Anal Teen Story

She just turned 18. I texted her on her birthday and said happy birthday, just wanted to remind you your legal now and if you want to come over some time I’d love to fuck you. So she texts back and asks if later that night she could come over, she comes over and she’s excited because she is finally gunna get fucked by me. We’re laying naked in my bed just kissing and touching eachother and she says she’d like to get fucked in her ass, she’s been using her vibrater in her ass and she knows she can handle it, so we start, she sucks my cock, I eat her out, theni slide inside her pussy and she yell fuck yes finally!! I give her pussy a good fuck, then I move holes. I start slowly pushing my dick in her ass, and she starts yelling ow ow stop!! Stop?.. I thought you could handle this? So she relaxes and try’s again.

Still saying ow every time I barely have the tip in. I finger her ass, then my dick goes in a little easier, I get all the way in her and she’s in tears begging me to pull out. I tell her no, relax and it will get better. I start really pounding her ass, fucking her hard and tears are pouring out of her eyes and she’s screaming for me to stop. I stop but don’t pull out, I tell her you were the one who said I can handle anal, I’m already in your ass I’m going to finish, your gunna have to take it. And I keep fucking her ass, crying the whole time and begging me to stop, just makes me want to keep going. I fucked her ass until I filled it with my cum, then i pulled out. Her face was beat red and eyes full of tears. She said why didn’t you stop? I said because I was fucking you and before we started you told me you can handle my dick in your ass, if you said I want to try I would have stopped but you said fuck my ass I can handle it, so I made you take it. Fuck you she said, she was mad for like 2 minutes then before we parted ways she asked if she’d ever get fucked by me again?? I told her of course;)