughing it” is checking into a hotel without
reservations. That’s why I was not very excited about
the idea of my wife and I heading out into the sticks
for a whole weekend-especially with my in-laws. Don’t
get me wrong, my wife’s sister and her husband are good
people; it’s just that they are about as opposite from
Natalie and me as you can get.

My wife and I are probably the typical definition of
what you’d call “yuppies”. I make a pretty comfortable
living as an account executive in a mid-size
advertising agency. We live in a nice home in the
suburbs, have the typical two-kid, one dog, two-car
family. I spend my weekends playing golf at the
country club-while my conservative little wife Natalie
tends to her garden, chauffeurs the kids around, and
actively participates in the PTA and her many civic
functions. It might be boring, but it’s a good life.

Natalie’s younger sister and her husband, Steve, always
seemed more like people you’d meet at a biker bar.
Brash, loud, and sometimes vulgar, they were always
looking for a good time. Steve is a firefighter for a
small, rural department. In his early-30s, he’s a huge,
barrel-chested guy with a big fu-manchu mustache; and
he obviously spends a great deal of time working out
with weights. Steve was riding bulls on the rodeo
circuit when he and Kellie hooked up. He still has
that rough cowboy persona: very self-confident and
almost cocky, but likeable. I always thought his idea
of the perfect evening must be a twelve-pack on ice and
Wrestlemania on pay-per-view.

Natalie’s 27-year-old sister, Kellie, is a good match
for Steve and very different from my wife. While
Natalie is short and petite with long, honey-colored
hair-Kellie is more buxom with short-cropped dark hair.
She has fiery eyes and a quick, hearty laugh. Always
teasing and flirting, frequently telling off-color
jokes, she has a robust, fun-loving personality.

But there’s something else a raw sensuality that is
almost impossible to ignore. While bigger than my
wife, Kellie keeps herself in good shape that is easy
to see from the revealing outfits she often wears. She
says Steve likes her to “show off” what she has. I
certainly didn’t mind occasionally sneaking glances at
her big, firm breasts.

That’s how this whole mess started, I was
absentmindedly staring at Kellie’s chest, not paying
attention, when my bluff was called. But a bet is a
bet . . .and I always pay-up when I lose. Let me
explain how I got railroaded into this camping

We were over at my wife’s parent’s house for one of
those obligatory, but usually boring weekend family
get-togethers. We had gone through the normal routine
of stuffing ourselves with a huge meal, then most of
the men in the family fell into the comfortable couches
downstairs to watch sports on TV. That day it was
college basketball.

Kellie was there too; not surprisingly, she’s one of
the only females in her family who really likes sports.
She had on a tight tank top with no bra-standard attire
for her, as she rested between Steve’s legs with her
back to his chest. I kept shifting my focus from the
game to the obvious twin points her nipples were making
in her shirt. That’s when I got caught.

“What about it, Mike. Or, are you chicken?” I heard
Kellie giggling at me, and I looked up to see Steve
staring back at me with a wicked grin.

“Huh?” I stammered. “What are you talking about?”
“The game,” she laughed. “I said I’ll bet you that
Arizona comes back to win.”

I glanced over at the screen and checked the score.
Arizona was behind by 12 points with less than four
minutes left in the game. Suddenly my male pride
kicked in and I blurted out, “No way, it’s over!”

“OK, big shot, put your money where your mouth is!”
Kellie said smugly.

“No problem,” I fired back. “What are the stakes?”

Without hesitation she said, “The camping trip!”

I groaned aloud. The stupid camping trip! She and
Steve had been trying to talk Natalie and me into going
with them up to some “amazing” spot in the mountains
they had discovered. They wanted to prove to us how
relaxing and fun it could be to get out of the city,
but neither of us really wanted to go. We had been
begging off on the trip for almost two years.

I checked the score again and said, “OK, what do I get
if I win?”

She leaned back and whispered something to Steve.
After some discussion, he nodded and she turned back to
me. “If you win, we’ll watch your kids for a week
while you and Nat do whatever you want.”

That sounded like a pretty good deal. My wife and I
had been talking about a second honeymoon. Maybe this
would be the chance to make some plans. After all,
Arizona simply had no chance. “You’re on!

I’ll spare you the ugly details … except to say I
hope that Arizona guard’s 3-point school record holds
up for a long time. So now my wife and I are packing
for a trip to the wilderness that neither of us really
wanted to make.

“I still don’t understand how they talked you into
this,” Natalie sighed. “And why aren’t we taking the

I felt like a chump as I looked over at my pretty wife
who doesn’t like camping any more than I do. “I told
you, they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,” I tried
to sound sincere. “They said we’d enjoy ourselves a
lot more the first time if we didn’t have to worry
about the kids getting into trouble. Your mom said
she’d be happy to watch them.”

“Well, this is sure going to be interesting, “Nat
rolled her eyes. “I can’t remember the last time I
slept in a tent. What will we eat, where will we
shower? Oh, I hate to be all dirty and scummy
feeling!” She was voicing many of the same concerns
floating around in my head. But before I could say
anything, she surprised me by saying almost to herself,
“Of course, Steve is really at home in the mountains.
I’m sure he’ll make it fun.”

I looked over at my wife, as she seemed lost in
thought. This wasn’t the first time she had spoke of
Steve like that-almost like she was impressed with him.
Several times over the years she had suggested that I
ask my brother-in-law to help me learn some weight
training. Of course, at 40, I don’t consider myself in
bad shape at all. I don’t have masses of muscle like
Steve, but I do jog occasionally and stay active. I’m
6′ and not huge, but I’m pretty lean and mean. Still,
I often wondered if Natalie didn’t secretly wish I were
a little more buff like her brother-in-law.

My wife stays in great shape. She was a cheerleader in
college, and she has worked hard to keep her trim
figure. Nat is 5’2″ with perfect breasts for her fame
and a tight little ass (my favorite feature). She has
dazzling blue eyes and full, pouting lips. Like I said
before, she and Kellie almost look like they came from
different families. Even the way they act is
different. While Kellie is outgoing and sometimes
bawdy, Natalie is more reserved and feminine.

The “fun couple” picked us up in their beat-up old
camper and we were off. We didn’t own any camping
gear, so we were traveling pretty light with only a
couple of small bags. Hell, we didn’t even know what
to wear out there, but Steve had said not to worry,
he’d make sure we had everything we needed.

We bounced along for almost three hours in the back of
the camper. While Steve drove, the rest of us played
cards, drank a few beers, and visited. I noticed a bed
above the driver compartment and crawled up to take a
nap. I don’t sleep well in moving vehicles, so I
mainly tossed and turned while Nat and Kellie kept
pounding down the brews. Pretty soon they were
laughing and teasing each other. My wife doesn’t drink
very much; so, after only a couple of beers, I could
tell she had a good buzz going. After a while I heard
the two sisters start to whisper and giggle. I
couldn’t tell what they were talking about, but it sure
sounded like they were discussing something wicked.

Finally we jerked to a stop and we all piled out to
survey our surroundings. I had to admit the scenery
was indeed breathtaking. We were in a secluded mountain
valley with a tranquil-looking lake. It was late
afternoon and the fading sunlight cast an almost
surreal soft glow to the entire area.

“Is there anybody else around here?” I wondered

“Nope, just us and the wildlife,” Steve chuckled.
“Most of this is private land. I know the people who
own it and they let us come up here once in a while.
In all the times we’ve been here, though, I’ve never
come across anybody I didn’t expect to see.”

“It’s beautiful,” Natalie said. “I can see why you
guys like it up here . . .it’s so peaceful.”

“Yep, and private …” Kellie piped up. “Perfect place
to go skinny dipping!” For some reason she looked
straight at me to check my reaction. “Sometimes Steve
and I run around here stark naked for days.” Her
husband laughed loudly and I started to say something,
then decided against it. I looked over at Natalie and
she seemed to be blushing.

“We better get camp set up before it gets dark,” Steve
finally said after a awkward silence. “Mike…wanna
give me a hand with the gear?” I asked why we weren’t
going to stay in the camper. “It’s too cramped for all
of us, ” Steve said. “Besides, it’s a helluva lot
nicer over by the lake and it’s too steep for the truck
to get there.

We spent the next hour or so setting up tents and
making a fire in a clearing by the lake several hundred
yards away from the truck. While Natalie and I tried to
situate the air mattresses and sleeping bags in our
tent, Kellie and Steve made dinner on the fire. When
it was ready we feasted on a really tasty meal. I
might have been hungrier than I had realized, but the
food was very flavorful and satisfying. OK, so maybe
this wasn’t going to be as bad as I thought.

After dinner we sat around the fire and cracked open a
few more beers. As we all started to get a little
drunk, Steve and Kellie loudly told some corny ghost
stories, then some fairly dirty jokes. I was surprised
to hear Natalie laughing and giggling at the obscene
humor, but after a while I couldn’t help getting into
the spirit as well.

Steve was sitting on a log with Kellie seated cross-
legged on the ground between his legs. As they talked
and laughed, Steve reached his arms around her
shoulders and locked her in a bear hug. Pretty soon he
started to massage her neck and shoulders. Then his
hands began to move lower under her arms grazing the
sides of her incredible breasts. All the while he was
talking and laughing, but I was staring at his fingers
as they inched toward Kellie’s big, braless mounds
rising and falling gently under her T-shirt. Suddenly
I realized that Kellie had stopped chatting. I gazed
up to see her looking directly at me with a strange
smile on her face. Her eyes gleamed in the firelight.

I glanced over to see if Natalie was observing what was
happening, but she seemed to be either too drunk or too
absorbed in what Steve was saying. Her eyes danced and
she smiled dreamily as she watched the big fireman chat

Looking back at the couple, I saw that Steve’s big
hands were now actually rubbing and massaging Kellie’s
tits. Her erect nipples were poking through her flimsy
white shirt and in the firelight I could clearly see
the dark shadows of her areolas. My cock started to
stir in my pants as his hands kept teasing and kneading
her. She had her eyes closed and a contented smile
played across her lips.

Finally Steve broke the spell by raising his arms above
his head and letting out a big yawn. “Well, I don’t
know about you folks, but I’m ready to turn in,” he
said as he stood and pulled Kellie to her feet. She
rose gracefully and wrapped her arms around his neck.
Then looking back over her shoulder at us she winked
and said, “Sleep as late as you want tomorrow.
Something about this mountain air just makes you want
to stay in bed all day!” Then she giggled and pulled
her husband toward their tent.

I helped Natalie up and we walked a little unsteadily
over to our tent, which was about 20-feet away from
theirs. Both tents had battery-powered fluorescent
lanterns, and I switched ours on so we could get
settled for bed. Before I could zip the door closed,
my wife complained that she had to use the bathroom. I
asked if she needed any help, and she giggled and
slapped me on the shoulder. “I think I can handle
things myself” she said, then headed out to find the
temporary latrine Steve had constructed earlier.

When she got back I decided I better take advantage of
the facilities myself, so I groped my way out into the
darkness. I was just shaking off and zipping up when I
heard a female voice almost right next to me.

“Did you enjoy the little show?”

Startled, I turned around to see Kellie standing there.
“What do you mean?” I stammered.

“Oh, come on, Mikey! You’re eyes we’re about to pop
out of your head when Steve was giving me that little
front-end alignment by the fire,” she laughed softly.
“And by the looks of the tent pole in your pants, I
think you were enjoying it too.”

In my groggy state, I couldn’t think of a good come
back, so I just muttered, “Yeah, Whatever.”

She laughed again and said, “Well, who knows. If
you’re a really good boy, maybe I’ll let you check out
the equipment for yourself.” Then she leaned forward
and quickly ran her hand across the lump in my pants.
Spinning around, she headed toward camp. Skipping
away, she looked back at me and said, “Hope we don’t
keep you awake tonight … we might be a little noisy.”

I was fully aroused and ready to fool around with my
wife, but when I got back to the tent she was already
curled up in her sleeping bag. I think all the beer
had gone to her head and she was pretty much gone. Oh
well, guess I won’t get lucky tonight, I thought to
myself, as I started to pull my clothes off.

As I was getting settled in, I happened to look through
the mesh window and I froze. I had a perfect view of
the tent next door and it was glowing. The lantern in
Steve and Kellie’s tent illuminated the dome shape and
revealed a sharp silhouette of the two figures inside.
I watched as Kellie obviously got undressed. She was
laying back and raised her shapely hips as she first
pulled off her shorts, then sat back up and started to
pull her shirt over her head. My mouth was suddenly dry
as I saw the shadow of her breasts jiggle slightly as
they were released from the confines of the fabric. I
could clearly see the shape of her nipples sticking our
proudly when she reached her arms back to brush through
her hair.

Fearing they might see my shadow staring back at them,
I quickly turned off our lantern. I looked back just
in time to see the two figures move together for a
passionate embrace and kiss. Steve’s hands moved over
her body-exploring and fondling. Their mouths worked
together and I distinctly heard a soft moan float
across the space between our tents. Steve moved his
head and mouth to her neck and then lower-using his
lips and tongue to pleasure her. I heard Kellie
murmur, “mmmm…that feels so good…” But just as he
was about to reach her beautiful breasts, her arm
reached out and turned off the lantern.

Thinking the show was over, I lay back on my sleeping
bag. I was too warm and worked up to get inside, so I
just rested there wishing Natalie was awake so I could
attack her. I thought about waking her up, but then I
heard sounds from next door again. At first it was
whispers and moans mixed with bodies rustling around;
but as the action heated up, so did the volume.

“Oh, God! Steve… I love it when you do that!
Mmmm, baby, you’re getting me so wet!”

Steve made a growling sound and said, “Yeah, right.
You were already wet. I think you were really enjoying
teasing our guests over there, huh?” Kellie gave an
evil little giggle and said, “Well, maybe a little.
But somebody needs to loosen those two up.” Then she
gasped loudly again as Steve found another sensitive
spot. “Well, I’d be happy to loosen your sister up,”
he finally said. “She’s a fine piece of ass. I’ll bet
she’s hornier than a bunny when she gets heated up.
And I know you can’t wait to get in Mike’s pants.”

I was shocked to hear this guy talk about my wife like
that. At first I was pissed off, but the more I lay
there listening to them rut around, the more I had to
admit to myself that there was something exciting about
the idea. After all, Kellie had indeed been teasing me
by the fire-then all but propositioned me out in the
darkness by the latrine. As my cock started to grow
even larger and harder in my boxers, some wild images
began to go through my head.

Natalie and I had never really done anything even
remotely kinky in our sex lives. We made love
regularly, and I was certain we kept each other happy
and satisfied. I was also sure we had always been
faithful to each other without any need to look around.
But here I was in this remote place — miles away from
anywhere-with two attractive people noisily having sex
right next to me. My imagination got the best of me
and soon I had visions of a wild orgy unfolding in the
woods. And perhaps the thing that got me worked up the
most was the idea of Steve seducing and taking my wife.
I couldn’t help reaching down and stroking my rock-hard

In the other tent, things were really starting to heat
up. I could hear soft slurping and smacking sounds,
mixed with groans from Steve. “Oh, yeah, that’s it,
babe. Suck it!” he gasped. I pumped my fist faster
as I imagined Kellie’s head bobbing up and down on his

After a few minutes I heard them moving around again
and this time Kellie cried out, “Yessss…that’s it,
put it in…now, baby! Oh, I need you so bad!” Soon
they both began to grunt and pant and I could hear
their bodies slapping together in a steady rythm. I
couldn’t believe how vocal they were as they moaned and
urged each other on.

Suddenly I felt a small, warm hand grasp my throbbing
cock. “Sounds like somebody’s having some fun!” my
wife whispered next to me. I glanced over to see her
eyes sparkling at me in the moonlight. “Maybe we
should join them.” she grinned seductively. At first
I thought she had heard everything and meant we should
go actually “join” them. But then I realized she just
wanted to play too. Not needing a second invitation, I
unzipped her bag and crawled in with her.

Nat had worn just a T-shirt and panties to bed. I
wasted little time in discarding her flimsy clothing,
and soon we were grinding our mouths, tongues, and hips
together. I was too worked up for much foreplay, and
she seemed ready and anxious, so I reached down and
guided my swollen rod to her warm, wet opening.

“Oh, ahhhhh! God, that feels so good!” she moaned, as I
slid all the way inside her with one stroke. I pulled
almost all the way back out, then threw my hips forward
and plowed back into her, making her gasp again in
pleasure. As I started to move in and out with long
strokes, Nat wrapped her legs around my back and
grabbed my ass with her tiny hands to help urge me on.

My wife was whimpering and pleading beneath me as I
picked up the pace, and I couldn’t help wonder if our
neighbors could hear us now. I really didn’t care at
this point, so I got a little vocal myself as I pounded
away with increasing speed. “Yeah, that’s it…you
like it, don’t you?”

I hissed at Nat. “Oh yesss….I love it! Please,
harder!!!” she moaned in return.

I decided if we did have an audience, I wanted to give
them a show, so I raised up on my knees for leverage
and really started to pound into Natalie. I don’t
know, perhaps I secretly hoped Kellie was listening
carefully to how well I was satisfying her sister; but,
for some reason, the demon came out in me as I savagely
jackhammered my wife.

She was clawing at my back and shoulders now and almost
continuously groaning. I could feel the familiar
tingle down my spine and in my balls signaling my
impending erruption. Reaching down, I grasped my
wife’s soft, churning ass cheeks and pushed my cock
into her as far as it would go. Then I yelled out,
“Damn…I’m Gonna CUMMM!” and held rigid as the white
hot liquid raced through me and exploded deep inside
her with spurt after spurt. She continued to rock her
hips and milk me dry with her convulsing pussy-her body
tembled and shuddered as one long last sigh escaped her
pretty lips.

I fell back and we both lay there fighting to catch our
breath. The smell of sex was thick in the tent. When
the cobwebs in my head began to clear, I heard soft
chuckles and giggles from next door. Then Kellie
whipered loudly, “Good night you two, sounds like a
good one already. Sleep tight!” I looked over at
Natalie, still breathing heavy with a dreamy smile on
her face and her eyes closed.

“Maybe we should move our tent farther away,” I
suggested. Nat listened to them still laughing and
whispering for a moment, then she said, “Nah, it’s all
right. We’re all grownups. Besides, maybe we’ll learn
a few things!” She giggled too and leaned over to give
me a kiss before snuggling up against me to sleep. As
I lay there trying to figure out what my wife meant by
that comment, I thought to myself, “This is certainly
going to be an interesting weekend.”


I woke up the next morning to the smell of bacon and
coffee cooking on the fire. I’d slept better than I
thought I would on the air mattress, but I’m sure the
naked wrestling match with my wife during the night had
something to do with that. Stretching, I rolled over
to reach for Natalie again, but she wasn’t there. Then
I heard her voice and her musical laugh outside the
tent. I peered outside the mesh window to see my wife
standing by the fire drinking a cup of coffee and
chatting with my Brother-In-Law, Steve. Kellie, his
wife, was nowhere to be seen.

Nat and Steve talked and teased each other for a while
as I observed them. At one point Steve made a
sarcastic comment then grabbed my wife and started to
tickle her. She squealed and tried to get away, but
the big man was too strong and he easily kept her
pinned in his grasp. She seemed to enjoy the

I felt strange watching another man obviously flirt and
tease with my wife-especially after the comments I had
overheard the night before. Steve had blatantly said
that he wanted to have sex with Nat. Furthermore, his
wife-my wife’s sister-had been teasing me with her
voluptuous body most of the evening, then had actually
run her hand along the length of my cock in my pants
just before we retired to our separate tents. I
vividly remembered her cries of excitement as she made
love to her husband right next to where we slept.

There were butterflies in the pit of my stomach as I
tried to imagine where all of this might lead. I’d
never really thought about being unfaithful to my wife-
or about her being unfaithful to me. But the more I
imagined the possibility of bedding and ravishing my
sister-in-law, with her incredible, soft curves and
wicked smile, the more my libido (and my cock) stirred.
On the other hand, I had to admit that the thought of
Natalie getting hot and nasty with someone else-
especially this big, rough fireman, who happened to be
my brother-in-law-excited me just as much, if not more.

Thinking I must be some kind of a pervert, I pulled my
clothes on and went to join the others for breakfast.
Natalie blushed a little when she saw me emerge from
the tent, but she quickly recovered and moved to give
me a hug and a kiss.

“You’re up early,” I said, as I hugged her and nuzzled
her soft neck. “Where’s Kellie?”

“Oh, she likes to sleep in up here,” Steve chuckled.
“Plus she might be a little tuckered out after all the
fireworks last night!” He grinned and winked at my
wife. “I dunno…” he laughed, “Somthin about this
mountain air just gets the ‘ol juices boilin! From
what I heard last night, sounds like you two found that
out for yourselves, though. Or maybe that was just the
coyotes howling!”

Natalie blushed bright red again as she looked
sheepishly towards me. “Yes, it’s awfully quiet up
here, isn’t it? ” she finally whispered.

Just then Kellie emerged from her tent. She yawned and
stretched as she came toward us. I couldn’t help
notice her morning camping attire-a short T-shirt
cropped just above her navel under an open flannel
shirt, high-cut bikini panties, and a pair of hiking
boots. I could clearly see the dark, triangle shadow
of her soft bush in the crotch of her panties. I tried
not to stare-especially when Natalie punched me on the

“Morning!” Kellie yawned and stretched again, causing
her large breasts to strain against the shirt as she
moved to where we were standing. Steve offered her a
steaming cup of coffee and he threw his big arm around
her while she huddled next to him and took a sip.
“Everybody sleep all right?” she grinned mischievously
as she peered toward us.

“Oh yes,” Natalie answered, almost giggling. “We were
very comfortable in our tent.” She seemed to not even
notice her sister’s revealing outfit.

“Yeah, I noticed… I mean, that’s good!” Kellie
stifled a laugh as she looked up at Steve knowingly.

I decided to change the subject. “So what’s the plan
for today?”

Steve knelt down and began dishing up bacon and eggs
from the skillet. “Well, it’s pretty much up to you,”
he said. “There’s some good fishing in the lake, or
you can go for a hike. Course, you don’t have to do
anything if ya don’t want. Just take it easy and
relax. There’s a wooden dock just over yonder that’s
good for layin out and catchin some rays. Whatever ya
wanna do.”

Without a TV or even a telephone, it all sounded pretty
boring to me. But Natalie piped right up. “Let’s go
for a hike, Honey! I’d love to take my camera and get
some nature shots.”

My wife has been into photography as a hobby for a
while. I indulged her interest financially, but had
never actively participated. I felt the same way
today. I wasn’t really in the mood to go trudging
around the forest hunting for butterflies.

“I dunno, Nat. I think I’d just like to stay here at
camp and read my book. Maybe I can finally finish the
stupid thing.” It was a lame excuse, but I hoped she’d
buy it.

She seemed a little disappointed until Steve chimed in,
“Hey, I’ll show ya around, Nat. I know this place like
the back of my hand!”

My wife brightened up immediately. “Oh, would you,
Steve? That would be so great!” She smiled broadly at
him and I thought I felt her shiver next to me. “You
wanna come with us, Kellie? Nat looked over at her
sister expectantly.

“Nah….I think I’ll pass, this time,” Kellie answered.
Then looking directly at me over her coffee cup, she
said with a sly smile, “Maybe I’ll just hang out here
and keep Mikey company.” I swallowed hard, thinking of
the possibilities of being alone with my sexy little
Sister-In-Law, but everybody else seemed to be happy
with the plans as we finished up the meal and cleaned

Natalie went back to our tent and got dressed for her
hike. When she came back out I couldn’t help notice
what she was wearing. My wife looked pretty dolled up
for a walk in the woods. She had on a little sundress
that came to about mid-thigh. The dress framed her
luscious curves perfectly; and when she stood with the
sunlight behind her, you could see her shape clearly
silhouetted. Her hair was done up in a ponytail, and
as she walked around gathering some items in a
backpack, I noticed something else different-her
breasts swayed and jiggled when she moved around. My
wife wasn’t wearing a bra! Suddenly, slightly jealous,
I stared having second thoughts about Natalie going off
into the woods alone with my cocky brother-in-law.

When they were ready, Natalie kissed me goodbye and
told me to rest and enjoy myself. Kellie was nowhere
to be seen, so Steve grabbed a small bag and slung it
over his big shoulder. “We’ll probably be gone for a
couple of hours,” he said casually. “There’s beer and
snacks in the cooler. Help yourself.” Then as he
strode off with my wife tagging closely behind, he
looked back and chuckled, “Don’t do anything we
wouldn’t do!”

Natalie looked back at me with a questioning glance,
but I just waved as I wondered where her sister had
disappeared to. Again I was starting to get mixed
feelings about all this, but the obvious stirring in my
pants outweighed any reservations I was having. I
threw on some cargo shorts, grabbed my paperback from
the tent and a couple of beers from the cooler, and I
headed over to the lake to check out the dock Steve had

The wooden plank boat dock was only about 50-yards away
from our camp. It was about 12′ by 20’ and it rocked
back and forth gently with the lazy wake on the water.
The sun was shining warmly and I took in the
picturesque scenery before I settled down to read my
book-dangling my feet in the cool water.

After only a few minutes, I heard a familiar voice
behind me. “Mind if I join you?” Somewhat startled, I
turned to see Kellie standing there wearing only a sly
smile a skimpy black bikini. The scant garment left
very little to the imagination-her fabulous breasts
strained to stay inside the tiny triangle pieces of
cloth that served as the top, and the thong-style
bottom barely covered her pubic mound.

“I love to lay out on this dock. Awesome place to get
a great tan,” she chirped, as she moved over next to me
and laid out a large towel. “What do you think of my
tan, Mike?” I squinted up at her and drank in the full
curves and tantalizing honey-brown flesh so openly on

“Uh, it looks great.” I gulped, and tried to sound
casual. “You must lay out quite a bit.” I watched her
closely as she gracefully stretched out on the towel-
laying on her stomach with her head resting on her
folded arms.

She glanced over, giving me another dazzling grin and
said, “Yeah, I like to work on it whenever I can. But
you can’t be too careful with all the damage the sun
does to your skin and all. I make sure I’m pretty well
oiled before I lay out. I have a hard time reaching my
back with the lotion though, would you be a dear and
help me put some on?”

After everything that had happened so far, I had a
pretty good idea I was being set up…or at least
teased, big time; but I decided to see how far this
would go. “No problem, ” I said, and I moved over and
kneeled by her side. She handed me the lotion as I
stared at the magnificent twin globes of her ass,
almost completely exposed by the thong. “Where do you
want it. . .?” I asked with a slightly strained voice.
Then we both kind of chuckled at the possible
implications of my question.

“Well, how about just my back, for starters,” she

I smoothed some lotion onto my palms and started to rub
it into her soft skin with a firm, circular motion.
“Mmmm… that feels good,” she sighed immediately.
“You have strong hands, Mike.”

I moved lower until the heel of my hand brushed up
against the string of her top. She noticed the contact
and said, “Mmmff…I hate that stupid string. It
always gets in the way and makes ugly lines on my
back.” Then she reached back and quickly untied it-not
only revealing her naked back, but also the sides of
her breasts to my view. “That’s better…” she said,
matter-of-factly. “You may continue, sir.”

Aware of the growing lump in my shorts, I started to
stroke her naked flesh again with my hands. I rubbed
and kneaded all the way down to the small of her back-
stopping just short of her buttocks.

“You’re pretty good at this,” she murmured. “Keep
going, please. I’ve always wanted my own masseur!”

Taking a deep breath, I moved my hands lower. Now I
was caressing the soft skin of her heart-shaped ass.
Little shocks of electricity jolted through my groin.
It was the first time I had touched another woman
intimately for many years, and my mind was thinking all
kinds of things-some erotic, some lustful, and some
guilty. After a few moments of massaging her, however,
lust took over and I began to really enjoy the

Kellie was starting to moan softly and rotate her hips
in small circles as I continued moving my hands on her
cheeks. The lotion had long been rubbed into her skin
and now I was just massaging her sweet bottom for the
pleasure of it. As I moved lower, my thumbs began to
creep into the soft juncture between her slightly
spread thighs. One finger brushed lightly against the
thin strip of fabric between her legs; it was warm and
moist and an electric shock seemed to go through her
body when I touched her there. She arched her hips up
and groaned softly. “I’ll give you an hour to stop
that…” she whispered.

Finally I decided I better at least pretend to do what
I had been asked, so I reluctantly squeezed some more
lotion in my palms and began working on the backs of
her long, lovely legs. Working my way down to her
feet, she continued to coo and sigh while my fingers
worked their magic.

“There ya go. . .all finished!” I announced at last.
“That’s what you think, buster,” she exclaimed. Then,
without warning, she rolled over onto her back. The
flimsy top stayed under her on the towel, and suddenly
I was staring at her magnificent naked tits while they
jiggled slightly and settled-her hard, erect nipples
stood up proudly. She placed her hands and arms behind
her head and smiled at me through half-closed eyes.
“Maybe you could help me with my front, too…Mike.”

Almost like I was in a trance, I reached out and began
to fondle her beautiful breasts. There was no more
pretense of suntan lotion, only a man touching and
caressing a sexy, desirable woman. A woman who just
happened to be my wife’s sister. But that thought and
any guilt associated with it was fading rapidly away.

Kellie groaned and bit her lower lip as I continued to
massage and tease her sensitive flesh. My thumbs
grazed her nipples and rubbed the hard nubs in small
circles-teasing them til they were even harder. I
shifted closer to her and reached my head down to take
one of her rosebuds in my mouth-sucking and swirling my
tongue around the turgid pink skin. She gasped loudly
beneath me and one of her hands reached down to grasp
me through my pants. Urgently she milked my cock
through the cloth as I continued to suck and play with
her breasts.

She tried to open the button fly of my pants with one
hand, but I moved away and snaked my tongue down her
smooth stomach, leaving a wet trail to her belly-
button. I teased her there with soft jabs and kisses,
making her jerk and raise her hips up to meet my mouth.
Moving lower still, I reached the elastic of the bikini
bottom. Kellie tangled her fingers in my hair and
moaned in appreciation as my teeth grasped the fabric
and pulled it down, revealing the fine little raven-
colored hairs covering her mound.

I scooted around until I was kneeling between her legs.
Hooking my fingers in the strings at her hips, I pulled
the bikini part way down her thighs, then leaned down
and inhaled her wonderful musky scent. Her bush was
trimmed neatly and I could easily make out the dark
line between her lips. My wife’s sister panted and
moaned as she humped herself up. . .eagerly trying to
make contact with my waiting mouth and tongue.

Finally I had to taste her. I kissed softly around her
inner thighs, then when I thought she would scream in
frustration, I swiped my tongue across the entire
length of her vagina. She tensed and cried out with a
jolt of pure pleasure as I began to lap and swirl at
her moist opening. Kellie tasted different than my
wife, but very sweet and pleasant. I was surprised at
how wet she was already, but I lapped up her juices
like it was honey.

“Oh, god…that feels so damn good!” she wailed.
“Please, don’t stop…don’t ever stop!!!!”

I pressed her thighs as far apart as they would go,
then I began to spear my tongue inside her, pushing it
as deep as possible into her throbbing pussy. She
continued to gasp and grunt, as I licked my way up to
her swollen clitoris peeking out from its fleshy hood.
I began to swirl my tongue around the hard little bud
relentlessly. Kellie trembled and shuddered beneath
me, clenching her hands and fingers in my hair, and
pressing my mouth harder against her sex.

“Oh, Mike…” she moaned. “Oh, shit…I think you’re
gonna make me come…oh, ahhhhh!”

I held on for dear life while she bucked and whimpered.
When I could feel her body start to spasm, I reached up
and tweaked her nipples with my fingers while I
continued to lap at her like a thirsty dog. Suddenly
she threw her hips way up off the deck and held them
there rigid against my mouth. Every sleek muscle in
her body tensed and strained as she went over the edge
with wave after wave of pleasure.

“Yeeesssss…that’s it!” she hissed. “Right there!
Oh, god… I’m cummmmiiiiiinnnnnngggggggggg!”

She stayed frozen in that position for a moment while
she rode out the first intense shock wave of her
orgasm. Her eyes were shut tightly and her mouth was
wide open as she gave a silent scream of ecstacy.

After observing her intense pleasure for a moment, I
bent down and continued to kiss and nibble her until
she started to come down and relax. She was trembling
from head to toe and her hips and buttocks still rocked
up and down slightly. Feeling my own need building, I
started to pull her bikini bottom the rest of the way
off so I could mount her. Before I could disrobe her
completely, though, she grabbed my wrists and said,
“No, wait!”

Startled, I thought maybe she was having second
thoughts. “Did I do something wrong. I thought you
liked, I mean, I thought you wanted to…” Now I was

She opened her eyes and smiled at me wickedly. “Mike,
if you don’t fuck me soon, I’m gonna bust. But not
here… I don’t wanna get splinters in my ass! Let’s
go back to camp!”

We gathered the clothes and the towel and sprinted back
to the tents. Kellie shoved me in her tent and I fell
back on the sleeping bags and mattresses while she
pulled off her thong.

“Let me see that thing,” she almost growled. Grabbing
the top of my shorts, she ripped the fly open and
reached inside to grasp my rock-hard cock. Jacking it
furiously with one hand, she urged me to lift my hips
so she could pull my shorts and boxers off with the

When she had me naked from the waist down, she licked
her lips and smiled at me. “Yummy!” she said, as she
bent down and kissed the purple head. Then she opened
her pretty mouth wide and engulfed the top half of my
shaft in the soft wetness. My Sister-In-Law swirled
her tongue around the sensitive tip a few times, then
she began to bob her head up and down on my swollen
cock. As she licked and sucked, her hand stroked me

I grunted and moaned, humping my hips up to meet her
sweet mouth. I saw her reach down and finger herself
as she deep-throated me-her nose now grazing my pubic
hair, while her hands and fingers caressed and tickled
my swelling balls.

Not knowing how much more of this sweet torture I could
take, I reached out and gently tried to lift her off my
tool. I didn’t want to come in her mouth. She took
the hint and reluctantly pulled off, her lips smacking
with satisfaction as she looked up and smiled at me.

“You taste good enough to eat!” she giggled. Then she
kissed me deep and hard-our tongues immediately
searching and probing each other’s mouth with intense
passion. She pulled away suddenly, and looking deep
into my eyes, placed her hands on my shoulders to brace
herself. She swung a leg over and straddled me while I
leaned back on my elbows. Reaching down, she grasped
my erection and guided it to her slick, steaming
opening. Then, with her hands on my shoulders again,
she sank down slowly and my cock slid deep inside her.

Closing her eyes, she paused for a moment to enjoy the
sensation. My cock felt like it was in an oven-so warm
and wet. I could feel her moisture dripping out and
coating us as we sat joined together, her breasts
rising and falling against my chest. Finally she
started to move-first raising up slightly, then
grinding her hips back down. Again…this time a
little farther up the shaft. I could feel her juicy
inner-muscles clinging to my shaft as she rose and
fell. Now faster, her breath hot on my neck as she
began to pick up the pace.

I fought the temptation to push back against her. I
wanted to enjoy the feeling of her humping against me
for a moment, so I just relaxed and let her have her
way. Soon Kellie started to rock up and down with more
urgency. Her labored breathing was coming in short
pants and gasps. “Uhhh…uhhh…uhhh!” she chanted each
time she sank back down. Her hard nipples scraped and
slid against my corse chest hair with each stroke, and
her hands started to clench and claw at my shoulders.

Unable to stay still any longer, I took hold of
Kellie’s hips and started to thrust up to meet her.
This caused a great moan to escape her throat and she
began to move her hips even faster. The slap, slap,
slap of our sweating bodies punctuated our increasing
gasps and groans as we hurtled toward mutual release.

Soon I felt the familiar stirring of my impending
climax. Embracing Kellie tightly, I held her to me;
then, with a sudden move, I spun us both around so that
she was now laying on her back with me poised over her.
Before she could react, I pulled my hips back so that
my cock came almost completely out of her. Reaching
down, I hooked my arms under her legs and spread her
wide, then I slammed back into her and began to piston
my swollen tool in and out like a machine.

Kellie’s eyes glazed over she began to pant and beg-
clawing and writhing beneath me as I furiously tried to
push both of us over the edge.

“Oh…uhhhnngg…uhhhhh…uhhh! she wailed. “Fuck me,
please fuck me, harder!”

Now I had only one thought-to plant my seed deep inside
this beautiful woman. As I felt the hot liquid start
to boil up to the point of spilling out, my hips
pounded into her and she raised her ass to meet each of
my thrusts as she rotated her hips and ground her pussy
against my crotch.

A bright light went off in my head and I felt my cock
swell up then explode. “Ahhhh…god, here it comes!”
I bellowed as I held myself rigid deep inside my wife’s
sister. It felt like the top of my head was about to
come off as my molten lava spurted out into her.
Somewhere in the distance I could hear Kellie shouting
too and could feel her clawing at my back as she
rocketed toward her own climax. Finally, both spent, we
collapsed together in a sweaty tangle of arms and legs.

Later, as we lay gently holding each other and trying
to get our pulse rate back to normal, I began to have
serious feelings of guilt again. Facing Kellie, I
looked into her eyes and said, “Ya know, this could
complicate things. What should we do about your
husband and my wife?”

Kellie didn’t even hesitate. “They should join the
party. Why should we have all the fun?” she laughed.

“How the hell are we going to talk them into it?” I
shot back. “I don’t think Natalie will go for this at
all. She’s your sister, remember. It’s just not going
to be that easy!!”

“Relax, baby…” Kellie said as she stroked my hair.
“If I know Steve, he’s already way ahead of us.”


Kellie and I were lounging around the campsite when
Natalie and Steve returned from their hike. We tried
hard not to look like we had just screwed each other’s
brains out.

My Brother-In-Law was in good spirits as he greeted us
and chatted away about this and that. The burly
fireman loudly picked up his wife and spun her around.
“So, did ya stay outta trouble while we were gone… or
did ya make ‘ol Mike there crazy?” he laughed. She
squealed as he tickled her sides, then she looked over
at me and winked. “We had a good l-o-n-g visit, didn’t
we Mike?”

Trying not to look guilty, I glanced over at my wife,
Natalie. She was peering back at me looking a little
confused… her face seemed flushed. “So, how was the
hike, Nat. Did you get some good pictures?” I finally

She lowered her eyes quickly and blushed again as she
quietly answered, “Yes, it was very nice. Thanks for
going with me, Steve.” Then she excused herself and
went over to crawl inside our tent. I looked at Steve
and Kellie and they just shrugged. “I better go see
what’s up,” I said.

When I got to the tent, Natalie was sitting with her
head on her knees and her arms wrapped around her legs.
She rocked back and forth and I could hear her
sniffling and trying to hold back tears.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I asked with concern.
“Something happen while you were hiking?” I was still
feeling guilty and was praying that she hadn’t somehow
seen Kellie and me naked and writhing around together.

“Oh, Mike. . .” she began to sob, “I think I’ve done
something terrible. I’m so sorry.”

My guilt turned instantly to real concern. “What’s the
matter, Nat. . .what happened?” A sinking feeling was
starting to grow in the pit of my stomach.

“I’m afraid to tell you…I don’t want you to be
upset with me.

Oh, Mike…I didn’t realize what I was doing. It’s
all my fault!”

She sat there rocking and crying softly while I tried
to process what was going on. I was starting to have a
pretty good idea that something had happened between
Steve and my wife, but I needed details. “Natalie. .
.” I began, “please tell me what’s wrong. It’s OK. I
promise I won’t be upset with you. Just tell me.”

She struggled with her emotions for a moment longer,
then she looked up at me with red, wet eyes. “I’m
afraid your wife has been very naughty.” she

“Tell me,” I said firmly.

Natalie wiped her eyes and hesitantly began to tell her

When Steve and I left camp he lead me along some trails
until we came to a beautiful meadow filled with
wildflowers. It was so pretty I just had to take some
pictures. I started clicking away, getting more
excited with each new discovery.

Steve followed after me and seemed very interested in
how my camera worked and how to find which shots to
take, so I told him all about the equipment and some
basic rules of photography. I don’t know, Honey, I
guess I was just happy to tell somebody else about my
hobby. I know you don’t like it very much, so I kind
of ate up his attention and got a little carried away.

Anyway, pretty soon Steve asked if he could take some
pictures. I gave him the camera and he sort of made a
game of running around finding things to shoot. Then
he said he wanted to take some pictures of me. I said
no way! You know how shy I am about that. But he kept
daring and coaxing me. He said I was the prettiest
thing in the meadow, and I deserved to have a picture
to remember I was here. Somehow that just made sense,
so I told him he could go ahead. He started getting
silly and wanted to pose me in all these funny ways; it
was fun. We were laughing and teasing each other…
but I didn’t think it was anything bad. We were just
having a good time in the sunshine. Steve kept telling
me to hold my arms up this way, or sit this way-with my
bare feet kicking in the air. He came up with all
kinds of crazy ideas.

While my wife told the story, I couldn’t help have
mental images of them romping around the mountains with
the thin, nearly transparent sun dress floating around
her, and her braless breasts softly jiggling and
swaying with each move she made. I envied the sight
Steve must have enjoyed as she kicked up her lovely
bare legs and laughed. I remembered how the sun shone
through her dress- perfectly outlining her sexy shape
underneath. Breathtaking. As Natalie continued, I
came out of my daydream.

After a while Steve asked me to play with my dress a
little; you know, kind of swishing it around like a
little girl or something. He said he was getting some
great shots and kept urging me on. He would say things
like-I should be a model and, I could sell these
pictures to a magazine, stuff like that. Honey, like
I said, I just sort of got carried away with what he
was saying. It went to my head and soon I was lifting
up my dress pretty high, and doing things that I
normally wouldn’t ever do.

Then Steve said I should let my hair down. He told me
the sunlight would make a pretty picture shining behind
me. I took the clip off and shook my head. He liked
that and told me to look at the camera and act really
sexy. I asked what he meant, and he said we should
play a game like I was pretending to be a model for one
of those nasty men’s magazines. He laughed and joked
with me and said it would be great to take some
pictures like that and show them to you later. Oh,
Mike, I don’t know what came over me. The more he
talked about it, the more it sounded like a good idea.
He had me lay down in the flowers while he stood over
me taking pictures-all the time pretending I was this
sexy model and he was the photographer. It was getting
hot and he took off his shirt. I tried to act like I
thought one of those models would act-really seductive
and steamy. I knew that my dress was probably showing
off too much as I moved around and posed for him, but I
really didn’t think about it seriously until he made a
comment about how pretty my panties were.

At first I was startled and began to think we had gone
too far, but he kept smooth-talking like he was this
professional and it was nothing he hadn’t seen a
million times. Then he said why don’t you pull up your
dress a little higher so we can take some shots of
those pretty little panties-just like those Victoria’s
Secret models. Somehow that made it all right in my
little brain. After all, I had seen hundreds of
pictures of pretty women in those catalogs showing off
their underwear. What was the big deal? So, before I
realized what I was doing, I hiked my dress all the way
up past my waist. I could feel the cool air on my skin
and somehow I started to feel a little wicked while
Steve hovered over me clicking away. Then Steve said I
should take the dress off and really take some pictures
like in those magazines. It was almost like I was
drunk. For some reason the game and the play-acting
had just gone to my head. I realized I was enjoying
myself and I wasn’t even thinking about being half
naked with this strange man out in the woods.

Somewhere deep inside I knew it was wrong, but he kept
complimenting me and telling me how sexy I looked and
suddenly I just did it. I pulled the dress all the way
off and lay back down in the flowers.

At this point Natalie stopped telling the story.
Burying her face in her hands, she cried, “I don’t want
to tell you anymore. I can’t imagine what you must
think of me!”

My heart was pounding in my chest; and, to my surprise,
my cock was throbbing in my pants. “Please, Nat… you
have to tell me everything,” I whispered.

Shaking her head, and with her eyes still closed, she
struggled to continue.

Well, Steve kept telling me what to do. He kneeled
down beside me and told me to touch myself. I didn’t
know what he meant, so I just kind of hugged myself and
rubbed my shoulders. No, touch yourself here, he said,
and pointed to my breasts while he aimed the camera
again. Slowly I let my hands fall down and I touched
them. It felt good. No, it felt wonderful! I closed
my eyes and I started to feel myself all over-imagining
that it was you or someone else touching me. I think I
even forgot about Steve and the camera for a minute.

All I could think about was being naked and making
love. Then I heard Steve say “lower…” Almost like I
was hypnotized, my hands moved down farther on my
tummy. I was starting to feel so warm and tingly all
over. It was like a dream. I don’t know how long I
stayed like that-rubbing and touching my warm skin all
over. Then Steve said that my panties were getting wet
and that I should touch myself there. Without
thinking, I reached down to feel between my legs.
There was a big wet spot on the crotch, and when I
rubbed a little, my head started to spin. It felt so
good I had to keep rubbing myself.

Steve kept taking pictures and told me to put my hand
inside my panties. That’s pretty much what I needed to
do anyway, so I reached my hand inside and touched
myself there. I couldn’t help it…I had to
masturbate. I was beginning to feel like I wanted to
come so bad! That’s when I felt Steve on me. Before I
knew what had happened, he was next to me kissing and
licking me all over. I opened my eyes and saw that he
was naked. He’d taken off his shorts and his big thing
was hanging right in front of me as he leaned over. I
couldn’t take my eyes off it. It looked so long and
hard, and his skin was so smooth and tan. He saw me
staring and said to go ahead and touch it.

I’m so sorry, Honey…I couldn’t help it. I wanted to
touch it so bad. I was scared at first, but then he
put his hand in my panties too and started to put his
fingers inside me. I thought I was going to faint.
Without even realizing what I was doing, I grabbed him
and started to jack him off. He tried to pull my
panties off, but I wouldn’t let him. I was afraid of
what might happen, so we just kept rubbing each other
faster and faster.

I decided to make him come, and I knew I was getting
close too. He said he wanted me to suck him and he
moved over so he was close to my mouth. I closed my
eyes and did it. It felt so strange in my mouth,
Honey; so different from you. He’s big and thick, and
I had trouble keeping it in. He held my head up and
started to kind of push in and out. I tried to keep
up, but he was getting anxious and I could feel him
swell up even bigger. I almost gagged when he pushed

He was still using his fingers on me and he started to
rub my special spot. . .you know, my clit. My hips
started to buck and shake and I could tell I was going
to come soon. That’s when I just sucked on the tip of
his cock and started to pump him faster with my hand.
Pretty soon he yelled out and squirted all over me.
That set me off, and well, you know what I’m like when
that happens.

“Oh, Sweetheart…Michael, will you ever forgive me? I
am so ashamed. I swear I have never done anything like
this before,” she finally said.

“Did he fuck you?” I asked.

“No…no, I swear! That was all, ” she cried. “We
held each other for a while after, then we cleaned up
and came back to camp.”

I didn’t know what to say. There were so many emotions
flying around in my head. On one hand I was shocked
that this had happened. I couldn’t help feeling
jealous about this guy taking advantage of my sweet,
but apparently willing, wife. On the other hand, I had
just fucked his wife silly at about the same time this
was all going on. In fact, how was I ever going to
tell my wife that I had enjoyed wild sex with her

On top of everything else, I had to admit that this
whole mess was keeping me incredibly arroused. Even
now, my wife’s story of her fling with my Brother-In-
Law had me rock hard and ready to explode.

“Listen, Honey…” I finally said. “This certainly is
quite a shock. But I appreciate your honesty. Let’s
just work through this and move on. It may take some
time, but I think we can deal with it. We still have a
couple of days up here, let’s see what happens.”

She looked up and gave me a small, grateful smile.
“Really? You’re not going to leave me? Oh, Mike, I
have been so worried. I love you so much for being so
understanding!” She pulled me close to give me a hug,
but then she seemed to freeze. “But what about
Kellie?” she whispered.

I smiled a strange little smile she could not see and
answered, “You let me take care of your sister…”


My wife and I were pretty quiet that evening-both lost
in our private thoughts about the strange and exciting
events of the last 24 hours. This camping trip had
turned out to be an unexpected opportunity to not only
test the boundaries of our marriage, but perhaps to
also explore and indulge some of our personal secret
fantasies. If Kellie and Steve-my wife’s sister and
her husband- noticed how reserved we were, nothing was

We enjoyed another delicious Dutch-oven dinner, then we
all settled around the fire to drink some beer and
visit. Steve was his normal, “life-of-the-party” self,
continually cracking jokes and generally acting larger
than life. It was hard not to like the guy. He was so
self-assured and comfortable with his surroundings.
Even with the knowledge that he had seduced and taken
advantage of my wife earlier that afternoon, I had to
admit that I found it difficult to hold any grudge or
ill feelings about him. Somehow I knew he had no
intention of offending me by his actions. Of course,
his wife and I had done the same if not worse.

After a while, Steve said, “How about some smoke?”
Grinning slyly, he reached into a small fanny-pack and
pulled out a custom-made pipe and a plastic bag filled
with green, leafy buds. “I think it’s high time we all
get a little high!” he chuckled.

Natalie and I had both smoked pot in college while we
were dating. It wasn’t a major thing, just something
we did at parties and on weekends for fun. But since
we had been married and started to raise a family, we
had put it aside to be more “responsible”. With the
mood we were both in right now, however, it sounded
like the perfect idea. “Absolutely…” I blurted, then
I glanced over at my wife to check her reaction. She
kind of shrugged and said, “Sure, why not?”

Steve fired up the pipe and began passing it around.
It had been a long time since we inhaled the thick,
pungent smoke in our lungs, so Natalie and I kind of
choked and gagged through the first few hits. But soon
that familiar relaxed sensation started to wash over my
body. It didn’t take long for us all to get fairly
giddy. My wife is especially entertaining when she’s
stoned. She usually just sits and giggles for no
apparent reason; the drug takes away most of her
inhibitions, and sometimes she can get pretty loose and
even aroused.

My Sister-In-Law, Kellie, seemed to be loose naturally,
but the pot made her almost out of control. She
started telling dirty jokes and was making suggestive
comments while she draped herself all over her husband-
continuously rubbing her hands over him. I watched,
floating in a light fog, as she trailed one hand up
Steve’s thigh and came dangerously close to grasping
the clearly outlined bulge on display in the crotch of
his shorts. I looked over to see my wife staring in
the same direction almost like she was in a trance.

Suddenly Kellie shouted, “Let go skinny dipping!”
We all looked at each other for a moment like we didn’t
comprehend what she had suggested. “Come on…it will
be fun!” she insisted.

In my dazed condition, my mind started to consider the
interesting possibilities of us all stripping down and
getting in the water together. After everything that
had happened already, this almost seemed like a natural
next step. Thinking about it for a minute, I said,
“All right, I’m up for it.” Then I turned to Natalie.
She sat there unsteadily with an amused look on her
pretty face.

“Come on, Hon…let’s go for it!” I urged.

She busted up. “You’ve got to be kidding! There’s no
way I’m stripping naked and getting in that freezing
water!” she laughed. “Forget it.”

“We don’t have to go in the lake,” Steve piped up.
“There’s a natural hot springs not too far away that’s
just like a hot tub. It’s awesome, I’ve been meaning
to take you guys over to check it out anyway.”

I looked back at my wife. “That sounds good,” I
offered. I don’t know why, but now this little outing
was important to me. “You like hot tubs!” I said
lamely. “Yeah, Nat, you like hot tubs!” her little
sister drunkenly laughed from across the fire.

Natalie was still giggling with a dreamy, far-away
look, but I could see she was struggling to consider
the idea. “I don’t know,” she finally said. “I don’t
think I could go in naked, with everybody looking…I’d
be embarrassed.”

“Oh jeez, Nat!” Kellie almost shouted, “Don’t be a
spaz…it’s just us, we’re all family! Wear yer damn
swim suit if ya want, I don’t care, let’s just go!”

“Oh, all right.” Natalie finally conceded. “What the
hell, I’ll go. But I think I will put something on.”

We split up for the time it took to change clothes and
gather a few things. Then Steve lead us off into the
night with a flashlight to help find our way along the

After about 15 minutes of hiking, we came around a bend
and there was the hot springs in a small clearing
framed by a natural cove formed by rocky cliffs that
reached up the mountain. The spring itself was like a
moderate-sized pool with grassy banks all around. The
bright moonlight gleamed on the water, and we could see
steam rising up in the cool summer air. It was an
ideal setting.

Steve switched off the flashlight and said, “Let’s get
naked!” He wasted little time in stripping off his
shoes, shirt and shorts; then, without hesitation, he
hooked his thumbs in his boxer shorts and skinned them
down his legs. I couldn’t help staring at the
impressive tool dangling between his thighs; it seemed
to hang halfway down to his knees, and it was thick and
angry-looking-even when flaccid. Glancing over, I
caught my wife obviously staring at his manhood too.

Kellie broke the spell by shouting, “What’s the matter,
waiting for an invitation?” I looked over to see her
pull the T-shirt over her head revealing her large,
perfectly formed breasts that I had become intimately
familiar with. They looked just as inviting in the
moonlight. She had on her black bikini bottom again,
but before she could strip that off too my wife spoke
up. “Wow, Kell, you’re sure not shy, are you? Why
don’t you at least leave something on so I don’t feel
like the only one…please?”

“Oh, all right…Goody-two-shoes,” Kellie sighed. “But
it’s way more fun if you go all the way. You should
try it.”

“Maybe later…I’m just not ready yet,” Nat said, as
she kicked off her shoes. She was wearing a T-shirt
and some shorts. She’d forgotten to pack a swimsuit.
“At least take off your shorts!” Kellie chided her.
“You have underwear on, don’t ya?”

Natalie looked over at me questioningly. “Go ahead. .
.” I said. “I’m going for it.” Then I began to pull
my clothes off. I could sense both women’s eyes on me
as I finally reached for my boxers. Feeling playful, I
turned my back to them and slowly peeled the garment
down my legs-pausing to give them a good look at “my”
full moon. I heard Kellie giggling and encouraging me
with raunchy comments about my “cute” ass. Finally I
stripped completely and turned around to expose the
“Full Monty”, aware that I was half erect. “My, my. .
.” Kellie said, grinning.

Steve was already relaxing in the water, lighting up
another bowl of pot. “Come on in. . .the water’s
fine!” he yelled.

Natalie realized she was holding up the party, so she
reluctantly unzipped her shorts and slid them down her
shapely legs. Underneath, my wife had on skimpy white
panties. Deciding to leave those and her T-shirt on,
she said, “OK, let’s go,” and we all joined Steve in
the soothing, steamy water. The temperature was close
to perfect.

The hot spring was fairly shallow-the surface was just
above my waist when I stood up. The bottom was sandy,
but there were large, smooth rocks here and there that
proved to be good stools and chairs to perch on; so we
sat there lounging, gently splashing ourselves, and
chatting while we passed the pipe and refueled a raging

We kind of naturally paired up with our spouses at
first. Natalie sat next to me and I noticed that her
shirt had become almost transparent when it got wet. I
could easily see her dark nipples showing through the
fabric. “Why don’t you just take that thing off,” I
told her at last. “It’s not hiding anything anyway.”
She looked down and could see I was right. Between the
peer pressure and the fresh high she was enjoying, she
finally gave in. Crossing her arms, she pulled the wet
shirt over her head and tossed it aside, exposing her
glistening breasts to us all. Kellie and Steve both
clapped and whistled with approval.

By now we were all pretty stoned. There was a lot of
horsing-around-splashing back and forth and laughing;
we were having a great time. Then Kellie said, “Let’s
play a game!”

“What game?” I asked.

“I dunno, let’s play Truth or Dare.”

“God, I haven’t played Truth or Dare since we were
teenagers,” Natalie laughed.
“I don’t think I’ve ever played it. . .or at least I
don’t remember how it goes.” I said. “How do you

Kellie explained, “Well, the way we used to play it,
you pick somebody and ask them ‘Truth or Dare?’ Then
they have to pick one. If they pick ‘Truth’ you can
ask them any question and they have to answer it; but,
if they pick ‘Dare’, you can tell them to do anything
and they have to do it…they have to do whatever you

This game sounded like it could create some interesting
possibilities-especially in our current state of
feeling no pain. “So then what happens?” I asked.

“After the person does the Truth or Dare, then they can
pick the next person…and it keeps going like that.”
For some reason Kellie kept looking at me while she
laid out the rules.

“What if you don’t want to tell about something… or
if you don’t want to do what they say,” Natalie said
nervously. “I mean, I know you guys, Kell, you can be
sick and twisted sometimes!”

“Get over it, Sis, you remember the game,” Kellie shot
back with a mischievous grin. “Them’s the rules.
That’s what makes it fun… anything goes! Tell all or
pay the penalty!”

“I’m in.” Steve said. “Me too,” I heard myself say.

“Oh, what the hell.” Natalie giggled. “I’m so stoned,
I probably won’t remember anything anyway! Who goes

Steve had an idea to take an empty beer can and spin it
in the water between us. Whomever the top of the can
pointed to when it came close to stopping could choose
the first victim. The can eventually pointed to me.
Steve looked up and said, “Go for it, Mike. Who’s it
gonna be?”

“Kellie…” I said without hesitation. “Truth or Dare?”

My wife’s sister had a twinkle in her eyes as she
folded her arms and stared back at me. “Truth!” she
said, almost challenging me.

Realizing the pressure was now on me to set the tone
for this wild activity, I thought for a moment; I had
to make it good. “Ok,” I said finally, “What is the
most outrageous sexual fantasy you have that you have
never told anybody about?” I immediately felt proud of
myself for such a bold question-especially when my wife
slapped my shoulder.

But Kellie didn’t even pause to think about it. “That
easy,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to be in like a
group sex thing where there are people all over me-
touching and sucking me and everything. I think it
would be so cool to like, just overdose on sex, ya
know?” She and Steve looked at each other and burst out
laughing. Steve said, “I thought it was supposed to be
something I didn’t know about. Guess again! That sure
sounds like something Kellie would like.

Who’s next?”

Kellie looked around for a moment. “Natalie! … Truth
or Dare?”

I could see my wife struggling with the choice. I knew
she didn’t want to reveal anything like Kellie had just
told us, but she was also afraid her sister would make
her do something really embarrassing or perverted.
“Truth…” she finally whispered.

I could see the wheels spinning in Kellie’s devious
brain. “All right, Big Sister how often do you
masturbate, and what do you think about when you do?”

Natalie gasped, “That’s two questions! You are so
wicked, Kellie!”

Kellie snickered, “Answer everything. . .or I’ll just
ask again later.” I was really interested to hear what
my wife would say, too.

Nat cleared her throat tentatively. “Well, uh. . .I
guess maybe two or three times. . .a week,” she
started. “What do I think about? I dunno. . .making
love, I guess. . .”

We all groaned in disappointment (although I was
surprised to learn how often my wife admitted to
diddling herself). “Everybody thinks about fucking. .
.” Kellie said. Come on, give us details about what
you think about!”

“Jeez, I dunno. . .” Nat said, “I probably think about
romantic things like being captured by a handsome
pirate or something and then seduced and taken almost
against my will. . . You know, stuff like that.” Her
fantasy seemed to satisfy the group. It certainly got
me thinking. “My turn,” Natalie said, as she looked
around. . . “Steve. . .Truth or Dare?”

The big fireman didn’t even look surprised or
concerned. “Dare!” he said defiantly.

Natalie seemed to struggle with her thoughts again.
Then she lowered her eyes, and in a small voice that
sounded almost like a little girl she said, “Show us
how big your. . .cock is. . .”

Steve got a big grin on his face and chuckled, “Hard or

“Hard. . .” she meekly replied.

“Well, to do that I’m gonna need some help. Any
volunteers?” he said as he looked strait at my wife.
Natalie still was looking down at her chest. I think
she had surprised even herself with her request and was
afraid to go any further.

Kellie waited for a minute then said, “Shit. . .I’ll do
it! Come here, ya big stud!” We all watched as Steve
hoisted himself up and sat back on the grassy bank.
His large wet cock was laying passively against his
thigh. Again I was amazed at its size and mass, as
Kellie moved over between his legs and grasped him.
Slowly she pumped her small fist up and down-her
exposed breasts swayed back and forth with her arm

I looked over to see Natalie watching intently. She
inched forward in the water to get a better view as his
huge organ began to rise and inflate. It didn’t take
Kellie long to massage him almost fully erect, and his
large testicles bounced and swayed under her pumping
hand. Steve had his eyes closed now and his usual
smile was even bigger.

“That’s about as big as it gets,” Kellie finally said.
She held it there proudly for inspection, as my wife
and I stared in amazement. He was at least nine-inches
long and thick. Slick and hard in the moonlight, with
the big smooth helmet head it reminded me of some kind
of missile or rocket ready to launch. Kellie looked
over at her sister. “Wanna touch it?”

“No, that’s OK.” Natalie said softly. “Not right now.”
We all heard her declining the invitation; but we were
equally aware that she had left the possibility open
for the future.

“Who’s turn is it?” I said to break the akward silence.

“Damn…I can’t believe y’all are gonna leave me this
way,” Steve grinned. “All right…uh, Mike! Truth or

I followed Steve’s example and did the macho thing.

Steve looked at Kellie who was still softly stroking
his manhood. “Ok, I dare ya to let Kell here do the
same thing to you that she did to me. Let’s see how
you measure up, cowboy!”

Natalie gasped beside me. “Kell…you wouldn’t!” she
said. But I could tell by the tone in her voice that
she didn’t really seem that upset or shocked. Maybe it
was the pot.

“Oh yeah? Watch this. Come here, Mikey! Kellie
laughed, as she glided over to me and repeated the
process of helping me up onto the bank. Looking into
my eyes, she whispered, “Nice,” then she started to
softly caress and stroke my cock that didn’t need much
encouragement to become fully erect. I’m certainly not
as big as Steve, but I can hold my own with most guys.
I closed my eyes and drifted off as my Sister-In-Law’s
expert touch made my head spin even more than it
already was. “I think he likes it.” I heard Kellie
say, and the others laughed softly.

“OK…that’s enough.” Natalie said, putting an
unwelcome stop to my pleasure. “Let’s keep going. . .”

Coming out of my daze, I spoke up. “Let’s change
things a bit. Since Kellie’s had to do all the work on
the last two turns…let’s let her pick next.” There
were no objections, so Kellie reluctantly stopped
stroking me and looked around at her sister who was
watching closely. “Natalie! … Truth or Dare?”

“You picked me last time!” my wife complained.

“So? I can pick anybody I want. What’s the matter,
are ya chicken?”

“No,” Nat frowned. “OK…Dare, damn it.”
My heart started to beat a little faster as I realized
Kellie would likely make my wife do something wild. I
was glad Natalie was starting to get into the spirit of
all this.

“All right,” Kellie said. “I dare you to let Steve
take your panties off… with his teeth!” I was right.
This would be intense.

“I don’t know…” Natalie began. But before she
could object any further, Kellie jumped all over her.
“Hey, we all did it!” she griped. “You have to do it
too! That’s the rules. We all agreed.”

Resigned to her fate, Nat moved over by Steve-still
sitting on the grassy bank with his big tool lazily
waving in the air. We watched as he helped her climb
out of the water and sit next to him. “How are we
gonna do this?” she asked.

“Why don’t you just lay back and relax,” he replied.
“This won’t hurt a bit!”

My pretty blonde-haired wife leaned back and spread her
legs slightly. The wet panties she wore did nothing to
hide her feminine secrets. In the bright moonlight we
could easily see the dark patch of her trimmed bush;
and below, the fleshy lips of her pussy were clearly
visible too.

Steve decided to take advantage of the situation and
play around a little. Instead of going right for the
panties, he lowered his head and began to nibble and
tickle her around the edges. Natalie tensed and
giggled from the sensations, but she didn’t object.
Finally Steve placed his hands on either side of her
and reached down with his mouth and teeth to take hold
of the top edge of the drenched silk. Slowly he pulled
down and revealed her naked belly, then her soft, wet
honey-colored hairs.

I noticed that Natalie was no longer giggling and her
breathing seemed to be getting deeper. She raised her
hips slightly to help him with his effort. Soon his
nose was brushing against her bush. Just slightly
lower and his mouth would be right on her sex.
Suddenly Natalie moaned… loud. I think it surprised
all of us. Her hips raised up even higher and began to
gently rotate and rock as Steve kept moving his teeth

Watching with fascination, I became aware that Kellie
was stroking my cock again. She was still standing in
the water between my legs, looking over at her husband
and my wife. Reaching down, I grasped a handful of one
of her amazing breasts. I heard her purr in
appreciation as my thumb found a hard nipple and began
to rake back and forth across the turgid flesh. In
response, she gripped my rod more firmly and started to
pump faster.

Looking back at Steve and Natalie, I saw that he had
her panties down past her crotch now, but he was no
longer working at pulling them any further. My wife
had her hands tangled in his hair as he obviously
kissed, licked, and lapped at her sopped opening. I
remember thinking the game was over, as Steve reached
up with one hand and ripped her panties from her body,
then spread her legs wide to give him better access.
The scene excited me intensely, and I lowered my head
to kiss Kellie deeply-our tongues intertwined with hot

My Sister-In-Law broke the kiss and lowered her head
down to take me in her mouth. I groaned loudly as her
sweet, wet softness engulfed me. Holding her head
gently in my hands, I helped her bob up and down on my
shaft. Each time she would raise up, she would pause
and swirl her tongue all around the sensitive head of
my throbbing prick while she jacked me gently with her
hand. Leaning back on my elbows, I looked over to see
what Steve and Natalie were doing.

Steve was now on his back with my petite wife draped
over him in a sixty-nine position. Her tight little
ass was arched up in front of his face as he continued
to lap and suck between her legs. He appeared to have
a finger moving in and out of her as he licked her
without mercy. Natalie was doing her best to take his
monster cock in her mouth. Her lips were stretched
wide and her cheeks hollowed in and out while she moved
her head up and down. I could hear her moaning and
panting around his huge shaft as she tried desperately
to return the pleasure he was obviously giving her.

Kellie’s blowjob was getting me close to the edge, so I
pulled her off and slid down into the warm water with
her. We embraced and kissed each other while she
ground her covered pussy against my hard cock. “I
thought we were all supposed to be naked,” I teased as
I reached down and stripped the bikini bottom down her
legs and tossed it onto the bank.

“Bout time,” she giggled. “Ever fuck in a hot spring?”
“Not that I can remember.” I said truthfully.

“Where the hell ya been all yer life?” she teased.
“Guess I’m gonna have to teach you everything. Come
on, big boy!” She grabbed me by the cock and a led me
over to the side. Then she turned around and leaned
against the edge of the pond. Reaching back, she
spread her feet slightly and guided my rock-hard pole
up between her legs to her opening. I pressed forward
and pushed into her part way. Even with the warm water
around us, I could feel the heat of her steaming pussy
around the tip of my rigid meat.

Kellie leaned forward and rested her elbows and hands
on the bank. I grasped her hips and pushed forward,
sliding my cock almost all the way inside her with one
stroke. Kellie moaned and ground her ass back against
me-pushing me the rest of the way in. I began
thrusting in and out with long, smooth strokes. My
hands reached around to cup and massage her breasts and
nipples. Water splashed and sloshed noisily around us,
and we couldn’t help but laugh at the commotion we were

I heard a familiar female squeal nearby and looked over
to see my naked wife on her hands and knees. She had
her eyes closed tightly and her mouth was wide open.
“Oh god…” she wailed again. “It’s so big… I don’t
know if I can take it!”

Steve was kneeling behind her with his massive cock
partially buried inside her. He was rocking back and
forth gently, trying to inch the throbbing giant
farther into her tight tunnel. To his credit, he was
patient and began to make slow progress as she moaned
and clawed at the ground beneath her. “That’s it,
baby. . .you’re all wet and slick for me,” he said
soothingly. ” It’s gonna feel so good when I’m inside.
I’m gonna stretch that pretty pussy and fuck you all
night long.” She groaned again in reply and tried to
rock her hips back against him slightly.

I’d never really considered how I would react to
watching my wife being fucked by someone else-
especially my Brother-In-Law. Somewhat surprisingly, I
realized that, more than anything, it was a huge turn-
on. Something about seeing my beautiful bride right in
front of me with a well-hung stud giving her obviously
pleasure was wildly erotic. Of course, it didn’t hurt
to know that I was pounding into his wife at the same

I turned my attention back to Kellie and, grasping her
soft hips, started to thrust into her with more
urgency. She pushed back at me with each stroke, then
she surprised me by reaching between her legs to cup
and squeeze my balls in her hand. The sensation was
incredible; I don’t think I’d ever experienced it
before. Picking up the pace, I let her know through my
actions that I liked what she was doing.

The night air was filled with the sounds of sex. We
almost sounded like a pack of wild wolves as we moaned,
groaned, and grunted-urging our partners on and
climbing toward mutual climax.

With all the physical exertion, the water was starting
to get a little too warm. I suggested to Kellie that
we join Steve and Nat out in the cool air on the grass.
She agreed and we both climbed out and settled down
near them. Changing positions, Kellie laid on her
back- raising her knees and spreading her legs
invitingly. I wasted no time in climbing aboard again-
pushing my cock deep inside and immediately pistoning
in and out furiously.

I looked up and noticed Natalie had now taken Steve
inside her completely. She cried out with a steady
chant as he held onto her hips with a tight grip and
pounded back and forth-causing the taut flesh of her
soft buttocks to shake and tremble with each impact.
Her breasts hung beneath her-swaying and jiggling
violently. Almost on cue, he reached forward and held
the quivering tit flesh in his big hands, tweaking and
teasing her nipples with his fingers.

My balls were churning as I plowed in and out of
Kellie, and I could feel the first signs of my much
needed explosion starting to rack my body. Reaching
down, I took hold of Kellie’s legs and raised her
ankles up on my shoulders. With a better angle of
penetration, I pushed up on my hands and planted my
toes in the soft turf, then I proceeded to slam into my
wife’s sister like a crazed animal.

“Oh fuck!” she wailed. “Uhh…uhnnngh … uhh! Yeah,
that’s it, fuck me hard… that feels so good!”

Natalie and Steve appeared close to exploding too. My
wife was still on her hands and knees and every muscle
strained and shuddered against the relentless pounding
from the big man behind her.

Kellie had scooted forward to the point that she was
almost laying between Nat’s hands-grasping and
clenching at the ground. Then something totally
unexpected happened. As Natalie panted and whimpered
above her, Kellie reached up and pulled her sister’s
mouth down to her waiting lips for a passionate kiss.
I think Nat was too close to her orgasm to even realize
what was happening, or maybe she simply didn’t care,
but she returned the kiss with amazing intensity. They
both moaned and ground their mouths together with pink
tongues battling. I couldn’t help wonder if this had
happened before.

The erotic scene was too much for me. I yelled out and
thrust my cock into Kellie as far as it would go;
holding it there, my hot load raced through me and
exploded deep inside her. The beautiful woman beneath
me writhed and shuddered-her hands clawed at my back as
she milked out the last of my thick seed with her
strong inner muscles.

My wife and Kellie’s husband were not far behind us.
As we collapsed in each other’s arms, I could hear Nat
wailing and begging Steve to come inside her. I opened
my eyes to watch their finale.

Steve was hovering over Natalie like a giant bear. She
had dropped down on her elbows and her head was almost
on the ground while her bouncing ass was raised high in
the air to meet his brutal thrusts. He was almost
laying on top of her back with his arms wrapped around
her waist. The amazing sight was his hips: they
slammed back and forth at almost inhuman speed; the
slapping of their flesh together was incredibly loud
and I could also hear the sucking and slurping sounds
from the joining between their legs.

Finally Steve jerked up erect on his knees and let out
what I can only describe as a roar that echoed
throughout the mountains. He slammed his hips forward
into my wife one last time-spraying his huge load deep
within her. Natalie almost passed out. Her eyes were
rolled back in her head and her mouth was open wide,
but no sound came out.

At last Steve finished emptying himself and he fell
back away from her. Natalie collapsed too and she
fought to catch her breath, breasts heaving and sweat
covering her small body as it glistened in the
moonlight. I knew she was all right when she finally
looked toward me and smiled wearily. “Truth or Dare,”
she whispered.

Later we made our way back to camp. Without any
discussion, Kellie and I went to one tent while Steve
and Natalie went to the other. After Kellie and I
recovered somewhat, we spent the night exploring each
other’s bodies. From the sounds next door, we could
tell Steve and Nat were doing much the same.

The next day was our last up in the mountains, so we
spent much of the time with our new partners. I think
we all realized that what had happened would be taboo
in the real world; and, once we went back to our normal
lives, this relationship would be too complicated or
dangerous to continue. So we made the most of the
remaining time together. It was one of the most
satisfying experiences of my life, largely because
there was no jealously or regret associated with what
we had done.

At dusk we packed up the camp and went home to reality.
One thing was sure-I had a new and deep appreciation
for camping.

Post Script:

Natalie and I continued to socialize regularly with
Steve and Kellie without any sexual relations. One
night a few months later at dinner, however, our little
group had a startling surprise:

Both wives announced they were pregnant…

Happy Camping!