Son seduces his mother-in-law

Mrs. G, she’s a hot MILF. She’s also my wife’s mother. Her name is Linda but I can’t bring myself to call her by her first name, but for the sake of this story, I will. Mrs. G… Linda doesn’t realize how hot she is, and Mr. G (aka Tony) in my opinion takes her for granted. It could be the product of their 20-year marriage. You may ask yourselves how I know. Well, I’m intuitive that way. I pick up on their body language and capture Linda’s passive/aggressive comments directed at her husband Tony. I can tell she doesn’t get dicked as often as she’d like. Time has allowed me to become familiar with their routine. He goes to bed early. She stays up reading her romance novels probably wishing she was the female character who gets swept off her feet by the strong, hung male lead.

And that’s where I come in. I have the hots for my mother-in-law. She’s got a body that screams FUCK ME and it just plain gets my dick hard!! She doesn’t realize how beautiful she is mainly because she hasn’t been told in a while. She’s got a pair of tits that could feed an army, not Dolly Parton freakish big, but for a woman in her mid-40’s her tits have held up well. Her ass. Wow! Her ass was made for spanking. And I’m guessing she hasn’t gotten spanked in a while.


Linda didn’t like me when she met me. Well, let me be clear… she didn’t like the idea of her daughter dating a black guy. She’d freak if she knew how much her daughter enjoys sex and all the depraved things I’ve taught her, and make her do. She and Tony never right out came and said they didn’t like me. It was a gut feeling, and my gut feeling hasn’t failed me yet.

This turn of events happened about a month ago. My wife and I had a big blow up… a big one, and I was distraught. She threatened to leave me … and all over porn. Yes, porn. She’d caught me watching porn and she was so disgusted by it. She couldn’t get over her anger, and said I wasn’t a loyal husband. In the moment, I made promises I knew I couldn’t keep. I kept promising her I’d never watch porn again. She couldn’t understand why I was watching videos of hot moms fucking their sons. I couldn’t explain my way out of it. I just couldn’t. All I could do was apologize but it wasn’t good enough for her. She yelled at me and threw me out.

I jumped in my car and just drove. I drove around aimlessly, or so I thought. Somehow, I found myself parked in my in-law’s driveway. I didn’t know how I got there, and not quite sure why I had subconsciously drove to my wife’s parents’ home.

A movement caught my eye. I’d seen a dim light in the downstairs study, but thought it was too late for anyone to be awake. Then I saw it again. Someone was moving about, and I could tell it was Linda.

I soon found myself at the doorstep. I knocked lightly so as to not wake Tony, and in a whisper called out to Linda. I stood still for what seemed like an eternity and then suddenly the porch light came on. I again called out to Linda, somewhat above a whisper but loud enough for her to know it was me. Suddenly the door opened slightly and she was standing semi-hiding her body behind the door. She looked somewhat surprised to see me standing there and asked what I was doing there, and at this time of night.

I pleaded with her to please let me in. I needed to talk.

She shook her head and said she wasn’t dressed appropriately and that this wasn’t a good idea. She asked that I come back tomorrow at a decent hour and started to close the door.

I begged her with tears in my eyes; begged her to please let me in. I needed someone to talk to.

She again asked that I come back tomorrow and closed the door in my face.

Even with the door closed I begged her to please let me in. Tears were running down my cheeks like the Niagara.

I guess she took pity on me because next thing I know she opened the door again. She apologized, but again told me she couldn’t let me in. Her husband was upstairs asleep and she wasn’t dressed for visitors. I must have looked pathetic, because she hesitantly opened the door wider and told me to come on in, but told me I had to be quiet.

Upon entering the dark foyer, I noticed that she was indeed not dressed properly. The dim light from the study offered enough light for me to make out she was wearing a soft knee-length see-thru nighty, and best I could tell she wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

She ushered me into the study, where she instructed me to sit on the plush love seat. The study was a small room; big enough for a mid-sized desk that housed a desktop, some desk accessories, a side table with a lamp and the love seat. Quite cozy.

Linda sat on the opposite end trying to conceal her nakedness. I was trying to compose myself and trying not to stare so as to not make her uncomfortable. I knew she didn’t like me which only made me a bit more nervous. I honestly don’t know why I ended up here of all places.

She looked at me with wondering eyes and gave me a quizzical look. I’m sure she was wondering what the hell I was doing at her house at this time of night.

I looked at her and stated, “We had a fight. She’s going to leave me.”

She was taken aback by my revelation. I could tell. But she kept her composure.

“She caught me doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing, and she called me a ‘pig’ and said she didn’t’ want to be married me,” I continued.

She looked at me intently.

“I don’t’ know why I ended up here. I guess I didn’t know where else to go.”

“Well, I’m sorry that you two are going through this rough patch, but there’s nothing I can do for you,” she said very matter of fact.

Her tone, her delivery and her cold words cut me like a knife. I’d shared that my marriage was over. I thought perhaps she could put her dislike for me aside and consider her daughter’s happiness. Her words and her disdain for me infuriated me to the core. I could feel my blood rising when I heard Tony call out, “Honey, are you down in the study? I thought I heard voices.”

The panic-stricken look on her face was priceless. She stood up without modesty and unbeknownst to her, she flashed her pussy. I was surprised! She opened the door slightly hiding behind it much like she’d done earlier with the front door giving me a generous view of her soft hind legs. The nightie did little to conceal her full, round ass. I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks right where her cheeks meet her legs. She must have forgotten she didn’t have panties on, and I could swear I could smell her sex.

She called out to her husband, “I’m in the study reading, Sweetie. I guess I must have been reading aloud. Go back to sleep. I’ll be up in a bit.”

I started to say something, and she looked back at me giving me the death stare. She stopped me cold.

Tony went back up to bed. She had just lied to him. I guess she’d have to. I mean, she’s not dressed appropriately and she’s entertaining her daughter’s husband. Seriously. How would that look? And then the realization came to me, and I knew opportunity was knocking at my door.

She was still standing at the door keeping an ear out for her husband, making sure she heard him march upstairs, when I came up behind her and hugged her. She was startled and fought me off.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” She asked in an angry raised whisper.

I took my shirt off, and she looked terrified.

“Put your shirt back on,” she ordered in a hushed tone.

I didn’t. In fact, I unzipped my shorts and in one swift motion removed my shorts and boxers. I stood naked in a pool of clothes.

She was shocked, but I noticed she couldn’t take her eyes off my cock.

“Put your clothes back on and get the hell out of my house,” she demanded.

I closed the gap between us and stood face to face staring her straight on. “Look here, Mom,” I said menacingly, “You just lied to Dad, and I’m wondering what he’d say if he walked in and caught you dressed in that short see thru entertaining your naked son-in-law. You see, my bet is he wouldn’t be all too pleased. I’ve already all but lost my wife, so I have nothing to lose. You, however, you have everything to lose.”

The realization set in. I could see it in her eyes.

“Now, I see you can’t take your eyes off my cock, and I’m thinking you could use a good fuck.”

She closed her eyes and leaned against the door.

“I can smell your pussy, and I have a feeling you were in here reading your smut novel wishing you were the female character getting fucked by the hero in the book.” I turned and took a seat on the couch. My dick had grown to its full size and was standing at attention. I sat against the arm rest, one leg on the couch and one on the floor fully exposing my cock and balls. I started massaging my cock running my hand up and down the shaft.

“Come on Mom, bring your sweet ass over here. Let me smell you. Let me taste you. Let me fuck you,” I taunted.

She opened her eyes and her gaze went straight to my cock. She had a look of disbelief, shock and anger, and that look intensified as our eyes met and it hit her… I was sitting in her home, on her couch with a shit-eating grin on my face. Her rage overpowered her and she charged at me calling me every fucking name in the book.

I sensed her anger and intuitively anticipated her move. I quickly stood up grabbing her arms and twisting her around bringing her semi-covered ass against my cock.

She urged me to let her go, again calling me every name. Her defiance and bravado brought a smile to my face. I liked Linda’s spicy side. I leaned in and spoke in her ear telling her to calm down and to behave or she was going to wake her husband up.

I could feel her ease up and relax a bit. She knew I was right. Making a scene and getting loud would only serve to wake Tony up.

I again spoke in her ear once I felt her relax some more, but I was still cautious. I still had her arm behind her back. I wrapped my right arm around her waist securing her other arm in my embrace. I firmly yet gently brought her body to mine.

“Listen Mom, you need to calm down,” I said.

“You bastard. Don’t call me Mom. I hate you. I always have,” she said with venom in her voice.

I was a bit taken aback by her bravado, but I held her tight and said, “I’m not going to hurt you, and I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

She struggled, and I again held her firm against me. I could feel my cock digging into her ass crack. She moaned.

“Behave,” I demanded. My tone was firm. “Just relax, or I will march on up to your room naked as I am and will wake Dad up. I will make up a hot, nasty story and will tell him we’ve been lovers for a long time. Now shut the fuck up.”

I could feel her body relax again.

“I’m going to release you. For your own good, you best behave,” I instructed.

I released her and she didn’t budge. Her body still rested against mine and my arm was still wrapped around her mid-section. My cock was hard and poking her on her backside. Her soft silky nightie felt good against my naked body and I moved my hand up and cupped one of her tits. She didn’t move. I pressed myself to her while bringing her body to mine and kissing her gently on her neck. Her struggle was faint.

“Please stop. Please don’t. Don’t do this. Don’t make me do this,” she begged unconvincingly all the while not making an effort to move away from me.

“I’m not going to make you do anything. You’re going to do it on your own free will,” I whispered in her ear. I moved my hand from her boob to her mid-section as I brought my other arm around hugging her firmly bringing her body tighter against mine all the while nibbling her earlobe. I could feel her lightly swaying her hips rubbing her ass against my cock.

I brought both my hands up cupping her tits, pinching her nipples as she now rubbed her ass seductively against my now dripping cock. I could hear her breathing heavier.

I kissed her neck as she slowly and urgently danced her nightie clad ass on my hard cock. I brought my mouth to her ear, and whispered nasty, dirty things to her which only served to ignite the slut within her. I smiled big.

I turned her around in one quick, swift move and brought my lips upon hers. She was resistant at first, but gave into the lust. She moaned as my tongue snaked in her mouth exploring and enjoying her sweet taste. She hugged me as she lifted her leg and brought her foot to the small of my back bringing me in closer. My cock was rubbing the outside of her Mommy cunt and I brought my hands down to her sweet, round ass grabbing and opening her ass cheeks wantonly. I was not gentle, either. She seemed to enjoy this treatment as she let out a guttural moan.

I ran my hands over her ass and up and down her crack causing her to whimper. I reached in deeper, and lightly fingered around her tight asshole. I could feel her tense up. I smacked her ass. It was an unspoken warning. She relaxed a little, and I smacked her again. This time a little harder. The sound echoed within the study. She opened her eyes and looked at me with fear in her eyes. I gave her a ‘you asked for it’ look and again moved my finger around her poop chute. She kept her ass cheeks relaxed. I kissed her harder.

Our kiss was interrupted by Tony calling out to her. She was panic stricken. I broke our kiss and motioned for her to take care of him.

Linda opened the door again but this time she talked to Tony from the bottom of the stairs. I could hear her telling him to go to bed, she was not done reading and she wasn’t sleepy. He again told her he heard voices. She told him it was probably his dream. She assured him she was the only one in the study. Things got quiet for a few minutes and then she walked through the door again.

I was sitting on the couch like I owned the place. She smiled at me and walked the short distance to me. She stood by the couch waiting for my instructions.

“You look so fucking delicious, Mom,” I said and then followed my statement with a question, “May I call you, Mom?” As I brought up a hand to her hip loving the feel of the silky or satiny nightie on her body.

She nodded, yes.

I brought my hand up and she instinctively hovered over me bringing her face to mine. I pulled her on top of me bringing her lips to mine. I ran my hands up and down her back making sure I was giving her ass some much needed attention. I kept smacking her ass slightly which made her giggle as we kissed.

She smiled and sounded off a sexy “Aha” in confirmation.

“I’m going to bring out the whore in you. I’m going to use you, degrade you, humiliate you and make you do depraved, nasty, naughty things that will bring both of us pleasure. I will make you obey me. Do you understand,” I asked authoritatively.

She lifted up, smiled and said, “Please make me your whore. I need to be your whore. I will do whatever you ask of me. I don’t care how low-down, dirty and nasty it is. In fact, the nastier, the better. Please fuck me. I want your cock deep in my pussy.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. This decent, mild-mannered married woman was begging me to use her body. My wife’s mom was begging to be my whore.

I pushed gently on her shoulders bringing her face down to my neck and then chest. She got the idea. She kissed and nibbled her way down to my cock. She feasted on my dick like a food-starved puppy. She was unsure at first but then lost all pretense and soon was sucking me like a two-bit hooker earning her twenty dollars.

She bobbed her head up and down while raking her fingers over my balls. The sensations were fucking fantastic!!

I asked her to stop long enough to turn her body around and soon I was tasting her sweet, unused Mommy cunt. She smelled and tasted like honey. She kept purring and going to town on my cock. I licked and nibbled on her cunt all the while taking liberties with her ass cheeks opening her up lasciviously and running my finger around her brown hole again. This time she didn’t tense up. I brought my finger to her pussy and fingered her enough to coat my finger with her sweet Mommy juices, and then without warning I started inserting my finger up her ass. She moaned and clenched her ass. I spanked her, hard. She whimpered around my cock and relaxed her ass.


I kept the pressure on her asshole taking my time inserting my finger. I could tell she’d never been touched there before. She moaned and swayed her ass as I sawed the finger in and out of her tight hole. Linda reached back and opened her ass cheeks giving me better access. I took the opportunity to rim her properly. She released my cock and ‘Ooohed’ with wanton desire encouraging me to eat her asshole. The words that escaped her mouth were quite unladylike. I ate her ass inserting my hard tongue and none-so-gently opening her ass cheeks wide. Soon enough she was taking two of my fingers past the knuckle exploding into a strong orgasm. She got a bit noisy despite the fact she never stopped sucking my cock. Her sucking abilities rivaled a two-bit whore’s and she was about to get a mouth-full of my chocolate milk. I announced I was about to cum and instructed her to not stop sucking. My orders had an adverse effect. She sucked harder. She wanted to be fed.

A few minutes later, I was depositing my jism in her mouth, and she didn’t disappoint. She took every ounce of my hot cum down her throat and kept licking my cock like a starved animal. I loved the way Linda massaged my balls milked me of every drop. I returned the favor latching onto her dripping pussy, nibbling and sucking her clit. She rode my face like a champion bull rider all the while whimpering and babbling incoherently tensing and climaxing yet again. Her nectar was sweet and tangy. She hung on to my legs as she slowed her movement and sprayed my face full of sweet Mommy juice. She tasted exquisitely delicious!

I gave Linda a few minutes to catch her breath and then I gave her butt a few light spankings. She turned around and soon she was laying on me face-to-face. She kissed my lips, and I smiled asking her if she liked the taste of her ass and cunt. She nodded and smiled. I instructed her to kiss my face all over and clean it in the process. She gave me sweet, tender kisses and licks enjoying the taste of her sugary sweet juices. I took my time exploring her sweet body making her purr with wanton desire. I loved her sweet ass.

We interlocked in a deep juicy kiss as I continued to explore her luscious mature body. I was ready to breed this bitch and claim her as mine. I maneuvered us until she was lying beneath me feeling my weight and power over her. She instinctively opened her legs wide. She kept stroking my hair quite lovingly. She looked at me with lust in her eyes. I told her that all my bitches begged for my cock, and no more had I finished telling her than she started begging like a kid at a candy store.

“Please fuck me. Fill me with your thick black cock,” she begged huskily, “My pussy needs to be used and fucked properly. Make me cum hard, Sweetie.”

I stilled as did she. We both clearly heard the footsteps. It appeared Tony was coming down the stairs to check up on his bride. She looked at me questioning in silence what we should do. I smiled down at her and brought my finger to my lips indicating she should keep quiet. Dad was about to walk in and get the surprise of his life. I wanted him to witness my making his wife my whore.