Wife, Cheating, Orgy

The late 1960s is famous for the many new freedoms given to females. Even the lead in sexual adventure became a domain for many. But having to “start sometime” meant that there was a carryover of a proper, polite, perhaps even docile, generation. That generation was raised one way, and instantly allowed to become the […]

Drunken Party Girl

I watched as her boyfriend, David, turned and mimed applause. Shelly was an image of cool elegance, slender in a snug-fitting black slip dress. David eyed her up and down, and noticed that she wore no stockings. “No stockings?” he asked surprised. Standing in front of her full length mirror, Shelly smiled back coyly, “…and […]

Kelly’s iPhone

She couldn’t believe what she was doing, how totally embarrassed and exposed she felt. Sitting there in Starbuck’s dressed like a total slut, surly everyone knew how horny she was? How could they not? Her pulse raced, cheeks flushed, eyes glazed, nipples rock hard and pussy soaking wet. She could sense both the disgusted eyes […]