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We had planned on going out that weekend. It had been a couple of weeks and we were both hot for my wife to get a good fucking by a strange cock. We had made out like mad just thinking about how good it was going to be. As always the anticipation was just about […]

A 35 Year old married woman acts as escort for a school football team

Carol had been in love with sex of all kinds from the first time she was fucked by their neighbor’s eighteen- year-old son, when she was only thirteen years old. That was many years ago, and now at the wonderful age of thirty-five, she had been asked to play mother to the high school football […]

My wife and I went camping along with my new co-workers

Oh how difficult it is for me to forget our camping adventure! My new office organized a team-bonding camp for the line managers. It was a family affair to introduce the new managers’ spouses to all colleagues and their spouses. It was optional as the company didn’t want to impose on anybody’s family commitments and […]

Monica meets Neville

John was a very horny guy and needing pussy on a regular bases, our 1 to 3 monthly meetings were obviously not enough to feed his appetite. He was frequently visiting swing clubs and meeting others through swinger magazines and then, web sites. I, as always, wanted a discrete safe married guy knowing we can […]