Deadly sperm

“Please state your name, sex, and age for the camera.”

“My name is Logan Deana Braxton,” the naked blue-eyed brunette said as she sat at the foot of her bed looking into the camera, “I’m female and I’m 18 years old and I want to die.”

A tall black man with salt-and-pepper hair stepped into the frame. He was naked, his foot-long cock fully hard and throbbing in the teen’s face. “It says here that you want to have your first sexual experience with a Viper so that when he cums inside of your vagina you die while cumming, is that right?”

The chubby brunette turned and looked down the throbbing shaft of the thick black cock to the tattoo right above the older man’s dick. A snake wrapped around a skull-and-crossbones, the government mandated tattoo for a male who test positive for the presence of neurotoxin in their semen. Each male is tested when they turn fifteen and is required to obtain the tattoo if they test positive for the neurotoxin. Only about one-in-ten-million males have this mutation, and the older man next to Logan was one of them. The fourteen-year-old took one last look at the tattoo before looking up into the older man’s dark brown eyes. “Yes, that’s right,” Logan said with a smile.

The older man looked down at the teen with a lecherous grin, “Am I an adequate sex partner for you then? I know of a few others like me if you’d prefer.”

The chubby teenager studied the muscular black man and shuddered in anticipation. “Yes, you’d be the perfect sex partner.”

The black man grinned down and tossed the clipboard in his hand behind the camera, reaching down and cupping Logan’s soft flesh in his hand. The young teen moaned as his fingers danced all over the young teen’s curvaceous body, sliding down her side then up her chubby stomach. “Anything that you want to say before we get started?” the older man said as his dark-skinned hand cupped Logan’s modestly-sized breast.

The eighteen-year-old gasped and shuddered, biting her lip as the older man massaged her young B-cup breast. “I just want to thank you so much for doing this. It really means a lot to me.” The young teen cried out for a moment as the black man pinched her sensitive nipple. “Ever since I saw my first video on the Viper Sluts website I knew I wanted to be one of these girls. I couldn’t get enough of imagining how it would go. Now you’re here and I can’t believe that my remaining life is measured in mere minutes.” The black man’s hand slipped down the white teen’s chubby stomach and between her legs. Logan moaned loudly as she felt his fingers probe her shaved virgin sex, her breaths coming in short little pants. “Oh f-fuck!”

“That’s it, moan for me,” the dark-skinned man said as he pinched the chubby teen’s bare nipple and teased her sensitive little clit.

“Oh, I’m going to die on your cock,” Logan moaned, trembling as the older man squeezed her soft flesh. “Oh f-fuck, do it! I’m ready!”

“Are you sure?” the black older man said slipping a finger into Logan’s tight vagina. “Once I start I won’t stop until you’re a corpse.”

“D-Do it!” the chubby teen begged, “F-Fuck me!”

“Just four little words,” the black man whispered into the teen’s ear, “Just four little words and I’ll start your journey to heaven.”

Logan gasped and bucked her hips against the older man’s hand. The raging inferno in between her legs was spreading throughout her young body making her shiver. A second finger stretching her fuck hole caused the eighteen-year-old to tilt her head and cry out, “I’m ready to die!”

The older black man held the trembling teen as a mini-orgasm coursed through her. He carefully laid her on her back and Logan instinctively spread her legs open wide. The older man wasted no time and slipping between the chubby teenager’s legs and started rubbing his poisonous penis against Logan’s puffy vulva. “This is the point of no return, Logan,” the black man said as he shifted his hips, grinding his cock against her pussy, “Once I put it in, there’s no going back.”

Logan’s eager pants and moans accompanied her grinding her hips against his, trembling at the torture of having his cock teasing her but not inside her. “F-Fuck me, please!”

The next thing Logan knew the older man lifted his hips and straightened out his cock, lining the thick head drooling with precum with her virgin fuck hole. In one swift move the black man slid his cock to the hilt in the tight teen making Logan squeal in pleasure. The eighteen-year-old wrapped her legs around his as he slowly rocked his hips, sliding his deadly cock in and out of the tight teen. Logan matched the speed of her hips with his, wanting to draw out her final few moments as she enjoyed the feeling of being fucked. The sound of moaning and groins slapping together filled the air. “Oh f-fuck! Y-yes!!” Logan squealed, trembling as the older man started to pick up the pace.

The older man soon thrust all the way in and grabbed Logan by the hips. He expertly rolled them over so Logan was on top and started to guide her hips in a slow rocking motion. “How’s that feel?” the dark-skinned man groaned out, his eyes fixated on the chubby teenager bouncing on his cock.

“It feels amazing!” Logan moaned, rocking her hips back and forth, her blue eyes locked with his dark brown ones. The teen started to pick up the pace of her hips, trembling and feeling the raging inferno in her pussy grow and grow with every thrust of the older man’s black cock deep into her and every slap of his big heavy balls filled with deadly seed against her ass.

The older man reached up and started massaging Logan’s firm B-cup tits, squeezing them and pinching the sensitive little nipples making the teenager gasp. He started to buck his hips, his cock throbbing as he felt his orgasm building. “I’m gonna cum, Logan,” the older man warned, “I’m gonna kill you with my deadly sperm.”

The eighteen-year-old brunette felt her body tighten around his cock and she knew she was only moments away from her death. “Do it!” the teenager squealed, “Cum in me! Cum in me! Send me to heaven!”

The dark-skinned man gave the teen one last hard thrust before he groaned and shot his deadly sperm deep into Logan’s white womb. Logan squealed at the hard thrust and felt the first two splashes of the older black man’s sperm hit her cervix before her eyes rolled back in her head and her corpse slumped forward into the older man’s waiting arms. The older man held the dead teenager tightly as he emptied his seed into her. He carefully rolled the body back onto her back before pulling out, his deadly seed spilling out of Logan’s dead pussy. The wide smile on Logan’s face in the throes of the ultimate pleasure put a smile on older man. He bent down and kissed the dead girl’s lips before closing her eyes. “Good night, Logan. Pleasant dreams.”

The older man then stood up and walked over to the camera and stopped the recording. He made sure to keep a copy for himself before placing a memory card next to the suicide note that Logan had written earlier. He then quickly got dressed and packed up his camera. He spared one last look at Logan, now at peace, before he left the teenager’s room and quickly went down the stairs and out the front door.

Three hours later, Logan’s parents came home, finding her suicide note on her dresser and her naked corpse with cum dripping out of her pussy on the bed.