Jenny and Nick – Cocktails and Dessert

Here is a brief recap of a recent adventure for those that follow my stories. As you have probably read recently in Jenny Confesses to Nick (written by Nick) and Jenny and Pam – Girls Night Out our marriage has taken a different, interesting turn. Earlier in the day, Nick text to say that he wanted us to go out for dinner and more tonight. He ended the text message with, “Be prepared for anything!”

I had butterflies of excitement for the rest of the day wondering what Nick might have in mind for us to do. Fantasizing about what he might specifically instruct me to do. Of course, I would gladly do anything he wanted and asked!

Furthering my excitement, when Nick got home and began to get ready, I could tell he was in a highly playful, mischievous mood. We headed to a bar/restaurant down the Jersey Shore. I wore black slacks, heels, a black top, and leather jacket. We had a great meal, wine and fun conversation filled with sexual innuendos. Towards the end of dinner, Nick announced, “I think we’ll stop at an ABS later on our way home.”

My pussy immediately got wet as I excitedly asked, “Are you going to make me suck cock there while you watch?”

“We’ll see, but I expect you to do whatever I say without question,” Nick responded.

I dutifully replied, “Of course! Whatever you want me to do is more than fine with me.”

After dinner, instead of ordering dessert, we moved to the bar for a nightcap or two. Approaching the bar, we both immediately noticed two well-dressed, 40-ish brunettes drinking at the bar. Nick guided me to sit one stool away from them, and he sat on the other side of me. He ordered drinks for us and told the bartender to give them another round as well. The ladies thanked Nick and turned to face us. Tina and Vicky introduced themselves to us. We quickly engaged in a four-way conversation that ranged from the weather to martinis, to our outfits, to baseball, to fun with sexy, friendly people. After that drink, Vicky suddenly stood and said goodnight to us, explaining that she had an expensive babysitter waiting that watches the clock closely. We all stood and kissed her goodbye. I couldn’t help noticing that Vicky kissed Tina with a little more passion than a simple goodbye warrants.

Before sitting back down, Tina and I agreed that we had to go to the ladies’ room. In there, as we washed our hands, Tina told me, “I think you and Nick are a very sexy couple.”

I replied with a big smile, “That’s awesome to hear from a smoking hot woman like you!” Truth be told, in my opinion, Tina was not a classic beauty, but she had a sexy look and attitude to go with a fun, witty personality. Her brunette hair was short; she had dark, piercing eyes, high cheekbones and a sexy smile all atop a slender frame with small but perky boobs. While she would probably not be my first choice among a group of women, I was attracted to her and did not doubt that Nick was as well.

Back at the bar, we changed seats. Tina sat next to Nick in my previous seat, and I sat in the once vacant, gap seat next to her. The sexy talk quickly ensued. We discussed threesomes and the differences and our preferences between an FFM and an MFM threesome. With no bashfulness, Tina let us know that she enjoys both cock and pussy, but much prefers cock. She shared that she and Vicky have had many FFM threesomes. They like playing together and greatly enjoy double-teaming a guy and his cock. Just then, Tina turned her back to Nick to face me. She leaned forward, grabbed my head and started making out with me. After a couple of wonderful minutes, she released me and turned back. She asked Nick, “Did you enjoy watching that?”

Nick responded by grabbing her left hand and placing it on the very noticeable erection in his jeans, asking, “Does this tell you how much I liked it?” Tina smiled and moaned a bit. Her moan was almost a purr. Her right hand found its way between my thighs. All eyes at the bar were focused on us. None of us minded, but this was not that kind of place, so we stopped and composed a bit.

A few minutes later, Nick excused himself to go to the bathroom off to the right of the bar. Tina then said she had to call and check in with her husband, leaving the bar in the opposite direction. In what seemed like an eternity, but was probably, actually fifteen minutes, Nick text me with, “We will be back at the bar in ten minutes.” My mind started to race. We??? What was happening? I imagined what they might be doing. I was mad, worried and excited all at the same time.

When they returned, together, they both looked a bit disheveled. Immediately, Tina kissed me deeply and passionately. I recognized the taste. She obviously had sucked Nick’s cock and swallowed his cum. My partial anger swiftly converted to all sexual excitement. When we finished kissing, we sat, but this time I was in the middle. We talked a bit more as we finished our drinks. Tina boldly said to me, “Jenny, I hope you don’t mind that I blew Nick. He has a glorious cock! He said that you wouldn’t mind. I’m also hoping that you will loan Nick to Vicky and me to play with some time as well.”

My mind was spinning. I am not sure how I felt about all of this but realized that this was just part of the fallout as a result of my admission to Nick about my penchant for sucking random cocks. Understanding that there was nothing I could say or deny Nick, I told Tina with only partial enthusiasm, “Anything Nick wants, absolutely anything.”

The three of us left the bar together. Nick, as always the gentlemen, insisted that we walk Tina to her car. When we got to it, Tina turned and kissed me again, this time groping my boob and crotch with each hand. I didn’t want her to stop. It was brisk out, but not freezing. I was hoping they would both undress me right there in the parking lot and fuck me however they wanted. Instead, Tina stopped, turned and bent over to rub and kiss Nick’s cock over his jeans saying, “I can’t wait to have this cock again. Please text me soon, Nick.” I guess they exchanged phone numbers before or after she sucked his dick.

Back in our car, I asked Nick, “Are we still going to the ABS? I am very wet and super horny.”

As he drove, looking forward, he answered, “No. I already got my cock sucked. By the way, Tina gives an awesome blowjob. Not as good as you of course, but very talented.” I smiled broadly with pride. Nick added, “Were you hoping to go to the ABS to suck strange cock?”

I quickly replied, “No! I want your cock always, before anyone or anything else. But please know that I will do anything you tell me to do. You own me.”

Nick coolly stated, “When we get home, and in bed, you will lick my dirty cock to make sure that Tina did a good job cleaning up my cum. Then you will lick my balls and rim my ass. Then once I’m satisfied, I will fuck you hard. Is that clear, my slut wife?”

Music to my ears, my pussy began throbbing, and I felt like I might orgasm right there in the car. I exclaimed, “Yes, Nick! That sounds awesome! My pussy needs your cock, badly.”

Nick questioned, “Pussy?”

I corrected myself, “I’m sorry. I meant my cunt needs your cock, badly.” That was another recent change in the aftermath of my confession. For thirty-plus years, it has been my “pussy.” I hate the C-word. Now, our lovemaking involves my pussy, but our raw fucking is in my cunt. I am the cheating, cock sucking slut, so I will gladly accept all, especially if it means I still have Nick in every way possible. And I still get to play and suck random cock when I have that urge and craving whenever Nick is not available. I am a very lucky girl!