A little fun by the Pool by The Sex Princess

Ok, Imagine this: The time is a hot June and final exams in school are
comming around. You are having problems in say, chemistry and you ask if I
could come over your house to help. I agree to help and the next day after
school, I go to your house. I help you for two hours and afterwards, since its
a hot day, we are sweating hot. Now, since you have a pool and your folks
aren’t home, you ask me if I’d like to go swimming. I accept but say I don’t
have a bathing suit. You tell me that you would lend my one of your sister’s.
You get it for me and I go into the bathroom and change while you change in
your room. I get undressed and put on the suit and think “Holy small
bikini’s!”. Let me tell you, it is scant! The top covered the outer and
bottom portions of my tits just, covering my nipples while the bottom barely
covered my rather small bush and very little of my ass. Also, the bikini was
only held on by small snaps, one in the back of the top and one on each side of
the bottoms. Not to mention it was red and thin. Anyway, I asked you what I
should do with my clothes any you said you would take care of them so I gave
them to you and went out to the pool and dived in. The pool was warm for this
time of year because it is solor heated. I also noticed that the pool area was
very private. I began to swim laps and you jumped in too. Your bottom was
small too and I could see your obviosly large equiptment outlined very well.
That and the rest of your very muscular physique (you work out every day), made
me get hot. After about ten minutes of swimming, you got out and lied on a
towel on your stomach to get a tan since it was still daylight. I got out too
and while you were lying on your stomache, I knelt down beside you and begun to
give you a massage. While massaging you, I looked under your stomache and
realized why you were lying on your stomache. You were hiding an enormous hard
on under your stomach. I looked at it. It is over ten inches long and real
thick. I know where I want it. My massage becomes more like a feelup of your
upper torso. Your muscles are so strong and feel to me when I feel them. I
move my hands down and start messaging your lower back. I can’t stand it any
longer, I want to offer my body to you and be fucked by you. Your face is
still looking at the ground and I look and see nobody is watching us. I reach
behind my back and quietly unsnap the bikini top, take it off and throw it into
the pool. Then, I move my hands lower down your back . In fact, I slide them
under your suit and feel your ass cheeks. You ask me what I’m doing and look
up and see my bare top. You just look at it for a moment while my fingers find
your balls and begin to gently play with them. You now know what I have in
mind which is the same as you do so you ask me if we should go in the house. I
say yes and you towel me and you off and you pick me up and carry me into the
house with your stong arms. You carry me with one hand under my ass and arm
around upper body with the hand resting on my right tit. You hold me right up
to your chest. It feels so so good to me having my body held by your strong
arms up to your well endowed chest. Anyway, you bring me into your house and
into your room and lie me on the bed. You stand up and take your bathing suit
off and let me see your huge tool. It’s Huge. It it 12 inches long and at
least two inches across, probably 6 in. around. I know my cunt is in for a
treat. I lie back, put my arms at my sides, close my eyes, and have a mind to
let you do what ever you want with me. You get on the bed and kneel before me.
You then put your hands on my waist. You undo a snap on the bikini bottoms and
snatch it off me and toss it to the side. I spread my legs wide in
antisipation. Then, you get over me and position the head of your dick on my
cunt and begin to slowly lower it in. I can feel it going deeper, and deeper,
and deeper into me. You lower in all twelve inches of it. My hole is tight
all around it. You begin to move your cock in and out real slow. While you
fuck me deep and slow, you caress my tits with your capable hands. After
fucking me slowly for a few minutes, you begin to go faster and held me tighter
and tighter and pumped harder and harder. Once, when you squeezed my tits, and
pressed in very hard, I came and my cunt spasmed and tightened even harder
around your huge cock. With that, you pumped once, maybe twice, shoved your
cock all the way in and poured your hot milk deep inside me. I felt very warm
inside. You pulled your cock out, got up, and put on your pants. You got my
clothes and helped me get dressedmaking sure you got to feel plenty of my
private parts. You thanked me for the whole day and I left…. You aced that
chemistry exam and came up to me and said you would reward me by taking me out
on your boat with some of your friends. More on that later……….. Ok, I
hope you liked it. Please, write me something to make me real hot