An older guy can’t help himself with a couple of his daughter’s friends

Look, this isn’t my fault. First off, I don’t think I
did anything wrong. Second, whatever I did do, I
couldn’t help doing it.

This happened back a few years now, when my daughter
was about eighteen. Maybe it was being a single dad, or
maybe it was just the way I am, but I always sort of
tried to be the “cool” father. I’d drive my daughter
and her friends around when they needed it, I didn’t
mind if they drank in the house so long as it didn’t
get too out of hand, and those kinds of things. This
didn’t make me too popular with some of the other
parents, but I don’t think I’d be lying if I said that
the kids thought I was ok.

I’d guess it was around when my daughter was 14 that
people started hanging around the house more, so by the
time she was eighteen or so the whole thing seemed like
no big deal, though I guess it was, her and her friends
still being well below the legal drinking age.

Usually when she had people over, it wasn’t too big a
group, since I was nice enough to let this all happen
in the first place, and she knew not to push her luck.
Since she turned eighteen though, the groups had been
getting a little bigger and a little more co-ed.

The night I’m going to tell you about was not a typical
night. Even on the bigger nights, there were usually
maybe ten kids, twelve tops. This night, I’d say there
were more like twenty or twenty-five. I think it was
some kid’s birthday, but I really don’t remember
exactly if that’s true.

Anyhow, as per my daughter’s instructions, I was to
keep myself away from the action, so to speak. I tried
to oblige, though once in a while I’d walk through the
house to get a beer from the fridge or something (from
whichever of her friends had put some in there). It was
no secret that I was home, so no big deal. Of course,
on these walks I couldn’t help but notice the girls.

Girls who just a couple years ago looked like little
boys, some of them looked to me like thirty year old
women almost, what with all their makeup on and
whatnot. Some girls had the arms of boys slung over
them, boys who I could only assume were already or
would soon get to put their arms on far more than

Other than these walkthroughs, the rest of the time I
spent in my bedroom of our bungalow. Usually the kids
would relegate themselves to the basement, but on this
night they were definitely on both floors. I could hear
drunken shouts through my door. Kids.

While I recognized many of the kids in the house, there
were a few I was more familiar with, as their
friendships with my daughter stretched back a ways.
With these kids, I was on closer, more jovial good
humored terms, where I’d ask them about boyfriends,
they’d ask me if I’d met any women, that kind of thing.

One of these girls knocked and then entered my room. It
was Sam. Sam was my daughter’s fattest friend, though
“fat” isn’t really the right word at that age. Ten
years later, her fat would be fat, starting to hang and
soften, but on a eighteen-year old (who was big, not
obese — chubby, you might say) it was just a firm kind
of softness.

“Hi, Steve,” she said.

“Hi, Sam. Drinking a little?” I observed her from my
chair where I was sitting in front of my computer. I’d
been thinking about watching some porno and jacking
off, but had forced myself not to just in case someone
came in. That said, my file program was still open to
my porno directory.

“A little.” She giggled. There was a half-empty beer
bottle in her hand. I was worried about her spilling.

“Why don’t you put that down?”


“Here,” I said, offering my hand and taking the bottle
from her. This action brought her closer to me.

Sam was one of the girls who had really busted out.
Maybe in part because she was larger than the other
girls, her breasts were probably as large as the rest
of the girls combined. She was just wearing a couple
tanktops, layered one on the other, nothing meant to
define her figure, but her round breasts couldn’t help
but make themselves noticed. I also noticed that she
was wobbling a little.

“Sam, Sam, Sam. Can’t stand Sam. What are we going to
do with you? Maybe you should take a seat.”

“Where should I sit?”

As I sat in the only chair in the room, the only other
place would be the bed or the floor, neither of which
seemed appropriate.

“I’m not sure.” As I said this, I sort of looked around
the room and hesitated as my eyes happened to pass over
my lap, my harmless lap. I hoped this would trigger a
suggestion in her, which in her drunken state would
assert itself. And it did.

“How about here?” she asked, and began to sit on my
right thigh.

Despite getting what I wanted, I said, in a somewhat
shocked tone, “Oh, sure, why not.”

As she sat down, I could smell the alcohol on her. It
was stronger than I would have expected. From the
uncertain way in which she sat down, I also realized
she was drunker than I had at first thought. I also got
a boner more quickly than I would have expected.
Something about a firm soft fat ass on my upper thigh
that will do that. So long as she didn’t move, I didn’t
think Sam would notice my hard-on. She was sitting on
my upper thigh, leaning forward a bit, though swaying
back and forth slightly, drunkenly.

It seemed to me that through my jeans, the right side
of my erection was just grazing her left ass-cheek, but
I didn’t think there was any reason for her to assume
it was a boner rather than just part of my jeans.

“Steven?” she asked me.


“Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Sure I do. Why do you ask?”

“I think the boys like the other girls more. Cheryl and
those girls. I think it’s because they’re skinnier. Is
that stupid?”

“No, it’s not stupid, but I think you’re probably
wrong. Even if they do, I’m sure there are also boys
who like you more.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

“Do you like me?”

“Of course I like you. Why would you think anything

“Oh, I don’t know.”

My porno files were still displayed on the screen. I
was worried Sam would see them, but there was no way to
close them without making them obvious. I figured that
in her drunkenness she might not be able to read the
small print anyhow.



“What were you doing before I came in here?”

“Nothing much.”

It was somewhere around here that Sam started rocking a
little more. Less the drunken swaying as before, and
more a concerted kind of rocking motion. I said
nothing, but if my erection had any room to grow, it
did. Her left cheek, with each rocking motion, would
gently graze the right side of my penis, tickling and
teasing it through my jeans, which I felt would burst
open if the zipper didn’t hold.

Suddenly, she asked, “Is it ok if I check my email?”

“Um. Sure,” I said. I didn’t want her to see the files,
but saying no would have been strange, and maybe her
opening a browser window would block the files, and
maybe I did kind of want her to see them (if she hadn’t

“Ok.” As she said this, and opened a browser, she also
quickly moved herself backwards with a small hopping
motion, which planted the crack of her ass right on my
boner. Stunned, I said nothing. Neither did Sam. But as
she checked her email, she began her rocking again,
this time her ass-cheeks both sliding over and around
my still-covered boner.

At this point I was sure she knew what she was doing,
but I wasn’t yet sure what I would do. Tell her to
leave? Act like nothing was happening? I did the only
thing I could. As she stayed on the computer rocking
and gliding over my cock, I moved my hands slowly and
gently to her legs and rested them there a moment.

With each back-and-forth motion she would make over my
cock, I would slide my hands up a little higher, over
her jeans, rubbing her thighs a little and dropping a
finger down on either side just to tickle the area
between her thighs on either side of her slit, and then
up over her shirt, softly feeling her stomach, sides,
and ultimately resting on her breasts, which I swear
were the biggest I’d ever felt.

By the time I got to her breasts, which may have taken
minutes though it felt like hours, we were both
obviously aware of each other’s actions. She stopped
with the computer and put her hands on my legs while
she kept grinding into me, though it was no longer just
a back and forth motion, but was more circular, rubbing
my cock every which way.

I kept rubbing her breasts over her shirt as I did
this. I couldn’t believe how good they felt. Huge,
soft, but not saggy. Soft and shapely. She arched her
back and leaned her head back into me, and I kissed her
neck, lifting her long brown hair out of the way to do
so. She moved a hand behind her and tried to maneuver
it into my pants. This didn’t quite succeed, but she
managed a finger or two, which were able to tease the
head of my cock and rub some pre-cum around it while
she kept grinding onto me. While this went on, I moved
my hands down her shirt and began to put them
underneath, against her warm skin like soft smores.

I worked my way up and felt her breasts again, still
amazing, only this time I felt them over the satiny
texture of her bra. Shortly after I got there, she sort
of slipped away from me, slithering her back down my
body and twisting, so that she ended up on the floor in
front of me, her face in the v-shape of my legs.

This was the first time I’d seen her face since we’d
started messing around with each other. It somehow made
it more real, scary and exciting at the same time. She
smiled drunkenly at me for a brief moment, which was
all the eye contact we had before she started fumbling
with my belt buckle and fly, both at the same time. It
looked like I was going to have to help her.

“Sam,” I said. “Are you sure you know what you’re

“Yeah, sure,” she said, some insecurity creeping back
into her face. “I’ve done this lots of times.” I can’t
verify this one way or the other, but her tone of voice
and something about her inability with pants made me
doubt it. In any case, assured, I helped her with my

Once the pants were open, the head of my cock was
poking out from the elastic of my briefs, all covered
in slick pre-cum. I shuffled my pants down past my
knees, along with my briefs, and angled my penis
forward. Sam took it into her mouth right away. Much as
I still doubt Sam’s previous experience, if I’m right
about that then this girl was simply a born cocksucker.

My cock was pointing up towards the ceiling, and Sam
brought her head over top of it and dropped her wet
mouth right down on top, taking in nearly the whole
thing. I don’t know if it was the beer or what, but she
had the wettest mouth ever. Her mouth was tight around
me, but with her tongue slipping expertly around me it
felt like heaven.

It felt amazing, and I knew I could blow any second if
I felt like it, but I wanted to prolong things a bit. I
took her head off me for a minute.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, it’s not that.” She understood me as I began
reaching for her shirt, which I lifted over her head.
As it popped up, her boobs spilled back down. They
looked even bigger than they felt. With her shirt off,
Sam unhooked her bra and let her tits fall free. They
were amazing. They dropped down a few inches below
where her bra had held them, each one the size of a
fleshy basketball. I grabbed the back of her head and
put it back on my cock.

I squeezed her tits for a bit while she blew me, and
then put my hands back on her head. On one of her down-
thrusts, I held her head from coming back up and pushed
a bit, trying to make her take the whole thing. I
wanted to disappear to my nuts in her. I pushed slowly
while she choked gently, her body rejecting my actions
but herself not wanting to displease me. At this moment
I realized the power I had over this girl. I let her
back up for some air, and once she’d breathed it in I
put my hands around her neck and squeezed just gently.

“You like sucking my dick?” I asked her. She nodded,
her face getting red. “Then suck it. I won’t do
anything to hurt you, you don’t have to worry. Do you
trust me?” She nodded, beet red now. “Ok. I want you to
take my whole dick in your mouth, so I don’t see
anything sticking out. You understand?”

She nodded, red as red can be, and I let go. She took a
deep breath and went back to my cock. I let my hands
fall to the side, since she already knew what was to be
done. She slowly pushed her head down onto me. She
choked a bit as I felt the head of my dick push at the
back of her throat, but she managed to keep pushing and
take me in little by little. Eventually I was all the
way in, and grabbing onto her tits I raised her up and
told her she’d done a good job.

I didn’t want her to stop sucking, but I wanted to have
more control over it, so I stood up, towering over her.
This meant I couldn’t grab her tits, but all good
things require sacrifice. What I got for giving up this
ability was the ability to fuck her face, which I did
immediately. Sam was upright on her knees, and her
stomach popped over the front of the jeans she was
still wearing. With my hands back on her head, I pulled
her into my cock and fucked her face as quick as I

It was all I could do to rein in the pleasure of her
mouth juices being licked all over my cock, and I
decided not to bother trying to hold it. Gripping her
head tight, I told her to get ready, and I pulled her
head into me strongly while I emptied what felt like a
swimming pool’s worth of cum into her throat. I held
her head there a moment, making sure any late-coming
cum would be cleanly deposited in Sam’s juicy mouth.

And then a brief panic hit me. I couldn’t let her go
back out there. I had to keep her with me, even just a
little longer. I knew just the thing.

“Let’s go to the bed,” I told her.

“Ok.” She flopped onto the bed, putting her arms over
her breasts as best she could, suddenly somewhat self
conscious. I was fully naked now, approaching her as
she lay on her back.

“It’s not fair that I’m the only one fully naked now,
is it?”

“Maybe not.”

I began working at her pants. I pulled them slowly down
her pelvis and legs. A pink thong, she was wearing. I
liked to think that that was what had been rubbing over
my cock earlier. I slid her panties off as well.

“Has a guy ever licked your pussy?”

“Yeah, I think so, maybe a couple times.” Again, I
didn’t believe her, but who knows.

Now with my knees on the ground, I pulled her down the
bed by her legs until her vagina was right in my face.
It was neatly shaved, with just a little stripe going
up the middle. Where did girls learn these things? I
started into her gently with a finger. I was surprised
at how wet she was, at first I worried she’d pissed
herself. But no, I licked my fingers and it was all
sweet eighteen pussy juice. I worked my fingers in and
out of her tight vagina. You never expect bigger girls
to have tight vaginas, but a virgin’s a virgin. Her
clit was visible poking out of its little hood.

With my fingers still playing inside her, I moved my
tongue to her clit and danced around it with my tongue,
twirling, poking, licking, rubbing. She was immediately
into it, moaning softly, arching and un-arching her
back. She began pushing herself into me, and I gave her
what she wanted, licking harder, pushing harder, and
sometimes nibbling gently around her tight lips. After
some time, I did something I’d never done before. With
my fingers incredibly slippery from being inside her, I
moved one of them down just a bit and twirled it around
her asshole. She shook a bit.

“That tickles,” she said.

Instead of responding verbally, I continued the same
motion, with slightly more pressure, a little slower,
until she was able to handle the sensation as one of
pleasure. I then dropped my tongue, and licked her
tight puckered asshole. I kid you not, there was a kind
of sweetness there. Not like any flower, but not like
you might expect either. There was that tint of stink,
but it was only a tint, and given the context there was
something perversely attractive about it. After licking
it a second more, I moved my tongue back to her vagina.
All this time I was getting hard again, and by now had
a full hard-on. Using my right hand to gently jerk
myself, I continued licking her pussy and touching her
asshole with my left hand. After a minute, I took my
left index finger and pushed on the hole. It gave
reluctantly, and I found my finger inside her asshole.
I moved it around gently, side to side, and then took
it out a bit before pushing it back in.

“Sam,” I said.

“Yes?” she answered through her moaning.

“I want you to turn over.”

She turned over onto the bed, face-down. My knees were
killing from the floor, and I stood up and got onto the
bed. I kneeled down next to her face and told her to
suck me, which she did.

“Get me good and wet.” She slobbered all over me.
“That’s good. Real wet now.”

After a minute of getting slippery in her mouth, I
pushed her face back into the mattress and moved back
towards the bottom of the bed. Putting one foot on
either side of her torso, I lowered my rock-hard dick
down towards her asshole. When the head of my dick
poked into her, she tensed up a little, but said

“Just relax. I won’t do anything that would hurt you. I
know you trust me.”

I pushed a bit into her asshole. It was too tight,
though I was lubed as hell. I spit a couple times onto
her ass-crack and slathered up and down around the hole
with my dick. I pushed again. I got a small opening,
and I just kept patiently pushing, a little at a time.
After a moment, I had the whole head in, at which point
I just had to push. I did, and the whole thing went
slowly in. It felt amazing. I started off slowly, out
of feeling for Sam, but picked up the pace as I went.
It felt amazing. The tight hole massaged my shaft while
my head rubbed up against all sorts of softness inside
her, which smoothly massaged and rubbed my dick,
hugging onto it as it tried to push me out. But I kept

As I sped up, my knees began to hurt from crouching, so
I laid down right against Sam’s back. Her body was
wider than mine, but mine was longer. My head was above
hers as I continued thrusting into her definitely
virgin asshole. With my head closer to hers now, I
could hear her moaning gently, a combination of pain
and pleasure. While I couldn’t thrust as powerfully
from this position, it did allow me to grab on to her
breasts, which I squeezed hard while I continued
sliding myself in and out of her ass. I felt myself
about to cum again. I thought about pulling out and
blasting onto her tits, but it felt to good inside. I
gripped her and pulled myself into her as deep as I
could, and squeezing her hard I pushed another load of
cum into her, this time up her ass.

The panic didn’t come back this time so much as
exhaustion. Sam, too, looked as if she were nearly
sleeping. I wanted to fuck her again, but it was too
unrealistic. I wanted to fuck her pussy, but I didn’t
want to use a condom, and I definitely didn’t want her
getting pregnant.

“Come on,” I told her, patting her butt gently. “Get
up. You’ve got to get dressed.”

I dressed quickly. As I was finishing, there was a
knock on the door. Sam was only half-dressed. I opened
the door as little as possible and stepped outside,
praying for no tell-tale signs of having just had sex.

“Steven!” It was a group of girls yelling at me.


“You have to help Denise!”

They were panicked.

“Who’s Denise?”

“Denise. You have to help her.” This girl was crying.
“It’s Tom and Rick. Those two assholes put something in
her drink, now they’ve locked themselves in a room with

The spare room. I got the key from my own room, where I
saw that Sam was now dressed, though she was watching a
porno on the computer and rubbing herself. No time to
stop that right now. I took the key and went to the
spare room, telling the girls to let me handle it.

Sure enough, there was some girl lying on the bed, some
guy jacking off near her face, waiting his turn, and
some other guy with his dick in the girl.

“Hey!” I said.

“Fuck,” said each of the boys, looking at each other as
if they’d been caught playing cards past bedtime, no
big deal, though fun-time was over. They put their
dicks away and walked out of the room. The second one,
who had been waiting to fuck her, said as he passed by,
“It’s no biggie, man, she’s on the pill anyhow.”

“Get out of here,” I told them, shutting the door
behind them.

Now, what to do with the girl? I went over to her,
turned her onto her front. She wasn’t moving, but she
wasn’t dead. She moved a little when I grabbed her
face, smiling gently. She didn’t really know much of
what was happening. She stirred a little more when I
sat closer to her. She wasn’t so much conked out as

As she sat up more, I took in what I saw. She was
completely naked, though her striped panties were still
around her ankles, the guys had been too lazy to take
them all the way off. She was thin, nothing like Sam.
Denise, apparently, was this girl’s name. Her body
wasn’t a boy’s, but it wasn’t a woman’s either. Well,
maybe it was. They do seem to make women skinnier and
skinnier these days. She had her hips, but they were
narrow. She was all narrow, and slim. Her breasts were
small, and seemed to rest on an invisible shelf while
she sat up. Her hair was long and blonde. She’d be a
real hottie in a few years. I guess she already was.
And already on the pill. Third time’s a charm, they

I had no real reason to believe those boys about her
being on the pill, but there was something
fundamentally honest about the way he’d said it. Like
robbing a store “because they have insurance, man.”
Sure she was on the pill. Naturally.

In any case, my dick didn’t care. It was hard again,
and hadn’t had its fill of pussy yet. I didn’t feel
like looking at the girl’s ribs and dopey face as I
fucked her, so I put her back face down, the way the
two boys had her. Again, I dropped my pants. Bending
her knees back, I held her ankles in my hands and aimed
my cock at her pussy. I thought she might be looser,
but Denise’s cunt was tighter than Sam’s ass had been.
I aimed, pushed, and found myself inside. I pounded and
pounded away into her. Knowing she couldn’t feel much,
I didn’t worry at all about her, and just fucked away
like she was a fuck-doll. Each time I pounded into her
she would grunt from somewhere inside as my cock forced
it out of her. Squeezing her ass, it felt juicier than
it had looked. I squeezed her ass-cheeks together,
letting her legs down, while I kept fucking into her. I
had no reason to stay in the room too long, so I didn’t
fuck her too much longer. I felt the cum stream
building inside me, and I let the pressure well up as
much as I could, and then I let it burst free, and shot
my load right into her tiny birth-controlled cunt. I
then dressed her, told her friends to let her be, and
went back to my room.

Sam was still there, still watching porno, still with
her hand in her pants.

“Steve!” she said.

“Keep it down. Jesus.”

“You keep it down.” She giggled.

“I’m barely even whispering!” I told her. She giggled
again, re-directing her eyes, and I saw what she meant.
I couldn’t believe it. Hard again.

“Fuck my pussy, Steve.”

How could I say no?

I grabbed her from the chair and dragged her to the
bed, where I threw her down. I pulled off her already
unzipped pants, pushed her shirt back off over her
head, pulled my pants back down, and slammed my cock
right into her.

“Eeep!” she yelped.

“You want to get fucked?”





“In my pussy. Fuck my pussy Steve.”

I fucked her, hard, harder than I’d just fucked Denise
who I knew couldn’t feel it. I wanted to push into
Sam’s cervix, I wanted her to cry for being such a dumb
young slut and asking me to fuck her tight little
chubby pussy slit.

“Fuck my pussy Steve.” I fucked her pussy. Each of her
moans was interrupted by a sudden, brief look of shock
as I’d momentarily push too far into her. I jammed a
couple fingers into her mouth and let her suck on them.
Her tits, her huge monster tits, they didn’t fall to
the side while I fucked her on her back. They stayed
almost right on top, bouncing up and down while I
fucked into her cunt. It was so warm, and wet, and
tight. Nothing better. Ever.

I just kept fucking, fucking, fucking her, until I
came, came, came, and filled her tight “Fuck me Steve”
pussy with all my all my all my cum, cum, cum.