My Sexy Times

Last night I went to a party and had a lot of fun. We had a campfire and plenty of beer. I’m not too crazy about the taste of beer but it’s ok I guess, I’m Natalie by the way. Right now I’m sitting on my bed, naked, wrapped up in a comfy blanket. I was in the shower just a moment ago and I wouldn’t be here writing this story if I wouldn’t have stopped myself.

I took the shower head off and held it between my legs, pointing up. I do this pretty often so it’s nothing new. It’s a great feeling in the morning, the warm water spraying against all the parts of my pussy at once while a rub my clit, forehead pressed against the shower wall holding me up while I poke my ass out a little and spread my legs open. It tickles a little when the stream hits my asshole but I like it. I was thinking about last night, and that’s why I stopped. I decided I would write about it and if I get myself off that’ll never happen. I usually get myself off before taking my first pee of the day, and boy did I have to go bad. I put the shower head back, turned up the heat, put my head under the stream and let the hot water run over me while I let my bladder go on the floor. It smelled a little stronger than normal today but that didn’t bother me. So now I’m in my bed like I said before rubbing myself just a little bit. But I need both hands to type! So I’ll just have to wait.

Oh and you probably need an idea of how I look. Well… I’m 5’4, I’m white but not like really pale. My tits are small but they have SOME jiggle.. ok? I like them the way they are. Especially when my little nipples get hard. I think I have a nice ass. It’s not too big but definitely not flat. My hair is black and it falls a little below my shoulders when I have it down. Aaaand I’m slim if you can’t already tell but not like super skinny. Hmmm my eyes are light blue and I don’t usually have my nails painted. And I like to keep my pubes shaved but I get lazy so sometimes they’re prickly!

Now I think we can get on to last night. It was more of hangout than a party. I was invited by some friends of mine from high school. I had hung out with them before but this time there were more people. Some from other schools and friends of friends. My friend Kelly and I went together and she said she’d drive so I could drink it up. So that’s exactly what I did when we got there. Sadly nothing more tasty than beer but ya get watcha get. We listened to music, fed the fire, talked, got drunk, the usual. Some girls were trying to flirt and some were just there to chill. I was wearing jeans, a dark blue tank top, flip flops and a small coat (it’s a tad cold here in October). Wasn’t exactly dressed to impress so I guess I was there to chill.

I was sitting and roasting a marshmallow (some awesome person brought them) when I realized I was quickly tapping my foot because I badly had to piss. I had been steadily drinking now for almost 2 hours. Of course some people were already wasted, I was quite buzzed myself. After enduring the feeling a little longer so I could eat my marshmallow I went to take a pee behind some trees where the other girls had been going. I squatted next to a tree and started doing the deed when this drunk bitch and her friend come over and squat down in the grass without leaning or holding on to anything. One of them fell over sideways and they both burst into laughter. She didn’t stop peeing, it just sort of shot out to the side. Then the other one fell backward and pissed on her pants for a second before quickly lifting herself up with her arms so her pee would redirect onto the ground. They both seemed to think the whole ordeal was hilarious. Then I heard someone next to me say “Dumbasses” and looked to my left. She was wearing a low-cut dress and stockings and was squatted down near me holding up her dress with her panties at her knees. I said that I didn’t like to get that drunk and she said her name was Alex. I told her my name and she said “Hi… so how’s your piss going?” and smiled awkwardly as we chuckled at the fact that we were introducing ourselves while pissing on the ground next to each other. After we finished up she asked if I smoked, and I do, so we went to find a spot to light up.

I should explain that this gathering was next to a grassy forest that had a number of trails cut in (they ride four wheelers back there). So people would go back and walk around, scare each other, find a dark place to make out, etc. Alex and I walked back, trying to avoid people as we didn’t want them to join us, and found a dark, secluded little area to sit in. We sat up against a big rock and she lit up a blunt. Luckily no one noticed us out there, we wanted all of it for ourselves haha. Alex and I had general small talk conversation about things while we smoked. We slowed down a tad after half way into the blunt, we were fairly high at that point. A couple had shown up within viewing distance and were making out on the ground. Not much action at first and they were kinda far away so I didn’t think much of it. Then Alex said it looked like we’d be getting a show and I noticed things were getting more intense over there. The girl’s tits were out and he was kissing them. When I passed the blunt I noticed Alex’s hand resting on her crotch. The girl got on all fours, the guy pulled down her pants, pulled out his cock and started fucking her. Alex said something about this being a nice addition to the night, she seemed to enjoy watching them and opened her legs slightly, still grabbing herself. I told her it was cool if she wanted to masturbate and that I’d do it too if she did. She was hesitant at first but I pushed my pants and panties up near my knees, bare ass on the ground, and she flipped her skirt up out of the way and pushed her panties down just a little so they weren’t tight against her crotch and we both began rubbing our clits. We didn’t stop smoking, only needed one hand for that, but it was finished off soon after. They were going at it for a while and so were we. I watched him grab one of her tits and cum, lucky. They kissed for a little longer before getting their clothes back on. When they left we got still and quiet so they wouldn’t see us then went right back to it when they were gone. I thought I’d finish later but Alex seemed committed. I could hear the wetness of her pussy against her fingers. I leaned over and kissed her, stuck my tongue into her month. She was surprised for a moment but reciprocated. After a minute she came and I switched to kissing her neck while she moaned silently. She thanked me and lay there relaxed for a moment while I brushed grass of my butt cheeks and pulled my pants up. Alex pulled the crotch of her panties over to the side and started peeing on the ground. Guess she didn’t care much for privacy after all that. Watching her relieve herself only made me hornier.

We walked back to the fire, lots of people had left at this point. Alex decided to go as well so we parted ways. I got another beer and sat with who was still around the fire. Kelly was MIA, probably with a boy. I imagined lying in my comfy bed naked, finishing myself off and sleeping. But I had to wait around so beer and small talk it was. There was this one couple nearby sitting on the ground (I was in a chair) and being all touchy and kissing. Kinda wanted that to be honest. They eventually walked away and so did everyone else, either leaving or finding privacy, except for one guy. This was my first time meeting him, his name was Luke. We bonded over the fact that we were both waiting on someone before we could leave and he moved his chair over closer to mine. He was cute. Probably like 6 inches taller than me. Jeans, shirt, hat, the same as most guys there. I liked talking to him, he was funny and we were drunk. The fire was almost burnt out now, a small flame on embers. Luke said he needed to pee and asked if I cared if he did it on the fire. I said knock yourself out. He whipped out his cock and did just that. I could see his pee shooting out the tip and he didn’t look at me so I watched. I decided it was a good time for me to go too and asked if he cared if I peed on the fire. He just kinda laughed and said knock yourself out. I don’t think he expected what happened next.

After glancing around to see that we were the only ones there I took my pants and panties all the way off. With my butt on the edge of my seat I lifted my legs up, leaned back, and sprinkled my own piss on the fire right as Luke was finishing. He looked back at me and stared for a moment but then kinda chuckled and looked away as if he felt bad for staring. But I told him he could watch me. I had watched him after all, it was only fair. And he did, with his cock still hanging out. I watched it get hard as he looked at me. My stream weakened but not because I was done, I had to fart… great fucking timing huh? I thought maybe I should stop and act like I was done. When guys fart it’s all guys will be guys but god forbid I do. Then I had a revelation… girls will be fucking girls, who gives a shit we’re outside anyway. I farted right there in front of him staring at me and continued emptying my bladder. And ya know what? His erection sure as fuck didn’t go away. He was lightly stroking his cock and wasn’t trying to hide it from me. Finally I finished and stood up. I felt a drop of pee roll down my leg and it made me notice the chilling air on my wet lips. I walked over to Luke, dropped to my knees, and stuck that cock right in my mouth. There was no going back now, I fucking needed it. I moved my head up and down, noting the slightly salty taste that came from the pee left on his tip as I ran my tongue over the front of his shaft. I enjoyed this for a moment but obviously it wasn’t enough. So I stood up, told him we were going to find a private spot to continue and put my pants back on.

We started walking to that same spot I had seen a couple in before. It was sorta awkward because… what do you talk about? haha. But we were moving fast out of excitement so we were there before long. He grabbed and kissed me, moving his hands up my shirt and feeling my ass. But I wasn’t there for foreplay so I undid his pants and tugged them down. He proceeded to take them, and his underwear and shoes, all the way off while I pulled off my own bottoms. He then tried to take my shirt and coat off so I obliged and threw them on the ground, now completely naked. I figured I was worked up enough to handle the cold. We got down and I laid on my back as he continued kissing me and rubbing his warm hands over my body. Then he spread open my legs and I looked down so I could witness the moment I’d been waiting for. I watched his cock slip into my anxious little cunt. Bout fucking time. He fucked me hard and fast, ah yea I wanted to cum so badly… still do now. I watched my petite tits bounce from being pounded and could feel the hardness of my nipples. He put his mouth over my right tit, licking and sucking on it. I laid back my head and relaxed, enjoying all the sensations. The cool grass softly caressing me, Lukes warm body and breathe fighting against the cold air. Then as I gazed at the clear, dark sky a wave of pleasure covered my body and I came. And came and came. It must have been the tipping point for Luke, I felt his warm cock twitching as he squirted cum inside me and lay down over my body. We savored the moment and laid there together until I felt his dick stop throbbing and start going soft.

We laid there next to each other for a moment but it was getting chilly so we began dressing ourselves when my phone rang. It was Kelly, ready to go! I went home, rinsed of in the shower and fell asleep. Then we’re back where this story began! I had fun writing this, maybe I’ll do some more. But now, if ya don’t mind, I’m gonna lay back in this soft blanket of mine and rub another one out. All this remembering has gotten me horny again. Bye bye!