Miss Lyscious

I couldn’t help but smile when she looked up at me, coated with a layer of gooey sperm that dripped down her soft, ebony face.

It was perfect and all began with her son, Teddy. He was my classmate, half-teammate, now my tenant and his mother is a downstairs booty-call.

They were both kicked out after a bad divorce, which started when Lysha was caught deepthroating our football coach after a game late at night.

We went to celebrate with pizza and wings, and noticed two people were missing for a while when he went to pay the bill after our win. Unfortunately, one of the guys on the team had to take a leak and saw two people were in the stall.

He took his phone out and recorded the topless milf slowly bobbing her head back and forth on our coach’s thick shaft with her eyes closed. Our coach was looking down at her, too far gone to notice the floating phone above the stall. It was only a few seconds long and the coach whispered “Kiss the fucking tip, slut. I want my jizz all over—those dick sucking lips,” and that’s as far as the video got.

However, he did get a few snaps of the cumshots that followed, which got sent to snap. The whole team got pics except for Teddy, including his best friend Rick. When Coach returned, he had a huge grin on his face and patted Teddy on the shoulder, congratulating him for a good game. Even though Teddy was benched through it all.

Lysha returned too, her nipples poking through a thin, baby blue blouse, close to tearing through the fabric. Large areolas were outlined as she licked something off of her finger and kissed Teddy on the cheek.

His friend Rick felt like he was going to hurl, seeing the snap and knowing what was on her finger, though he couldn’t bring himself to tell his friend. But all of us knew, and we grinned over at coach.

Rick felt like Teddy’s dad should know about his wife, and that’s where everything started coming up my way. Rick told Evan, Teddy’s dad, about his wife, much to Evan’s chagrin. He couldn’t believe his wife would stoop that low or even perform oral since she hated the idea. But Rick saved the pictures, (after rubbing one out to them a few times the night before) and after mustering up the courage, showed the naive husband.

It was immediately a huge fight, and she tried explaining she was a nymphomaniac and couldn’t help it but he wasn’t having any of it. Teddy had told us, his classmates, that he may need to move schools since his parents were in the middle of separating.

Of course, I asked Rick what this was all about and he gave me the entire story. Josh was the one that went to the washroom that night, the fight was about her cheating out of a deep addiction, the divorce was going through and they’d probably need to move out of state into some place more affordable.

I thanked Rick for being the honest guy I knew he was, and told him he should’ve gotten a piece before he said anything.

He smiled and said that he did. The two had been staying at his place and she’d given Rick a handjob while they watched a movie, while Teddy was in the shower. She whispered in his ear how she needed a man’s cock and shoved her hand down the front of his pants. The blanket was over them and his dad was passed out in his chair during the whole thing. She tugged on his cock with delicate hands, though her speed was relentless and it was clear she just wanted him to cum.

He did, and she held her hand over the tip, catching everything she could in her hand. When he was finished, she brought her hand out and slurped it all up, shoving her head under to lick the tip clean. Then she whispered a thanks in his ear, sitting up and watching the movie as if nothing happened. Rick was spent and fell asleep. But he awoke later that night to a weird, wet noise. He awoke to find Lysha giving a blowjob to his sleeping dad as he sat in his chair!

Her wavy black curls bounced as she noisily slurped, sounding as if she was inhaling the entirety of his dad’s crotch.

Just then, the front door opened and Rick knew it was his mother.

So Rick’s long story short, Teddy and his stacked, phat ass, double D’s nympho milf had nowhere to go.

But luckily, my dad and I had just kicked out our last tenants for being late on rent and I let him know about my good ‘buddy’ Teddy. He wrote up a lease agreement for the last tenants, but I made a few edits that wouldn’t affect his rules, only adding a few of my own.

Namely, Lysha having to perform acts of fellatio and coitus at any given time to any requested person of the landlords within reason. The minimum is once a week, and she must be filmed, recorded or photographed at least once a week, as well as provide at least one, separate cam show per week. And Teddy must leave or enter a room or the house at any requested time. Terms are non negotiable and the contract is binding.

The next day I saw Teddy after school.

“Hey, dude. I know you’re thinking about moving away but I have a basement suite to offer if you’re interested. Bring your mom to my place at the end of Dustinger Road, the house with the red door and we might be able to keep you.” I passed him a note with the address and he started crying, no doubt filled with gratitude.

A couple of hours later, they showed up and dad was gearing up to sell them all that the place had to offer, but didn’t get the chance. Lysha didn’t hold back that they were desperate and that she really just wanted to sign the papers.

I gladly handed her the revised edition and she signed for the full year. Teddy obviously wanted to read through, but Lysha reminded him she already signed and they had nowhere else to go.

He sighed and signed as well, dad leaving with the documents as I stayed behind and patted Teddy on the back.

“Glad to have you both with us. Teddy, did you check out the backyard?” I insisted physically, squeezing his shoulder just hard enough for it to be uncomfortable.

“No, but I think I’ll take a look.” He responded, getting up and walking quickly outside.

“We’ll call you back for dinner!” I shouted at him, turning my attention to his busty mother. Skin as smooth as butter, color of warm brown caramel with naturally thick, dark espresso lips.

She slumped forward in her chair, leaning towards me as I could peer into her shirt, seeing the top of her areolas.

She was getting ready to say something but I placed my finger on her lips.

“Me, first. Rick told me about you, what he did for you and you did for him. I want that—and more. So much more.” I spoke, plainly, nodding up while keeping my eyes on her knockers as a signal.

A smile crossed those thick, naughty lips and I knew exactly the kind of woman I was dealing with. She took the hand that rested on her lips, suckling on it with groans like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. It slipped into her mouth and she licked upward to my fingertip before she opened my fist and guided my hand down the neck of her shirt.

“Do you like that, baby?” She asked with a sultry voice as I groped her massive tit and massaged it.

“Fuck yeah I do! But you know what I’d like more?” I asked, squeezing hard enough to make her moan softly as her eyes turned to me, her mouth agape.

“Tell me whatcha like! I wanna fucking know!” She said in a hushed voice, playing with her other boob.


“I want a blowjob. A GOOD one, that ends with my jizz plastering your face. Can you do that for me, Lyscious?” I asked, caressing her breast as the other hand yanked a fistful of wavy black hair.

“OHHH fuck you know what I like! Pull it out! I’ll suck you so fucking good you won’t nut for four days!” She said, nearly slobbering with every word.

I let her go, unbuckling my jeans and pulling them down quickly, sneaking my phone out of my pocket and keeping it in my hand. She didn’t miss a beat, dashing out of her seat and grabbing hold of my dick before plopping it into her mouth and making it disappear down her throat. She kept her eyes closed as she gave me the sloppiest blowjob I’ve ever had! I unlocked my phone and started recording as she sucked it and licked it, pulling off to slap it against her face. Then she opened her eyes, red from the gagging and didn’t seem to mind the phone. She even gave a small smile and wave before giving me a few teasing licks.

Every so often, she’d pull away and say something quickly and under her breath like “that’s a good cock”, or “So fucking thick”, and my personal favourite “I’m SUCH a slut for you”. She’d say that last one in a way that was almost too cute to be dirty.

That’s when I felt myself throbbing and my balls got hot. I guess she could tell, because she began fondling my sack and giving my tip little pecking kisses.

I couldn’t hold myself back, pushed beyond pleasure as we locked eyes before she smirked at the camera.

“Cheese!” She called, as she pumped my shaft with her hand, still fondling with the other as cock lava erupted into her beautiful milk-chocolatey face.

Spurts of cock cream covered her forehead, her left cheek, over a bit of her nose, most of it being spent on her lips and chin. She took it like a champ and brushed her hair back with her fingers like she was just getting finished with a professional photoshoot.

“Thanks for the first payment, Mrs. Milf.” I said whilst chuckling, gaining a giggle back from her as she flashed her tits and lapped the cum from her face with her tongue.

“Actually, it’s Miss, now! Miss Lyscious, baby! And don’t. You. Forget it.” She said, shaking her boobs with every word and blowing a kiss to the camera before I stopped recording.

I was completely taken by surprise by her performance and watched as she scooped my messy cum off of her and into her mouth.

I knelt down slightly and grabbed hold of her breast, a suckling kiss on her nipple before pulling away.

“I’ll be seeing you around, Miss Lyscious. Get ready for more fun.” I smiled wide, putting my pants back on, slipping my phone in my pocket.

“I’m always ready, baby. Just let me know when!” She replied, putting her shirt down and continuing to fix her hair as I walked upstairs.

I went to my room and texted Rick: [Get rid of any plans you have tomorrow. You’re coming over and you’ll regret it if you don’t.]