The reason one shouldn’t wear underwear

Uncle Marc was an athletic man. He would come over to the house and make my brothers and Dad go outside play football, basketball, run or play baseball. I would join in, gladly, and loved having fun with him and my brothers. But the summer I really began to take a sexual interest in him […]

Kelly’s iPhone

She couldn’t believe what she was doing, how totally embarrassed and exposed she felt. Sitting there in Starbuck’s dressed like a total slut, surly everyone knew how horny she was? How could they not? Her pulse raced, cheeks flushed, eyes glazed, nipples rock hard and pussy soaking wet. She could sense both the disgusted eyes […]

Virgin gets her pussy handed to her and gets the first taste of cock

His grip tightened around my waist ‘Say it’ Seeing his intense stare i looked away, resting my cheeck against the cold surface of the brick wall. ‘No’ He pressed his lips to my exposed neck ‘Say it’ he whispered His cool breathe fanning against my heated neck drove me to the edge ‘I want you’ […]